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Neptune in your partner’s 2nd house is all about what makes us feel secure within a relationship.  We all have different needs to feel secure some are pretty common, such as ability to trust, dependability of partner, honesty, financial stability and emotional responsiveness.  However if one partner has had a less than stable childhood they may have more issues around feeling secure and trusting their partner than most; it may be difficult for some to feel entirely secure within a relationship and they may constantly seek reassurance from the other partner.  They may constantly fear the other is unfaithful and may have issues with jealousy because of their own insecurity or they may constantly have their partner on trial to prove that they are not going to walk out the door on them.  Less dramatic is those who have had financial insecurity and who need to know that bills are paid and food is in the cupboard at all costs, they may struggle to relax and may hoard possessions as a security blanket which may be hard for a partner to understand.  They may struggle with accepting it is okay to spend money on pleasant things rather than necessities at times but this is only because they need financial reassurance of money in the bank.

Neptune in Libra in 2nd house

Here it is important to understand that no matter how much you reassure somebody if they have issues around insecurity it is unlikely to change their behaviour until the original causes of that insecurity is dealt with no matter how kind and affectionate you may be they will need to sort out this area for themselves and it can only be worked through if they are willing to do so.  If this is the case than support is good but an effort needs to be made not to allow the individual to use past events as a crutch for their own behaviour.

Neptune in Scorpio in 2nd house

Here there may be intense jealousy due to insecurities stemming from childhood, they are very likely to feel that they will eventually be rejected within the relationship and they may withdraw themselves from strong affection in order to protect themselves from such pain.  They may also have deep fear about loss of financial security and may need to have their own bank account even in a long-term relationship which they can put aside something for a rainy day.  The need for security may also drive them to learn a martial art and it is important to understand their self-confidence is greatly improved by such activities.

Neptune in Sagittarius in 2nd house

Here the partner may have been told that they were to dumb, to sensitive, not pretty often enough to completely believe it and they may have pretty low self-esteem as a result.  It is likely that they struggle to talk about this as it is an emotionally fraught subject for them which still affects their choices due to their beliefs in their own abilities.  They may have struggled fitting in perhaps they were seen as too boisterous or noisy and designated as a trouble maker in early life and treated unfairly because of this.

Neptune in Capricorn in 2nd house

Here there may be issues around feeling physically safe this may be in a material sense of keeping financial resources close by or where they need to know their home is well protected and safe from intruders.  There is a need for them to know somebody for a while before they fully trust them and in a relationship they will prefer to take their time getting to know somebody. and it is important not to rush them within the relationship but to understand that they need time to adapt and take on board any change slowly.

Neptune in Aquarius in 2nd house

Here there may be a strong fear of letting anybody get to close in case they hurt or abandon them, they may withdraw from displays of affection or may get angry with them without fully understanding why.  They may need to be as independent as possible within the relationship to feel secure and this may mean that traditional relationships do not suit them well as they may prefer having their own home separate from a partner to moving in together; this does not mean that they are not willing to commit within the relationship it just means they need a great deal of space.

Neptune in Pisces in 2nd house

Here there may be issues of drifting through life without any security for the partner they are unlikely to feel they have a stable or secure foundation and this affects their ability to deal with issues and they are likely to have a strong sense of inner security that can support them in the hard times in life instead they may seem to drift from one crisis to another within the relationship without a firm sense of where the relationship is going and this may be extremely difficult to cope with at times.

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Neptune in your partner’s 3rd house is all about how we share and develop ideas together. Here we can have issues in understanding each other’s thoughts and ideas, this may be down to bad communication between us, or due to the different way we think about things, in a more positive note this difference may spark our imagination and creativity.  One of the partner’s may have dyslexia with this aspect; it is important to understand that dyslexic think visually thus cat may conjure up images of a kitten and they may say kitten it doesn’t mean that they were not listening properly when you have a conversation with them it just means they have processed it differently.  Another issue with living with dyslexics is their inability to remember the names of objects, as a dyslexic myself I tend to describe objects by what they do, and they may seem to spend a lot of their time looking for that thing.  It is just that their organisational skills are different and yes it may be frustrating for others because it will seem chaotic way of living.  Even if neither of the partner’s is dyslexic these themes may occur often in the relationship.

Neptune in Libra in 3rd House

Here there may be many mix ups within the relationship due to poor communication or lack of understanding at times.  It is best if you can keep a sense of humour when it comes to this aspect of your relationship however make sure your partner is not the butt of any jokes as they may be more sensitive about this than you realise.  If they struggle at times with organisation post it notes stuck in places such as toilet with dentist appointment works much better than any constant reminder.  Just remember that what they may lack in organisational skills they can more than make up for in imaginative and innovative thinking.

