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Uranus in 9th house individuals have felt anger at how religious teachings have been used to abuse and exclude, to hurt and abuse.  These people are no stranger to how higher teachings can be twisted like a knife into the wounds of the most vulnerable.  They may therefore have rejected all religious teachings, feeling that all are used to control and manipulate.

These people are on a journey to find their own truth, once their initial anger subsides they often re-exam the principles on which higher teachings are founded they may reject the teachers and Gurus because they are on their own unique path.  However they must learn to accept that others will not see things from their worldview but they do not need to isolate themselves from the rest of humanity to reach higher understanding because of this.

Only when they have come to terms with their past hurts can these people begin to see how all beliefs are interconnected and inter-related.  They can then learn to forgive those mistakes made by the whole of humanity in their moral assumptions.


Posted June 14, 2014 by neptune's Aura Astrology in Uranus sign/house

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