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“My dear accept this dedication: it is given over, as it were blindfolded, but therefore undisturbed by any consideration, in sincerity.  Who you are I know not; where you are I know not; what your name is I know not.  yet you are my hope, my joy, my pride and my unknown honour.” – Kierkegaard from dedication to ‘That Single Individual’

This is dedicated to the millions of unique individuals who happen to share a common aspect, the Sun in Leo, but one who possesses this attribute amongst many other things.  This was written for you, solely for you the reader, when you read it I do not know.  I may be dead but this was still written for you the person who looked to the sky for meaning in their life and to their life.  Because you look for the meaning of you this is not a short trip but a journey, so get comfortable because this is a long but hopefully revealing read.

The sun is at the centre of our solar system it pulls or holds the planets in orbit around it.  The sun in astrology is similar it pulls together all the different aspects of our personality or consciousness to make a whole.  The sign the sun is in and house describes in general terms how our personality forms and develops throughout life.

Which sign and house it is in, in general ways tends to describe how our personality or consciousness forms and develops throughout life.  However we can only experience our own consciousness and in that sense our consciousness is unique, it is the only consciousness we will ever experience.

“Everything develops, differentiates, moving towards complexity and refinement and there are laws governing this process.  You are part of a whole.  When you know as much as possible about the whole, and about the laws of its development, you will understand your place in the world, and your own self.” – Tolstoy ‘A Confession’

The whole you are part of encompasses humanity and all life.  Symbolically that is represented by the Zodiac which your natal chart contains with the sun marking your own unique contribution to that whole. No person is a Leo, we all contain the Zodiac and the planets because their symbolism is common to us all.  We all contain the Zodiac, planets, states or elements, the masculine & feminine equally.  In interacting with each other we see these symbolic attributes interacting with each other and we all play all the signs and planets at different points and times in this interaction.

The sun also represents our drive to be valued, to contribute and feel valued for who we are.  This drive for appreciation is the drive to find our own greatness.  Some think it is in gaining power, some fame, some money, some spiritual recognition, some making academic discoveries – nobody can define your greatness for you it is something that is linked to finding your own meaning within your life.  Your greatness and the meaning of your life are defined uniquely by you and it is your own inner recognition of your meaning that makes you great and this is something you will strive for throughout your life.


Descartes ‘I think therefore I am’ represents our unique consciousness through which we experience the outer world.  It is subjective I experience the world from my perspective and you from your own perspective.  Just as we experience the sun rising from our own subjective view, objectively (materially or scientifically) the sun never rises or sets, it is the rotation of the earth that makes it appear the sun is rising or setting here on earth and we all experience this in different places and times.  Objectively it is impossible for anybody to have a sun sign since the sun does not rise at all it is impossible for it to rise in a constellation or sign.  Subjectively however we see rainbows, sunrise and sunsets and we find beauty and meaning within them all.  That is what consciousness is, the ability to find beauty and meaning within our lives.  Computers can translate different languages but they cannot find the beauty and meaning within poetry for that consciousness is needed.


The sun represents our unique consciousness in which we can only experience our own sunrises, sunsets, pain, sadness and happiness.  The sun thus has been associated with egocentricity because I only experience my pain although I can understand you feel pain too.  For me my pain takes priority it is the only pain I am experiencing and it has an urgency that your pain can never have for me.  Which is why it is almost impossible for us to inflict severe pain on ourselves although we can and do inflict it upon others.

This can sometimes be mistaken for self-centredness but our consciousness is our soul, spirit, ghost, mind or the immaterial aspect of ourselves.  This is not something separate from the material world if it were I would not be able to raise my arm for my arm is a material object made of atoms, electrons, quarks and bosons.  I have a spiritual or nonmaterial existence some call the soul, ghost, mind or consciousness and in astrology this is represented by the sun which appears to us to rise and set each day or to be subjective born and die each day although it does neither.  In the moments between life and death we find our own meaning and greatness like the homeless woman (see picture above).

The sun also represents free will.  My arm does not rise due to a material chain reaction that started with the ‘Big Bang’ but because I or my consciousness wills it to rise.  Our sun represents our will to be as Nietzsche called it or our consciousness.  For Nietzsche our will to be is the only important aspect of who we are, in the sense we will ourselves into becoming who we are and in this becoming we find our own meaning, ethics and values within our own subjective lives.

For Nietzsche ‘God is dead’ refers to how we understand our own consciousness.  God is conscious and made us conscious in his image, we find meaning in rainbows because God placed meaning within rainbows as a sign of his promise.  The God of consciousness and meaning was killed by science we have his blood on our hands.  Our subjective view was merely illusion and the objective view of science reality.  This God had died and for Nietzsche the only way forward was for us to create our own meaning, ethics and values in our lives. Our will to be our own unique form of greatness, living within our own convictions, meanings and ethics.

The sun represents our own unique consciousness (our subjectivity).  Just as you cannot experience my pain you cannot tell what I find offensive.  The swastika for example may be offensive to some because they associate it with Nazi ideology however for others they may associate it with the original Indian mythology and have a completely different view.  This is because we as conscious beings create symbols to which we attach meaning.  This is what astrology is it is not science it does not deal with the material that is astronomy and physics; astrology is the meaning we ascribe to stars and planets in the sky as symbols that we relate to as conscious beings.  Neither Saturn or Mercury can physically cause your computer to break but they do symbolise how we can consciously perceive these events.  We perceive mercury going retrograde because that’s what it looks like from our perspective on Earth (subjective) but in the actual material world (objective or scientific) Mercury does not go retrograde none of the planets change direction of orbit or enter constellations.  So we say Mercury is retrograde because it appears to us that it is and we are right to do so.

C S Lewis puts this best in ‘Voyage of The Dawn Treader’ when Eustace say that in our world stars are giant balls of gas, and Aslan replies even in our world that is not what stars are only what they are made of.  What they are is subjective, desire comes from desiderate – (star descended below the horizon) desire for the star that is no longer visible and all our desires are subjective.  The two brightest ‘stars’ in the sky are Venus and Jupiter symbols of love, hope and faith.  (1 Corinthians 13:13 – And now these three remain faith, hope and love.  But the greatest of these is love. )  What Venus and Jupiter are to us is symbolic and meaningful. What the Sun, moon and planets are made of is objective and is part of astronomy what they mean to us as symbols of our consciousness that is astrology.

For it is our consciousness that defines humanity, Data in Star Trek is alive because he has consciousness despite being non organic. Do you remember your first pet and how you loved it before you knew what death felt like.  That is the sun our consciousness grasping symbolism of Pluto, Scorpio and the 8th house – something we will all do in life irrespective of our different horoscopes.  Part of consciousness is grasping that we exist and one day we will cease to exist, Data in star Trek grasps this and fears non existence yet he sacrifices his existence for the benefit of others and this makes him not only conscious but human for he finds meaning in the sacrifice and his existence and death loses its sting.

Facts are objective, truths are subjective and unique to ourselves.  astrology and the natal chart represent our unique subjective truths about what it is to be alive, to live and experience the material world and all the other conscious beings in it.  I usually perceive the Saturn transits as dropping things, the reality is I have faulty collagen and muscle spasms.  Saturn does not make me drop things but when I am conscious of Saturn I am more conscious of my genetic condition; my reality of life.  I say Saturn is making me drop things and I am right to do so, for like sunsets and sunrises this is how it appears to me.  In astrology we have the sun and the stars moving because this is how it appears to us, we say the sun is rising and never the Earth is rotating.  We have a rising sign (ascendant) not a rotating earth sign.

