Venus in aspect to Mars synastry   Leave a comment

The planet of love meets the planet of sex and war.

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Venus in dynamic aspect to Mars, conjunction, square or opposite, denotes a strong physical attraction between both parties.  This energy is best expressed physically within the sexual relationship, otherwise it may lead to a battle of wills.  Venus and Mars are both instinctual planets they tend to act instinctively and this instinctual response is better expressed sexually, though there may be passionate arguments at times these may just add to the sexual friction.

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Venus in harmonic aspect to Mars, sextile or trine, this is less intense than the dynamic aspects but is very stable and denotes more settled sex life of long-term relationships which may have less dynamic sexual energy but can also be far more fulfilling sexually and emotionally for both parties.  This aspect is much more of a long term partnership aspect, where the energy and dynamism of a new relationship is replaced by sexual contentment and understanding.

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Venus quincunx or semi-sextile Mars this aspect can actually be sexually intriguing for many as neither partner will ever be bored sexually with the other due to the sexual mystery of the relationship.

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Venus biquintile or quintile Mars is very creative sexual energy that works surprisingly well in relationships as this energy can be fluid and change according to the mood of those involved.


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