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Pluto in the First House, Aspect to Mars, Aspect to planets in Aries   Leave a comment

Aries fire ball

With Pluto there is a two fold action, one is the indicating of traumatic experiences the individual has been through and how this affects their behaviour and why they are likely to be tempted to use manipulation at times or be attracted to certain unhealthy situations.  The other aspect of Pluto is inner strength and talents that have the potential to be developed.

Life is an intense experience and nobody knows this better than you.  From the time we are born we are in a perpetual battle for survival, to thrive we need to fight for our share of resources, our spot in the sunlight.  You know how dark the world can be, how it feels to be out there in the shadows unprotected and malnourished.  You know that predators like to lie cloaked in the deep recesses of life.

This is why you developed those horns not because you are devilish but because you’ve seen the demons in others and as the Shepherd / Ram of the flock you know you are called on to defend others, protect your flock.  You are instinctively driven to lead, to protect and to perfect yourself.  Your energy and vitality attract and magnetize others,  your raw sex appeal has its down side as you well know attracting unwanted attention often although your bluntness is legendary.  You are driven to achieve in this life, because you are always in a state of change never happy with what has already been accomplished you seek to do better and to be better at whatever is your focus in life.

You chose the most direct routes and have little patience for societal rules that hold you back, your blunt, forthright honesty either endears you to people or alienates them, on the most part people respect your forthright honesty.

You may be tempted to use power games at times, often without things through the consequences for yourself.  When you feel the urge to get your own way at all costs remember you have the potential and ability to get where you want in life without using underhanded methods that may rebound badly on you.  You may feel intense insecurity and fear that drives these sudden urges without understanding the root cause.

You may not even be aware of some of these behaviours you may unconsciously choose relationships in which you are constantly forced to prove yourself in which you live in a constant state of uncertainty trying to win a partners approval and losing interest the moment you do.  There may be an intense need to prove your worthiness to be loved, and your ability to obtain love – through making a partner fall for you.

The opposite may also be true you may be more vulnerable to those who use manipulation and games instead of being open and direct.  You may unconsciously choose manipulative partner as part of re-enacting childhood issues where you are constantly fighting for control and freedom.

You may also subconsciously choose partners who play the damsel-in-distress role where you are the white knight charging to the rescue.  Often these partners will be anything but vulnerable in reality and you are shocked when this constant role to be the heroic rescuer back-fires dramatically.  This desire can lead you to attacking completely innocent individuals and instead of being the dashing knight you may instead be the aggressor.

Those with Pluto in Aries can develop talents and strengths by; creating / joining campaigns to protect the vulnerable such as the elderly, sick, children or those with disability.  By becoming active in politics they can redirect their energy into creating a better and fairer society.


Pluto in 3rd House, aspect to Mercury & aspect to planets in Gemini   Leave a comment


With Pluto there is a two fold action, one is the indicating of traumatic experiences the individual has been through and how this affects their behaviour and why they are likely to be tempted to use manipulation at times or be attracted to certain unhealthy situations.  The other aspect of Pluto is inner strength and talents that have the potential to be developed.

Pluto in the third house individuals know that it’s a strange world out there, they have learnt the hard way not to go poking into holes unless you want a spider bite.  still their curiosity often gets the better of them, these people are born to explore their environment.  They often have had intense experiences relating to formal education and learning, this is such a shame because these people love to find things out.  They have a unique way of communicating and viewing the world often this gift is unappreciated in early years.

These people are never satisfied with surface explanations, they like to dig deeper and see what treasures lie at the bottom unclaimed.  They are often driven to write or speak on specialised subjects.  They often have a knack for foreign languages and even dead ones.  They like to reflect on subjects to search every aspect before coming to a conclusion.  They sometimes struggle with putting down their vast knowledge into an ordered account.

These people see the bigger picture, however they may have difficulty seeing the details and finding structured ways of working as their mind tends to struggle with prioritising and organising.  They just need a helping hand with this and they are off.

Sometimes these individuals have been made to feel intellectually inferior either by intense criticism as a child or they may have had an undiagnosed specific learning disorder such as dyslexia where they felt their peers were laughing at their inabilities.  These early experiences have a lasting affect on their own self belief.