Neptune in Scorpio in 3rd house

Here there may be issues around being made to feel stupid as a child by one of the partner’s and this could leave them fairly sensitive to any criticism as an adult.  Even if it is unintentional these wounds are activated easily and there needs to be an awareness of how much of an effect this has on their ego and sense of worth even as adults.  It is important not to push into this subject but to give the person time to open up on their own accord and share their experiences with you.  This will take patience and a sympathetic attitude but it will pay off eventually.

Neptune in Sagittarius in 3rd house

Here there may be issues because one or more partner tend to have a mind that races ahead and makes connections very fast seeing many things in connection to each other that may escape others unfortunately this means that they sometimes have difficulty in conversation as their mind leaps ahead and makes connections that may throw others off.  There may also be a tendency for one or both to think big and chase wild dreams at times perhaps making large gambles that may not be the wisest of investments.

Neptune in Capricorn in 3rd house

There is a need for one or both partners to not take everything said literally within the relationship communication may be an issue if what is said during arguments is taken as being literally true instead of heated emotions of the moment, that does not mean there is not a seed of truth in what is said in arguments but taking everything said to heart and holding hurt or resentment is not healthy within the relationship, on the other hand one or both partners could be less critical and more relaxed in certain areas with this aspect.

Neptune in Aquarius in 3rd house

There is likely a very unique and imaginative partner in this relationship who has a knack of saying the unpredictable and surprising most people with their ideas however when it comes to everyday living they may struggle to get their heads around more mundane ideas and they are likely to be daydreamers who have a grand vision of life that reality often fails to live up to.  This can be difficult to live with at times when you need some practical down to earth advice or help, but the relationship will never get dull or boring.

Neptune in Pisces in 3rd house

Here there is a need for both partners to be more precise in what they are saying as their communication may be very vague at times and open to being interpreted in many different ways.  This makes things difficult when it comes to day-to-day things that need a practical solution and things may not get dealt with because the other may assume that it has already been taken care of.  This may lead to bills being left unpaid or important jobs left undone.  Whilst there is great ability to share dreams in this relationship it is necessary to share living in the real world too.

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Neptune in partner’s 4th house is all about how we deal with each other’s family within a relationship, there may be issues about feeling accepted within the family if it is tight-knit or there may be a tendency for one partner to  dislike the other’s family.  There may also be issues revolving around childhood that arise in the relationship which perhaps have not been resolved.  With this aspect it is important to understand that your partner’s family are important and to reject them is equivalent of rejecting an essential aspect of who they are.  Accepting your partner means accepting their family no matter how different they are from your own.  We all have different ways of doing things and different does not mean wrong and it is good to experience these differences with an open mind.

Neptune in Libra in 4th house

Here there may be a great desire to be accepted by a partner’s family and this may mean that they are willing to compromise unnecessarily in order to fit in.  It is important that just as it is necessary to accept a family the way they are, a family must accept any individual the way they are too and there is no need to compromise who you are to fit in.  The more we compromise on who we are the more likely we will be expected to compromise further and it is important to understand that we cannot change who we are in order to make anybody like us as the more we try the less likely it is to happen.

Neptune in Scorpio in 4th house

Here there may be intense incidents from childhood that may be brought up within the relationship as it develops and partners feel able to open up more about past issues and traumas.  It may be that within this relationship they disclose events that have never been shared with anybody before and which they are very sensitive about so complete discretion is required if this is the case.  It is likely that family relationships are very intense issues that may be easier to deal with as an outsider coming in and this may help to defuse certain situations and it may be that the partner feels caught in the middle of a family war at times.

Neptune in Sagittarius in 4th house

Here both partners may come from families that have strong traditions, whether that is going to football matches as a family or hiking together these families are very likely to be tight-knit in a way that is hard for outsiders to always fit in as there may be so many traditions that are taken for granted that they are not even thought about.  This makes it awkward for others who may find themselves breaking traditions without even realising as long as this is treated in a light-hearted way by everybody it is fine as the longer the relationship continues the easier it is to discover and understand the complex customs and traditions.

Neptune in Capricorn in 4th house

Here there may be issues of fitting with each others family as both may be quite set in their ways and used to doing things the way they have always been done and that may make each partner feel somewhat excluded from fully participating in them it is likely that parents still want to keep the same roles as always and this may be even more true of mothers who may resent any challenge to their authority.  With this aspect there is issues of being in control and of family relinquishing their primary importance to the partner.

Neptune in Aquarius in 4th house

Here there may be a tendency for either partner to dislike trying to fit in with each other’s family and both may refuse to take part in the family activities that have traditional value.  There may be a belief that as a couple it is up to both to set their own traditions and that there is no place for past family traditions associated with being single and not part of the couple.  Whilst it may be important to create your own traditions it is impossible to ignore each family’s input and it is necessary to concede some ground to them over certain important dates.

