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Mars in Sagittarius ideal partner is fun-loving, adventurous and has a good sense of humour.  They are attracted to action and adventure, as well as ideas and natural exuberance.  Those with Mars in Sagittarius are naturally concerned with ethics and moral values.  They tend to question their values to see whether they reflect their ideals of what humanity could be.  Whatever their religious views are they will be well thought out and a true reflection of what their ideals of God and humanity are.

Those with Mars in Sagittarius no more seek to have sex bungy jumping than they seek to have sex in church.  Yes Mars in sagittarius loves adventure and risks, death slides and forest trails leading into the unknown they also have strong belief and ethical systems that does not mean that sex must be a religious experience anymore than a dangerous preplanned cheap thrill-seeking one.  Those with Mars in Sagittarius are spontaneous about displays of affection they love to hug, to express the joy they are feeling in the moment.

They do not expect their partners to put on a freak show for them or swing from the wardrobe – these are not natural expressions of exuberance, joy or happiness.  Those with Mars in Sagittarius tend to express their physical joy in more direct ways and have little patience with those that cannot respond as spontaneously or directly.  This is because for Mars in Sagittarius sex is supposed to be spontaneous fun, not something you hang from the door frame by your feet in order to check off a list of different positions.  Forget what other astrologers write you will not impress a Mars in Sagittarius with bedroom acrobatics just annoy them.  They don’t care what position they have sex in whether it is defined as ‘adventurous’ or not.  Not only will they not care they are unlikely to remember what position they had sex in because it is of no importance to them.

Similarly it is of no importance whether the lights are on or off, indoors or outdoors what is important to them is what they are feeling and being able to share that joy with another person.  If somebody with Mars in Sagittarius chooses to have sex with you it is because they want to share the joy of feeling like the universe is exploding and they are dissolving into their senses.  That is an honour, never something they take lightly or share with any old person.  Mars in Sagittarius don’t tend to do sex for the sake of sex, they prefer to masturbate rather than use a person simply as a means to an end.  This means when they choose to have sex with you that they specifically find something within your character or personality that attracts them and that they admire.  This means that whether your legs have been shaved, hair washed or whether you’re wearing the latest fashion is also of no importance.

If somebody with Mars in Sagittarius wants to have sex with you they will still feel that way whether or not you have just rolled in dung.  They will feel that way whether you have a small penis or a large one, whether you are inexperienced or experienced and they expect you to understand this.  For Mars in Sagittarius this is important because sex is about sharing the moment and they do not have sex because ‘we always have sex on a Wednesday’.  This means as always they will be bluntly honest, if they do not want to have sex they will say so and expect the same in return.  Mechanical sex is like fake hugs, Mars in sagittarius will feel it and it will chill their soul.  Just as they have little tolerance for those who hug for appearance rather than expression of joy or love they cannot tolerate sex without real expression.

This leads to a difficulty those in relationships with Mars in Sagittarius tend to experience and that is the swing of wanting to have sex with somebody 10 times a day to not at all and Mars in sagittarius tends to swing between both in their relationships.  Just be honest with them they will not want to have sex with you if you are not in the mood and if the problem is the other way round be honest with them.  They will not have sex if they are not in the mood but if you are honest enough to say you miss having sex with them and experiencing that joy you may just get a glimpse of how spontaneous that Mars in Sagittarius sex drive is.

Mars in Sagittarius are quite open minded about sex within limits, as said previously they want a relaxed and spontaneous partner rather than acrobatics in the bedroom.  However they will try most things once as long as a) it is not complicated and allows for spontaneity and b) it is fun and something they can laugh about if it goes wrong.  People with Mars in Sagittarius tend to have a sense of humour about sex but they will not make derogatory jokes about partners or criticise them.  On the contrary although brutally frank they seldom find sex unsatisfactory in part this is because they are likely to tell, ask or show a partner what they want and part because they are also very comfortable with their body and nudity in general.  Mars in Sagittarius is quite comfortable with the fact bodies are physical and flawed things they do not seek physical perfection just a partner comfortable to expose and express their bodies with them because Mars in sagittarius is a physical sign and expresses itself more by physical actions of hugs and touching than by words.  More importantly sex is generally an awe inspiring experience for those with Mars in sagittarius and they want to share the wonder and joy of having a body with you.

Dating a Mars in Sagittarius means getting ready for some rough and tumble, they love being picked up and swung about as well as walks especially if they leave the modern world behind and are in a place where sight and sound of civilisation is gone.  Adventure parks no matter how old they are and if they have wolves or other wild animals all the better.  Death slides, bungee jumping, nature trails, ruined buildings in the forest, derelict buildings with trees growing through the roof, castles, towers, all things old and reverting back to nature enthrall them.  Share your loves, passions and ideals.  They also love dancing, if you are not into dancing you will impress them by saying so and suggesting they have a night out with friends instead.  They love people who trust them and cannot cope in a relationship without trust, they will return and tell you who tried to chat them up and everything that happened.  Which is why Mars in Sagittarius is seldom unfaithful, their partner is their best friend and they want to share everything with them.

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Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter (Zeus). As the sky god Zeus had easy access to the women of the world and took full advantage of it. Also, his power as a supreme god made him difficult to resist. Prior to his marriage to Hera he was married first to Metis, then Themis. He was interested in Demeter but she resisted him. His third wife was Mnemosyne. He was involved with Leto shortly before his marriage to Hera. The list of lovers after his final marriage, to Hera, is considerable: and include: Europa, Io, Ganymede, Callisto and Semele.

