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Mars in Scorpio female’s perfect partner is intense, passionate and obsessive in love.  This is the Tango dancer, the Last Samurai living by his honour code and the way of his ancestors when the world around him has moved on.  This female recognises the passion in both, the fight for survival and the passion and intensity.

In ancient times the signs of Taurus and Scorpio represented the spring and autumn equinox.

The goddess Ereshkigal ruling the underworld and the non-productive part of the natural cycle when the earth reabsorbs the vegetation and recycles the nutrients.  Ereshkigal’s husband Gulganna the heavenly bull representing the fertile aspect of the cycle. Ereshkigal is often described as Innana’s (Venus) big sister and the Myth of Inanna and Dumuzi involves replenishing the earth through giving up the seven auras or energies of life itself.  Innana (Venus) herself gives up these auras and returns them to fertilise the soil before Dumuzi takes her place.  Mars in Scorpio understand the fertile cycle and Mars is a guardian of Agriculture who had festivals at the equinox’s. Mars understands the process of regeneration that Scorpio rules over, the death and rebirth of mother earth.

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