‘Does not wisdom cry out, and understanding lift up her voice?’

Sun in Leo allows us to develop an energetic, magnetic and responsive personality.  If we consider the four elements to be rather the four (normal) states of matter then earth = solid, water = liquid, air = gas and fire = plasma.  Plasma occurs naturally in flames and during lightning so we can say that fire signs can be both electrifying and fiery at times because they are highly reactive.  Plasma is the energy state above air and in this state gases become ionised or positively charged.  Ionised gases are attracted to negatively charged atoms and they will also attract them – gas states are (electro) magnetic.  Not only are they magnetic personalities but they tend to be driven by instant attractions and repulsions.  They have excess energy to burn and just like the electrons released during plasma state they cannot return to the equilibrium of balance within the atom until that energy is released.  Electrons can release this energy as light, and fire signs also tend to shine when energised and can illuminate a room especially in the process of bonding where they may cast multicoloured rainbows.  However for them to retain some balance in their lives it is essential for them to find a cause or project in which they can use up their ample energy in meaningful ways.

Just as all matter changes state so do we except for the fixed signs.  The sun in Leo is fixed to the energy state of fire.  This is important because all energy dissipates.  If you put ice (solid or earth) and steam (air or gas) together you will eventually get water (liquid) when their temperatures reach equilibrium – the solid or earth cools the gas or air and the air or gas warms the earth.  Other people and planets can change our energy state unless it is fixed.  Fixed signs remain fixed by either heating or cooling down the other.  Sun in leo heats, it is the sun on a warm summer day, it shines and warms the other.  However it cannot change the energy state of the other fixed signs.  Aquarius will send a lightening bolt to clear the air, Scorpio will cool its heels by stinging it and Taurus will send Venus to chill them out and if that doesn’t work the horns will go down and they will chase them off their earth.  They cannot reach equilibrium with each other only recognise that they cannot change the other and this is dynamic for fixed signs because changing the other is what comes naturally to them.  It is also exciting and challenging because they cannot change each other.

When it comes to the cardinal signs they are always striving to be and remain their energy state, that means cardinal fire sign of Aries finds it easy to stay in its state without having to strive with Sun in Leo.  Sometimes Aries can demand that Leo sunshine, this is because Aries has to work extremely hard at maintaining its energy state.  If we think of the sun in Aries it is striving to warm the earth after the coldness of winter, that is hard work.  The fixed signs do not have to strive they are doing what comes naturally to them, and Aries recognises this.   However for the other cardinal signs it is much more challenging.  When the sun enters Capricorn for example it is the shortest day, Capricorn is striving to become winter to become earth or solid energy state.  It is not helped by the sun in Leo trying to warm that earth or solid back up, it cannot understand why the Sun in Leo would want to do such a thing when he is trying to make winter come.  The sun in Leo cannot understand why anybody or any planet would not want to be summer.  Cancer is striving to be water, too much sunny Leo turns it to steam and it has to withdraw, to rebalance its energy state Sun in Leo forces Cancer to strive even harder.  Cancer does not understand why Sun in Leo is constantly trying to exhaust it by making it work twice as hard and Leo doesn’t understand why Cancer the sign of the summer solstice doesn’t love that summer sun.  Libra the sign that is striving to become autumn and air in equilibrium or balance, copes better with Sun in Leo as long as it does not throw everything out of balance.  The odd sunny day in september is beautiful but September is not summer.

Finally we get to Sun in Leo’s relationship to those with mutable signs.  Mutable signs are born at the end of a season they are born into change and they accept it.  Mutable signs by nature turn into the energy state that suits them best at a particular moment it just happens that Gemini prefers air or gas, Virgo prefers earth or solid, Sagittarius prefers fire or plasma and Pisces prefers water.  Not only will they change energy state they can also change to cardinal or fixed if it is in their interest at that moment to do so.  They are the shapeshifters of mythology.  Mutable signs naturally do what fixed signs naturally can’t and that makes them a tricky concept to grasp for fixed signs.  There is something magical about all shapeshifters but there is always doubt about whether their sorcery is good or evil.  It is neither.  This is especially true of Gemini and Pisces; it is easy for Gemini to be water, air or fire just as it is easy for Pisces to be earth, water or air.  It is much harder for Virgo as an earth sign to become fire or air, the same is true of Sagittarius as a fire sign it is much harder to become earth or water.  Sun in Leo trust these two mutable signs the most, because Sagittarius is in its own energy state it is easiest.  Because Virgo is naturally in a earth or water state it is much more difficult.  Pisces is the most difficult because it can become air and lull Sun in Leo into a false sense of security.  It is only when Pisces changes into earth or water does sun in Leo get a sense that they are out of their depths.  Gemini is a lot easier for them to handle and Gemini will find it fun being Aries, Sagittarius or even Leo for a while.  However unlike Aries, Gemini really doesn’t need that Leo sunshine to help it strive to be fire like Aries does and it is quite happy to revert back.  Sun in Leo senses this and it quite likes being needed to brighten up the world.

Is the Sun in Leo really unchangeable, astrology is subjective it is how we subjectively experience reality and our own consciousness, we subjectively experience fixed signs as being set in their ways.  Objectively there is no way of knowing for we cannot experience each other objectively.  This is true for all the sun signs, it is how we subjectively experience them.

‘She takes her stand at the top of the high hill, Beside the way, where the paths meet.’

Sun in Leo is also fixed sign which means that although the personality can and does change throughout the stages in life once they find their form within a stage they tend to remain fixed and do not like change.  What is meant by fixed signs is about the position during the seasons the sun enters a sign.  The cardinal signs begin at spring equinox, summer solstice, autumnal equinox and winter solstice – these points represent the beginning of seasons.  The fixed signs follow the cardinal signs and represent the midpoint of that season, with the mutable signs at the end of seasons.  Leo represents the midpoint of summer it is not becoming summer, it is summer and it is not becoming autumn like the mutable Virgo.  Sun in Leo is summer: warm, bright, sunny, relaxing, fun and lively.

Fixed signs are also fixed because they are fixed in history to the time of the Sumerians, Ancient Egyptians and Babylonians.  The mythology of the fixed signs is fixed to the period in history when the sun rose at the spring equinox in Taurus, at the summer solstice in Leo, at autumnal equinox in Scorpio and at the winter equinox in Aquarius.  At this time the mythology and symbolism of the constellations were very important as they were calandar markers of the natural cycle.  These signs are fixed because of the importance of their symbolic meaning to these people at this time and even Timelords cannot change fixed points in time and space.

Eventually the constellations on the horizon at the sunrise of the equinoxes and solstices changed to those of the cardinal signs.  This was literally a revolution of the heavens and as with all revolutions people strive to cope with the change.  Thus the cardinal signs do not just strive to be the new season they also strove to develop the mythological importance of the fixed signs.  Aries replaced Taurus as the start of the zodiac, but they did not gain the same mythological value as the fixed signs we can say that the cardinal signs are still striving for this.

