Understanding Retrograde Planets in the natal chart   Leave a comment

When a planet goes retrograde from the perspective here on earth it goes backwards along a path it has just followed, for humans there are some reasons why we might have to retrace our steps and go backwards. We may have lost something along the way and thus retracing our steps is the quickest way of finding it or we may have forgotten something and need to go back for it. In conversations we go back to issues that remain unsettled, old disagreements, slights and hurts lying just beneath the surface. In projects we go back when we have missed out a vital step and need to retrace our steps to the missed action or information.

So in the natal chart planets that are in retrograde are symbolic of themes where we often revisit because we have forgotten some things, lost some things, we have issues still to settle, we have missed vital steps and/or we have more information we need to find before moving on.

Where the planet was before going retrograde and its position when it goes direct can often mark sensitive areas that form direct aspects to planets, nodes and angles. The individual may spend much time going between these two points figuring out what is missing and how to resolve as best as possible their inner issues before feeling able to move on.


Posted July 25, 2015 by neptune's Aura Astrology

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