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Neptune in your Partner’s 10th house bring the clash between ideals and views on the reality and purpose of life within the relationship.  There may be a tendency for one to view the other as a daydreamer or idealist but impractical whilst the other may think the other has a narrow interpretation of life.  The best way to deal with these issues is to understand that in the most how we perceive reality is irrelevant; none of us can experience true reality we have our own interpretation of it but some factors hold true regardless of how we perceive reality.  For example if everything only exists in your mind when Johnny does not eat or drink he ceases to be, this is true if reality is a combination of all our minds, or if there is an actual material world; whatever reality is, under many different views there are common rules that apply equally to all our individual perception of reality.  Accepting that we all may have different view on reality but they are governed by the same basic rules means accepting those rules are valid for both parties and those are what unites us all.  We may have different perspectives on what reality may be but we should understand the basic rules apply to us all and must be respected as part of the shadow play or the dream. Within the relationship this may be seen as understanding we all must make a living and be fed to continue our participation in the dream, whatever our view of reality is and that we can only have ideals and dreams if we are still in that dream, that we need this common understanding of the rules as a vital part of staying alive.

Neptune in Libra in 10th house

Here there may be a lot of discussion around both your perceptions of reality but common ground can be formed around the implication of how these basic rules common to us all can be used as a guide for agreeing on how best we can help our community, family and society be strengthened and enriched by our actions.  By focusing on how you both can contribute and accepting there is no one right or wrong way to view the world you are both capable of maturing from this relationship and developing greater understanding of different perspectives.

Neptune in Scorpio in 10th house

Here there may be much intensity and passion in trying to convert each other to one view of reality. In fact there is no need to make each other see the world in the same way as long as both fulfil their commitment to the realities of the relationship and each other it is fine to have different perspectives on things.  Sometimes we behave as if staying alive and remaining part of the dream was a dirty thing that only others do when it is something common to us all, we all live by the rules set in motion irrespective of our different beliefs on reality.  Materialism does not mean selfish it means accepting that this may be all there is and working within those confines to make the best of a situation and that is a perfectly good way to view the world as any religious/spiritual view for it does not exclude love, compassion, charity or ethics.

Neptune in Sagittarius in 10th house

Here there may be great debates about beliefs but there is a need to accept that there is validity in viewing the world materialistically as something that can be measured, calculated and understood better; but there is also validity in the view that thoughts and ideas are the only real knowns in existence and that as all these different thoughts and ideals follow rules that cannot be overridden there may be some greater mind that set them which some may chose to call God, universal love or knowledge.  In accepting that both points have validity there is an ability to reach a compromise that allows for respect between differing perspectives and the ability to reach agreement in where both perspectives meet in such areas as love, compassion and morality.

Neptune in Capricorn in 10th house

Here there may be strong intolerance to views of the world that are not empirical and both parties may struggle with the beliefs of each other and see them as irrational at times, although both may be extremely practical everybody has irrational beliefs it is part of human nature.  We all have this aspect and we must learn to tolerate it in each other.  Through understanding that none of us are immune to irrational beliefs we can develop a better understanding of humanity as a whole.  When we accept it is fine to think differently we can harness the potential in all of these ways of viewing the world.

Neptune in Aquarius in the 10th house

Here we may have issues with both not being able to understand that reality is an individual perception and not a factual thing.  Both may struggle with this in the relationship and feel isolated because they cannot understand it is common to all of humanity and all relationships.  Once they accept that we all see the world through our own eyes and that everybody’s perception differs they may begin to understand that beginning close is not perceiving the world through one set of eyes but accepting that both views are valid and equal within the relationship.

Neptune in Pisces in the 10th house

Here learning to accept the common rules of life may be an issue for both at times and both may have the urge to bury their heads in the sand and ignore the consequences.  This makes situations often more tense as without intervention they tend to snowball into major issues that cannot be ignored and which could have been dealt with easier in the beginning.  The realisation that reality cannot be ignored within the relationship helps both to learn to deal with events in life better and together they may develop better organisational skills.

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