Asteroid Astraea 5 Goddess of Justice   Leave a comment


Betwixt ASTREA and the SCORPION signe,
Wherein all things created first he weighd,
The pendulous round Earth with ballanc’t Aire
In counterpoise, now ponders all events,

Astraea Goddess of Justice, purity and innocence was the last to leave the earth after the golden age, when she did she became the constellation Virgo and the Scales (Libra) were placed beside her.  Astraea represents moral values, reasoning and good judgement.  Astraea in the natal chart shows how we weigh up the options and choose the best course of action for us that fits into our moral values and beliefs.

Astraea tends to make aspects in pairs it often conjunct two planets or sextile a pair.  When this happens in the natal chart the individual is actively learning to balance different aspects of justice such as compassion and consequence.


Posted March 24, 2014 by neptune's Aura Astrology in asteroids

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