Neptune in Pisces in 4th house

There are likely to be many issues around family and childhood that need resolved within the relationship, there may be issues in relation to alcohol or drug dependency in the family background or other such skeletons that are likely to come out as the relationship progresses.  It is important to understand that we all have family skeletons that we do not talk about in public and that we all have areas of dysfunction within our families and this is part of life.  These issues need to be dealt with sensitively and discreetly and both partners must feel comfortable enough to open up about family secrets.

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Neptune in partner’s 5th house brings issues around children that does not necessarily mean that there will be difficulties in having children, there may be differences around when both are ready to make this step as well as how children should be raised.  There may be differences in views around how hands on both should be as well as discipline as parents and one may feel that the other is not keeping up their side of parenting by contradicting the other or by undermining their authority.  In short with this aspect there may be a need for good communication before the decision to have children is made in which both can express their ideas about how they think it is best done and that some agreement is reached in this area before children come along.  With agreement reached there should be a continuous effort to both respect and back up the other parent and present a united front as parents with this aspect.

Neptune in Libra in 5th house

Here there is a need for honest and open communication, where it comes to issues around children there may be a tendency just to agree and then each to do their own thing.  Any differences of opinion need to be brought out into the open and resolved honestly or there may be very chaotic scenes where neither is sure exactly what is going on and one or more may withdraw their support because of this.  With practice both can learn to reach an agreement where they support the other and they will both find things run smoother and there is less chaos as a result.

Neptune in Scorpio in 5th house

Here there may be emotional issues from your childhood that colour your views on parenting, unfortunately this is likely to make it easier to be manipulated by children in ways that you may not even be aware of.  There may be a feeling of making up for events in childhood through ensuring your children have the best of all things, however eventually it is important to come to terms with our childhood and not allow to much of the past to colour the present moment as you may become blind to issues concerning your children.

Neptune in Sagittarius in 5th house

Here there may be a laissez-faire attitude to parenting that may cause long-term problems although it may be easier to start with.  It is important to remember that if discipline is not something you are keen to impose then you must at least let children face the natural consequences of their actions in order for them to learn.  The other side of this is that there may also be a tendency towards authoritarian control which will naturally result in rebellious struggles and there needs to be a balance here that may take time to learn.

Neptune in Capricorn in 5th house

Here there may be issues around rigidity in raising children you may believe in sticking to a routine no matter what and may find it difficult to go with the flow at times and allow your children to take the lead in making some decisions.  It is important that you understand you must allow them some control and ability for them to make decisions in order for them to become more independent and understand that choices have consequences in life and although you may be trying to protect them you must expose them to some risks in life.

Neptune in Aquarius in 5th house

Here you may struggle in creating a routine and sticking to it with children although there has to be some flexibility in life it is important to understand there must be some routine in order for us to feel secure we must be able to know that there are boundaries and that there is the familiarity of routines that are predictable.  This does not necessarily mean that the routine must be rigid just that life flows better when there is some predictability that we can be certain of throughout the day.

Neptune in Pisces in 5th house

Here there may be issues around consistency of parenting there may be a tendency for both partners to parent according to mood and what may be acceptable one day may be unacceptable the next this will be confusing for children who will not be sure exactly what is and is not acceptable and they may have difficulty understanding rules etc when they are in  settings such as school.   There is a need to make sure that neither parent’s behaviour is contradictory and that children understand the boundaries of their behaviour.

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Neptune in your partner’s 6th house brings issues around health, work and caring for each other into focus within the relationship.  There is a likelihood that one or both partners may have a chronic health condition within this relationship, this brings into focus the issues around giving each other the time and space to allow them to do whatever they can at their own pace and to give them the confidence to attempt things on their own without the other partner.  It is natural when we are close to somebody to want to take care of them within the relationship however there needs to be a realisation that taking over another’s responsibilities without discussion of what they are able to do and would like to do leaves them vulnerable and dis-empowered.  Even in the best of relationships we can sometimes assume that our help will be appreciated without being asked for, but this can sometimes develop into issues of control which could be resolved through honest communication that makes neither party feel guilty.

Neptune in Libra in 6th house

Here there needs to be honest communication about what help is appreciated within the relationship and what help may feel like taking control it is important that both partners understand that rejecting help is not the same as rejecting the person and it is important to understand areas where genuine help might be necessary from areas where it may just feel like interference or lack of trust in the others abilities.  It is vitally important that neither party feels the need to help through guilt or fears rejecting help through guilt as this will put strain on the relationship that will build up long-term.

Neptune in Scorpio in 6th house

Here there may be a shared responsibility for another perhaps as a couple both offer respite care or work with a charity that deals with special needs, children or the elderly but it may be an area where both have strong beliefs and passions.  There may be a sense that this is something which relates to past experiences perhaps within both their families and this is what attracts them both but it is likely that it is an intense subject that brings with it memories that may have to be dealt with within the relationship.  Both are likely to have strong views about how others are treated in society.

