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Uranus in 1st house, Aries, in aspect to Mars & in aspect to planets in Aries   Leave a comment

Inanna lightning

Individuals with Uranus in the 1st house tend to have a hard time as children feeling rejected for who they are.  This is hard for them to come to terms with and they have issues as adults letting people close enough to see the real them.  These people tend to be very independent and will resist any attempt to restrict their freedom in relationships, because they need personal space.

Uranus in 1st house individuals may have had only one parent, or have come from a background where themes of domestic abuse, dysfunctional relationships etc meant that parents were unable to provide the support and care all young children need.  These children are independent from a young age, they have had to nurture themselves and therefore struggle letting others close enough to nurture them as adults due to fears of interdependency and loss of control.

These individuals recognise that opening yourself up leaves you vulnerable to attack from others and their greatest lesson in life is doing just that, facing their fears and letting others in.  Only when they have begun to open up can they start to address the issues and begin to free themselves from Uranus issues.


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Uranus in 2nd house, in aspect to Venus, in aspects to planets in Taurus   Leave a comment

circle of love

Individuals with Uranus in the 2nd house, may have had experiences where they have had little security as a child.  They may feel the need to keep themselves safe by putting up barriers to prevent others from hurting them, they also might need a lot of material security because of past trauma.

These people may either pay no heed to material concerns knowing that they offer no protection or they might hoard, and need the security that brings them.  They may find it difficult letting others close to them, might live with one foot pointing towards the door.  This urge to runaway when relationships are too intense or getting too cosy is due to fear of growing comfortable and secure and then losing it all.  These people have already experienced that.

These people would rather feel insecure than secure because they know how to deal with insecurity it is their norm, feeling secure frightens them although deep down inside it is something they long for.  The only way through this is to admit to themselves that they run from commitment, to fight that instinct in relationships to run – this is the fear they have to face to earn their Uranus freedom.

Uranus in 3rd house, in aspect to Mercury & in aspect to Planets in Gemini   Leave a comment

Architectural element

Individuals with Uranus in the 3rd house often have issues that date back to early education.  There is a tendency for dyslexia and other specific learning difficulties to be a major theme in their lives.

Jackie Stewart who has Uranus in aspect to his Sun and Mercury describes his childhood –

“Stop playing the fool,” the teacher said, now getting angry. “You are wasting everybody’s time. Hurry up and start reading.”

“I can’t,” I mumbled.

I cannot exaggerate the pain and humiliation that I felt that day as I walked back to my place, with most of my classmates laughing out loud.

Day after day, I was made to feel inferior. I began to dread going to school and looked for any excuse to stay at home. First, I had flu, then a stomach bug, then my leg was sore.

Throughout my years of victory, I harboured a sense of being inadequate. What would people say, I used to wonder, if they discovered that, in reality, Jackie Stewart was not too clever?

Even the exhilaration of winning a Grand Prix was tinged with fear because I would have to stand on a podium, in full public view, while the National Anthem was played. As hard as I tried, it was impossible for me to learn the words.

So I devised a way of working around the problem. I learnt to sing a millisecond behind everyone else, repeating the words as soon as I heard them.

Even when I became a Formula 1 world champion, when I was mixing with the rich and famous or closing major deals, I still felt hopelessly inadequate in matters relating to the three Rs.

Then, in 1980, in a strange reversal of roles, I found myself cast as the concerned parent called to see the headmaster. This time the boy who was struggling with his academic work was our 12?year-old son, Mark.

“Your son is dyslexic, which explains his difficulties at school,” I was told.

“How could he have got that?”

“Well, it can be hereditary.”

Twenty minutes later, after 41 years of feeling stupid and inferior, I too was diagnosed as dyslexic.

It felt as if somebody was reaching out an arm and saving me from drowning. My sense of inadequacy was suddenly erased.

For those with Uranus in 3rd there is a tendency to hide their issues because they feel, others will see them as a lack of intelligence.  Only when we face our fears and open up can we earn Uranus freedom from feelings of inferiority.

Uranus in the 4th, in aspect to the moon & planets in Cancer   Leave a comment


Individuals with Uranus in 4th have had trauma in childhood around the family, bitter separations and divorce of parents, separation from siblings and adoption / foster care may be themes as well as being independent from an early age.

