Uranus in 2nd house, in aspect to Venus, in aspects to planets in Taurus   Leave a comment

circle of love

Individuals with Uranus in the 2nd house, may have had experiences where they have had little security as a child.  They may feel the need to keep themselves safe by putting up barriers to prevent others from hurting them, they also might need a lot of material security because of past trauma.

These people may either pay no heed to material concerns knowing that they offer no protection or they might hoard, and need the security that brings them.  They may find it difficult letting others close to them, might live with one foot pointing towards the door.  This urge to runaway when relationships are too intense or getting too cosy is due to fear of growing comfortable and secure and then losing it all.  These people have already experienced that.

These people would rather feel insecure than secure because they know how to deal with insecurity it is their norm, feeling secure frightens them although deep down inside it is something they long for.  The only way through this is to admit to themselves that they run from commitment, to fight that instinct in relationships to run – this is the fear they have to face to earn their Uranus freedom.


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