Aries strove to come into being, as one of the faintest constellations it was very minor prior to this point and was called the Agrarian worker, pagan, redneck, plebeian or yokel.  The constellation representing the ‘uncultured and uneducated’, the  peasant strove to claim its place as the centre of importance in this new era.  I am and I want my voice heard, this voice was new, the Age of Taurus saw agriculture development and practice on a large scale which cause people to develop class systems and ownership that previously did not exist – it created the peasant.  Thus the sign of Aries is ruled by Mars the drive to live which we experience with our first breath.  The planet of the spring equinox had moved from Venus symbol of hedonism (earthly pleasures) to Mars symbol of survival.

The spring was no longer a time of bounty and hedonism to be shared among us all.  The peasant would not experience its hedonism his lot was the constant striving for survival whilst the rich and powerful would experience hedonism like never before.  The elite were not about to let the peasant rule the age and so the symbol of the agrarian worker became the ram.  Enki whose waters were the abzu/apsu (Aquarius) was represented as the sea goat Capricorn in the zodiac. Ancient Egypt had his equivalent Knum God of the source of the river nile and creator of mankind which they represented with rams horns.

The Mesopotamians used Dumuzid the shepherd.  “Inanna spoke I bathed for the wild bull, I bathed for the shepherd Dumuzid”.  Inanna or Venus not only has Dumuzid Abzu replace the wild bull she has him take on its aspects.  “As the farmer let him make the fields fertile.  As the shepherd let him make the sheepfolds multiply, under his reign let there be vegetation, under his reign let their be rich grain.”  Dumuzid becomes the symbol of the spring equinox although his month begins with the first full moon after the summer solstice just after his mid way exile to the underworld.

This is an apt time for Dumuzid spends 6 months in the underworld and 6 months in the heavens, he is celebrated at the time of the crayfish or crab whose symbol is yin and yang or balance.  More importantly it is the sign of returning to balance from the greatest imbalance, that of the longest day – the day of the sun and yet Cancer takes the moon for its ruler.  All the cardinal signs are striving to return to balance or maintain balance.  Capricorn begins on the shortest day, the darkest day the day of sleep and dreams but it has Saturn the cold hard facts of life and not Neptune the dreamer as its ruler.  Neptune does not appear until Pisces when we move once again closest to the equinox, it is dangerous to sleep in the deepest, coldest darkness lest we never wake up; a world that is too cold is a dangerous one.  The only way to return to balance of spring equinox is for winter to come and thus Capricorn strives to become winter, that spring may arrive.

When the heavens revolve once more and the sun rises in the constellation of Pisces at spring equinox the change goes almost without notice.  There is no change in the sign representing the start of the Zodiac.  Pisces and Neptune are part of the mythology of what the Sumerians called the goddess Tiamat the great sea dragon.  During the ‘Age of Taurus’ Thuban (snake, serpent or dragon) a star in the Draco constellation was the pole star and it appeared from earth as though a great snake or dragon was wrapped around the earth’s axis.  The Tiamat ruled the celestial sea in which the stars sailed.  The area of the sky from sagittarius to Pisces is still called the sea, Thuban was the Tiamat’s rib which held the heavens aloft and from where the sky revolved. Thuban means serpent as does Eve.  The constellation Draco appeared to be wrapped around the Earth’s axis with Thuban, Eve marking the point from which the heavens rotated.  Thus the biblical story has two serpents Eve or Thuban the rib of the Tiamat or Draco constellation.

Pisces becoming the constellation of the equinox was not a great rise in the mythology of the Tiamat, for the Tiamat had fell from its place at the centre of the world just as the great goddess had fallen from her place at the centre of our world.  This fall from grace is marked in the old testament and Babylonian mythology when Marduk slays the Tiamat, Isaiah: 27:1 In that day the Lord with his great and strong sword will punish Leviathan the fleeing serpent, Leviathan the twisting serpent, and he will slay the dragon that is in the sea.  Revelation 20:2 And he seized the dragon, that ancient serpent who is the devil and Satan, and bound him for a thousand years.  Thuban fell from its place as the pole star as part of the precession of the equinoxes in which the axial tilt varies from 22 – 24 degrees Vega has also been our pole star along with the current polaris.

Thus Pisces remained at the end of the Zodiac and the signs no longer matched the constellations, Pisces as the great Tiamat was an ending not a beginning.



This means that the signs no longer correspond to the constellations any long but to the solar cycle.  Although the constellations no longer hold the same mythological value the points of the equinoxes and solstice do.  at the summer solstice the sun is at its furthest point north 23.5 degrees in winter the sun goes 23.5 degrees south planets beyond this point are called Out of Bounds (OOB) in astrology.  Note this is the declination degree (N or S) and not the degree of the sign.  Planets beyond the 23.5 degree North are said to be ruled by Enlil who was represented by the constellation and sign of Leo.  Planets beyond 23.5 degree south are ruled by Enki represented by the Constellations of Aquarius and Capricorn.  Planets on the 0 declination or celestial equator are said to be ruled by Inanna and Anu Venus and Uranus.

Leo is fixed in the sense that it it is not striving to become summer it is summer in all of its glory and it is not changing season.   The sun in Leo is summer, in this sense those with sun in Leo are not becoming or changing they already are.  Although their personality or consciousness is constantly expanding and is very dynamic they carry a sense of always being within them.

‘For Wisdom is more precious than rubies, and nothing you desire can compare to her.’

In mythology Leo is the constellation of Enlil, Lord of breath, wind or spirit that leaves the body with our last breath.  If you already see a connection to the sun as our consciousness, spirit, mind, soul that will explain why the Sun rules Leo.  This is the sign of what it means to be conscious, subjective and alive experiencing life.  Enlil as the god of wind is the God of spirit, height and breadth he represents the vast consciousness of life which humanity is part of.  Enlil was called ‘King of Lands’, ‘king of Heaven and Earth’ and ‘Father of the Gods’ he was seen as the ultimate example of kingship and the sign / constellation of Leo is associated even now with royalty as is the symbolism of the rampant Lion.

Enlil is also the God of weather or storm God and after creating man to serve him, he tried to destroy them with a flood.  As a storm God Enlil is linked to Baal and Set.  Set is victim to a misfortune of history in Egyptian mythology. Both Sett and Horus were linked with royalty in egyptian culture until the Hykos.

The Hykos were people of mixed origins from western Asia that invaded Egypt (either peacefully through migration or by war) and took control.  Prior to this there was already an independent Canaanite realm on the eastern nile delta and its chief god was baal, the Canaanites lived peacefully with the egyptian population.  The Hykos also worshipped Baal and he became associated with Seth or Set and it is then that Apophis or Apepi the Hykos pharaoh worshipped only Sett and no other god.  After the Hykos were driven out by the Egyptians into the Sinai the mythology of Set became one with that of the Hykos and Semitic / Asian population.

 Set the God of desert storms, violence, disorder and foreigners became the Usurper that killed his own brother.  Set that guarded the sun God Ra from Apep the god of chaos as he sailed his boat across the celestial sea.  This is important aspect of sun in Leo for it brings the capacity to become notorious and vilified just as much as the capacity to become famous and celebrated.  That is because the sun in Leo is about impacting the subjective consciousness of others and that is not always a positive thing.

