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Myrddin Wilt, Myrddin Emrys, Merlinus Caledonensis or Merlin Sylvestris is both a historic and mythological figure. Myrddin, Merlin is a hawk and as such many places where these animals were common carry this name.  Also more than one person called Merlin did and does exist.  This makes it hard to sort out all the different mythological connections to Merlin as a historical character.

Merlin Sylvestris or Merlin Caledonesis was a Welsh Noble man who fought with his Welsh contemporaries against the King of Strathclyde who was also related through marriage.  The battle of Arthuret was said to have been over a pointless argument about a lark’s nest.  At Arthuret Merlin saw his kin’s men slaughtered in the battle and went mad with grief.  He fled into the Caledonian forest where he lived with the wild beasts.  Merlin was probably a follower of the older religions of Britain as St Mungo mentions meeting him and Merlin’s refusal to be baptized.  Merlin’s lifestyle must have been well-known as St Mungo mentions meeting him whilst visiting with his Welsh contemporaries.

Merlin’s lifestyle would have been very symbolic of ancient pagan ways and would have added an air of mystery to this character.  Merlin is reported to have died a triple death like Rasputin – triple death has a very special symbolism as denoting the person as a mystic.  Merlin is reported to have died from falling off a cliff, impaling himself on a stake and drowning in the water.

St Mungo or saint Kentigern as he is also known meets in a deserted place with a naked, hairy madman who is called Lailoken, although said by some to be called Merlynum or Merlin, who declares that he has been condemned for his sins to wander in the company of beasts. He adds that he had been the cause for the deaths of all of the persons killed in the battle fought on the plain between Liddel and Carwannok. Having told his story, the madman leaps up and flees from the presence of the saint back into the wilderness. He appears several times more in the narrative until at last asking St. Kentigern for the Sacrament, prophesying that he was about to die a triple death. After some hesitation, the saint grants the madman’s wish, and later that day the shepherds of King Meldred capture him, beat him with clubs, then cast him into the river Tweed where his body is pierced by a stake, thus fulfilling his prophecy.

In the natal chart Merlin represents the creative energy within us all as part of the natural world around us.  Merlin shows how we harmonise and express our connection to the earth and it’s cycles.



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