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Chivalry!—why, maiden, she is the nurse of pure and high affection—the stay of the oppressed, the redresser of grievances, the curb of the power of the tyrant —Nobility were but an empty name without her, and liberty finds the best protection in her lance and her sword.

Jupiter in Sagittarius individuals believe in justice, fairness, chivalry and equality of opportunity in life.  they are open to learning from many cultures and often have a strong belief system or moral code.  Jupiter rules the sign of Sagittarius, and is at home here where its boundless energy is reflected in the exuberant Sagittarian nature.


Jupiter in Sagittarius in 1st

house individuals may be very focused on their own moral development and finding a belief system that can adapt to their own philosophical needs.  these individuals may be natural teachers even if it is not their occupation. They may believe in the need to make a strong contribution to society and may under some circumstances sound preachy at times.  They love adventure and fun and like to explore the world around them.


Jupiter in Sagittarius in 2nd

house individuals need to live by their own sets of values and principles in life to feel happy.  This sometimes sets them at odds with others as their refusal to compromise on their belief system and world view may sometimes make them uncompromising and impractical at times.  These individuals need to have strong ethics and principles to rely on in life and this may be more important to them then any measure of success.


Jupiter in Sagittarius in the 3rd

house individuals are very broad-minded when it comes to relating to different perspectives and world views they are naturally curious about how other cultures see the world and love learning all about different mythology, culture and societies.  They believe in learning and have a great love of books and literature.  Through reading they can enter many worlds and cultures becoming completely absorbed in stories.  They may have the talent to write stories that transport others to different worlds and opens them up to adventure.


Jupiter in Sagittarius in 4th

house individuals have a strong inner moral code and faith system.  There is a strong sense of the family as the centre of our experiences and learning through-out life.  There is faith in the strong bonds of family that connects us all to each other.  These individuals are very connected to the natural world and love to explore the wilds.  They are also attracted to exploring the psychological world of symbols.


Jupiter In Sagittarius in 5th

house individuals may be natural teachers that are in the public light such as presenting documentaries or religious philosophy to the many.  They may be teaching subjects like Astrology with a new perspective and outlook.  These individuals always shine when they are speaking about their passion in life and their enthusiasm is very infectious.  They have an infectious joy for life that is very infectious to be around and the exuberance uplifts most people.


Jupiter in Sagittarius in 6th

house individuals are often attracted to occupations where the are serving the public in some form.  They instinctively need to feel they are helping to create a fairer society and assisting everybody so that they have the opportunity to access the best in life.  These souls have strong need to explore the religious symbolism and history that surrounds them.


Jupiter in Sagittarius in 7th

house individuals are often very direct and trusting within their relationships.  These people have high moral standards and assume others they are in contact with are the same.  This often has the effect of others wanting to live up to the best of those possibilities that Jupiter in Sagittarius sees in them. Occasionally this also is a sign of the need to evangelize.


Jupiter in Sagittarius in 8th

house individuals often have a traumatic experience in life that completely changes their own belief system in some way.  These individuals experience most of the traumatic events in life as trials of faith and may remain optimistic despite harrowing circumstances.  They are often positive role models for others dealing with stressful situations in their own life.  These individuals are often attracted to exploring how many different cultures express their beliefs especially in terms of understanding the traumatic events of life and as an expressin of their psychological perspectives.


Jupiter in Sagittarius in 9th

house individuals are likely to have strong religious leaning and may be extremely evangelical what ever their belief system is. Whether they are atheist or Vegan they will attempt to convert others to their view-point and may carry this to extremes occasionally by becoming fundamentalist in their approach.  There is a strong attraction to religion in all its forms and they may also be wanders who love to explore the world around them.


Jupiter in Sagittarius in 10th

house individuals may have a calling such as teaching or medicine where they are driven to work in a certain field for the betterment of humanity.  they may make new discoveries that change their chosen field and bring them renown.  These individuals have faith in life and an amazing sense of fun and adventure that may bring them to public attention.


Jupiter in Sagittarius in 11th

house individuals are often the life and soul of the party.  Their faith and positivity is often used to sustain friend in times of need others often turn to these individuals.  They also place a lot of faith in their friendships and will believe the best of their friends and associates which tends to make them popular in most circles.  These individuals love being part of a group that is open to new ideas and perspectives.


Jupiter in Sagittarius in 12th

house individuals are learning to put their beliefs into perspective they may be naive and learning to critically think things through more or they may need to learn to moderate their beliefs and to be open to other possibilities.  The individual will more than likely have strong belief system and feel divinely inspired through-out life.  They may have issues learning to express their natural joy and enthusiasm in a way that is not overpowering for others.




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