Neptune in Sagittarius in 6th house

Here there may be a belief in service to others as part of religious upbringing and this is a fine thing for another person to be willing to do but however it may cause issues within the relationship if there is more of a focus on serving the community rather than the needs of each other within the relationship.  It is vital that there is a balance and that the personal relationship is not sacrificed to the needs of others, this may mean setting aside time where phones etc are switched off and that neither can be distracted by the outside world but focused on each other and their relationship.

Neptune in Capricorn in 6th house

Here there may be issues around putting work and other responsibilities ahead of the relationship it is likely that both are extremely hard-working and responsible and that those responsibilities may eat into a lot of their personal time.  It is important to find time for each other and to show appreciation as there may be a feeling of being taken for granted within the relationship unless extra effort is made to spend some time and appreciation with each other.  Both are very capable in their own fields and this may also be an issue as both will have to try to synchronise their responsibilities in order to spend time with each other.

Neptune in Aquarius in 6th house

Here there is a need to balance the desire to be independent with the need we al have to depend on each other both may struggle to accept and ask for help as both may be fiercely independent by nature but help is something all of us need at times in our lives and especially within relationships it is important to be able to depend and rely on each other.  It is not enough to help we must be willing to allow the other to help us too.  This may take time within this relationship but it is worth remembering that two can accomplish much more than one.

Neptune in Pisces in 6th house

Here there may be issues around what you believe the other needs, both may be very giving and loving but lack the ability to communicate effectively with each other thus may keep secret the issues they have where the other could easily help them believing it is a sign of love that they do not want to bother the other with their issues when they have enough of their own.  However by sharing all their problems and issues with each other they may find simple solutions to their problems that neither is capable of seeing on their own.

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Neptune here brings into focus the difficulties in relating to each other, due to ideas about the other and the desire to impress at times we find ourselves being misunderstood.  We all make snap decisions about who people are usually within a couple of minutes of meeting them.  We create an image and idea of who they are and we react to that idea.  Often it can take many years to form a deep and more accurate picture of who we all are and in the mean time we tend to tailor our actions and responses towards the imagined person.   This is especially true at the beginning of relationships when we are trying to make an impression.  We make an assumption about who the person is and what is likely to impress them.  This can backfire when we have assumed the wrong things and instead of impressing them we alienate them. However assuming this stage of beginning a relationship goes fine, we have to slow ease into being ourselves within the relationship.  All this takes a while and until we are able to relax within the relationship and accept and feel accepted the communication within will always be stilted by misunderstanding but even when we have formed a pretty good idea about who the other is there will be times when we are surprised by their thoughts and actions and this can often throw the relationship off course for a while.  With Neptune here they may always be an issue of really knowing and understanding each other and accepting each other for who they are and not who they would like them to be.

Neptune in Libra in 7th house

Here the issues around how we relate to each other and keep our own authenticity comes into play within the relationship.  As individuals we all have different perspectives and that is fine there is no need for us to share the same outlook on life within a relationship.  This is an area where both may have to gain the confidence to disagree with each other and accept that it is fine to do so. You can understand an other point of view without having to accept it and you have to be able to honestly voice your own opinions and expect the same respect for them.

Neptune in Scorpio in 7th house

There is a saying that we judge others on their actions and ourselves on our intentions.  For we can only know our own intentions and we can only judge others on their actions, this is important to remember when people talk about soul-mates they are often looking for somebody that understands their intentions and that is impossible for anybody else to completely understand we can guess pretty accurately at times but we cannot completely understand anybody’s intentions but ourselves.  This means that communication is important as the other common interpretation of a soul-mate is some sort of mind reader that just knows what you are thinking, we can again guess pretty accurately at times but it is impossible for any of us to know exactly what is going on in each others heads unless we communicate those thoughts and feelings.

Neptune in Sagittarius in 7th house

Here there is a likelihood that shared beliefs is important to the relationship. The thing about beliefs is they are not set in stone and change with each experience in life, in a relationship it is important to understand that both may be setting off from a similar point when it comes to belief but where they end up as the relationship progresses is completely unpredictable and thus it is necessary to accept each others beliefs as they are at any point within the relationship.  By such acceptance and tolerance the relationship is strengthened and able to withstand the pressures from the outside world.

Neptune in Capricorn in 7th house

Here there may be issues in the way you communicate with each other you may be quite matter of fact in your communications but struggle with the nuances of emotional undercurrents, this can be resolved quite easily within the relationship if you are both aware of these tendencies and stop to consider each others emotions as well as the facts of a situation and learn that both may be equally important.  There may be times when one or both of you feel the other is unsympathetic but it is more likely that feelings have not been expressed and once both learn to share their emotional responses more this situation may correct itself.