Aswan in Egypt is set at 24 degrees North 0.6 degrees off from the exact position of the sun at the summer solstice.  Aswan is the gate to Egypt its most southern city and the first city the water of the nile passes through.  The Nile as the source of life reaching Aswan first has mythological and religious bearing.  Nabta Playa is at 22.5 degrees North exactly one degree from the position of the sun at the summer solstice.  Nabta Playa is an ancient site dating back to 6000 BC, it has stone circle mapping position of important stars and burial chambers as well as ritually slaughtered cattle remains.  Long before the summer solstice sun rose in the constellation of Leo it may have had vital mythological importance relating to beliefs around life and death.  In the northern hemisphere the point of the axial tilt marks true north, where our modern day pole star Polaris sits, eternally in the night sky with all the stars revolving around him. Stars near the pole are the eternal ones in Egyptian mythology and related to eternal life, the sun bringer of the energy that sustains life on this planet is also related to life – there would be no life on this planet without it.  This connection of the summer solstice to life and eternal life may be why the pyramids were supposedly built to point towards the constellation of Leo.


‘I Wisdom dwell together with prudence; I possess knowledge and discretion.’

Those with the sun in Leo are very aware of what makes an impact on their own subjective consciousness and they seek to make similar impact on others, this means that depending on what impacts their own subjective consciousness that impact may be deep, profound and creative or crass, shallow and thoughtless – those with the sun in Leo tend to reflect or contradict society and we live in a shallow celebrity culture.   This means that those with the sun in Leo may appear to be dramatic, narcissistic and shallow if this is how they see our consciousness being impacted the greatest.

They of course may appear to be the opposite of those things but appearances are deceptive when it comes to sun in Leo it may be the one who appears shallow that thinks in great depth and the one who appears selfless that is indeed selfish.  Sun in Leo can blind others with its light and that means few seldom see it directly which is why the sun in Leo is also the mark of a great actor for it makes us see what it wants us to see.  Usually the image it projects is a regal one for those with the sun in Leo often have the need to be worshipped and adored often due to insecurities within themselves.

When those with the sun in Leo are secure and comfortable with who they are, they are able to really shine as warm and loving individuals with a great sense of fun.  However royalty especially has to act a role; they have to shine in public even when it feels as if it is raining inside, and as the regal sign this is often the case with Leo they feel forced to shine no matter what is happening personally.

As Leo represents Enlil lord of breath or spirit it is also the sign of creativity in particular it represents creating meaning within our lives which again links it with acting, characters in plays are created to give meaning to different themes, love, jealousy, betrayal and ambition.  Through exploration of these themes within our lives we find our own unique meaning and purpose.  Through experiencing these diverse emotions and betraying our own ethical standards we find compassion for the whole because we understand our own ethical failings.  In this place between our failings and our own personal meaning to life is our greatness.  In essence this is what sun in Leo is all about coming to an understanding of our own unique greatness and contribution to the whole and appreciating its importance.

In mythology Enlil is connected to Ninlil his wife the cereal goddess represented by Virgo.  They give birth to the moon, which represents nurturing: our environment from conception to death, our family, culture, community and nationality.  This is the largest part of who we consider ourselves to be and the greatest contribution to our own search for meaning.  It is through our family and community we first experience consciousness beyond our own or the whole.  It is through our nationality we connect with the land we live on as part of it and its people.


Our personality or consciousness is like a wormhole through time and space, it is who we are from birth to death.  It is in constant change yet we feel ourselves to be the same person as the day before this is due to the sun which gives us a sense of self consistency.  The sun provides self consistency as well as holding the planets of our solar system together.

Leo is a masculine sign this has nothing to do with gender, sexual orientation or sexuality but describes an aspect of human consciousness.  Masculine in this sense describes human attributes, the drives necessary for physical and psychological health; drive to take risks, to survive, to expand knowledge, to find romantic / physical relationships and to have self worth.

Leo is the drive to find our own self worth and value as conscious beings with our own value systems, ethics and convictions.  It is the drive to excel at simply being our true selves and valuing our consciousness as the precious gift it is.  The sun is also masculine and represents the drive to shine – this is often easier in Leo than any other sign of the zodiac.

Leo is ruled by the sun.  usually this is where I would describe the ruling planet of the sign, but this has already been done in detail.  To have the ruling planet in a sign gives it more power in the natal chart, the Sun as a luminary (it lights up the sky) is already powerful.  Leo the sign although not ruled by Jupiter is connected to it. Hercules the son of Jupiter wears the skin of the Nemean Lion or constellation Leo.

Jupiter represents drive to take risks and gamble.  It drives us to explore the unknown and to create our own ethical belief system based on our own life experiences.  It drives us to find God or the sacred through our interaction with the world around us.  It drives us to live life to the fullest as part of a group, society or whole.  It is the drive to be part of something larger than the self, the whole and find our meaning from that experience.  We may do this in many ways whether that is a religion, a cause, a football or sports team, political movement or alternative lifestyle.  Jupiter drives us to form sacred meaning within our social existence.  Whether we are worshipping a football team or God, it is the social aspect of sharing the sacred with each other that gives our life meaning whether that ritual is communion or celebrating a goal.  This aspect has a dangerous side the shared ritual and euphoria can lead people to behave differently towards others.  The Nazis and the KKK both used this social sacred euphoria to encourage acceptance of unethical behaviour.  However it is not something that can or should be dismissed those who heard Martin Luther King give his ‘I have a Dream’ speech also experienced this.  It is there when people gather to demonstrate, to protest and to ‘change the world’.

“Faith is a knowledge of the meaning of human life, the consequences of which is that man does not kill himself but lives.  Faith is the force of life.  If a man lives then he must believe in something…without faith it is impossible to live.” – Tolstoy ‘A confession’

The sun & Leo represent our consciousness and as conscious beings we must have faith and belief, to live we must find meaning which is why Jupiter is so closely connected with Leo for part of our greatness is our faith, hope and belief.

That faith, hope and belief needs to be towards an ideal (Jupiter) and not ourselves (sun).  We cannot save the world, it has never needed saving by us.  What we can do is try to live by our ideals and fail.  We will fail every day to live by those ideals, but in trying we will become more aware of who we are and why we all fail.

We cannot make ourselves elect that is the story of ‘DR Jekyll and Mr Hyde’.  The elect are damned,they have put themselves beyond the consequences of their actions, beyond the consequences of their beliefs.  The 99 saved sheep were elect or saved and because of this they were beyond the consequence of their thoughts and actions that is why the 1 lost sheep is the only one Jesus could reach, the only one not to put himself or herself beyond their ideals, the only one to recognise those ideals were failed.  When we reject what is failed within us, we created Mr Hyde the monster that has always been our true face hidden from ourselves.  To cut ourselves off from our Mr Hyde is always to give him the power to act without consequence.

Nature recycles everything stardust, comets, mud and shit and we are all made of both the amazing and the disgusting.  We cannot get rid of the mud and shit without stopping flowers from blooming.  We cannot have the ideal without destroying what is beautiful and life itself.  Our ideals are what we aim for not what we achieve, our ideals would destroy the planet not save it.  We have no ideals that can save anything but ourselves from ourselves.  We save ourselves by failing them and letting flowers grow, by taking death’s sting away and making it powerless.  We save ourselves when we face death before abandoning our ideals the ones that we have failed.

That is Leo’s message we have a first breath and a last breath, and at that last breath we shall still be made of as much mud and shit as we are made of stardust and comets.  For we can’t become an ideal or live up to one, we can only ever sacrifice ourselves for them.  In doing so we will only ever save one person and that is ourselves.

