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Sun conjunct Uranus with this aspect it is important to look at the Uranus in the Sun persons natal chart.  Charts with strong Uranus influences especially to personal planets may thrive on the unpredictability of this relationship and as a couple these two may surprise many by forming a relationship which lasts long term.  If the sun person has a stronger Saturn influence through this relationship they will learn to cope with more spontaneity and become more fluid in relating to others even if the relationship does not survive long-term they will gain a lot from the experience and have a much broader spectrum of seeing the world than before. For the Uranus person they will learn to resolve issues by facing them together as a couple instead of taking flight if they overcome the Uranus urge to run from commitment.

Sun semi-sextile Uranus this relationship opens both parties up to wider perspectives and different ways of looking at the world in general both will enjoy trading ideas and opinions.

Sun semi-square Uranus this relationship brings the dynamics of being independent being within a relationship into play.  Through this relationship both parties well learn to give appropriate space whilst being intimate.

Sun sextile Uranus this relationship has a fun-loving and spontaneous energy that gives both parties the opportunity to just enjoy life as it is.  Here both will be able to be themselves without feeling pressured into acting as one half of a couple.  This recognition that they are both individuals who do not have to live in each others shadows helps to provide stability.

Sun quintile Uranus there is a lot of creative spontaneity within your romance that makes dealing with the more practical elements of life easier to handle.

Sun square Uranus issues of personal space and individuality within this relationship need both parties to reach a balance and compromise.  There is a need for both freedom and commitment in relationships through your relationship you will learn to balance that need.

Sun trine Uranus you have so much fun together and love the intuitive connection you have in your thoughts you both get each others wacky side and sense of humour.  This aspect gives stability through humour to face life’s trials together and to laugh at the absurdity of life.

Sun biquintile Uranus you have both got a sense of fun and humour that although different compliments the other and one of you will always see the funny side of a situation and help the other relax and see the humour in it too.

Sun quincunx Uranus this relationship needs both parties to spell out the boundaries of personal space for it to succeed, as there may be differences of opinion in how far within personal relationships one can pry or act without consulting the other.

Sun opposite Uranus this relationship is very dynamic and challenging at times for both.  but both has a lot to learn in terms of balancing independence and relating to others insecurities that stem from low self-esteem, we all need the reassurance that we are loved and valued.


Posted May 13, 2014 by neptune's Aura Astrology in Synastry

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