These individuals are similar to those with Uranus in aspect to Venus and may also have that aspect in their chart also.  They have often experienced the breaking of family bonds too early in their lives, bonding is an essential part of childhood losing people we are bonded to at an early age whether through death or separation is a traumatic event.  This trauma is often repressed in these individuals, because it is often undealt with they become stuck with abandonment issues.

You are a perfectionist. If only you get it right, you won’t be rejected. Whether “it” is a work project, the way your home looks, how you dress or what your body looks like, perfectionism is a thief. It steals your happiness under the guise of preventing rejection.

Trying to please everybody, emotionally leaving relationships, feeling the need to make people fall in love with you only to leave them – sound familiar.  Only when we start to acknowledge our behaviours and begin to face them can we move on from the traumas of childhood.  Being honest with ourselves about our motives and facing the fears instead of running from others is who we begin to gain our Uranus freedom from these issues.

Uranus in 5th, Uranus in Leo, Uranus in Aspect to Sun & Uranus in aspect to Planets in Leo   Leave a comment


individuals with Uranus in Leo have often suffered trauma to their developing self-esteem as a child, this has left them struggling to come to terms with who they are.  On the other hand they may also have developed high self-esteem, Young people with very high self-esteem are more likely than others to hold racist attitudes, reject social pressures from adults and peers and engage in physically risky pursuits, such as drink-driving or driving too fast.  Our language contains many unflattering words to describe people with high self-esteem, such as ‘boastful’, ‘arrogant’, ‘smug’, ‘self-satisfied’ and ‘conceited’, terms that reflect a cultural accumulation of wisdom. Perhaps we should be more willing to accept that very high self-esteem is as much a problem in need of treatment as exceptionally low self-esteem.

Both high and low self-esteem are linked to parenting partly this is genetic and partly environment.  Both are about the myth your parents sold you about who you are.  To gain balance and Uranus freedom here we must face those myths, the child who was brought up to believe they are exceptionally gifted and the child brought up to believe they are ugly, dumb or useless need to accept none of these things are true both need to fight that inner voice that tells them these things because both suffer.

Uranus in 6th, Uranus in Virgo, Uranus in aspect to Mercury & Uranus in aspect to planets in Virgo   Leave a comment


Individuals with Uranus in 6th may have been young carers, they may have to be carers for disabled children, partners or aging parents.  These people will have the responsibility for others welfare as a main theme in life.  This is a situation that can induce stress.

Stress is caused by the many demands made on our time and energy and the expectations we have of ourselves. Not all stress is negative – stress can alert you to potential dangers and can also spur you on to achieve a goal or complete a task. However, sometimes the balance tips too far and the pressure becomes so intense or so persistent that you may feel unable to cope.

Stress can make it hard to cope with the demands of caring. You can become more and more exhausted, tense and irritable, putting a strain on relationships. This can make you feel you are losing control over your life and that there is no way of regaining this control.

The first step in dealing with stress is to recognise that it is happening. You may have so little time to yourself that you don’t realise at first. When you do start noticing the symptoms of stress, do not struggle on, hoping it will go away. The sooner you deal with the problem, the better, and just talking about how you feel can help you find a way to deal with it.

You are being asked with Uranus in 6th to accept you are human and can only deal with so much responsibility, to ask for the help you need instead of putting unrealistic expectations on yourself.  Opening up and being honest about how you are coping is how you start to gain your Uranus freedom.

Uranus in 7th house, Uranus in Libra, Uranus in aspect to Venus and in aspect to planets in Libra   Leave a comment


I don’t wanna play house; I know it can’t be fun
I’ve watched mommy and daddy
And if that’s the way it’s done
I don’t wanna play house; It makes my mommy cry
‘Cause when she played house
My daddy said good-bye.

Those individuals with Uranus in 7th house are no stranger to relationship break ups and dysfunction.  These people find commitment a hard issue as their natural instinct is to run when things get tough, but if they stray strong and pick up the courage to fight that instinct they will discover their unique ability to find wisdom in companionship of growing old together.

These people usual run before a relationship gets too serious and it takes them a long time to settle down if they ever do.  However once their fears are overcome these people are capable of making a life long commitment that stays fresh and rejuvenates in old age.  Those lucky enough to be in a relationship with these individuals who have conquered their fear / phobia of commitment will know how unique and special these individuals are capable of making them feel.