For we will have to chosen only to exist with meaning rather than existence at all costs, we will have chosen what meaning our life had.  Leo the lion gave his life to become the cape of Hercules (Ideal) not for you and me but for himself.  He chose the freedom of death for him not you or me, he cannot die to give us freedom we have to choose it.  We choose the freedom of death or we chose to prioritise loved ones by living but it is always for us that we do so for whatever meaning we find greatest.  In the end whichever choice we make we shall still be made of as mud and shit as comets and stardust – we will just have decided what meaning we gave to all of them.  Whether we grew flowers or made our own Mr Hyde.

‘By me kings reign and rulers issue decrees which are just’

Jupiter represents our drive to express and develop our belief systems and values.  Whether that is religious, academic, political or sports.  It is also the drive to gamble and take risks in life to gain the most from our experiences.  Jupiter is also the instinct to play and be naturally curious and through this instinctive drive we learn about ourselves and our environment.  when children play they develop their own rules and set of ethics as a group agreement.  In this way Jupiter represents ethics and religion as group agreements that we develop together.  Jupiter drives us to be part of a social group to take risks together, to form our own rules and meaning from life as an adventure.  It is the drive to enjoy ourselves whilst we are still alive – eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we shall die.

Jupiter along with Uranus (ruler of Leo’s opposite sign Aquarius) represent the sacred masculine aspect of the personality.  both represent two different types of sky god the impersonal and the personal.  Uranus as the heavens is responsible for the revolution of the heavens, that mark seasons and time this is impersonal as is the wisdom symbolised in understanding time and location due to the position of the stars in the sky.  Jupiter represents a personal sky god who takes an active interest in humanity and ethics the sky god who we can have a relationship with who has faults and flaws and thus compassion for our own faults and flaws.  Jupiter also symbolises symbols or the ability as conscious beings to find abstract meaning in objects.

Although Uranus represents the impersonal sky God he rules revolution and revolutionary events which are important to us for revolution is the discovery of unknown aspects of ourselves that we did not know we did not know. Or put simply before electronics people didn’t know that they didn’t know about it, nobody in the middle ages was hoping one day we would understand more about nuclear power because they didn’t know that they didn’t know about nuclear power.  Rituals of the sacred masculine often involve interactions with nature such as camping in the wilderness.  although they often have elements of developing Mars survival instincts it is usually a means of learning to take appropriate risks and to gamble.  By doing so we learn our own ethical meaning of being in the world and part of humanity, it is also a means of developing independence and new skills as well as a revolutionary event in life where we gain new understanding of ourselves.

Jesus descent into the wilderness is a sacred symbolic masculine event.  Pascal’s night of fire where he discovers the God of Abraham and Isaac is not the God of the Greek philosophers and scholars but an unknown and unknowable god is a Uranus moment as much as his pressure laws.  Uranus as the impersonal God is unknown and unknowable, Jupiter as a personal God is like Jesus a figure we can relate to personally as part of who we are.That does not mean Uranus is not part of who we are it means Uranus is the part of ourselves that is unknown and unknowable.

Those with sun in Leo know all the world’s a stage and that they are actors on it however they may get blinded at times by their own stardust and forget it is the ideals within the play and not the actors that make it great.


‘I love those that love me, and those who seek me diligently find me’

As already stated the personality is a wormhole through space and time.  it is the sun that gives it a sense of consistency and of always being the self.  We do not waken each day to experience red or grass in completely different ways.  Our personality or consciousness experiences phenomena in a consistent way.  Chairs always look like chairs and faces like faces unless we have had brain damage, taken hallucinogenic substances or experience a psychotic episode.  When we think I’ll lift my arm it goes up in the same way as it did the day before unless we have had an injury.  We walk out of doors the same way without thinking; what is this thing, can I open it, how do you open it and do I have the strength to open it.   We walk out of doors without thinking and often without being consciously aware of what we are doing.  We do not see peoples faces age suddenly unless we have not seen them for a long period, this is because our consciousness is consistent even during change and we are unconscious of change itself on a daily basis.  The sun is responsible for our sense of self consistency even though we and everybody else is changing daily through out our lives.  The sun in Leo wormhole could be said to be one in which we are very aware of our own consciousness but unaware of it changing.

As said at the beginning it is the sun that holds all the planets of our solar system together because Leo is a fixed sign this hold is more firm than the other fire signs, plasm as a state makes up 99% of the known universe.  Stars, stellar and extragalactic jets, magnetospheres and ionospheres of the planets all plasma.  Leo represents the plasma of the sun our star and that is fixed to life on earth.  For earth to be a living planet the sun has to have a degree of consistency.

‘My fruit is better than gold, even better than fine gold and my yield than choice silver’

Leo is also a masculine sign this has nothing to do with gender, sexual orientation or sexuality but describes drives common to all humanity.  Here it is the drive to act on the stage of life and to be part of the drama that is life on earth. It is the drive simply to be and to express that being consciously in words and actions.  It is the drive to be acknowledged as a conscious being and as part of humanity.  The drive to find our own role and to play it to the best of our abilities.

This makes the teenage years especially important for the sun in Leo for it is at this time and often afterwards that they are investigating the various roles they could play and as they try on costumes they look for the best fit, the role that seems to suit their acting abilities and it is vital they have the time to invest in this.

When those with the sun in Leo are struggling with this they can adopt their opposite attribute the moon in Taurus.  Taurus represents a change from hunter gather societies to agriculture, possessions, politics and role play.  The moon in Taurus is rarely blinded by any of it, lies, illusions or power.  Moon in Taurus keeps her feet on the ground and remembers we are all stardust, comets, mud and shit.  That what is important is to be loved, fed, clothed and cared for.

Moon in Taurus is not blinded by all that sparkles whether they are possessions or ideals, she knows the limits of both and that they do not make us in the slightest bit different to anybody else on the planet.  What impresses moon in Taurus is how we care for each other, what we create from our possessions and ideals, how we make the most of what we have.  Moon in Taurus seeks to create things of lasting value that will nurture future generations.  Instant gratification or recognition are unimportant, it is the consistency of quality, care and expertise over the long haul that matters.  Sun in Leo would do well to learn that it is the contribution through out our lives that matter and not whether we are valued in the moment, for the moment is always in constant change.


‘When he established the heavens I was there’

The sun is at the centre of our solar system it holds the planets in orbit.  Similarly the sun in astrology holds the planets together to form a united view of what it is for us to be human with a consistent self identity.  By understanding in general how the sun in Leo relates to the different planets it holds in orbit by gain deeper understanding of it.

‘when he made firm the skies above’

The male planets are Sun, Mars, Jupiter and Uranus.

The sun symbolises our will to be or our consciousness, our drive to excel and shine in life when we have difficulty expressing this we are more likely to express this drive negatively through our moon in an exaggerated demand for continuous nurturing and expression of emotional insecurities.

Mars represents our basic instinctual drives for food, shelter and sex.  These survival instincts and drives are controlled by the oldest parts of our brain for good reason, they are the drive all life is controlled by.  Mars represents the biological imperative – to reproduce and all survival instincts stem from this biological imperative.  This includes our maternal and paternal instincts for reproduction itself is meaningless unless what we reproduce, itself reproduces and this is what is measured in biological fitness.  Mars does not rule survival of the fittest that is not biological but a business or economic belief based on a misunderstanding of biological fitness.