That said these individuals are NOT unfaithful and dishonest partners.  Whatever type of relationship they prefer whether open or monogamous they will be upfront and honest about it.  What they expect is the same honesty in return, if you feel that you are only comfortable in a monogamous relationship tell them no other Mars sign will understand your need to live by your own morals better.  If you are honest you will earn their respect and they will decide whether a relationship with you is worth re-examining their own attitudes and making a commitment to a monogamous relationship.  The same is also true of those who seek monogamous relationships if you are honest about wanting to see other people they too will examine their attitudes and whether they can accept a more open relationship.  What they cannot take is dishonest behaviour, because it is in their nature to share everything and that means a relationship based on trust, respect and true friendship.

Sagittarius corresponds with the God Pabilsag who has strong connections to the lost city of Larak as its patron deity.  Pabilsag was called the warrior of Enlil and had the body of a Scorpion and the upper portion of a man.  The meaning of his name like everything else about Pabilsag is uncertain. Much of his mythology is unknown and yet to be discovered something most Mars in Sagittarius will find interesting for they love to explore and investigate.  However there is a strong probability of Pabilsag representing a mythic primordial ancestor like Abraham a mythic source for the ethical and social values of the society we live in.

Those with Mars in Sagittarius are interested in people from different cultures and religions and are open minded about forming relationships with others of different belief systems.  That said just as they will be critical of those who share their cultural and religious belief systems they will be just as critical of others especially if they are focusing on the faults of other belief systems and ignoring their own.  For Mars in Sagittarius is very blunt about the hypocrisy of others, Janis Joplin has Mars in sagittarius and it shows in the lyrics of ‘Mercedes Benz’.

To understand Mars in Sagittarius in love turn to another Janis Joplin song, ‘Ball and Chain’.  For Mars in sagittarius love feels like having your soul possessed by another, and for a freedom loving sign this is quite terrifying, to discover your freedom and independence is an illusion that somebody can crush without them realising the power they have.  Many Mars in sagittarius will feel this instantly before they even know the person.  This causes a strong reaction because their instinct is to fight, not the person but the ideology of what they are experiencing.  They may also feel angry at the person even though they understand that in reality they have done nothing wrong and this is why many will run away until they have the space and time to sort out these strange and intense emotions they are experiencing.

For Mars in Sagittarius is willing to give up their freedom for a relationship but what they struggle with is the realisation that love is not a choice, that contrary to their belief system they experience love not as the meeting of minds and shared ideals but as something that strikes irrespective of the personal characteristics of the person.  To realise that you will love somebody regardless of whether or not they are a homicidal maniac or not shocks Mars in Sagittarius.  Mars the planet of our sexual desires is also the planet of our response to love and love shocks Mars in sagittarius for it clashes with their high ideals.

This is what lies behind many of those Jupiter myths, abandonment of lofty ideals and of what was held sacred for an intense desire that will not fade or abate even if it is unrequited, even if they do not respect or like the person and this is a struggle for Mars and Sagittarius for they must find meaning in their life through experiencing this loss of freedom and abandonment of the ideal; for ideals alone cannot give our life meaning.  Those with Mars in Sagittarius must find meaning in knowing that another has always possessed their soul since birth and that they were born powerless to change this, in giving up this freedom they find another.  Freedom to love, irrespective of whether they act upon this love or not.  Those with Mars in Sagittarius find meaning in their lives through knowing they were born to love another, born to love a fallible, faulty human with all their faults and flaws.  Born to love somebody who may not return that love, may die or may never truly know or understand them.  From understanding that love contains the intensity of loss, fear, jealousy, compulsion and anger and that this gives their lives as much meaning as their ideals and the beauty of the natural world that makes them feel alive they learn to see love not as a threat to their ideals but a companion to them.

Mars in sagittarius – a wedding is one day, marriage is for the rest of your life.

Nobody understands more than Mars in Sagittarius that behind the big frilly dress is the most serious commitment we are ever likely to make with exemption to having children.  Mars in sagittarius will never take either decision lightly and will not want to make that decision with anybody they feel cannot live up to the commitment including themselves.  It is not that Mars in Sagittarius never wants to get married but that they have more respect for its meaning than any other sign and will not marry unless they can honour that commitment fully.  For at heart Marriage is a religious sacrament like baptism and Mars in Sagittarius never takes religious sacraments lightly if they are baptised or married it is because they have fully committed to those sacraments and they are unlikely to do either to conform to societal standards without full commitment.

The wild bull with brindled thighs, whose house is noble! My king, the wild bull with brindled thighs, whose house is noble! Pabilsaj, the wild bull with brindled thighs, whose house is noble! His house, the house of Larag, is noble, his house is noble! His city, a mighty city, is abundant, and his house is noble! The warrior’s house is the house of Larag; Lord Pabilsaj’s city is a mighty city ……. His birthplace was the shrine Nibru ……. The place where he drank good milk was the house ……. From the place, the pure place, ……. Isin, the unique house ……. The place which the bull embraces ……. Like a scorpion rising up from among the thorns, he is a fearsome scorpion; like a wolf rising up from his lair, he is likely to growl; like a lion rising up in the pathway, he is likely to beat …….

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