Neptune in Aquarius in 7th house

Here there is likely to be issues around both of you feeling able to do your own thing and go off and indulge in your own interests without the other feeling that they must participate or take an interest themselves.  It is fine for both of you to have a wide range of interests out-with the relationship and rather than causing division this always gives you subjects to talk about and keeps the relationship itself fresh and alive. Once both are comfortable to let the other go off it signals a growing trust and security within the relationship.

Neptune in Pisces in 7th house

Here there is an emphasis on learning to communicate effectively within the relationship, there is an assumption that the other will automatically understand what is being said when in fact it may be very vague and open to numerous interpretation at times. One or both may have to learn to communicate in ways that ensure they are fully understood and there may be a need at times to check that what is thought to have been said is understood in that way.  With a little thought this will become easier within the relationship and there will be less confusion in general.

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Neptune in your partner’s 8th house is all about how you deal with the trials of life together as a couple.  We all have ideals about how life should be but they never match what we find and it is at times of stress when we face emotional or financial trials that we discover aspects of each other that were unknown beforehand. The 8th house can be compared to Plato’s analogy of the cave we are all watching the shadows on the wall made by puppets and we rarely question this shadow play until something major in life happens at this point we begin to question whether the shadows are real or merely made by puppets. This is what happens at certain points in life to all of us, we question what is real or whether anything is real and if not we re-examine our beliefs and adjust them to take in new ideas of what reality might be and what we believe it could be, until we find the closest match that suits our experiences.  The trouble is two individuals can have the same experience yet find completely different answers in its meaning to them.  Within relationships when partner’s change in different ways it can cause stress if they are unwilling to accept that the other sees things differently and is entitled to do so.

Neptune in Libra in 8th house

Here there are issues around how you communicate during stressful times and how you share what is going on at a personal level as you face the trials of life together.  There is a need to understand that sharing does not necessarily mean having the same outlook or perspective but in accepting the differences in each others ways of dealing with stress, grief or trauma.  Within the relationship both need to accept that there are lots of different ways in which we find meaning in life and all of these are valid.

Neptune in Scorpio in 8th house

Here there are deep emotional responses to trauma likely to be brought up in the relationship in which both may have to work through past incidents and painful experiences.  Their shared experiences of trauma may be what has attracted them to each other, but they may struggle at times working through these shared experiences as a couple.  As past experiences are dealt with both parties may change and this has to be dealt with slowly and there is a need to rediscover who both are constantly within the relationship and to accept that change is inevitable part of dealing with issues and maturing as an individual.

Neptune in Sagittarius in 8th house

Here there is a likelihood that faith and beliefs are a strong influence on how traumas and trials are perceived and there may be issues around this if one loses faith because of life events or if one discovers a renewed faith that is not shared by the other partner.  There may be the change that both will rediscover aspects of faith through events they share in the relationship and this shared faith may help them cope with some of the most intense traumas that life can throw at us.

Neptune in Capricorn in the 8th house

Here there is a tendency to try to remain completely functional and rational during traumas and trials without letting inner fears and emotions out both partners may be reluctant to express the depth of their emotions to each other or the effects that such traumas have on their perception of the world around them this is an area where both must learn to share their inner most thoughts with each other and learn to open up without fear of losing control of the situation.  This may take some time for both to do but it will be deeply rewarding once they are able to express these tightly suppressed fears and emotions.

Neptune in Aquarius in 8th house

Here there are issues around how trauma and stress can make us feel isolated with our relationships and there may be a tendency for one partner to keep things to themselves because they do not want to put their problems onto the other’s shoulder there may also be issues about hiding such problems within the relationship until they snowball and demand immediate attention.  Sometimes we do not always know where to start when we have a problem and burying our head in the sand is something we all can do at times, but it never helps once we understand that opening up before situations reach crisis point helps relationships more than going into denial we develop a strong trust in each other.

Neptune in Pisces in 8th house

Here there are issues around expression of emotions and moving on from traumatic events within the relationship.  Both or one may feel overwhelmed emotionally by trauma and may find it difficult to move on from such experiences and find themselves reliving those events over again in their head.  It may be difficult if this situation continues to find a way of helping the other move on or understanding what is going on as they may seem emotionally cut off from life.  Here there needs to be great understanding and if one of the partner’s clearly needs help the other must urge them to seek it and to accept it is fine to struggle at times.

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Neptune in Partner’s 9th house is about dealing with our idealised world view. We all have our own unique perspective of what a utopian world should be and our own take on how we interpret the different philosophical teachings. Here we form our identity in terms of our heroes and our unique story of who we are, in the 9th house are the tribal bonds that connects us as citizens, believers, football supporters or music fans.  There is a sense of tribal unity in the 9th house of coming together as a team. This sense of being part of a tribe when it is idealised can cause us to be very negative about those outside of our particular clan, tribe or clique.  We may over idealise our group and demonize others and this may be an issue within the relationship where tolerance perhaps of the relationship if it is one that encompasses different cultures may be a focus point.