Most Mars instincts are unconscious such as breathing and this is where the difficulty with Mars and the sun in Leo lies for sun in Leo can struggle with accepting those instincts that are not conscious as part of who they are, as important as conscious urges and the main motivation for all of our actions.  This can be helped if they realise these instincts are not base animal instincts but the foundation of life itself which far from base is a miraculous occurrence that we are privileged to be part of.

This is easier when natal Mars is in Aries, Sagittarius, Gemini and Libra.  It is more of a direct issue that will be dealt with through out life when natal Mars is in Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. When natal Mars is in either Cancer or Virgo Sun in Leo has difficulties recognising its Mars expressions for what they are and this is especially true of their desire to nurture.  When Natal Mars is in Capricorn or Pisces the Sun in Leo has difficulty in understanding where their Mars expression comes from and its purpose in their lives.  Our desire to nurture is a desire to stay alive in some form, not only in passing on DNA but passing on of what is most meaningful to us, our value, ideals and dreams.  Mars is not just sex and violence but nurture and all driven by the same ulterior motive, to exist and to remain existing in some form.

When Mars instincts are blocked this can be expressed negatively through uncontrolled Venus hedonism.

As already stated Sun in Leo has an affinity with Jupiter and in general has little difficulty with its expression.  However if this expression is blocked it is likely to be expressed negatively through Neptune as escapism, unrealistic expectations, illusion and disillusionment.

 Uranus represents our drive for individuality, originality, intellectual creativity and inventiveness.  uranus represents the drive to develop skills and knowledge throughout life.  As children we learn to dress and feed ourselves, then we learn to go certain distance outside without adult supervision.  Throughout life this development goes hand in hand with Uranus opposite planet Pluto which governs emotional development and maturity.  Uranus represents the impersonal sky god that is unknown and unknowable,  this also represents a part of our own consciousness that is unknown and unknowable to us.  However because Uranus is unknown and unknowable to us it is represented in sudden and surprising events or behaviours we display.

Uranus is the moment we do the thing we claimed we would never do, the thing we have sat in judgement of others for.  The impersonal sky god that always reminds us to judge not lest ye be judged.  Because Uranus is generational in signs, this judgement is a generational one and if you think your generation will be different it will not make the same mistakes as past generations you are right.  it will make its own mistakes and these are unknown and unknowable, but you will be judged on them in the same way that you have judged past generations and found them wanting.

“I am asking about the relation to the Deity of all the different beliefs of mankind.  I am asking about the general revelation of God to the whole universe with all those cloudy nebulae.  What am I doing?  Yo me personally, to my heart, has been indubitably revealed a knowledge unattainable bt reasoning, and I obstinately wish to express that knowledge by reason and in words.

Do I not know that it is not the stars that are moving?  But I, watching the movement of the stars, cannot picture to myself the rotation of the earth and I am right in saying the stars move.” – Leo Tolstoy ‘Anna Karenina’

Uranus also represents sudden events in life, in which we have not reached an appropriate stage of development and emotional maturity to develop the skills necessary to cope or understand.  These events can create blocs in our development in some areas until we either develop the skills and maturity to deal with them or seek help in doing so.  These blocks are part of Uranus which symbolises power developed from castration or frustration.  If we are blocked from progressing in life our frustrations build up until we reach exploding point – uranus represents this explosive drive to clear whatever stands in the path of our development as humans and as humanity as a whole.  Uranus as the sky god represents the explosion and power of the big bang – an event of immense power from which the universe was created and expands from.  Uranus being generational through the signs represents each new generation’s frustration and castration by the previous one and the explosive drive for change.  From a personal point Uranus can have the same drive in our lives and can represent periods of rapid expansion and the removal of blocks in our lives.

Uranus can also represent self castration.  For example a child who has been neglected or abused may choose as an adult not to have children.  Decide not to face the unknown or unknowable within themselves, decide not to face the judgement on their own actions that they have passed on others.  In doing so they lose an opportunity to discover that even when they do not abuse or neglect they find an understanding of what pressures parents and carers face.  This understanding does not justify neglect or abuse but it is an understanding of what it is to be human and fail.  We are always castrating ourselves through fear of our unknown, whether that is the fear to test unknown abilities and talents or an unknown future.

The greatest castration is always from fear of unknown inner evil, Mr Hyde is hidden within us all and always remains an unknown unknown unless we spiral into to the depths of depravity.  We may catch glimpses of him in our dreams, Neptune – the unknowable unknown that is felt not seen or the mystery.

Generally sun in Leo is fine with some aspects of Uranus such as creativity and inventiveness.  However being the royal sign it does not like to face the fact that what it does will frustrate the next generation that there never is a generation that gets it right.  Nor does it like the fact that what is unknown and unknowable within us is often darker than the darkness we are judging others on.

When Uranus expression is blocked it may be expressed in negative Pluto behaviours such as manipulation and power struggles.

‘And I was daily his delight, rejoicing always before him, rejoicing in his inhabited world, and my delight was with the sons of men.’

The female planets are the Moon, Venus, Neptune and Pluto.

The moon represents our emotional needs including and especially nurturing.  It represents our family, community and nationality everything that gives us a sense of identity roots and belonging.  As children we learn to imitate the emotional nurturing we see around us not just the nurturing of children but the emotional nurturing of each other within all family and romantic relationships.  We start imitating from an early age the ways we care for each other from saying I love you to bringing mum breakfast in bed on Mother’s day.  We learn to care for our pets not just physically but emotionally through petting and nursing them and we learn to care for our friends through sharing and listening to them.

There is an important lesson to be learnt from the moon it operates in rings and each ring is bigger but the bond is weaker.  The first ring is our immediate family and this bond is strongest.  Next ring is extended family and friends and this bond is weaker but still a strong one in general.  After this ring is our community again it is weaker but generally strong enough to pull us together to work for our mutual benefit.  After this is states, counties or shires again the bond is weaker but not as weak as the bond of our national identity.  After this we are bonded by general religious and cultural beliefs, a far weaker bond and the weakest of all bonds part of humanity.

Humans are biologically social animals we are biologically programmed to live in a community and have a family.  That community has always had a maximum before bonds break down  that means if you were raised in a small village you have a bond with its inhabitants, if you were born in a town or city you will have a bond with the area within that town or city – you will be from the Bronx or Queens and New York is your extended community just as you have an extended family which is a weaker bond than your immediate family.

This means that we can’t have the same bonds with people all over the planet we can only respect and understand each other’s bonds to some extent.  I can’t define what being Scottish is I only know that it is a part of me, if I can’t define being Scottish other people cannot fully understand it.  What they can understand and respect is that it is a vital part of who I am.  When I write I have to write as a Scottish, Protestant with a Celtic animism culture.  That doesn’t mean I value other cultures less, it just means I see all cultures through this lens.

Those with sun in Leo know their ruler needs a queen and that is the moon.  When the moon is in Sagittarius, Aries, Gemini and Libra that relationship is a more harmonious one.  When the moon is in Aquarius, Taurus, Leo and Scorpio it is more dynamic especially since sun in Leo recognises the interdependence of both the sun and moon in forming our personality equally.  When the moon is in Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn or Pisces there is an acceptance that two of the most vital elements in their personality coexist without an understanding of each other.

When expression of the moon is blocked, negative sun behaviours of attention seeking, grandiose behaviour and narcissism.