These people may fear relationships but they have a unique ability to develop strong, life long bonds that grow and blossom with age.

Uranus in 8th house, Scorpio, In aspect to Pluto & in aspect to planets in Scorpio   Leave a comment


There are vast numbers of people with Uranus either in Scorpio or in aspect to Pluto.  Both Uranus and Pluto represent trauma and most of us tend to swing between the Pluto and Uranus response,  Pluto tends to manipulate at an unconscious level to ensure its needs are met when it feels threatened by old traumas being activated whereas Uranus tends to build up walls and run away either physically or emotionally.

Uranus in 8th gives us some awareness of this response and also the desire to escape from it.  However we need to work on the underlying issues to do that which means sorting our Uranus issues as well.  We cannot stop the desire to manipulate without sorting the desire to run both are aspects of the same issues only when we are honest about both our Uranus and Pluto responses can we hope to work towards overcoming them.

Uranus in 9th, Uranus in Sagittarius, Uranus in aspect to Jupiter, Uranus in aspect to planets in Sagittarius   Leave a comment


Uranus in 9th house individuals have felt anger at how religious teachings have been used to abuse and exclude, to hurt and abuse.  These people are no stranger to how higher teachings can be twisted like a knife into the wounds of the most vulnerable.  They may therefore have rejected all religious teachings, feeling that all are used to control and manipulate.

These people are on a journey to find their own truth, once their initial anger subsides they often re-exam the principles on which higher teachings are founded they may reject the teachers and Gurus because they are on their own unique path.  However they must learn to accept that others will not see things from their worldview but they do not need to isolate themselves from the rest of humanity to reach higher understanding because of this.

Only when they have come to terms with their past hurts can these people begin to see how all beliefs are interconnected and inter-related.  They can then learn to forgive those mistakes made by the whole of humanity in their moral assumptions.

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Uranus in 10th house, Uranus in Capricorn, Uranus in aspect to Saturn & Uranus in aspect to planets in Capricorn   Leave a comment

circle of love

Individuals with Uranus in the 10th have issues with inability to change the world around them.  Saturn castrated Uranus, with his energy being grounded in stability Saturn prevents the upheaval and chaos that creates dynamic changes.  These two energies can jar a lot, it takes experience and wisdom to learn to wield them proficiently.

Uranus must learn to accept the positives of stability what point has change if it cannot stabilize into a new form.   Uranus needs Saturn energy to stabilize its innovations to use organization to reap the rewards of such innovation.  To do so Uranus must over come its prejudice of all mainstream organizations, yes they have faults all organizations do but structure and order are necessary.

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Uranus in 11th house, Uranus in Aquarius, Uranus in aspect to planets in Aquarius   Leave a comment


Individuals with Uranus in 11th house can often appear cool and distant with an awkwardness in social situations.  These people feel uncomfortable in group settings and struggle sometimes connecting with people on an emotional level.

Often this stems from past issues where they felt excluded from the group and different.  There aloof nature is about protecting themselves from peering eyes and being labelled as different.  These people struggle expressing their individuality in group settings because they are wary of being to different from the herd; this is a pity because only when they embrace their nature as a unique freak as we all must do, does their witty personality shine through making them easier to relate to as the natural comedian and entertainer that they are.

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Uranus in the 12th house, In Pisces, In aspect to Neptune & In aspect to planets in Pisces   Leave a comment

neptune s aura astrology

Individuals with Uranus in 12th often feel unquiet about their spiritual journey.  They have a way of blocking their own intuitive responses at an unconscious level even though they often feel a deep need to know ‘the truth’.  There is part of their psyche that fears what the answers may be and it also fears its abilities to intuitive connect with other realms.

This fear and discomfort of the unknown, may have many causes, an unfortunate incident in childhood or teenage years may have exposed their innate spiritual gifts before they were ready to cope with them.  Often these people may have had psychic experiences at an early age that were intense in consequence.  Therefore they unconsciously pull back protecting themselves from being in that situation again.

It’s important for these individuals to begin to understand where these fears originate from because they do feel a deep need to connect with a higher power even if that does make them nervous.  Understanding our fears are based on childhood innocence and experiences before we are ready these people begin to slowly move forward.  Realizing they are now mature and can cope with their intuitive capabilities, is a process but a worthwhile endeavor.

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