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Neptune in 1st house, Aries or in aspect to Mars   Leave a comment

Aries fire ball

Individuals with Neptune in the 1st house often have often faced serious illness, or have chronic conditions that remind them and us that life is always a battle to survive.  They may also have other issues like insomnia, hyperactivity or over active thyroid etc……

These people are often dynamic and attractive they may have issues with unwanted attention, becoming a sexual Icon when they want to be taken more seriously or they may have difficulties expressing their anger and other emotion either completely blocking them or never learning to express them in a healthy adult fashion.  They may also lack energy or will to develop their abilities and achieve success in life, sometimes due to conditions like Fibromyalgia sometimes due to underlying problems with depression.  They may be the campaigning warrior who speaks out on such conditions as arthritis, chronic pain, or disability.  They may also speak out on such subjects as child abuse, neglect and the effects of War on its civilian populations.


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Neptune in 2nd house, Taurus or in aspect to Venus   Leave a comment


Individuals with Neptune in the 2nd house may have issues with insecurity, often there was a lack of emotional or financial security in childhood.  These individuals may feel the need to hoard food or money to feel secure, they may also have a need for some sort of security blanket in life.  This need could be an issue in relationships as they may need to know where there other half is at all times.

At the other end of the scale these individuals may have issues with money and may have to learn how to manage their finances better or they may be addicted to shopping etc where their spending becomes out of control.  They may also have to learn to value and treat their own property better with this aspect.  Issues around home security either the lack or a need to have a home with the security equivalent of Fort Knox might also be at play with them.

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Neptune in 3rd house, gemini or in aspect to Mercury   Leave a comment

gem c

Individuals with Neptune in 3rd may have issues with different aspects of communication from Autistic spectrum disorders to dyslexia.  These individuals are often frustrated by being unable to communicate clearly with others.  They may also however be extremely gifted in areas such as writing or poetry and have a great deal of talent that needs developing.

They may also be gifted at learning languages or the study of ancient civilisations may expose them to long dead languages for which they develop a passion.  Neptune in 3rd can also be the sign of a vivid and creative imagination in which case these individuals may be prone to living in the dream world of their imagination and mind rather than the dull reality of here and now.

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Neptune in the 4th house, Cancer or in aspect to moon   Leave a comment


Individuals with Neptune in the 4th house have had rough childhoods, there is themes of emotional and physical abuse often in their parents relationships and often this abuse extends to them as well.  Sometimes they felt unloved and unwanted, sometimes the family situation was such that their parents were just unable to cope and they entered the care system.  Divorce, separation and bitterness between parents can often be a theme too.

Whatever happen when they were younger has left a mark on these individuals as adults they often feel a longing for an idyllic home, they feel a strong yearning to create that perfect ‘Waltons’ family they never had either through friends or through having family of their own.  These individuals take a while to realise that the perfect family has never existed and that they need to be more realistic and balanced in their expectations – this helps them to relax and enjoy the wonderful family they have created and that love them whole-heartedly.

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Neptune in the 5th house, Leo or in aspect to Sun   Leave a comment


Individuals with Neptune in the 5th house have issues with their self-esteem and self-expression often relating back to childhood.  These individuals may have a distorted self-image of themselves, they may have very low self-esteem or narcissistic tendencies.  Usually this stems from trauma in early childhood although there could be a genetic tendency which makes the individual more prone to mental health issues.

These individuals could suffer from body dis-morphia or hate being in the lime light, but whatever their issues they are usually attracted to children and animals that need their love and affection.  They may also have issues becoming parents themselves or becoming a parent may be a life changing event for them helping them focus on another person instead of themselves.  The more these individuals remove the focus from their own issues and towards others the better able they become at resolving their main issues and understanding themselves.

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Neptune in the 6th house, Virgo or in aspect to Mercury   2 comments


Individuals with Neptune in the 6th may have various issues relating to Dyslexia, lack of organisational skills through to OCD and sometimes a bit of all three.  They may also have grown up with a lot of criticism and feel guilty if they are not constantly running around after others.  If this is you stop, you are not a bad person for wanting your own life!

Neptune in 6th individuals have sometimes been guilt-tripped into thinking they have to be enablers or they are selfish. This is not true you have to take care of you first, secondly it isn’t helping to take care of others it’s stealing that persons independence – help them to be able to do what they can for themselves. you are a wonderful person in your own right without needing to please all the people all the time.

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Neptune in the 7th house, Libra or in aspect to Venus   Leave a comment

Pisces bubbles

Tweedledum and Tweedledee

    Agreed to have a battle;

For Tweedledum said Tweedledee

    Had spoiled his nice new rattle.

Just then flew down a monstrous crow,

    As black as a tar-barrel;

Which frightened both the heroes so,

    They quite forgot their quarrel.

