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White Stag Animal totem   Leave a comment

white stag  The white stag was seen by the Celts as a symbol of the other world and it is thought to appear to those on spiritual quests to lead them forward on their journey.  those with a white stag totem have strong aspects to the North node in the natal chart and to Pluto, Scorpio and the 8th house.

They may also have strong aspects to Merlin, Arthur, Rhiannon, Diana and Artemis.


Dragon Animal totem   6 comments

dragon-heart-dragons-4978906-679-755  The dragon is a powerful, mythological creature and if this is one of your Totems you are either likely to have a balance between all the elements in your chart and may have a Grand Cross or you have a strong abundance of one element and your dragon totem is a representation of that element.

Whether your dragon is an earth, fire, water, air or combination of all four your dragon is all about using those elements to fulfill your purpose in life.

Asteroids that may have strong influence in your chart are Vesta, Ceres, Lilith, Pallas, Amphritite, Merlin and Medusa.


Phoenix Animal totem   Leave a comment

phoenix  The phoenix is connected to rebirth and regeneration through the trials of life. The Phoenix is capable of healing all its wounds by rebirth.  Those with this totem are likely to have strong Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius in the natal chart with dynamic aspects between the rulers and aspects to 5th, 8th and 11th house. Aspects to fixed star Algol is likely.

Asteroids Cybele, Anahita, Iris, Hekate, Kali, Nyx and Apollo are likely to be strong in the natal chart.

Unicorn Animal Totem   Leave a comment

unicorn  Unicorn totem represents spiritual healing and the power of faith.  Individual with a Unicorn as one of their animal totem have the ability to heal others by accessing the power of faith within us all.  Those with this totem are likely to have a strong mercury, Virgo and 6th house combined with a deep Neptune influence within the chart with strong water emphasis, Neptune, Pisces and the 12th house. Aspects to the fixed stars in Pegasus and Virgo is also likely.

Asteroids which may be significant in natal chart Merlin, Excalibur, Hekate, Poseidon, Daniel, Ceres, Demeter and Medusa.


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Seal animal totem   Leave a comment

seal  Selkies, silkies or selchies ar mythological beings from Scottish, Irish and Faroese folklore.  Selkies can shed their seal skin and become human.  Male selkies are described as being very handsome in their human form, and having great seductive powers over human women. They typically seek those who are dissatisfied with their life, such as married women waiting for their fishermen husbands. If a woman wishes to make contact with a selkie male, she must shed seven tears into the sea. If a man steals a female selkie’s skin she is in his power and is forced to become his wife. Female selkies are said to make excellent wives, but because their true home is the sea, they will often be seen gazing longingly at the ocean. If she finds her skin she will immediately return to her true home, and sometimes to her selkie husband, in the sea. Sometimes, a selkie maiden is taken as a wife by a human man and she has several children by him. In these stories, it is one of her children who discovers her sealskin (often unwitting of its significance) and she soon returns to the sea. The selkie woman usually avoids seeing her human husband again but is sometimes shown visiting her children and playing with them in the waves.  Selkies also have a connection to those souls lost at sea and were believed to be their reincarnations.

Those with a seal as one of their totem animals often have a strong Neptune and Venus in the natal chart, with strong Pisces, Taurus, Libra, 2nd, 7th and 12th houses. Sedna is also likely to form important aspects in their natal chart.

These individuals usually have asteroids Amphitrite, Poseidon, Persephone, Demeter and Loreley.

Deer Totem Animal   Leave a comment

BambiThe Deer combines the energies of Venus and Virgo, in the natal chart Virgo, 6th, Mercury, Venus, Libra, Taurus, 7th & 2nd house may be accentuated.  Deer spirits have a gentle quality that combines grace and determination.  Leo may also play a significant role in chart if they are a mighty Monarch of the Glen.

Deer are very sensitive to their environment and highly intuitive this is reflected by aspects to Moon, Cancer and 4th house in their chart.

Asteroids that tend to be significant in deer natal charts are Pallas, Athene, Urania, Varuna, Diana and Artemis.

Turtle Totem animal   Leave a comment

Green Sea Turtle

In Terry Pratchett’s ‘Disc World’ books the great turtle A’Tuin carries four elephants on his shell back that hold the disc world up. A’tuin the star turtle swims through the universe.  This is similar to many mythological representations of the turtle.  A sailor has to cross the line of the equator to become a trusty shell back at the equator all polliwogs (non shell backs) go through a ritual that ends in their baptism by King Poseidon / Neptune.