Neptune in Libra in 9th house

Here it is likely that there is a distinct difference in cultural backgrounds but this is part of the attraction of the relationship for both as you understand that although there are many differences there are also many similarities between how both see the world and these differences are more likely to provide mental stimulation than disagreement, however how the outside world reacts is an issue for both at times as they are many who are intolerance of differences in the world.  You may both feel very open about speaking on these issues and that can attract a fair bit of negativity from others at times although you will also attract supporters by your attitude.

Neptune in Scorpio in 9th house

Here it is likely that control is an issue, in tribes, cliques and clans of any type there is a silent agreement on shared values and acceptable behaviour, with the likelihood of being shunned from the group if rules are broken.  Within the relationship this may be an issue where one or both is shunned or fears being shunned by their communities – this could be the dedicated Vegan who dates a gourmand meat-eater, neither of their circles are likely to appreciate the other and both may be shunned as a result of the relationship.  This fear of shunning may make becoming open about the relationship difficult for some.

Neptune in Sagittarius in 9th house

Here you may challenge each other’s belief systems and world views but neither of you is likely to find this difficult to handle as both are capable of being very open to different ways of seeing the world and this may be an area where you are in agreement because both may want to constantly readjust their perspectives and experience challenging views that stimulate them to question their current understanding and seek new answers.  You may focus a lot on finding a set of ideals and a world view that embraces a multicultural dimension to it.

Neptune in Capricorn in 9th house

Here there may be tension between ideals, reality and belief within the relationship, it may be very likely that beliefs are strongly held by one or both partners.  In the relationship you are likely to encounter events that bring those beliefs into question and cause you to re-examine them much more carefully and adjust your views to others at the same time this is a way of maturing as an individual.  The longer the relationship continues the more relaxed you are both likely to become in your beliefs and your outlook on the world around you.

Neptune in Aquarius in 9th house

Here there maybe issues about fitting in and retaining your individuality as a couple, you are likely to believe in the social benefits of belief within the community, and may be attracted to a church etc that offers chances to work with the homeless and needy.  You will however likely find that you are constantly challenging others views and principles and this may make it difficult for both to fit in completely with any group.  The more relaxed a setting is the easier it will be for both to overcome these tendencies although you will always prefer being on the outskirts of any group to being central within it.

Neptune in Pisces in 9th house

Here there are a few issues in how both view the world in religious terms.  Lets start by going through some common misconceptions; spiritual original means without material substance and was applied to the belief that we exist only as minds / souls and that we exist only within the confines of our mind / soul that there was no material world.  Materialists believed the material world existed and that we had material bodies. In modern terms we have come to demonize the word materialist to mean selfish, greedy etc and spiritual to mean the opposite whereas in reality neither word excludes us from selfish acts, greediness etc and one of the lessons of this relationship is understanding this.

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Neptune in your Partner’s 10th house bring the clash between ideals and views on the reality and purpose of life within the relationship.  There may be a tendency for one to view the other as a daydreamer or idealist but impractical whilst the other may think the other has a narrow interpretation of life.  The best way to deal with these issues is to understand that in the most how we perceive reality is irrelevant; none of us can experience true reality we have our own interpretation of it but some factors hold true regardless of how we perceive reality.  For example if everything only exists in your mind when Johnny does not eat or drink he ceases to be, this is true if reality is a combination of all our minds, or if there is an actual material world; whatever reality is, under many different views there are common rules that apply equally to all our individual perception of reality.  Accepting that we all may have different view on reality but they are governed by the same basic rules means accepting those rules are valid for both parties and those are what unites us all.  We may have different perspectives on what reality may be but we should understand the basic rules apply to us all and must be respected as part of the shadow play or the dream. Within the relationship this may be seen as understanding we all must make a living and be fed to continue our participation in the dream, whatever our view of reality is and that we can only have ideals and dreams if we are still in that dream, that we need this common understanding of the rules as a vital part of staying alive.

Neptune in Libra in 10th house

Here there may be a lot of discussion around both your perceptions of reality but common ground can be formed around the implication of how these basic rules common to us all can be used as a guide for agreeing on how best we can help our community, family and society be strengthened and enriched by our actions.  By focusing on how you both can contribute and accepting there is no one right or wrong way to view the world you are both capable of maturing from this relationship and developing greater understanding of different perspectives.

Neptune in Scorpio in 10th house

Here there may be much intensity and passion in trying to convert each other to one view of reality. In fact there is no need to make each other see the world in the same way as long as both fulfil their commitment to the realities of the relationship and each other it is fine to have different perspectives on things.  Sometimes we behave as if staying alive and remaining part of the dream was a dirty thing that only others do when it is something common to us all, we all live by the rules set in motion irrespective of our different beliefs on reality.  Materialism does not mean selfish it means accepting that this may be all there is and working within those confines to make the best of a situation and that is a perfectly good way to view the world as any religious/spiritual view for it does not exclude love, compassion, charity or ethics.