Another issue these individuals might have faced was dealing with some type of abuse as a child and not being believed by adults.  As well as this there may be issues about being forced to keep quiet over abuse and being silenced by adults.

They may also have experienced trauma in which they were unable to talk about either because of the intensity of the experience or because they were made to feel guilty or made themselves feel guilty about doing so such as talking about the death of a parent in case they upset the surviving parent.

These individuals have the ability to tell their story as adults, through photography, film, blogging or other means they can express their own experiences in meaningful ways that reach out to others in similar situations.  They may also be able to see where changes in teaching and schools would prevent some of the issues they faced from happening and make a contribution to prevent others from facing the issues and ordeals they themselves went through.

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Pluto in 4th house, in aspect to moon & aspect to planets in Cancer   Leave a comment


With Pluto there is a two fold action, one is the indicating of traumatic experiences the individual has been through and how this affects their behaviour and why they are likely to be tempted to use manipulation at times or be attracted to certain unhealthy situations.  The other aspect of Pluto is inner strength and talents that have the potential to be developed.

Pluto in 4th individuals have a tale to tell often when it comes to families and childhood.  These people are acutely aware of how dysfunctional families can be, they know all about skeletons in the closet.  Childhood was an intense experience for these people, often their needs were not met, their parents had issues with mental health or they were raised by grandparents or others.  Abuse may also have been a theme of childhood and often 4th house individuals have dealt with all of this in their childhood.

These people feel intensely protective of their family and are often over involved as parents it is hard for them to step back and let their children become independent adults.  It is a traumatic experience for them to let go because they know just how hard life can be.

They also tend to mother others especially those with a sob story, they empathize with the vulnerable.  Their ability to empathize and put themselves in others shoes makes them naturally drawn to caring professions.  These people may be drawn to social work, special needs, animal rescue, hospices and the elderly.

There is a need to stand back from others with this aspect as it is easy to become over involved and create an identity based solely on others.  The need to centre energy on your own issues should not be ignored.

These individuals may experience the need to retreat into their own inner world to escape pressures and stresses.  They might also cut themselves off from forming intense bonds with others because of fear of being hurt.

Here Pluto gifts the individual with the ability to understand the inner child in all of us.  They may be gifted in understanding the importance of child development and could specialise in this subject.  They may also be able to specialise in working with adults who through trauma as children are in need of help and support to reach their inner child and address their issues.  They may be capable of becoming powerful politicians who address the needs of the vulnerable and children through social work reform.

By using the passion they are capable of expressing their emotions to the many and gaining greater appreciation of the issues some face in life.


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Pluto in Leo, in aspect to Sun & aspect to planets in Leo   Leave a comment


Individuals with Pluto in 5th know how fragile the developing ego is, children are naturally ego-centric and need encouragement, love and time to develop a well rounded sense of self esteem.  Ego-egocentricity is a natural stage of development, the child has not yet learnt the skills needed to relate fully to how others see and perceive things, occasionally Pluto indicates difficulty moving on from this stage through autistic spectrum conditions or trauma to the fragile ego.  When the fragile ego is traumatised the individual may create a persona to protect the real ego.  They may learn to play a role instead of being comfortable being themselves.

Playing a role is fine we all do it to some extent, we all have preconceived notions of doctors, teachers even astrologers and we tend to conform to the preconceived.  However when we are unable to express who we really are as a person we never gain approval for the real us.  Without approval we are stuck playing roles and never feeling better about ourselves no matter what we do.

Often people with 5th house Pluto relax more with children, they feel able to remove the barriers and be themselves.  They can learn a lot just being with children and playing roles as a natural and positive way to see what fits us – how it feels to be the other person.  These people are warm, bright and funny they just need to express their real persona.

Pluto in 6th house, Virgo, in aspect to Mercury & planets in Virgo   Leave a comment


Individuals with Pluto in Virgo or 6th house love to help, this natural propensity can lead them to become enablers.  Enablers have co-dependency issues, because their identity is linked to helping or serving others they unconsciously seek out those that have issues such as; alcohol / drug dependency, issues of a psychological nature, learning difficulties, chronic illness etc………..

