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Chaos Theory and Evolution in Astrology   Leave a comment

Anybody familiar with Astrologer Bernadette Brady may have come across her Chaos theory in regards to Astrology.  This may sound complicated but is actually a simple to understand principle.  Chaos theory explains why chaos – completely random and unpredictable events create patterns.

In her argue Bernadette Brady has used evolution as an example of a linear model but the real scientific principle of evolution is part of chaos theory.  There are over 13 species of Darwin’s Finches and 28 subspecies. For those that don’t already know Darwin’s finches are found on the Galapagos Islands.  The reason why there are so many varieties of Darwin’s finches is because the islands have very different environments and each species has adapted to the environment in which they live.

This is part of what chaos theory is all about, the islands the finches landed on were random but the finches all adapted to this random event not by design but by natural selection which made some characteristics: positive for survival on some islands but detrimental to survival on others.  This is part of how chaos theory creates design as Bernadette states we are part of a pattern, our ancestors adapted to the environment in which we live and we continue that pattern and as the environment changes with the introduction of new technology we adapt that pattern and thus it evolves and becomes more complex.

Thus as Bernadette Brady states we inherit family patterns but with each generate these patterns have evolved and we will evolve the pattern we have inherited to fit in with our needs to survive in a rapidly changing environment.  The family patterns can be seen when we look at natal charts within generations of the same family, various themes will continue to appear consistently.  These are our family patterns some of which will be more positive than others.

Understanding the family patterns within our own family helps us to gain deeper insight into our natal charts.  We interact and react with each other therefore we all evolve as part of a group dynamic.  By combining Bernadette Brady’s theories on chaos as creating patterns which are symbolized in astrology through the natal chart and Jeffrey Wolf Green’s evolutionary astrology as a way of gaining greater insight into how we are evolving and adapting to those patterns we have a larger scope to understand who we are in the context of family, community, environment and our need to adapt and evolve as part of this dynamic community in which we live.

For those interested in these astrological theories, I suggest reading Jeffrey Wolf Green’s ‘Pluto The Evolutionary Journey of the Soul Volume 1’ and Bernadette Brady’s ‘Astrology a place in Chaos’.


Maurice Fernandez – Neptune, The 12th House and Pisces   2 comments

Love my kindle version of this book, anyone with transit Neptune making aspects or a strong Pisces/ Neptune natal chart will love being able to dip into this book and see how these influences are affecting them.  This is a must have book for anyone with an interest in Evolutionary Astrology.  For those unfamiliar with the term Evolutionary Astrology, it is a method of looking at the natal chart as identifying the spiritual lessons and themes a person is undergoing.  Simple layout makes it easy to access the chapters relevant to you.  Anybody going through a crisis with an interest in astrology this is the book for you.

Rating 10/10

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