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Neptune in partner’s 5th house brings issues around children that does not necessarily mean that there will be difficulties in having children, there may be differences around when both are ready to make this step as well as how children should be raised.  There may be differences in views around how hands on both should be as well as discipline as parents and one may feel that the other is not keeping up their side of parenting by contradicting the other or by undermining their authority.  In short with this aspect there may be a need for good communication before the decision to have children is made in which both can express their ideas about how they think it is best done and that some agreement is reached in this area before children come along.  With agreement reached there should be a continuous effort to both respect and back up the other parent and present a united front as parents with this aspect.

Neptune in Libra in 5th house

Here there is a need for honest and open communication, where it comes to issues around children there may be a tendency just to agree and then each to do their own thing.  Any differences of opinion need to be brought out into the open and resolved honestly or there may be very chaotic scenes where neither is sure exactly what is going on and one or more may withdraw their support because of this.  With practice both can learn to reach an agreement where they support the other and they will both find things run smoother and there is less chaos as a result.

Neptune in Scorpio in 5th house

Here there may be emotional issues from your childhood that colour your views on parenting, unfortunately this is likely to make it easier to be manipulated by children in ways that you may not even be aware of.  There may be a feeling of making up for events in childhood through ensuring your children have the best of all things, however eventually it is important to come to terms with our childhood and not allow to much of the past to colour the present moment as you may become blind to issues concerning your children.

Neptune in Sagittarius in 5th house

Here there may be a laissez-faire attitude to parenting that may cause long-term problems although it may be easier to start with.  It is important to remember that if discipline is not something you are keen to impose then you must at least let children face the natural consequences of their actions in order for them to learn.  The other side of this is that there may also be a tendency towards authoritarian control which will naturally result in rebellious struggles and there needs to be a balance here that may take time to learn.

Neptune in Capricorn in 5th house

Here there may be issues around rigidity in raising children you may believe in sticking to a routine no matter what and may find it difficult to go with the flow at times and allow your children to take the lead in making some decisions.  It is important that you understand you must allow them some control and ability for them to make decisions in order for them to become more independent and understand that choices have consequences in life and although you may be trying to protect them you must expose them to some risks in life.

Neptune in Aquarius in 5th house

Here you may struggle in creating a routine and sticking to it with children although there has to be some flexibility in life it is important to understand there must be some routine in order for us to feel secure we must be able to know that there are boundaries and that there is the familiarity of routines that are predictable.  This does not necessarily mean that the routine must be rigid just that life flows better when there is some predictability that we can be certain of throughout the day.

Neptune in Pisces in 5th house

Here there may be issues around consistency of parenting there may be a tendency for both partners to parent according to mood and what may be acceptable one day may be unacceptable the next this will be confusing for children who will not be sure exactly what is and is not acceptable and they may have difficulty understanding rules etc when they are in  settings such as school.   There is a need to make sure that neither parent’s behaviour is contradictory and that children understand the boundaries of their behaviour.

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