Venus in aspect to Saturn in synastry   Leave a comment

Venus the planet of love meets saturn the earthy fertile planet that will wait forever for what he wants.

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Venus Conjunct Saturn, this aspect depends greatly on the general natal chart of the individuals and the sign /houses that Venus and Saturn are in.  This works better when they are in an earth sign, 2nd, 6th or 10th house here the positive aspects of Saturn are accentuated and appreciated better.  Saturn has a sexuality that is quite compatible with Venus in earth sign and is capable of meeting her needs well.  For some Saturn will offer Venus the security and stability that has been missing.

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Venus in dynamic aspect to Saturn, square or opposite, here there is much potential for the relationship if Saturn is aware of how their energy can come across.  Saturn can seem limiting but at its best it offers security, support and continuous commitment all of which Venus seeks.  If Venus is in an earth or water sign the aspect is much easier to handle.

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Venus in harmonic aspect such as the trine or sextile to Saturn is a sign of commitment within a relationship this aspect is a sign that the relationship has the potential to become long-term.  This aspect is quite easy to handle and shows love and commitment are at the base of the relationship.

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Venus quincunx or semi-sextile Saturn this aspect denotes there is a security within this relationship that is not understood but is felt by both they may have felt a connection to each other at first sight without understanding why.  Usually this energy is experienced as a feeling of connectedness that cannot be explained but makes both parties feel a regard for the others security and welfare.

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Venus quintile or biquintile Saturn denotes harmonious love and security as a foundation within their relationship, this will not be a strong dynamic energy but a fluid energy that changes with the circumstances of the relationship.


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