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Neptune in your partner’s 3rd house is all about how we share and develop ideas together. Here we can have issues in understanding each other’s thoughts and ideas, this may be down to bad communication between us, or due to the different way we think about things, in a more positive note this difference may spark our imagination and creativity.  One of the partner’s may have dyslexia with this aspect; it is important to understand that dyslexic think visually thus cat may conjure up images of a kitten and they may say kitten it doesn’t mean that they were not listening properly when you have a conversation with them it just means they have processed it differently.  Another issue with living with dyslexics is their inability to remember the names of objects, as a dyslexic myself I tend to describe objects by what they do, and they may seem to spend a lot of their time looking for that thing.  It is just that their organisational skills are different and yes it may be frustrating for others because it will seem chaotic way of living.  Even if neither of the partner’s is dyslexic these themes may occur often in the relationship.

Neptune in Libra in 3rd House

Here there may be many mix ups within the relationship due to poor communication or lack of understanding at times.  It is best if you can keep a sense of humour when it comes to this aspect of your relationship however make sure your partner is not the butt of any jokes as they may be more sensitive about this than you realise.  If they struggle at times with organisation post it notes stuck in places such as toilet with dentist appointment works much better than any constant reminder.  Just remember that what they may lack in organisational skills they can more than make up for in imaginative and innovative thinking.

Neptune in Scorpio in 3rd house

Here there may be issues around being made to feel stupid as a child by one of the partner’s and this could leave them fairly sensitive to any criticism as an adult.  Even if it is unintentional these wounds are activated easily and there needs to be an awareness of how much of an effect this has on their ego and sense of worth even as adults.  It is important not to push into this subject but to give the person time to open up on their own accord and share their experiences with you.  This will take patience and a sympathetic attitude but it will pay off eventually.

Neptune in Sagittarius in 3rd house

Here there may be issues because one or more partner tend to have a mind that races ahead and makes connections very fast seeing many things in connection to each other that may escape others unfortunately this means that they sometimes have difficulty in conversation as their mind leaps ahead and makes connections that may throw others off.  There may also be a tendency for one or both to think big and chase wild dreams at times perhaps making large gambles that may not be the wisest of investments.

Neptune in Capricorn in 3rd house

There is a need for one or both partners to not take everything said literally within the relationship communication may be an issue if what is said during arguments is taken as being literally true instead of heated emotions of the moment, that does not mean there is not a seed of truth in what is said in arguments but taking everything said to heart and holding hurt or resentment is not healthy within the relationship, on the other hand one or both partners could be less critical and more relaxed in certain areas with this aspect.

Neptune in Aquarius in 3rd house

There is likely a very unique and imaginative partner in this relationship who has a knack of saying the unpredictable and surprising most people with their ideas however when it comes to everyday living they may struggle to get their heads around more mundane ideas and they are likely to be daydreamers who have a grand vision of life that reality often fails to live up to.  This can be difficult to live with at times when you need some practical down to earth advice or help, but the relationship will never get dull or boring.

Neptune in Pisces in 3rd house

Here there is a need for both partners to be more precise in what they are saying as their communication may be very vague at times and open to being interpreted in many different ways.  This makes things difficult when it comes to day-to-day things that need a practical solution and things may not get dealt with because the other may assume that it has already been taken care of.  This may lead to bills being left unpaid or important jobs left undone.  Whilst there is great ability to share dreams in this relationship it is necessary to share living in the real world too.

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