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Neptune in your partner’s 2nd house is all about what makes us feel secure within a relationship.  We all have different needs to feel secure some are pretty common, such as ability to trust, dependability of partner, honesty, financial stability and emotional responsiveness.  However if one partner has had a less than stable childhood they may have more issues around feeling secure and trusting their partner than most; it may be difficult for some to feel entirely secure within a relationship and they may constantly seek reassurance from the other partner.  They may constantly fear the other is unfaithful and may have issues with jealousy because of their own insecurity or they may constantly have their partner on trial to prove that they are not going to walk out the door on them.  Less dramatic is those who have had financial insecurity and who need to know that bills are paid and food is in the cupboard at all costs, they may struggle to relax and may hoard possessions as a security blanket which may be hard for a partner to understand.  They may struggle with accepting it is okay to spend money on pleasant things rather than necessities at times but this is only because they need financial reassurance of money in the bank.

Neptune in Libra in 2nd house

Here it is important to understand that no matter how much you reassure somebody if they have issues around insecurity it is unlikely to change their behaviour until the original causes of that insecurity is dealt with no matter how kind and affectionate you may be they will need to sort out this area for themselves and it can only be worked through if they are willing to do so.  If this is the case than support is good but an effort needs to be made not to allow the individual to use past events as a crutch for their own behaviour.

Neptune in Scorpio in 2nd house

Here there may be intense jealousy due to insecurities stemming from childhood, they are very likely to feel that they will eventually be rejected within the relationship and they may withdraw themselves from strong affection in order to protect themselves from such pain.  They may also have deep fear about loss of financial security and may need to have their own bank account even in a long-term relationship which they can put aside something for a rainy day.  The need for security may also drive them to learn a martial art and it is important to understand their self-confidence is greatly improved by such activities.

Neptune in Sagittarius in 2nd house

Here the partner may have been told that they were to dumb, to sensitive, not pretty often enough to completely believe it and they may have pretty low self-esteem as a result.  It is likely that they struggle to talk about this as it is an emotionally fraught subject for them which still affects their choices due to their beliefs in their own abilities.  They may have struggled fitting in perhaps they were seen as too boisterous or noisy and designated as a trouble maker in early life and treated unfairly because of this.

Neptune in Capricorn in 2nd house

Here there may be issues around feeling physically safe this may be in a material sense of keeping financial resources close by or where they need to know their home is well protected and safe from intruders.  There is a need for them to know somebody for a while before they fully trust them and in a relationship they will prefer to take their time getting to know somebody. and it is important not to rush them within the relationship but to understand that they need time to adapt and take on board any change slowly.

Neptune in Aquarius in 2nd house

Here there may be a strong fear of letting anybody get to close in case they hurt or abandon them, they may withdraw from displays of affection or may get angry with them without fully understanding why.  They may need to be as independent as possible within the relationship to feel secure and this may mean that traditional relationships do not suit them well as they may prefer having their own home separate from a partner to moving in together; this does not mean that they are not willing to commit within the relationship it just means they need a great deal of space.

Neptune in Pisces in 2nd house

Here there may be issues of drifting through life without any security for the partner they are unlikely to feel they have a stable or secure foundation and this affects their ability to deal with issues and they are likely to have a strong sense of inner security that can support them in the hard times in life instead they may seem to drift from one crisis to another within the relationship without a firm sense of where the relationship is going and this may be extremely difficult to cope with at times.

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