Venus represents our emotional expression through art, music, cooking, gardening and sex.  It represents expression of our hedonism, passions and love.  Venus represents our ability to express our nurturing, our romantic expression and erotisism through the above mediums.  Venus allows us to relate to each other’s emotional expression and to communicate our feelings physically, creatively and intellectually.  Venus is the development of finding personal meaning within our emotional relationships with each other.  Venus also represents our primal emotions such as security, nurturing, warmth and care.  As babies we are born with primal emotional needs such as being held and touched like the primal Mars survival drives these emotional needs are just as primitive and more important for us to thrive and develop into mature psychologically stable adults.

Venus also represents imperialism, the ability to feed our hedonism by usurping another’s resources.  In this form she is the goddess of war, she wants what you have and she is willing to kill for it.  The ‘star’ of love is also the star of greed and selfishness.  Venus also represents where we are most easily corrupted or bribed into silence our guilty pleasures.

Venus usurped the impersonal sky god Anu or Uranus to become queen of heaven.  She still rules the equinox and astrological ages.  All revolutions are filtered through Venus, our hedonism, greed and selfishness are permanent aspects of society whatever revolution occurs.  Venus represents our personal desires the good, the bad, the selfless, the selfish and the hidden and by these an impersonal god was always destined to be usurped.

The sun in Leo partially accepts Venus, it often has difficulty understanding or accepting that we never rid ourselves of our selfishness, greed, hedonism and dishonesty much less society.  That is a mistake for if we cannot accept they are integral in society we are destined forever to have a society corrupted by them.  Denying these aspects of ourself gives them the power to corrupt acceptance of them as a part of our nature means we can keep an honest check on them.  Those with sun in Leo and Venus in Sagittarius, Aries, Gemini or Libra are more accepting of their Venus nature.  Whilst those with Venus in Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius and Taurus have a more dynamic relationship that forces them to confront the darker side of their Venus.

When Venus expression is blocked it can be expressed by negative Mars drives to violence and sexual aggression.

Neptune represents the emotional expression of our ideals, dreams, spiritual and religious yearnings.  It represents the realm of inner emotional experience and how we internalise events into meaningful emotional experiences.  It also represents the illusion and disillusionment found within them.  With Pluto, Neptune also makes up what is called the sacred feminine. This is an aspect of our experience as humans which applies to all irrespective of gender, sexual orientation or sexuality this is about the development of emotional maturity and preparedness for death by having developed an inner emotional meaning to our own life and what we have accomplished.

Neptune symbolises our aliefs and beliefs.  An alief is when we act in ways that suggest we believe something.  For example if you are scared of heights you may act as if an aeroplane is going to crash when flying however if you really believed this you would not fly.  Aliefs and beliefs are powerful ways in which we may be blocking our own development due to fear.

Neptune with Jupiter rules magical thinking such as ‘Dumbo’ having a magical feather to fly.  We often have lucky coins, pants and other such things as part of this natural expression or we may have behaviours that are lucky such as touching wood.

Neptune in Sumerian mythology is the Tiamet dragon goddess of the sea.  She also rules the celestial sea in which the stars and planets float.  During the Age of Taurus Thuban a star in the Draco constellation was the pole star the point from which the heavens seemed to revolve.  Neptune rules the night the point when our consciousness sets like the sun, and we become dreamers, visionaries and mystics.  Thuban the Tiamet’s rib or lady rib/lady life represents the central themes of being alive and conscious.

Neptune symbolises the central aspect of what is meaningful and sacred to us.  In ‘Les Miserables’ the first book is Victor Hugo’s ideal of the perfect Christian.  The Bishop gives his house to the sick since it is bigger than the ‘Hospital’ and moves in there instead.  He gives his money to the poor and wears his cassocks until they have holes.  However he has enough faults to remain human and likeable.  He keeps his silver because it would upset his sister too much to get rid of it although this constantly preys on his conscience.  When Jean Valjean steals his silver he helps him, it is his solution to getting rid of it without facing the consequences from his sister.  He asks only one thing of him that he use the money from the silver to help those in need.  However in his actions the bishop leaves his sister destitute in the event of his death, and these consequences are left unanswered by Hugo.

In the second book of ‘Les Miserables’ we meet Hugo’s ideal of motherhood Fantine.  Fantine is the innocent in a group of three couples and in love unlike the rest.  Fantine has no memory of her own parents having grown up on the streets and looked after herself as long as she can remember.  For the other couples it is just a game where the women  are there to profit as much as they can in the short time before they are abandoned.  When Fantine is abandoned she is shocked and in disbelief.  When she finds out she is pregnant she believes he will return and that he will love her and their child.  Fantine is forced to find a place for her daughter while she works, she takes the fancy ribbons that were bought for her and places them on her daughter as they were a gift from her father.  When Fantine loses her job she sells the gold that is her hair and the pearls that are her teeth.  In resorting finally to prostitution she sells her body to feed her child.  Fantine is the ideal of the loving mother who sacrifices everything for her child.   However everything Fantine sacrifices is in vain, for it is spent on the ‘Carers’ who use her child for slave labour.

However the idealism and trust represent two moments of change in Jean Valjean’s life, sacred moments.  These moments change his life forever as he adopts both these ideals and battles his failures of the past.  Hugo, Dostoevsky, Tolstoy and to some extent Dickens saw the poor peasants as the embodiment of true Christianity, fulfilling the ideal of giving and sharing although they had the least to give or share.  This is part of the reason these books are still popular because they contain the sacred that cannot be reached through reason.

it is not only our idealism that informs the sacred but our disillusionment as well.  The famous ‘Call me Ishmael’ from the start of ‘Moby Dick’ where the character identifies with the abandoned Ishmael left in the desert by Abraham the adopted father of christianity.  Main character and narrator of the book feels abandoned by God.  Captain Ahab like his Biblical namesake who was married to Jezebel, battles with God in the shape or form of a white whale.  The whale took Ahab’s leg in much the same way as God can take a loved one at any moment, in a sense Ahab is battling the God of dead children, natural disasters and misery.  This God takes the form of a white whale with strange markings that always remain undecipherable.  In a world created by our finding meaning in things, the whale is undecipherable just as the death of a child is.  There is no meaning for Ahab to find in the loss of his leg other than the battle with the whale.  A battle that takes place at sea, the Tiamet where there are no landmarks for everything to be rationally mapped out.  The sea represents what is unfathomable and unknown yet what we sense all around us, the last wild place where reason, science and civilisation has yet to rule.  Here the sacred battle can rage on and meaning can be found in the lives of those who defy the sacred, challenge the sacred and battle the sacred.  Ahab is forever the man battling God or the white whale.

Neptune symbolises the space we call ,mystery, sea, night, dream, illusion and disillusionment.  The space we can challenge Fantine’s unnecessary sacrifice of life or find beauty and the ideal in it, and sometimes we may do both.  Neptune is the undefined space in which we find our own meaning and battles to fight.

Neptune rules the night and our dreams and it is then that our brain sorts through the days events and programmes itself anew to take into account all the new developments of the day and one way it does this is through our dreams.

The sun in Leo is the bright light of day, Neptune is the mist, fog, night, darkness or dream.  Neptune is not something those with sun in Leo have a natural affinity with.  That said those with Neptune in Libra or Sagittarius may find it easier than most.  Those with Neptune in Scorpio or Aquarius will have more challenging time relating to their own Neptune inclinations but they will have to find a way of balancing this aspect of their personality.  Those with Neptune in Virgo, Capricorn or Pisces have the most difficulty incorporating this aspect into their lives and understanding it.

