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With Pluto there is a two fold action, one is the indicating of traumatic experiences the individual has been through and how this affects their behaviour and why they are likely to be tempted to use manipulation at times or be attracted to certain unhealthy situations.  The other aspect of Pluto is inner strength and talents that have the potential to be developed.

Pluto in the third house individuals know that it’s a strange world out there, they have learnt the hard way not to go poking into holes unless you want a spider bite.  still their curiosity often gets the better of them, these people are born to explore their environment.  They often have had intense experiences relating to formal education and learning, this is such a shame because these people love to find things out.  They have a unique way of communicating and viewing the world often this gift is unappreciated in early years.

These people are never satisfied with surface explanations, they like to dig deeper and see what treasures lie at the bottom unclaimed.  They are often driven to write or speak on specialised subjects.  They often have a knack for foreign languages and even dead ones.  They like to reflect on subjects to search every aspect before coming to a conclusion.  They sometimes struggle with putting down their vast knowledge into an ordered account.

These people see the bigger picture, however they may have difficulty seeing the details and finding structured ways of working as their mind tends to struggle with prioritising and organising.  They just need a helping hand with this and they are off.

Sometimes these individuals have been made to feel intellectually inferior either by intense criticism as a child or they may have had an undiagnosed specific learning disorder such as dyslexia where they felt their peers were laughing at their inabilities.  These early experiences have a lasting affect on their own self belief.

Another issue these individuals might have faced was dealing with some type of abuse as a child and not being believed by adults.  As well as this there may be issues about being forced to keep quiet over abuse and being silenced by adults.

They may also have experienced trauma in which they were unable to talk about either because of the intensity of the experience or because they were made to feel guilty or made themselves feel guilty about doing so such as talking about the death of a parent in case they upset the surviving parent.

These individuals have the ability to tell their story as adults, through photography, film, blogging or other means they can express their own experiences in meaningful ways that reach out to others in similar situations.  They may also be able to see where changes in teaching and schools would prevent some of the issues they faced from happening and make a contribution to prevent others from facing the issues and ordeals they themselves went through.


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