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The Four Royal Stars of Persia   Leave a comment

To understand the four royal stars we need to go back in time to the beginnings of astrology, when the spring equinox occurred when the sun rose in the constellation of Taurus (from the point of view of those watching from Earth). Thus the constellation of Taurus marked the spring equinox and its brightest star Aldebaran ruled the East and the Spring equinox.  Leo marked the summer solstice and Regulus its brightest star ruled the North and the Summer solstice. Scorpio marked the autumnal equinox and Antares the brightest star in Scorpio ruled the west and the Autumn equinox. Aquarius marked the Winter solstice, Aquarius at this time included the Great Southern Fish into whose mouth the waters of Aquarius poured thus its brightest star Fomalhaut ruled the winter solstice and the south.

The stars were considered messengers of the Gods and thus were angels (angel means messenger of God) mal’āk̠ ‘ĕlōhîm; messenger of God. Thus the brightest stars of these constellations were seen as archangels of God.  Michael (Aldebaran) and his angels -the other stars in the constellation of Taurus are described as being involved in a battle in heaven with Lucifer and his angels. Lucifer means light-bringer and was not only used to describe Venus but the moon and the constellations.  We may see this battle as the eternal battle between Aldebaran and Antares in which both Antares and Aldebaran are cast down from the heavens and banished to the underworld by the sun.

Why are Antares and Aldebaran seen as being in battle?  To understand this we need to understand the mythology of Inanna descent into the Underworld.  Inannas descent into the underworld begins when Gilgamesh (the Sun) slays Gudgalana (the heavenly bull) which Inanna has sent against him. Inanna must do this as part of her role as fertility goddess the slaying of the bull at the spring equinox marked the harvest season.  Inanna then descends to the underworld, but she does this knowing she will die, telling her servant that Enki knows the life-giving plant and the life-giving water and that he alone can restore her. She descends to visit her sister Ereshkigal the wife of Gudgalana. Ereshkigal knows she must kill Inanna and insists that Inanna must give up each of her immortal powers as she passes the seven gates, Ereshkigal must kill Inanna because Just as Innana is linked to the Spring equinox and Taurus Ereshkigal is linked to the autumn equinox and Scorpio. Thus Ereshkigal gives up the throne to Inanna as she must do at the changing of the season and when Inanna sits on it Ereshkigal strikes her dead. Inanna’s minister waits three days and goes to Enki who gives her the life-giving plant and water but also tells her that Ereshkigal is sick with labour pains and will give her Inanna’s body if she helps her. Ereshkigal in representing the underworld also represents the soil which gives birth to life, but without Inanna the Goddess of fertility this process is halted and she cannot conceive her children. After Inanna has been given the life-giving plant and water she begins to ascend but cannot leave the underworld without finding a replacement.

Inanna gives her husband Dumuzi as a substitute, his sister Geshtinanna in order to free him goes into the underworld for 6 months at the autum equinox and Dumuzid is free until the spring equinox when he must return.

Inanna and Ereshkigal, Dumuzi and Geshtinanna represent the changes of the seasons which are necessary part of the natural cycle but as one season is born the other must die. The Battle between Taurus and Scorpio is the eternal battle between the seasons.

Thus the fixed stars of Aldebaran and Antares both symbolise the eternal battle and power of nature.  Each is necessary part in the cycle of life. death and regeneration.  From Aldebaran we can learn the power of self-sacrifice for the common good, appreciating the wonders of life and nature with the knowledge that this time is only temporary for all of us and we must make the most of it.  Aldebaran gives us the strength to do what is necessary to ensure growth and renewal. From Antares we learn that death is an important aspect of the cycle of life and is necessary to the continued cycle of birth. Aldebaran helps us understand that there comes a time when we can no longer fight death but must accept it as part of the experience of life and come to terms with our own mortality. It is also important to remember that Ereshkigal and Gudgalana were husband and wife and worked in partnership, the verse in Job – When the morning stars sang together, and all the sons of God shouted for joy – refers to the acceptance of life and death and the natural cycle.