Neptune in Sagittarius in 10th house

Here there may be great debates about beliefs but there is a need to accept that there is validity in viewing the world materialistically as something that can be measured, calculated and understood better; but there is also validity in the view that thoughts and ideas are the only real knowns in existence and that as all these different thoughts and ideals follow rules that cannot be overridden there may be some greater mind that set them which some may chose to call God, universal love or knowledge.  In accepting that both points have validity there is an ability to reach a compromise that allows for respect between differing perspectives and the ability to reach agreement in where both perspectives meet in such areas as love, compassion and morality.

Neptune in Capricorn in 10th house

Here there may be strong intolerance to views of the world that are not empirical and both parties may struggle with the beliefs of each other and see them as irrational at times, although both may be extremely practical everybody has irrational beliefs it is part of human nature.  We all have this aspect and we must learn to tolerate it in each other.  Through understanding that none of us are immune to irrational beliefs we can develop a better understanding of humanity as a whole.  When we accept it is fine to think differently we can harness the potential in all of these ways of viewing the world.

Neptune in Aquarius in the 10th house

Here we may have issues with both not being able to understand that reality is an individual perception and not a factual thing.  Both may struggle with this in the relationship and feel isolated because they cannot understand it is common to all of humanity and all relationships.  Once they accept that we all see the world through our own eyes and that everybody’s perception differs they may begin to understand that beginning close is not perceiving the world through one set of eyes but accepting that both views are valid and equal within the relationship.

Neptune in Pisces in the 10th house

Here learning to accept the common rules of life may be an issue for both at times and both may have the urge to bury their heads in the sand and ignore the consequences.  This makes situations often more tense as without intervention they tend to snowball into major issues that cannot be ignored and which could have been dealt with easier in the beginning.  The realisation that reality cannot be ignored within the relationship helps both to learn to deal with events in life better and together they may develop better organisational skills.

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Neptune in partner’s 11th house is all about two opposing ways of looking at the world, Neptune is the planet of ideals and dreams and projecting them onto people, events and places; whilst the 11th recognises these are ideas and thoughts and recognises them as such and as something we may share as common values rather than projecting the 11th house seeks to own them with like-minded individuals.  Neptune in the 11th house is all about how we balance this behaviour of projection and the desire to own and share these ideals.  We all project ideals and have heroes that represent them but in the end they all stem from ourself our own ideals, dreams and values, this is important to understand because we cannot have a group of like-minded friends but only a group of friends we think of as being like-minded, we cannot know our friend in reality we can only know our idea of who they are and we may change this as our relationships with them grow.  Having Neptune in partner’s 11th house may mean that there is a belief that both share very similar ideals and goals in life only to slowly discover that our idea of who they are and what they value constantly needs updating and changing as the relationship develops.

Neptune in Libra in 11th house

This relationship would probably be one in which both parties felt they naturally communicated easily with each other only to find the longer they know each other the more surprised they are to find different aspects to their personality that completely throw them off-balance from time to time.  Depending on how vast the differences between what we thought we had in common and what we have in common in reality are this need not be deadly to a relationship but may help keep it alive as both may have to re-examine their ideas of each other it works best with those who are more flexible and adaptable.

Neptune in Scorpio in 11th house

This relationship may be one where both feel at start of relationship that they know each other in a deep and meaningful way and that they share deeply held and passionate beliefs abut the world around them.  However as this relationship progresses both will have to face the fact that they have invested a lot of emotional energy into the person being their ideal and sharing their values, at first because of this emotional development the urge to deny this difference or feelings of anger at the other for not living up to this standard may be likely and both will have to be very mature in accepting that they are individuals and will have differences in their values it is neither’s fault but unless these differences are deal clinchers this may signal an opportunity to actually begin to know the real person at a very deep level.

Neptune in Sagittarius in 11th house

This is a relationship where you may feel that you share a lot in common when it comes to background and outlook on life only to discover there are whole missing chapters in each others story that give new meaning and definition to who both parties are as individuals when discovered.  The longer this relationship continues the more likely it is that you will both be surprised by aspects of each others past history that cause both to re-examine their outlook on life and this is not a negative thing it is good for all of us to do this however if there is any rigidity on outlook on life it will make the relationship much more difficult as both will have to be able to adapt.

