Venus in aspect to Neptune synastry   Leave a comment

Venus the Planet of Love meets Neptune the planet of subtle illusion, dreams and intuition.  Neptune can be deceptive it can also be deep and sensitive.  Neptune in aspect to Venus can be a bit of both at times and that can tend to make some feel they have been lead down the garden path.

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Venus in dynamic aspect to Neptune, conjunction, square or opposite.  The Venus person is likely to be dazzled by Neptune to begin with and there is a strong possibility that they might project ideals onto the Neptune person that no human can live up to.  This makes the Neptune person behave in one of two ways either they will feel uncomfortable and try to gently remind Venus of all their faults and instabilities as a human or they may indeed feed off of this if there are issues of self-esteem.  However in the long-term this bubble will burst and the Venus person very well might feel conned especially if the Neptune person has been less than honest about their faults and instabilities.   However in a more open and honest relationship this is not terminal but a period of readjustment is necessary for Venus to come to terms with their projections and work through where these are coming from.  Neptune will also have to readjust from their position of all-knowing to mere mortal too but they will know they are loved for who they really are and not a projection.

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Venus in harmonic aspect to Neptune, sextile or trine.  This aspect is easier to deal with but both parties will see each other through rosy spectacles and this may need readjusted at times so they are more honest about both of their faults and the relationship in general.  There is the potential of deep love between the parties that helps smooth out tense situations.  Neptune may treat the Venus person very gently indeed and be aware of how their Neptune may be difficult to pin down for the Venus person who may need reassurance.

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Venus quincunx or semi-sextile Neptune.  There is a sense of the mysterious and divine in this relationship that cannot be expressed logically.  However neither party should take this feeling for granted as this energy can at times totally blind both parties to each other as real and fallible humans.

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Venus quintile or biquintile Neptune adds an air of mystery and spiritual depth to the relationship.


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