Regulus marked the summer solstice, the summer solstice occurs in the month of July or Tammuz in the Hebrew calendar, Tammuz is another name for Dumuzi and the solstice marks the midpoint in his stay in the underworld, references in the old testament to people weeping for Tammuz at the temple gates is a reference to the summer solstice. The summer solstice marks the high point of the season and in a hot desert climate you can understand why it would be marked by weeping for Tammuz and a wish for his return and cooler days.  Since Regulus is connected to the strength of the sun at its most powerful point, the star is connected to the most powerful of leaders, and is the star of royalty.  We see this connection in past monarchs, Richard the Lion heart, Robert the Bruce as Braveheart, the herat of the Lion Regulus was said to confer courage, strength and bravery needed for a leader. Regulus teaches us to use our strengths and talents whilst they are at their most powerful in order to build up our resources for darker days, and to never be afraid of letting our light shine brightly.

Fomalhaut marked the winter solstice, the point of the longest night and it is at this point that light begins to grow once more. Fomalhaut is thus associated with bringing forth the light into the darkness, in terms of both wisdom and spiritual awakening.  It is at this point the rebirth of the sun was celebrated as its growing strength would soon bring the natural world back to life in the Northern hemisphere.  Fomalhaut teaches us to have faith even in the darkest moments of life.  It teaches us the wisdom of the necessity of preparing for the dark times in life and the importance of sharing our light in the darkest of hours.

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Fixed stars of the constellation Mulapin, Plough of Enlil   Leave a comment

Metallah, alpha trianguli is the apex star of the Northern Triangle, and is at 6 degrees Taurus. Along with Beta trianguli 12 Taurus and Gamma trianguli 13 Taurus they form the main part of Enlil’s plough the last star is Almach, gamma andromeda 14 Taurus.

This constellation gave its name to the Babylonian star catalogue and is the first constellation in the way of Enlil. The “Way of Enlil”—that is, the northernmost quarter of the Sun’s path, which corresponds to the 45 days on either side of summer solstice. Its first appearance in the pre-dawn sky (helical rising) in February marked the time to begin Spring ploughing in Mesopotamia. This gives these planets an ancient symbolism of power and leadership.  They are also associated with themes of preparation, making the most of the opportunities and plenty when prominent in the natal chart.

These stars are still connected to the spring being in the sign of Taurus they are involved in preparation and hard work that brings the bounties of a good harvest later on in the year.  These stars take the lead do the hard work and prepare the ground for those that follow, they are initiators and reawaken the fertility of the earth.  Whatever field of work natives with strong aspects to these stars are in they will reawaken creativity and prepare the ground for others to follow in their paths, these individuals are trail blazers.

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Draco constellation   2 comments

Draco is a circumpolar constellation, this means it never sets in the night sky. Thuban was the Pole Star from 3942 BCE to 1793 BCE, the name means head of the serpent.  To many ancient cultures the polar axis on which the earth rotates was considered as the world pillar or world tree upon which the constellations of the zodiac revolved around at the centre of this world tree or Pillar when the pyramids were built was Draco.  The pyramids were constructed so the constellation could be viewed in the night sky.

At the same time as Thuban moved from its position as the pole star a new Kid on the block emerged from the power of Mesopotamia – Babylon.  As Babylon rose in prominence so did a new God Marduk, who’s consort Sarpanit (creator of the seed) was a representation of Inanna (Ishtar) without her power or independent spirit. Marduk also overthrew the power of Ea or Enki and Enlil.  Marduk has chief God of the Babylonians and a new empire had to establish his superiority over the other more ancient Gods and cultures.  he did so in the myth of slaying the Tiamet.

Tiamet was the dragon of the primordial sea and the myth of Marduk slaying the Tiamet could be both a reference to the shift of Draco from pole star and the rise of Babylon’s own star to pole position.

Thuban 6 degrees Virgo is representative of the Sumerian and Mesopotamian culture that brought civilization and learning from the chaos of environmental changes.  those with aspects to this star will feel a deep connection to this time period and mythology.  Dracos stars snake through the constellations and represent a primordial Neptune influence where they come in contact with natal planets.

