Jupiter in Leo The rebirth of Hercules and the Nativity   Leave a comment

Jupiter is quite at home in Leo and takes on the persona of its favourite son Hercules. Hercules wrapped in the robe of the Nemean Lion is impenetrable to attack ,the slings and arrows of misfortune bounce off Leo’s golden fur and land broken it his feet.  With claws that can penetrate the strongest armour nobody is immune to the charm of Jupiter in Leo, Jupiter in this aspect cuts through the gloom and misery of life like a knife through butter.  This is all about the feel good factor and Jupiter here certainly feels good.  Leo in the ancient world had a deep connection to Jupiter its star at the heart of the Lion Regulus, means ‘little King’ in Latin, to the Babylonians it was Lugal, “the star that stands in the breast of the Lion:the King.”  The Persians knew it as Magh, ‘The Great’ and as Jupiter is seen as the king of planets it is little wonder it is also associated with the king of stars.  Jupiter in Leo may also be connected to a famous story.

September 3BCE the first meeting of Jupiter and Regulus (looking East). The country/nation of Israel is often referred to as the ‘Lion of Judah’ so this meeting would have been important. Then nine months (the time of a pregnancy) later in June 2BCE Jupiter and Venus (the planet of love) meet in Leo (in the West over Israel) and would have been a very bright ‘star’ indeed!

Then on 25th December 2BC if you were in Jerusalem looking south, towards Bethlehem, Jupiter would be ‘standing’ in Virgo the constellation of the Virgin.

Whether you believe in the nativity or not most people can identify with the spirit of Christmas; peace on earth and goodwill to all men, that is at the heart of Jupiter in Leo – creation of goodwill towards one another and a belief in letting go of anger, resentment and hatred.


Posted September 1, 2014 by neptune's Aura Astrology in Long term transits

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