Fixed stars of the constellation Mulapin, Plough of Enlil   Leave a comment

Metallah, alpha trianguli is the apex star of the Northern Triangle, and is at 6 degrees Taurus. Along with Beta trianguli 12 Taurus and Gamma trianguli 13 Taurus they form the main part of Enlil’s plough the last star is Almach, gamma andromeda 14 Taurus.

This constellation gave its name to the Babylonian star catalogue and is the first constellation in the way of Enlil. The “Way of Enlil”—that is, the northernmost quarter of the Sun’s path, which corresponds to the 45 days on either side of summer solstice. Its first appearance in the pre-dawn sky (helical rising) in February marked the time to begin Spring ploughing in Mesopotamia. This gives these planets an ancient symbolism of power and leadership.  They are also associated with themes of preparation, making the most of the opportunities and plenty when prominent in the natal chart.

These stars are still connected to the spring being in the sign of Taurus they are involved in preparation and hard work that brings the bounties of a good harvest later on in the year.  These stars take the lead do the hard work and prepare the ground for those that follow, they are initiators and reawaken the fertility of the earth.  Whatever field of work natives with strong aspects to these stars are in they will reawaken creativity and prepare the ground for others to follow in their paths, these individuals are trail blazers.


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