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Neptune in Partner’s 9th house is about dealing with our idealised world view. We all have our own unique perspective of what a utopian world should be and our own take on how we interpret the different philosophical teachings. Here we form our identity in terms of our heroes and our unique story of who we are, in the 9th house are the tribal bonds that connects us as citizens, believers, football supporters or music fans.  There is a sense of tribal unity in the 9th house of coming together as a team. This sense of being part of a tribe when it is idealised can cause us to be very negative about those outside of our particular clan, tribe or clique.  We may over idealise our group and demonize others and this may be an issue within the relationship where tolerance perhaps of the relationship if it is one that encompasses different cultures may be a focus point.

Neptune in Libra in 9th house

Here it is likely that there is a distinct difference in cultural backgrounds but this is part of the attraction of the relationship for both as you understand that although there are many differences there are also many similarities between how both see the world and these differences are more likely to provide mental stimulation than disagreement, however how the outside world reacts is an issue for both at times as they are many who are intolerance of differences in the world.  You may both feel very open about speaking on these issues and that can attract a fair bit of negativity from others at times although you will also attract supporters by your attitude.

Neptune in Scorpio in 9th house

Here it is likely that control is an issue, in tribes, cliques and clans of any type there is a silent agreement on shared values and acceptable behaviour, with the likelihood of being shunned from the group if rules are broken.  Within the relationship this may be an issue where one or both is shunned or fears being shunned by their communities – this could be the dedicated Vegan who dates a gourmand meat-eater, neither of their circles are likely to appreciate the other and both may be shunned as a result of the relationship.  This fear of shunning may make becoming open about the relationship difficult for some.

Neptune in Sagittarius in 9th house

Here you may challenge each other’s belief systems and world views but neither of you is likely to find this difficult to handle as both are capable of being very open to different ways of seeing the world and this may be an area where you are in agreement because both may want to constantly readjust their perspectives and experience challenging views that stimulate them to question their current understanding and seek new answers.  You may focus a lot on finding a set of ideals and a world view that embraces a multicultural dimension to it.

Neptune in Capricorn in 9th house

Here there may be tension between ideals, reality and belief within the relationship, it may be very likely that beliefs are strongly held by one or both partners.  In the relationship you are likely to encounter events that bring those beliefs into question and cause you to re-examine them much more carefully and adjust your views to others at the same time this is a way of maturing as an individual.  The longer the relationship continues the more relaxed you are both likely to become in your beliefs and your outlook on the world around you.

Neptune in Aquarius in 9th house

Here there maybe issues about fitting in and retaining your individuality as a couple, you are likely to believe in the social benefits of belief within the community, and may be attracted to a church etc that offers chances to work with the homeless and needy.  You will however likely find that you are constantly challenging others views and principles and this may make it difficult for both to fit in completely with any group.  The more relaxed a setting is the easier it will be for both to overcome these tendencies although you will always prefer being on the outskirts of any group to being central within it.

Neptune in Pisces in 9th house

Here there are a few issues in how both view the world in religious terms.  Lets start by going through some common misconceptions; spiritual original means without material substance and was applied to the belief that we exist only as minds / souls and that we exist only within the confines of our mind / soul that there was no material world.  Materialists believed the material world existed and that we had material bodies. In modern terms we have come to demonize the word materialist to mean selfish, greedy etc and spiritual to mean the opposite whereas in reality neither word excludes us from selfish acts, greediness etc and one of the lessons of this relationship is understanding this.

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