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Posted June 14, 2014 by neptune's Aura Astrology

38 responses to “Can’t find what your looking for click Here

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  1. I have sun in Pisces, mars in Scorpio and Venus in Aries. What sign is the most dominant among them?

    • The most dominant sign would depend on different factors. Check Neptune and Sun for strong aspects same would apply if Mars and or Pluto is making strong aspects but by sign Mars as the ancient ruler of Scorpio is in his own sign and as ruler of Aries too would be dominant of Venus in Aries.

  2. My name is Margarita Abadie, and I’m a member of the Facebook group “Asteroid Astrology” in which we are currently discussing Asteroid Gunlod. Any information you may have on her, would of course be most appreciated, as well as be acknowledged as being sourced via this website. Thank you!


  3. I have question regarding western astrology vs Vedic I’m Virgo born on cusp of libra sept 19 my sun and moon in my first house which brings me a 7th house Pisces. My boyfriend is sag sun with first house Pisces and 7th house Virgo our synastry charts are kinda funny every place is opposite on entire chart. Then in Vedic D9 chart we are exactly the same signs and house throughout the chart both cancer raising? So now I’m no longer sure what to believe of our match up. Can you tell me if the first one is a good match up?

    • Vedic astrology uses different method, for both calculation and interpretation. Having your ascendant opposite is a great sign in synastry for being able to relate to each other. This would be detected in other ways with Vedic astrology. Both use different methods but they should both say the same if used with depth and intuition.

  4. Pluto in the signs and houses – you missed Pluto in the 2nd house / Taurus

    I am looking at various house systems and one planet that could decide which way to go is whether pluto is in the 2nd or 3rd

    • Pluto in 2nd house is all about our needs both physical and emotional Pluto in this house if it is in Libra especially find it hard to move on when a relationship breaks, they also like their creature comforts and tend to have homes that are quite exquisitely decorated.

  5. Hello.

    I appreciate your site. Very insightful.

    Chiron in the 8th house or Scorpio seems to be missing.

    Thank you!

  6. hi.. can u tell me what is my heliacal rising/setting star?i cant understand how to find it…. birth details : 14 decembre 1993 at 12:40 PM in beirut,lebanon!!

  7. Im having the hardest time getting a description of what composite mars quincunx uranus means exactly. I’m very brand new to these charts and descriptions. Can you help?

  8. I find it interesting that the full moon, a blue moon in Aquarius 7 degrees is moving through my first house cusp at 3 degrees Aquarius when it looks like I will be moving to a new state taking on a new job where I will be working/ living in a new community with mostly Native Americans. This sort of thing has been a desire of mine for at least 5 yrs!! In addition my moon in Aquarius approximately 22 degrees is also located in this house.

  9. Hello, and thanks for a wonderful site! I wonder a little about Pluto in aspect to Pluto, like Pluto sextile Pluto in Synastry, I guess this must be a wonderful thing to have… Could you elaborate a little on this?

    • It is an age aspect everybody of that age will have this aspect to the other age, usually in families it is the more intense square aspect that is there – children, grandparents – sextile would be with generation slightly older than parents younger than grandparents – thus less intense connection between two eras!

  10. Where’s partners uranus in 7th house in cancer, there’s only from leo on?

    • In Cancer in 7th house it is about blending our unique family influences how we were raised and taught to do things with our partner who will have been raised in their own unique family setting – with this aspect family rules are something that are discussed as they may have had completely different rules growing up!

  11. Hi! 🙂 My natal Neptune biquintiles Nessus at 0 degree orb (Nessus in Leo/11th house, Neptune in Capricorn/4th house). What could this mean? Thanks!

    • Nessus represents death of the ego ideal, our ideal image of who we think we should be. In Leo in 11th it is likely that it represents acceptance not just of own faults but those of others and especially friends. the biquintile with Neptune means that this has and is a learning curve, that must be expanded to own family and the imperfections and issues it has that impacted on your childhood.

  12. Thank you! Much appreciated 🙂

  13. Hello! It says for your asteroid report you can also pick asteroid from the Norse or Native American pantheons, but I can’t find any of those asteroids on this site?

  14. I’m so glad to have found this site! I’ looking for looking for post on Aries sun in the 12th house, but can’t find it. … Thank you.

  15. I have moon conjunct lilith in capricorn, in the 7th house. i know many people don’t pay attention to lilith, but because it’s conjunct a luminary and on an angle, i feel like it’s important.. especially because i have a cancer rising and the moon is my chart ruler. can you please tell me how this manifests? there’s only one website about it but it’s somewhat vague to me.

    • If it is BML it means that the moon was at the furthest point from earth at your birth – they are not conjunct they are the one thing. This means that you have emotional distance and in Capricorn that emotional distance is joint with sensible attitude that means although Cancer is your rising sign you do not get overwhelmed emotionally very easily and can distance your actions and responses from your feelings when you need to.

  16. what does asteroid spirit 37452 represent?

  17. Hi, Couldn’t find for synastry, Neptune Sag in the partner’s 1st house and Uranus Scorpio in the partner’s 3rd house. If there is a post on this, would you please direct me to it?
    Thank you

    • Neptune is the planet of ideals, dreams, illusion and disillusionment. We all have our own version of utopia it it must remain a dream because our utopia is another’s dystopia. Sagittarius represents our ideals, ethics and utopic vision it represent the best that humanity can achieve and has achieved, it deals with the bigger things in life and although these are immaterial – justice, mercy, faith, trust and human fellowship unlike Neptune it is not the dream but the reality of how these shape our personality and actions, it is one thing to dream of peace and another to live by the actions of pacifism in the hardest of circumstances. Sagittarius drives us to stand by our ethics whatever the cost personally to us, to live what we believe. However we all do fail our values at times and that does not make us hypocrites but human, because we fail our ideals we can have compassion for others because they too will fail those ideals. To have Sagittarius in your first house is to have the aspect of human nature at the core of your identity. Sagittarius is unconcerned about the appearance of being virtuous or spiritual because it is not other people’s opinion of them that is important but their own, knowing they have done the right thing even if nobody else knows the facts or judges them harshly. Neptune has issues whatever sign it is in, in Sagittarius it is most likely to be around personal freedom, standing up for our personal convictions, ethics doing the right thing by others accepting our human limitations and forgiving ourselves and others. It is important to be aware of this because the partner’s first house is activated and their own self identity may also thus be affected by those issues.

    • Uranus by its nature is indescribable for it represents the unknown aspect of ourselves, sudden behaviours that reveal new aspects of our personality. Scorpio represents what is known but hidden, the emotions we are ashamed to recognise and own. When we feel jealous we most definitely know that is what we are feeling however what is often unknown is these emotions can hit us out of the blue especially if a stranger triggers them and their is no logical explanation why. This is what Uranus in Scorpio does triggers our deepest emotions in enxpected way at unexpected times in our lives. In a partner’s 3 house this will drive them to seek deeper understanding of their own psychology and a desire to discuss exactly where these obsessions stem from and what fate means in our lives.

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