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Neptune in your partner’s 6th house brings issues around health, work and caring for each other into focus within the relationship.  There is a likelihood that one or both partners may have a chronic health condition within this relationship, this brings into focus the issues around giving each other the time and space to allow them to do whatever they can at their own pace and to give them the confidence to attempt things on their own without the other partner.  It is natural when we are close to somebody to want to take care of them within the relationship however there needs to be a realisation that taking over another’s responsibilities without discussion of what they are able to do and would like to do leaves them vulnerable and dis-empowered.  Even in the best of relationships we can sometimes assume that our help will be appreciated without being asked for, but this can sometimes develop into issues of control which could be resolved through honest communication that makes neither party feel guilty.

Neptune in Libra in 6th house

Here there needs to be honest communication about what help is appreciated within the relationship and what help may feel like taking control it is important that both partners understand that rejecting help is not the same as rejecting the person and it is important to understand areas where genuine help might be necessary from areas where it may just feel like interference or lack of trust in the others abilities.  It is vitally important that neither party feels the need to help through guilt or fears rejecting help through guilt as this will put strain on the relationship that will build up long-term.

Neptune in Scorpio in 6th house

Here there may be a shared responsibility for another perhaps as a couple both offer respite care or work with a charity that deals with special needs, children or the elderly but it may be an area where both have strong beliefs and passions.  There may be a sense that this is something which relates to past experiences perhaps within both their families and this is what attracts them both but it is likely that it is an intense subject that brings with it memories that may have to be dealt with within the relationship.  Both are likely to have strong views about how others are treated in society.

Neptune in Sagittarius in 6th house

Here there may be a belief in service to others as part of religious upbringing and this is a fine thing for another person to be willing to do but however it may cause issues within the relationship if there is more of a focus on serving the community rather than the needs of each other within the relationship.  It is vital that there is a balance and that the personal relationship is not sacrificed to the needs of others, this may mean setting aside time where phones etc are switched off and that neither can be distracted by the outside world but focused on each other and their relationship.

Neptune in Capricorn in 6th house

Here there may be issues around putting work and other responsibilities ahead of the relationship it is likely that both are extremely hard-working and responsible and that those responsibilities may eat into a lot of their personal time.  It is important to find time for each other and to show appreciation as there may be a feeling of being taken for granted within the relationship unless extra effort is made to spend some time and appreciation with each other.  Both are very capable in their own fields and this may also be an issue as both will have to try to synchronise their responsibilities in order to spend time with each other.

Neptune in Aquarius in 6th house

Here there is a need to balance the desire to be independent with the need we al have to depend on each other both may struggle to accept and ask for help as both may be fiercely independent by nature but help is something all of us need at times in our lives and especially within relationships it is important to be able to depend and rely on each other.  It is not enough to help we must be willing to allow the other to help us too.  This may take time within this relationship but it is worth remembering that two can accomplish much more than one.

Neptune in Pisces in 6th house

Here there may be issues around what you believe the other needs, both may be very giving and loving but lack the ability to communicate effectively with each other thus may keep secret the issues they have where the other could easily help them believing it is a sign of love that they do not want to bother the other with their issues when they have enough of their own.  However by sharing all their problems and issues with each other they may find simple solutions to their problems that neither is capable of seeing on their own.

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