Enablers think they are helping individuals and derive their self-esteem from this fact.  Enablers always go the extra mile and that is the problem, instead of finding ways to help the individual become independent they focus on making the individual dependent on them for their needs to be met.  The individual does not learn to cope, the enabler cannot see how their actions are part of the problem.

We all behave like this to a certain extent, we all like to do things for those we love.  Those with Pluto in 6th and Virgo just need to learn to back off a little bit to let people take more control of their issues and problems.  They are wonderful considerate people they just need to learn to take a step back and allow other to take more control.

These people also love to analyze and dissect the facts they are naturals when it comes to their specialist subject.  Their critical thinking skills are impressive however they have a tendency to turn those skills on themselves and others, something they should avoid.

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Pluto in Libra, 7th house, aspect to Venus & aspect to planets in Libra   Leave a comment


I beg your pardon,
I never promised you a rose garden.
Along with the sunshine,
There’s gotta be a little rain sometimes.
When you take, you gotta give, so live and let live,
Or let go.
I beg your pardon,
I never promised you a rose garden.

Individuals with Pluto in the 7th know all about the give and take of relationships – especially those where one person gives and the other takes.  Pluto in 7th have difficulty letting go even years after the fact they can sit and wait for the person to come to their senses.  These people can be suckers for manipulation even when relationships have ended they still seem to be under control of the person pulling the strings.

Pluto in 7th individuals often have a strong belief in soul mates, they long for that other to see that they were destined to be together forever.  Lets start with soul mates, we can recognize connections we have in an instance with people, soul mates can be friends or family the term is not a romantic one but spiritual.  We can also have numerous soul mates we are capable of having an infinite amount of intense bonds because we are capable of an infinite ability to love.

7th house individuals do have soul mates but they are not the person ignoring them or manipulating them.  They are the friends and family who wipe away the tears and pick them up.  When individuals come to this realization they begin to understand that soul mates love us unconditionally, there is no need for manipulation and games – they begin to find the relationships that are right for them where they are appreciated and valued.  7th house individuals often have to kiss a lot of frogs before they realize they can’t change them into princes with a kiss, frogs can only ever be frogs.  That lesson learnt they train there eyes on the few princes out there.

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Pluto in 8th house, Scorpio & in aspect to planets in Scorpio   1 comment

frogspawn nebula

The victims we know so well
They shine in your eyes
When they kiss and tell
Strange pieces we never see
But you’re always there
Like a ghost in my dream
And I keep on telling you
Please don’t do the things you do
When you do those things
Pull my puppet strings
I have that strangest void for you
We love and we never tell
What pieces our hearts in the wishing well
Love lead us into the stream
And it’s sink or swim
Like it’s always been

Victims – Culture Club


Individuals with Pluto in 8th are well aware of the games people play and the secrets they keep.  Pluto in 8th know the intense passions that control us because these individuals tend to feel them more than others.  This intense response makes the individual aware of their urges to control and manipulate, this leaves them two choices either they will give into these urges or resist them.  Here the individual is in constant awareness of the darker side of life.

Knowing the darkness of our own desires, is a difficult process of growth.  Some will accept those desires and act upon them without applying any moral values to their decisions.  Others will accept those desires as being normal without acting upon them. Then there are those who will accept those desires and try to find a positive way of acting on them. Finally there are those who will beat themselves up for having such desires.

8th house individuals are usually all of the above at different times, because of this they are in a dynamic flux.  They can relate to the darkness in others because they have seen the darkness of their own soul, they cannot pass judgement because they are aware of their own past actions, they can only focus their energy on changing themselves.

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Pluto in 9th house, Sagittarius, aspect to Jupiter & aspect to planets in Sagittarius   Leave a comment

medea and Urania

Pluto in 9th house individuals are attracted to Philosophy, Religion, ethics and higher learning.  these are all very worthwhile things, however these individuals may lean to the evangelical side when it comes to sharing their views with the rest of the world.

