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Neptune in partner’s 11th house is all about two opposing ways of looking at the world, Neptune is the planet of ideals and dreams and projecting them onto people, events and places; whilst the 11th recognises these are ideas and thoughts and recognises them as such and as something we may share as common values rather than projecting the 11th house seeks to own them with like-minded individuals.  Neptune in the 11th house is all about how we balance this behaviour of projection and the desire to own and share these ideals.  We all project ideals and have heroes that represent them but in the end they all stem from ourself our own ideals, dreams and values, this is important to understand because we cannot have a group of like-minded friends but only a group of friends we think of as being like-minded, we cannot know our friend in reality we can only know our idea of who they are and we may change this as our relationships with them grow.  Having Neptune in partner’s 11th house may mean that there is a belief that both share very similar ideals and goals in life only to slowly discover that our idea of who they are and what they value constantly needs updating and changing as the relationship develops.

Neptune in Libra in 11th house

This relationship would probably be one in which both parties felt they naturally communicated easily with each other only to find the longer they know each other the more surprised they are to find different aspects to their personality that completely throw them off-balance from time to time.  Depending on how vast the differences between what we thought we had in common and what we have in common in reality are this need not be deadly to a relationship but may help keep it alive as both may have to re-examine their ideas of each other it works best with those who are more flexible and adaptable.

Neptune in Scorpio in 11th house

This relationship may be one where both feel at start of relationship that they know each other in a deep and meaningful way and that they share deeply held and passionate beliefs abut the world around them.  However as this relationship progresses both will have to face the fact that they have invested a lot of emotional energy into the person being their ideal and sharing their values, at first because of this emotional development the urge to deny this difference or feelings of anger at the other for not living up to this standard may be likely and both will have to be very mature in accepting that they are individuals and will have differences in their values it is neither’s fault but unless these differences are deal clinchers this may signal an opportunity to actually begin to know the real person at a very deep level.

Neptune in Sagittarius in 11th house

This is a relationship where you may feel that you share a lot in common when it comes to background and outlook on life only to discover there are whole missing chapters in each others story that give new meaning and definition to who both parties are as individuals when discovered.  The longer this relationship continues the more likely it is that you will both be surprised by aspects of each others past history that cause both to re-examine their outlook on life and this is not a negative thing it is good for all of us to do this however if there is any rigidity on outlook on life it will make the relationship much more difficult as both will have to be able to adapt.

Neptune in Capricorn in the 11th house

This is a relationship where you may feel that both have a similar view of relationships and how we should behave in them, how they should develop and their purpose in creating a functional unit able to go out into the world as a team.  However as the relationship develops both parties may find that these ideas are challenged and that one may not be as responsible as previously thought or that they are issues on which both have difficulty seeing another perspective and understanding the other’s point of view.  Both may feel their ideas of reality can be challenged by the other in ways that are unexpected and unsettling at times but this is good for all of us and learning to see other perspectives is important.

Neptune in Aquarius in 11th house

This is a relationship where both may see each other as very unique individuals and feel a comradely affection and bond because of this perceived uniqueness.  The problem arises when the realisation that although each of us is unique we are all live in a humdrum and at times monotonous world where we cannot be permanently windswept and different here the issue is one of accepting the ordinary everyday aspect of the other without rejecting them for this necessity of life.  This is a necessity in any relationship and although we may want to appear interesting at the beginning as the relationship develops we must be able to relax enough not to be on show and allowed  to be a normal person sprawled out in front of the television.

Neptune in Pisces in 11th house

This is a relationship in which both may feel at first that they share the same dreams and ideas on the purpose of life only to discover that there is something in how the other views the world that causes unrest and discomfort, one or both may begin to see the other as a daydreamer unable to live in the ‘real world’ and they may feel frustrated that they do not share the same dream or vision that they thought they did at the start of the relationship.  There is a need to try to accept both can have completely different dreams and that both are daydreamers in different ways.

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