Saturn In Sagittarius, the Horse Whisperer   Leave a comment

Saturn is about to spend the next few years in Sagittarius, Sagittarius represents our free spirited side it is the wild horse of the Zodiac, it likes wide open spaces and roams far and wide across continents and cultures.  Sagittarius does not like the idea of being tamed and pinned down in a small field, it was born to roam the wide expanses of the mind, the world and the beliefs. Unfortunately with Saturn entering this sign that is exactly what is about to happen. Saturn is there to tame that wild beast and to put that energy to better use through focus.

Horse whispering is not a new concept in fact there are documented records of it as far back as 430 BCE, Mark Rashid, horse whisperer  says that he sees horses as “energy”, and much of his work centers around the ideas of redirecting energy and influencing energy. Rashid describes horses as having two “circles of energy”, the rider themselves makes a third.   The goal, as Rashid sees it, is to have all three circles (front, hind, and rider’s) all going the same direction, moving horse and rider forward as one. Due to his Aikido training, Rashid is more likely to direct a horse than stop him. Stopping a horse who is offering energy is not unlike, Rashid says, putting up a poorly built dam in a flowing river. The dam holds for a while, building up water behind it. The pressure increases to a point that the dam bursts, causing a flood. Now there’s a mess in front of the dam and behind the dam, and the water still hasn’t been held back. A horse who is offering energy where it’s not wanted has already said, “I can’t slow
down/stop/stand still!” By redirecting that energy, the rider or handler can help the horse find the desired behavior.

This what Saturn aims to do in Sagittarius it does not want to stop this flow of exuberant energy for that would only cause it to burst through later causing destruction and chaos but it does seek to redirect this energy and find a channel where it can be used constructively.

Rashid states, if a horse is soft, he is physically able to access power and movement and he is mentally able to offer much of himself. If a person is soft, they will be emotionally consistent, willing to change and be able to offer much of themselves.  In Aikido, softness is what allows a smaller partner to overpower a larger one.   If we live our lives in turmoil, hurry and frustration, then we’re likely to find those things present when we work.   If, rather, we live our lives deliberately, consciously and in a centered way, we’ll find our horse work reflects that as well.

These next few years are the time when many of us will be focusing on our own horse work, to create emotional consistency, power and strength in a centred way.



Posted August 31, 2014 by neptune's Aura Astrology in Long term transits

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