At the most extreme this influence can indicate a narrow-minded outlook which only accepts their world-view as having any validity. These people sometimes believe they are chosen by God to tell the rest of us how we should be living.

Others with this aspect are on a spiritual journey Gandhi had Jupiter conjunct Pluto.  Even when we are aware that all religions hold truth and value we need to be careful of using manipulation to make the changes we seek, only when we encourage others from an honest, open dialogue to find their own truth can real change be made.  We cannot use manipulation and guilt to impose our moral standards on others, we can only impose our standards on ourselves.  We can only ever know our own path, and follow it wherever it takes us, we cannot lead others on theirs because it is not our path to be on.


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Pluto in 10th house, Capricorn, aspect to Saturn & aspect to planets in Capricorn   Leave a comment


Individuals with Pluto in 10th know that new civilizations rise from the ashes of the old.  They know that empires rise and fall and that cycle is perpetual.  These people are well aware that no success lasts forever.  After reaching the top there is only one direction in which we can travel.  These individuals therefore sometimes use manipulation or power games to stay on top or they are the victims of such games.  These individuals are well aware that it is a dog eat dog world, in business you either consume your rivals or they consume you.

These people are well aware of the cut throat business sharks, fraudsters and con men,  they have seen the vulnerable used and abused.  Therefore they have developed a strong desire never to be put in the situations they have seen others in, this desire for stability and safety is good as long as we can still take some risks and chances in life.

Individuals with Pluto in 10th may cling to the old and tested and tend to feel threatened by some new ideas and inventions.  They like the classical to the innovative but as long as they are able to find some balance between the two this does not need to be an issue.  These people like law and order, method over chaos and change but both are required for growth and their path in life is to learn the values of both.

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Pluto in 11th house, in aspect to Uranus, or planets in Aquarius   Leave a comment

neptunes bubble

By the rivers of Babylon, where we sat down
Ye-eah we wept, when we remembered Zion.

When the wicked
Carried us away in captivity
Required from us a song
Now how shall we sing the lord’s song in a strange land

If you were born in the 60’s you have Pluto conjunct Uranus like me.  This was the age of flower power, the peace movement and free love.  This time had some very positive aspects such as acceptance of differences in culture, open-minded attitude to others.  However there was a dark-side, open mindedness and trust in humanity can blind us to the darkness.  The 60’s ended with the Manson murders, this person was active on the Hippy scene and well-known – in an instance the innocence of this time had vanished.

Those with Pluto in 11th are aware of wolves in sheep’s clothing, they know how group dynamics can manipulate us into impossible situations.  This wariness of being part of a group is good to some extent, we are all now more aware of cults than ever before and the dangers of charismatic leaders.  Having Pluto in 11th means you are less likely to fall victim to charismatic ‘gurus’.   However we need to work together as part of a group to make changes that society needs, this is the issue that those with Pluto in 11th face.  11th house individuals are creative and spontaneous, they inspire and aspire but unless they can find a way to unite us into action nothing changes.

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Pluto in 12th house, in aspect to Neptune & in aspect to planets in Pisces   Leave a comment

neptune s aura astrology

Can you hear me, can you hear me,
thro’ the dark night far away.
I am dying, forever trying,
to be with you, who can say.

We are sailing, we are sailing,
home again ‘cross the sea.
We are sailing stormy waters,
to be near you, to be free.

Individuals with Pluto in 12th house, know just how tempestuous the stormy waters of life can be.  these souls have experienced the darkness of the night and long for the return to the light.  These souls are aware of their spiritual journey in life, their intense need to find an outlet through religion and art for the mystical desires of the soul is overwhelming for them.

Pluto in 12th individuals find the idea of spiritual ecstasy compelling, this need to feel things on a deep spiritual level can lead them to neglect their physical needs and become compulsive in extreme circumstances.  There is a balance to be learnt here and Pluto in 12th house individuals need private solitude to connect with the divine but they also need to be pulled back into the land of the living to have fun for it is these moments when much to their surprise they feel the deep connection all of humanity has one to another.

Pluto in 12th seek spiritual experiences yet the more they seek them the more elusive they become, only when they are focused on other issues does the spiritual relevance hit them with sudden insights.

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