Star 1900 2000
Nodus 11 Altaisy delta 15ARI51 17ARI10
Tyl epsilon 01TAU21 02TAU42
upsilon 18TAU57 20TAU20
Phi 09GEM43 11GEM06
chi 14GEM38 16GEM01
Dziban psi 12CAN21 13CAN48
Giansar lambda 08LEO55 10LEO20
omega 10LEO52 12LEO15
kappa 14LEO52 16LEO15
Thuban alpha 06VIR02 07VIR27
Nodus 1 zeta 01LIB51 03LIB23
Edasich iota [body] 03LIB31 04LIB57
eta 13LIB05 14LIB28
Theta [Neck] 15LIB17 16LIB40
Arrakis mu [Head] 23SCO21 24SCO45
Kuma nu [Head] 08SAG56 10SAG19
Alwaid beta [Head] 10SAG34 11SAG58
Grumium xi [Head] 23SAG21 24SAG45
Etamin gamma [Head] 26SAG35 27SAG58


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Constellation of Aries   Leave a comment

In ancient Sumeria the constellation of Aries was orignally named after unskilled labourers, Kingu or Qingu.  The constellation was not considered important until the vernal equinox moved from Taurus to Aries. Inanna (Venus) was associated with the vernal equinox and hence Taurus. Thus Inanna or Ishtar became associated with Kingu, whose name changed to Dumuzi /Tammuz the shepherd king.

Dumuzi/Tammuz frees Inanna from the underworld and in return he and his sister both spend 6 months in the underworld in Inanna’s place.  This symbolises the Vernal equinox when the Heavenly Bull was the first husband of Ereshkigal Goddess of the underworld and Inanna’s opposite. Tammuz replaces the bull of heaven as the sacrificial sign.

In the Old testament Abram (noble father) and Sarai (princess) may represent Tammuz and Inanna who become (Abraham) father of many and (Sarah) mother of nations.  Abraham’s son Isaac was too be used as a sacrificial lamb/ram until Abraham found the Ram presented by God. Tammuz or Dumuzid means faithful son.  In Sumerian tradition kings were married to Inanna as part of a ritual marriage of the land which is common of many cultures. Isaac’s wife Rebecca (tied up) representing Inanna in the underworld.

The pure ram was the chosen sacrifice of the Hebrews and the Shofar (Ram’s horn) the sacred musical instrument of the temple.

In ancient Greece Aries represented the Golden fleece of the winged Ram. The ram was sacrificed to Poseidon who in ancient time ruled the underworld and the golden fleece was symbolic of that sacrifice.  The Golden fleece symbolised authority and kingship to the Greeks.

Mesarthim 3 Taurus is connected to the priests of the temple who slaughtered the animal sacrifice and controlled the gates to the temple.  This indicates a spiritual nature within those with aspects to this fixed star natal aspects to this star give an indication of how best the individual can develop spiritual gifts.

Sheratan 3 Taurus means the sign and because of its proximity to Mesarthim it indicates the priest’s role of prophesy.

Hamal 6 Taurus which means ram may be shortened from head of Ram. This represent the leadership/ kingship qualities of Tammuz.

Botein 20 Taurus comes from Arabic for Belly this represent the portion of the lamb as a sacrifice for protection and cleansing.  This star represents sacrifice through which one can atone for the actions of ancestors by rectifying past mistakes and protecting the vulnerable.

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Andromeda Constellation: Alperatz, Vertex, Mirach & Almach   Leave a comment

Inanna(Ishtar) the Sumerian Goddess which is represented by Venus is also represented by Andromeda.

After the death of the Heavenly Bull Inanna visits her sister Ereshkigal in the underworld, as she passes the gates of the underworld Inanna is forced to remove one of her auras until at the 7th gate she is stripped of them all. Ereshkigal strikes Inanna dead and hangs her body from a hook on the wall.  Inanna is brought back to life by her handmaiden but cannot leave the underworld until Dumuzi (Tammuz, Kingu, Aries), takes her place.  This myth explains the change from the Bull rising at the vernal equinox to that of Aries.

