Venus in aspect to Pluto synastry   Leave a comment

Venus the Goddess of Love meets the intense passions of Pluto. This is an aspect that is fundamental in understanding our hedonistic drives, more understanding can be gained from reading which delves into what we can learn in such relationships.

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Venus conjunct, opposite or square Pluto creates a tense dynamic between attachment and fear of loss in a relationship both will feel deeply connected to each other which drives these fears of loss to a point where either may be willing to do anything to avoid losing their partner.  With some this fear of loss may drive them to manipulate and play power games within the relationship in order to feel they have some control.  This is because in reality this person is scared to let go and just trust their partner, this may be due to childhood trauma or some other event that taught them love was painful.  With others they may be at a stage where they are honest enough to acknowledge their insecurities with each other and work towards resolving these fears within their relationship by working on their trust issues and insecurities.  You can understand more on this aspect by reading

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Venus sextile or trine Pluto creates a more harmonic aspect but this means that issues of manipulation and power games are subtle enough to go under the radar and not be addressed by either couple.  There is a deep connection with each other and that can still drive issues of insecurity to the fore at times within this relationship.  Both will feel they have met their soul mate. you can understand more on this aspect by also reading

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Venus quincunx or semisextile Pluto can indicate a cat and mouse game where neither partner is very sure what the other is up to, both have to learn to be more open and honest in their communications so they know exactly where they stand in this way there will be less manipulation and power-games. You can understand more on this aspect by also reading

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Venus quintile or biquintile Pluto can help both parties overcome past insecurities and move forward together through their relationship there is a strong bond but neither will feel overwhelmed by it. You can understand more on this aspect by also reading


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