Individuals with Neptune in the 7th have stories to tell when it comes to relationships.  These individuals seem to have a knack for picking the most unsuitable partner in the room, they are usually easy-going individuals who just draw those with issues to them like a magnet.  These individuals may have lessons to learn about remaining strong and independent within relationships or they may have to learn to compromise more.

Often these people have a few relationships before they find the one that is right for them.  This is just part of the learning curve that we all go through, if you have this aspect don’t worry the right person is out there. 

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Neptune in aspect to 8th house, in scorpio or in aspect to Pluto   Leave a comment


Individuals with Neptune in the 8th house have lessons to learn regarding manipulation and power games.  These individuals may find themselves the victims of manipulation and power games, in which they have to learn to recognise and protect themselves.  They may also have to learn when they themselves are being manipulative, to learn to control the urge to play power games and to face the consequences when they do.

These individuals may have experienced traumatic incidents in childhood, these incidents may have left them feeling emotional insecure.  These insecurities when we are unaware of them can control our behaviour, dealing with the source of insecurities is also an issue those with Neptune in 8th house may have to deal with.  These individuals may also in some way be involved in helping others learn to deal with these issues and move forward.

Individuals with this aspect are usually good at seeing what motivates and drives others they often have a good understand of the psyche, this can be used to help people move forward and onward or to subtly manipulate the individual – the choice is there’s but there is always consequences to our actions.

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Neptune in the 9th house, in Sagittarius or in aspect to Jupiter   1 comment


Individuals with Neptune in the 9th house tend to have strong opinions on life, morals and society – I am speaking as someone with Neptune in exact sextile to Jupiter and Piscean Moon in 9th.  We have a strong sense of our own moral compass, and sometimes that energy comes across as self-righteous to others.  Which is ironic because Neptune in 9th house individuals often hate self-righteousness, they realise we all make mistakes and none of us are perfect.

Neptune in 9th house individuals realise the purpose of religion or philosophy is not to enable us to feel superior to others, but to gain insight and wisdom into who we are and where we are going in life.  However because they often have passionate beliefs these people can be evangelical.

At heart these people are always learning, they should always keep themselves open to new ways of viewing the world and the positive aspects of different cultures and ways of doing things.  An open Neptune in 9th will grow and develop, if the individual closes their mind to other religious or philosophical viewpoints they may face traumas that force them to open up to new possibilities and perspectives.

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Neptune in the 10th house, in Capricorn or in aspect to Saturn   Leave a comment


Oh Lord, won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz ?
My friends all drive Porsches, I must make amends.
Worked hard all my lifetime, no help from my friends,
So Lord, won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz ?

Individuals with Neptune in the 10th house often have issues relating to work, money and climbing the proverbial ladder.  These people may be very hard workers who never seem to get the credit or they may struggle to find an occupation that suits their unique talents and abilities.  They may float from job to job never finding a fit or they may lack the opportunity to advance due to circumstances such as family or lack of education.

These individuals may also have to deal with the opposite scenario, overnight success at a relatively young age, when success comes quickly and relatively easy we may forget that we can fall just as quickly as we can rise and that putting something by for the future instead of splashing out may be wiser in the long run.  Whatever these individuals do there is a good chance they will end up in the public eye, there is a danger it may be for going off the rails or children’s misdemeanors with the 10th house.


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Neptune in the 11th house, Aquarius, in aspect to Uranus   2 comments


 Sometimes when we touch
The honesty’s too much
And I have to close my eyes
And hide
Individuals with Neptune in the 11th are very wary of letting anybody get too close.  These people need a lot of space and time to get to know someone, even then they only let people in so far before the drawbridge gets pulled up.  They prefer small social groups which are not overwhelming to being part of the masses.
These people find it difficult to blend into groups or organizations and feel like they stick out like a sore thumb.  They work better in small independent outlets than large organizations.  These people are highly creative and imaginative and are original thinkers drawn to express themselves in unique ways.  Sometimes the individual may be uncomfortable with this unique creative spirit as it seems to isolate and set them apart.  They need time to come to terms with the fact that we are all unique individuals, we all feel freakish in our own unique way.
These people need personal relationships that allow them a lot of space and freedom, they are honest and true they just need that time alone with their thoughts.

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Neptune in the 12th house, Pisces or in aspect to planets in Pisces   Leave a comment

neptune s aura astrology

Neptune in the 12th individuals are learning to listen to their intuition, to develop the ability to sense what is happening around them.  They are being asked to exam and question their preconceived ideas about what is spiritual and what is imagination.

They are developing the instinct to follow their hunches and trust their deep intuition.  These people are learning to hone and define their psychic abilities.  They are learning the appropriate use of empathic talents, this may include learning to erect barriers when necessary to protect them from the negative energy of others.

They are also learning that all gifts and talents come with a price, the gift of empathy is only achieved by experiencing deep pain one’s self.  These individuals will have experienced much emotional trauma in their lives that enable them to connect and relate to others.  They realise that life is seldom black and white but many shades in between.

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