In the natal chart Turtles are ruled by Neptune and this planet should be prominent.  They also carry a lot of earth energy around on that shell of theirs.

Turtles may have prominent aspects to Poseidon, Sedna, Varuna and fixed stars of Pisces.


Buffalo Totem animal   Leave a comment

buffalo  Buffalo individuals have strong earth energy in the natal chart, their Saturn and Venus are usually prominent planets.  These individuals have very broad shoulders and are often capable of carrying many burdens which often attracts others to their strength.

Others often expect the Buffalo to shoulder their burdens and one of their life lessons is learning to let others stand on their own feet.  this is often indicated in the natal chart with aspects between Neptune and earth sign / earth house planets, Pisces in earth Houses, earth signs in the 12th house.

They may also have prominent asteroids Gaea, Ceres, Demeter, Hathor and planets in conjunction to fixed stars of Virgo, Taurus and Capricorn.

Elephant Totem animal   Leave a comment

elephants  Those with the elephant as one of their totem animals have a strong earth element in the natal chart, these individuals may also have prominent cancer, 4th house and moon too.  The elephant as a totem spirit denotes a sense of matriarchal structure in life and this energy will be a main theme as will the importance of grandmothers and other prominent females throughout their lives.  These individuals are very practical and sensual they are also extremely powerful and yet gentle.

Elephants are a symbol of both strength and wisdom especially the wisdom of old age and ancestors. In the natal chart asteroids Gaea, Anahita, Pallas, Excalibur, Athene, Sophia, Wisdom, Ceres, Rhiannon, Epona and Vesta are usually prominent.

Uranus may also be quite prominent in the chart and may aspect earth signs, their houses or planets as well as the moon, Cancer or 4th.

Wolf Totem animal   Leave a comment

wolfThe wolf combines the energies of the moon, Cancer and the 4th house with those of Uranus, Aquarius and the 11th house. Wolf spirits are wild and untamable yet they live in structured family groups where loyalty and the good of the pack comes first.

Wolf spirits are often highly intuitive and learning how to use this energy through the bond of the pack is part of their development.  They often have strong aspects to the asteroids Odin, Artemis, Diana, Hekate, Nyx, Apollo, Tyr and fixed star Sirius.

Cougar Totem Animal   Leave a comment

mountain-lion  The Cougar, Puma or Mountain Lion as it is known by several names would correlate to strong Sun, Leo and 5th house energy within the chart, but it also relates to strong energy from the opposite sign of Aquarius too. here the mountain lion combines the two opposing energies to create a unique maverick.

The cougar is also connected with the asteroids Anahita, Cybele,Ubasti, Sekhmet and fixed star Regulus. These asteroids are usually strong in the natal chart of these individuals.

Spider Totem animal   Leave a comment

spiderSpider energy is a representation of the divine feminine aspect of creation and creativity.  As a creative energy those with strong Virgo, Aquarius, Uranus and 11th & 6th houses in the natal chart may have this animal as a totem.

Spider is also connected to the threads of life as such Pluto, Scorpio and 8th house may be strong in the natal chart. As will the asteroids Neith, Arachne, Vanadis, Freia and Frigga.  These teach us that sometimes in life we must start weaving to find our own unique pattern.  That was we see the pattern we can make the changes we need to create our ideal image.

Spider is in many cultures a symbol of wisdom and the asteroids Pallas, Athene, Minerva, Wisdom and Sophia are often strong in the natal chart too.

Spiders also tend to have strong Moon connections in their natal chart with Cancer and 4th house energy activated.

Spiders and especially Ananci are connected to writing and stories as such they may have strong Gemini and 3rd house energy within the chart.

Snake Totem Animal   Leave a comment

adder Individuals with the snake as a totem animal are usually learning to embrace their psychic abilities to develop or learn control over them.  These individuals are often great empaths and very intuitive and may sometimes appear to be ancient souls.

Pluto is often strong in the chart of these individuals as they have often had intense experiences throughout life to remind them to shed their skin and grow. They may also have strong 8th and /or Scorpio in their charts.

Neptune, Pisces and /or 12th house is also very strong in the chart as these individuals tend to feel everything and leave themselves very open which can make them vulnerable.

they may also have a moon in a water sign or house related to water or in aspect to Neptune as they have great ability to put themselves in others shoes.

The asteroid Merlin is also quite prominent in the charts of those with snake animal totem, on a psychological level Merlin represents the ancient Celtic druid culture which used the adder as their symbol for wisdom and spiritual rebirth.

Asteroids of Apollo, Pallas, Athene, Wisdom, Anahita and Sophia may also be quite strong in the natal chart.