Neptune in Capricorn in the 11th house

This is a relationship where you may feel that both have a similar view of relationships and how we should behave in them, how they should develop and their purpose in creating a functional unit able to go out into the world as a team.  However as the relationship develops both parties may find that these ideas are challenged and that one may not be as responsible as previously thought or that they are issues on which both have difficulty seeing another perspective and understanding the other’s point of view.  Both may feel their ideas of reality can be challenged by the other in ways that are unexpected and unsettling at times but this is good for all of us and learning to see other perspectives is important.

Neptune in Aquarius in 11th house

This is a relationship where both may see each other as very unique individuals and feel a comradely affection and bond because of this perceived uniqueness.  The problem arises when the realisation that although each of us is unique we are all live in a humdrum and at times monotonous world where we cannot be permanently windswept and different here the issue is one of accepting the ordinary everyday aspect of the other without rejecting them for this necessity of life.  This is a necessity in any relationship and although we may want to appear interesting at the beginning as the relationship develops we must be able to relax enough not to be on show and allowed  to be a normal person sprawled out in front of the television.

Neptune in Pisces in 11th house

This is a relationship in which both may feel at first that they share the same dreams and ideas on the purpose of life only to discover that there is something in how the other views the world that causes unrest and discomfort, one or both may begin to see the other as a daydreamer unable to live in the ‘real world’ and they may feel frustrated that they do not share the same dream or vision that they thought they did at the start of the relationship.  There is a need to try to accept both can have completely different dreams and that both are daydreamers in different ways.

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Neptune in your partner’s 12th house is all about how we respond to each other as a vision or idea, this may sound complex but think of Gandhi what words do you associate with him? Gandhi represents a set of ideals and beliefs that we respond to rather than see the whole person we see the embodiment of these ideals.  This is fine we all pin sets of ideals onto our heroes at a personal, and national level they represent what we aspire to. To a certain extent we all pin ideals on our partners our dreams of what the ideal partner should be and how they should act however in reality they are mortals with faults and flaws and this adjustment from our ideals to a more realistic perspective is usually a decisive point in our relationship if the gap between our ideal image of them and the reality of who they are is too wide we tend to feel disillusioned and betrayed.  Neptune in your partner’s 12th house brings this aspect into focus and one or both parties may have unrealistic expectations of the other which may take some very honest communication to resolve and an honesty not to the blame the other for their failure to live up to those ideals.

Neptune in Libra in 12th house

Here there is a need to be deeply honest with one another and not to over romanticise the other, to allow them their imperfections is a wonderful gift to bestow on any one, to say it is okay to feel this way and I do not judge you for it is to free another from the cycle of guilt and truly love them. In overcoming our desire to make the person conform to the ideal we create a wonderful relationship which has a depth of real love and compassion for each other in which we can really share ourselves without fear of rejection.

Neptune in Scorpio in 12th house

There is a lot written about finding our soul-mate and having a deep connection, this is not always a healthy set of ideals to go into a relationship with as we may expect the person should automatically understand our deepest needs and psychological fears when it is unlikely that we ourselves truly understand this side of our nature and we have liven with ourselves since birth.  This may be an issue within the relationship where one or both parties just assumes that the other should automatically just get them.  Perhaps instead of assuming this we should in fact be asking if both are willing to be as honest as possible with each other and open to understanding each other as much as we ever can understand another human being and that this process is a two-way street.

Neptune In Sagittarius in 12th house

Here there is a tendency to project your beliefs and ideals about humanity, bravery and morality onto the other person and they may find it difficult living up to the standard that has been set for them or they may share different moral and ethical values completely in which case both parties need to accept that you can only live up to your own standards and principles in life and that we all have different ethos and culture.  If there are children this may be more of an issue if the subject of what values and standards both would like for them is not openly discussed and agreed upon.

Neptune in Capricorn in 12th house

Here the preconceived idea of gender roles may be a thorny subject and one or both parties may project onto the other their ideals and beliefs of what a ‘real man’ or ‘real woman’ is.  Both may automatically assume that certain responsibilities is the duty of the other without prior agreement resentment may build up.  Relationships are partnerships and the best ones work not by defining roles by gender but by capabilities, interests and passions which cannot be defined by gender.

Neptune in Aquarius in 12th house

Here both may have completely different ideas about what their ideal world would be like, this is fine because none of us are ever going to have to live in anybody’s ideal world as we can only live in the real one but may cause arguments about long-term plans and aims within the relationship as one may love the city and one may dream of retiring to a cosy little cottage in the country.  The issue of friends may also be a sore point as there is a risk that both have different social circles that don’t particularly mix well.

Neptune in Pisces in 12th house

Here the issue of  expressing our dreams and sharing our ideal with each other comes to the fore, there is a possibility that within the relationship that dreams and ideals are overly important and may take priority to the real world or vice versa and reality leaves little room for dreams and ideal to surface.  The hardest thing in both cases is to find a balance and a way to see what dreams are feasible and can be achieved within the relationship this requires some deep talking and planning as a couple but will be very fruitful if achieved.

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