Asteroid Rhiannon 16912 The Land that Begat Me   1 comment

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photography courtesy of Rodger Hunter Photography

Rhiannon means Divine Queen and is the incarnation of the land.  Rhiannon in this role is wed to the King of the Land who in Celtic Culture is wed to the soil and thus forms a stewardship of the land, the Kings of Scots ruled the people of Scotland and not the land.  This marriage to the land was symbolised by the future king standing on sacred rock and swearing a vow.  The Stone of Destiny was used for this purpose and as such is seen as a symbol of Scotland.

Marriage to the land meant that the land was not a possession to be treated in any matter but a living dynamic part of life to be cherished, loved and protected.

The photograph above is taken in Girvan, Carrick; Carrick was the Ancestral seat of Robert the Bruce.

In the natal chart Rhiannon represents our connection to the land as part of our history culture and heritage.  Strong aspects to this asteroid denote a deep sense of connection to the land and its history.

Rhianon in aspect to the ascendant denotes strong natural affinity to nature and love of the outdoors.

Rhianon in aspect to the Midheaven denotes ability to speak out on matters of the environment and connect with people’s sense of heritage.

Rhianon in aspect to the Sun indicates strong sense of identity, culture and heritage

Rhianon in aspect to the moon indicates strong roots and connections to the land going back many generations

Rhianon in aspect to Mercury indicates strong understanding of nature and the land.

Rhianon in aspect to Venus indicates strong love of nature and the land.


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  1. I have Rhiannon conjunct my ascendant and I very much love nature and the out of doors. A good friend of mine has it conjunct his Venus/Eros conjunction, and the same can be said of him. Another friend has it trine my Venus and we enjoy walking in the woods together. Now I know the origin of the Fleetwood Mac song!

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