Andromeda is circumpolar and may have also represented Nammu (Tiamet) at one point.  Nammu is the Sumerian creator Goddess who created the universe from the primordial chaos. Nammu is probably one of the most ancient Goddesses.  There is a cross over of mythological tales between the two relating to Andromeda. Nammu the Tiamet decides to give the tablets of Mes to Kingu (Aries), and Marduk fights the Tiamet for control of the Mes(Tablets of Destiny) and the position of High God. In this myth Marduk slays the Tiamet.

Both myths Andromeda represents the divine feminine.  The Tiamet is responsible for creating the world and is the original Goddess in Sumerian mythology from whom all Gods and Goddesses are descended.  Inanna possesses the Mes in all other myths after receiving them from Enki and as such is in control of all destinies.

The stars in the constellation of Andromeda take on the powers of these two powerful Goddesses.

Alpheratz 14 Aries in the head represents the spiritual wisdom of Inanna’s Mes, her leadership qualities and the compassion of Nammu. Alpheratz was also part of the square of Pegasus and denotes the ability to intuitively sense the future path.

Vertex 27 Aries is actually the Andromeda Galaxy, north of Inanna’s head this represents the hook from which Inanna was hung. Since Tammuz(Aries) traded places with Inanna the Vertex takes on more of Tammuz’s energy and is representative of the warrior who protects others through self-sacrifice.

Mirach 0 Taurus is the Girdle of Inanna, Aphrodite/Venus is well-known for her Magic Girdle or embroidered belt, made of gold filigree crafted lovingly by her husband, the smith god Hephaestus/Vulcan. When she wore it, she was irresistible! Other goddesses sometimes borrowed this girdle when they wanted to turn on their love light. When we wear the Girdle of Venus, we surround ourselves in an aura of love, desire, beauty, magnetism and charm. This is the natural beauty of our spirit that shines through, no matter what our physical appearance looks like. This star represent the procreative energy of both Inanna and Nammu.  Those with aspects represent the fertility of these Goddesses.

Almach 14 Taurus Left foot of Inanna represents her high status and those with aspects to Almach are being reminded of their own divine nature and power.  This star gives inner strength, self-respect and dignity to those with aspects to it.

Fixed star Alcyone   Leave a comment

Alcyone is at 0 degrees Gemini, this star is the most prominent star of the Pleiades.  The Pleiades is mentioned in Job 38:31 Canst thou bind the sweet influences of Pleiades,….

This constellation of the seven stars which rose in the spring, symbolized the pleasantness of the season, which cannot be restrained or hindered from taking place in the proper course of the year; which is beautifully described in Sol 2:12;  The flowers have already appeared in the land; The time has arrived for pruning the vines, And the voice of the turtle dove has been heard in our land.  This may in a spiritual sense relate to the effects of powerful and efficacious influences which are irresistible to the soul.

The flowers symbolize the gifts of mother nature, pruning the trials and challenges of life and the turtle dove peace. The Plaides mother was Pleione the Nymph associated with multiplication of flocks or herds.

Alcyone was the lover of Poseidon and had several children with him:  Hyrieus the father of Orion, Lycus meaning wolf and ruler of Thebes, Anthas & Hyperes who were also rulers.

Alcyone confers ruler-ship, prominence and plenty for those born under her influence who are willing to work for it.  Although these individuals often face challenges in life before reaching their potential if they remain true to themselves they can reach great heights.

In the natal chart therefore the individual may undergo many spiritual trials but will be sustained through life by the gifts of the natural world and by an inner peace.

If Alcyone

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Fixed Star Zosma   Leave a comment

Zosma the fixed star on the back of Leo the Lion means girdle.  Leo is associated with Anahita and Cybele as well as other ancient Goddesses.

Anahita means the pure one and she is connected to both water and mountains as is Cybele.  The Ephesian Artemis also has connections to Cybele and has lions depicted on carvings of the Goddess at the Temple of Artemis.  The archaic temeton beneath the later Temples clearly housed some form of “Great Goddess” but nothing is known of her cult. The literary accounts that describe it as “Amazonian” refer to the later founder-myths of Greek emigres who developed the cult and temple of Artemis Ephesia. The wealth and splendour of temple and city were taken as evidence of Artemis Ephesia’s power, and were the basis for her local and international prestige: despite the successive traumas of Temple destruction, each rebuilding – a gift and honour to the goddess – brought further prosperity.

