Andromeda Constellation: Alperatz, Vertex, Mirach & Almach   Leave a comment

Inanna(Ishtar) the Sumerian Goddess which is represented by Venus is also represented by Andromeda.

After the death of the Heavenly Bull Inanna visits her sister Ereshkigal in the underworld, as she passes the gates of the underworld Inanna is forced to remove one of her auras until at the 7th gate she is stripped of them all. Ereshkigal strikes Inanna dead and hangs her body from a hook on the wall.  Inanna is brought back to life by her handmaiden but cannot leave the underworld until Dumuzi (Tammuz, Kingu, Aries), takes her place.  This myth explains the change from the Bull rising at the vernal equinox to that of Aries.

Andromeda is circumpolar and may have also represented Nammu (Tiamet) at one point.  Nammu is the Sumerian creator Goddess who created the universe from the primordial chaos. Nammu is probably one of the most ancient Goddesses.  There is a cross over of mythological tales between the two relating to Andromeda. Nammu the Tiamet decides to give the tablets of Mes to Kingu (Aries), and Marduk fights the Tiamet for control of the Mes(Tablets of Destiny) and the position of High God. In this myth Marduk slays the Tiamet.

Both myths Andromeda represents the divine feminine.  The Tiamet is responsible for creating the world and is the original Goddess in Sumerian mythology from whom all Gods and Goddesses are descended.  Inanna possesses the Mes in all other myths after receiving them from Enki and as such is in control of all destinies.

The stars in the constellation of Andromeda take on the powers of these two powerful Goddesses.

Alpheratz 14 Aries in the head represents the spiritual wisdom of Inanna’s Mes, her leadership qualities and the compassion of Nammu. Alpheratz was also part of the square of Pegasus and denotes the ability to intuitively sense the future path.

Vertex 27 Aries is actually the Andromeda Galaxy, north of Inanna’s head this represents the hook from which Inanna was hung. Since Tammuz(Aries) traded places with Inanna the Vertex takes on more of Tammuz’s energy and is representative of the warrior who protects others through self-sacrifice.

Mirach 0 Taurus is the Girdle of Inanna, Aphrodite/Venus is well-known for her Magic Girdle or embroidered belt, made of gold filigree crafted lovingly by her husband, the smith god Hephaestus/Vulcan. When she wore it, she was irresistible! Other goddesses sometimes borrowed this girdle when they wanted to turn on their love light. When we wear the Girdle of Venus, we surround ourselves in an aura of love, desire, beauty, magnetism and charm. This is the natural beauty of our spirit that shines through, no matter what our physical appearance looks like. This star represent the procreative energy of both Inanna and Nammu.  Those with aspects represent the fertility of these Goddesses.

Almach 14 Taurus Left foot of Inanna represents her high status and those with aspects to Almach are being reminded of their own divine nature and power.  This star gives inner strength, self-respect and dignity to those with aspects to it.


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