This Amazonian cult links to Otrera daughter of the East Wind and consort of Ares who is reputed to have founded the temple and her daughter Hippolyta.  Hippolyta was given a girdle or belt as a symbol of her divine right to rule the Amazonians.  The girdle was an emblem of feminine strength and independence.

Zosma then can be seen to infer strong and independent feminine energy to the individual.  Zosma lies at 12 degrees Virgo and if this fixed star is prominent in your natal chart themes of the divine feminine, strength and independence will play out in your natal chart.

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fixed star Vega   Leave a comment

Vega or more correctly Wega is a star in the constellation of the Lyra. Vega is a Pole star and sat at the pole in 12,000 BCE and will return again to pole position around 14,000 AD.  it is the brightest star in Lyra and is easily recognised by its blue light.  Since it was an ancient pole star, Wega can be associated with the ancient Gods and beliefs as the centre of the sky God/Goddess. Wega is Arabic for fallen and this is said to be because the constellation was represented as a vulture in ancient times, however the name could relate to the fact that it fell from the pole and this information was passed orally between generations.

In the natal chart this star represents old beliefs of our common ancestors, connection to nature and the natural cycle, change and falling away of what was, the perpetual cycle of life and evolution.  Vega represents an understanding of cycles and the purpose of beliefs, symbols and mythology as an expression of who we are.

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Ras Alhague Fixed Star   1 comment

ras alhague     Ras Alhague or Alpha Ophiuchi is the star in the head of Ophiuchus – wrestler. It lies at 22 degrees Sagittarius.

Ras Alhague is connected to the god Apollo. Apollo wrestled a giant python in Greek mythology and it was at the place of the python’s death – Delphi that one of the most famous temple’s of Apollo was built.

Ophiuchus constellation represent some of the aspects of Apollo and Bernadette Brady associates the constellation with Asclepius – Apollo’s son.  However I tend to disagree as Asclepius represents Apollo’s healing energies only.  I see this constellation and its stars as representing not only the healing aspect but also in some circumstances representing an ability to understand symbolic meaning and to predict omens.  This I feel is especially true of Ras Alhague which the chinese named ‘the astrologer’.

Apollo traditionally sent the serpent to clean the ears of the Pythia, High Priestess of the Temple of Apollo, so she could hear the voice of prophesy.  In mythology Helenos and Cassandra’s ears were cleaned by the python when they were mistakenly left at the temple as babies.  Being babies they were too young to cope with this ability wisely and in mythology Cassandra is never believed whilst Helenos causes the downfall of Troy through revealing its weakness to the enemy.

Ras alhague gives one the ability to work with symbols from science, engineering, electronics to astrology, tea-leaf reading and psychoanalysis.  If this fixed star is prominent in your natal chart then the asteroids of Apollo, Kassandra, Helenos and Pythia may give some greater indications on how these gifts will develop.

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Fixed Star Algol Humbaba’s eye   1 comment


Humbaba or Huwawa is an ancient Sumerian Giant. He was guardian of the Cedar forest of the Gods.

“he had the paws of a lion and a body covered in horny scales; his feet had the claws of a vulture, and on his head were the horns of a wild bull; his tail and phallus each ended in a snake’s head.”

Humbaba is slain by Gilgamesh and his head brought to Enlil who is enraged and Gives Humbaba’s seven auras away; first aura was given to the fields,  second to the rivers, third to the reed beds, fourth to the lions, fifth to the palace, sixth to the forests and seventh to the underworld.

Humbaba give Gilgamesh seven radiances, the severed head of Humbaba predates that of Medusa and early archaic Greek depictions of Medusa portray her as bearded with the staring eyes and flowing hair of Humbaba.

Algol in the natal chart is the bringer of gifts, wonders and auras.

The first aura of the fields is the base chakra, Muladhara which grounds us to the physical world and gives us stability.

The second aura of the rivers is the seat of the vital source the Svadhishthana,  which gives us the ability to create and to procreate.

The third aura of the reed beds is the Manipura, which is our sense of identity, self esteem and ego.

The fourth aura of the Lions is the Unbeaten or heart chakra, the Anahata which is our compassion and love.

The fifth aura of the palace is the throat chakra or purification, Vishuddha which gives us wisdom and honesty in communication.

The sixth aura of the forests is (home of humbaba) is the third eye chakra or centre of command, Ajna which is intuitive insight, wisdom and visualization of other planes of existence.

The seventh aura of the underworld is the thousand petaled lotus, Sahasrara which gives us integration of cosmic awareness, enlightenment and at-one-ment with universe.

Humbaba is also associated with self-sacrifice for the benefit of others, images of Humbaba’s death bear striking similarities to the death of bog bodies found throughout Europe.  When times of environment strain meant communities were struggling for food a human sacrifice was voluntarily given to the earth in order to regenerate it these individuals willing sacrificed their own auras to replenish the earth and ensure the survival of their communities.  The sacrificial person was manicured, shaven and well treated before death.  The death itself involved two people standing at either side while the person knelt one with a ceremonial spear made from deer antler pierced the neck whilst another struck with an axe.  This scene is portrayed in the death of Humbaba and may have represented a connection with the star’s appearance in the sky in respect to the sun and a time of sacrifice when necessary.

Algol is also connected to the myth of Inanna and Dumuzi where Dumuzi sacrifices his life to return Inanna(Venus, as a fertility Goddess) to the earth.  Algol represents the heart of Dumuzi.

Humbaba is Guardian which is the meaning of Medousa’s name, early Medusa masks and representations often have a beard and are strikingly similar to Humbaba.  Humbaba was killed with an axe, spear and net whilst bog bodies were killed with axe, spear and rope this triple death has a religious significance that denotes a mystical healing quality and connection to the earth and nature.  Rasputin and the historical Merlin both died triple deaths, the sign of the mystic healer.

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The Diamond of Virgo Fixed stars Denebola, Cor Caroli, Spica and Arcturus   Leave a comment


 Twinkle, twinkle, little star,
How I wonder what you are.
Up above the world so high,
Like a diamond in the sky.

Spica 23 Libra, Virgo’s ear of Corn, forms the Southern point of the Great Diamond, Spica the provider, nurturer and lady Justice is Queen of the stars, Jewel of the heavens.  This stars is an auspicious omen in connection with natal planets or MC, Ascendent in the chart.

Arcturus 23 Libra, Bootes right knee, Palace of the Emperor to the Chinese brings wealth and prosperity to those who are born under its influence.

Cor Caroli 24 Virgo, the Collar of Bootes Hound Chara this pale lilac star was said to give a keen and sharp mind to those born under its influence.

Denebola 21 Virgo, the tail of the lion, gives those born under its influence; nobility, strength, wisdom and generosity.

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Asteroid Medusa 149 and fixed star Algol (Medusa’s Third Eye)   Leave a comment

frogspawn nebula

Medusa or Medousa means Guardian in Greek.  Medusa is associated with the Godesses Athena, Demeter Khysaoros  and Artemis.  In Artemis’s temple Medusa wears the double snake belt of fertility,  Her son Chysaor depicted beside her in Artemis’s temple, Corfu may represent cereals as his name translates into english as he who is golden, he is symbolised as haveing a golden sword, representing gold blades of grain, other times he is symbolised as a boar – the sacrificial offering to Demeter Khysaoros for a good harvest.  Medusa’s other son Pegasus, meaning springing forth, may have represented the arrival of spring and was said to carry thunder and lightning for Zeus.  In some traditions Perseus is called the harvester, of Medusa, thus Medusa herself may have been a guardian of agriculture and the Perseus myth may relate to ancient harvest rituals.

It is believed that Medusa’s head was worn as a mask by some priestesses as part of rituals, Medusa represented wisdom too as do many others related to cereal rituals, as a source of wisdom, protection, and prosperity Medusa casts a powerful psychic eye into the heart of all things, and if found wanting her look can turn the heart to stone.

Asteroid Medusa in the chart represents, making the most of our opportunities.  Medusa the Cereal Goddess, shows what happens if we fail to use our gifts and harvest our talents before the rains come down.  Medusa asks us to prepare our psychic flood defences, to be aware of the circumstances around us and to act promptly.

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