When neptune attributes are blocked this may be manifested in negative jupiter behaviours such as over confidence, moral superiority and self righteousness.

Pluto represents the development emotional maturity through experiences of loss trauma and emotional pain.  As we mature we face different stages from being separated from our parents and learning they will come back to watching a loved one become sick and dying.  From becoming more emotionally independent to accepting our own inevitable death throughout our lives we are constantly maturing emotionally.  Each time we face loss we develop better emotional skills to cope and we mature.  However Pluto can also represent emotional traumas that occur before we are ready to deal with them such as child abuse or the loss of a parent at an early age.  In these instances Pluto can block the full development of other aspects until these traumas are dealt with.

Plut also represents the compulsion through which we can find meaning in our lives.  Kierkegaard fell in love with Regine Olsen, he did not choose to fall in love with her it was a compulsion over which he had no control and perhaps because of this he ran away.  He ran because the compulsion to love another is risky at any time the heart can be broken.  However in accepting he would always be in love with her he found an eternal moment in his life.  He found his meaning he was born to fall in love with her.

“If all else perished and he remained, I should still continue to be; if all else remained, and he were annihilated, the universe would turn into a mighty stranger.” – ‘Wuthering Heights’ emily Bronte

In accepting this eternal Kierkegaard also had to accept the temporal: that she may not be in love with him, that she may die at any moment and that he may die at any moment.

“Oh! you said you cared nothing for my sufferings.  And I pray one prayer – I repeat it until my tongue stiffens – Catherine Earnshaw, may you not rest whilst I am living: You said I killed you, haunt me then!  The murdered do haunt their murderers, I believe.  I know that ghosts have wandered on the earth.  Be with me always – take any form – drive me mad!  Only do not leave me in this abyss, where I cannot find you.  Oh God! it is unutterable!  I cannot live without my life! I cannot live without my soul!” – ‘Wuthering Heights’ Emily Bronte

In accepting these things Kierkegaard lives with the compulsion of eternal love that brings meaning to life but which can end at any moment because he and she are temporal beings and it is only their love that is eternal.  In doing this Kierkegaard embraces the happiness of love and the despair this compulsion brings.

“Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same.” – ‘Wuthering Heights’ by Emily Bronte

Note this is not the same thing as remaining in an abusive relationship because we ‘love’ somebody.  In that sense there is no honesty and meaning found unless we recognise that although we love the person and that love is eternal we cannot remain with the person to be abused for we are denying the temporal truth.  That truth is that they are abusive and temporal here does not mean that things may change but that the person is human and may be abusive as long as they live.  We must embrace loving somebody we cannot live with or have a relationship with, face the despair of loving somebody we cannot be with due to temporal circumstances.  Wuthering Heights is not about abusive relationships but an inversion of the oldest story the femme fatale.

The femme fatale has been told in many forms from sirens, Salome, Jezebel, Delilah, Vampires, Mata Hari, Lilith and perhaps the oldest Ereshkigal.  Ereshkigal is Inanna’s twin sister, ruler of the underworld – note that in ancient Greek mythology there was a Persephone a long time before Pluto ever existed.

Ereshkigal and Persephone are the dark goddess who rules over a fertility cycle, one that is shared by women.  Inanna (Venus) is the fertility of spring equinox and birth her twin Ereshkigal is the autumnal equinox and menopause, the death or ending of the fertility cycle.  In mythology Inanna is killed by Ereshkigal when she visits her in the underworld, this symbolises the infertile period of the earth.  Ereshkigal on killing Inanna assumes her fertility, this is the modern day equivalent of giving IVF treatment to 70 year old woman.  Ereshkigal is in pain for what has happened is unnatural and is killing her.  Ereshkigal cannot birth a fertile land although she represents the sleeping soil that will.  To save the Earth and Ereshkigal, Inanna must be resurrected and her place is taken in the underworld by her husband Dumuzid.

Dumuzid spends 6 months with Inanna and 6 months with Ereshkigal, just as Persephone spends 6 months with Pluto and 6 months with Demeter.  Ereshkigal is the barren one, the woman who is sexual after her fertility has passed as is Lilith.  Lilith and Lilittu are spirits who were not fertile in life, they are incapable of being fertile in death.  These spirits haunt the dreams of young men in erotic visions causing them to shed sperm that cannot be fertile.  The same is true of the female vampire the dead are not fertile, their sexuality leads to permanent death for DNA cannot be passed onto future generations.

Black Moon Lilith in the chart is the point where the moon is furthest from the earth – the point where being the mother is furthest from us.  It’s opposite point when the moon is closest is ruled by the fertility God Priapus an erect penis.  Lilith is not the feminist mistake, it matters not whether she lies beneath Adam or astride him for she is infertile.  Lilith is incapable of being Eve mother of all.  Lilith is a sexuality that cannot give life, and that is its darkness.  Pluto the planet is the furthest from our own solar system’s ‘Goldilocks zone’ where life is possible, just like Black Moon Lilith.  Lilith is the bringer of death because she cannot bring life.  Pluto is the bringer of death because he cannot bring life.

This is what makes Kierkegaard the grandfather of existentialism and Emily Bronte the Grandmother.  For in choosing our own unique Pluto or Lilith we are being true to ourselves.  In ‘Wuthering Heights’ Cathy is torn between Linton the social norm and Heathcliff her soul.  Linton is nice and easy – the comfortable life.  Heathcliff is despair and torment.  In the despair and torment we find meaning.

This compulsion is not only about love.  Gandhi and Martin Luther King did not chose to act but were compelled.  Gandhi was on a train whilst Martin Luther King was on a bus, both were presented with situations in which they felt compelled to act to stand in front of another and protect them.  This compulsion is also a calling it is the eternal moment from which all of their life can gain meaning as either leading to this point or moving from it.  The life itself is temporal but the moment is eternal, Gandhi and Martin Luther ing are eternally freedom fighters driven by a compulsion that leads them to jail and death itself.  Their Linton was the life of a respectable lawyer and the life of a respectable Baptist minister.  Now they are forever freedom fighters just as Dante is forever the lover of Beatrice as Kierkegaard is forever the lover of regine.  The compulsion that makes Dante spiral into the abyss of Inferno is also the compulsion that makes him ascend into paradiso guided by Beatrice.  It is on the seventh level of purgatory lust, that Beatrice guides him, afraid to pass through the flames of this level the angel of chastity reminds him that only by passing through this level will he find Beatrice on the other side.

“From that most holy wave I now returned

to Beatrice; remade, as new trees are

renewed when they bring forth new boughs, I was

pure and prepared to climb unto the stars” Dante ‘Purgatorio’

The idea of being submerged in darkness to grow and develop is one you can see in the life of Dostoyevsky.  As a child of a doctor he witnessed as a teenager the horrific injuries of an eight year old raped by a man.  he also saw the illnesses and diseases of the poorest in society.   He saw his father’s neighbours accuse serfs of murdering their father so the serfs would be sent to Siberia and the land cleared.  He himself was sent to Siberia and shackled until his release.  He himself had a darkness within him in the form of anti semitism.  It is after the darkness of losing a child that he questions his own ‘philosophical Christianity’.  The idea of agape love for humanity that does not require us to actually love is rebuked in ‘The Brothers Karamazov’ not by argument but by example.  At Ilyusha’s funeral his schoolboy friends gather and Alyosha is compelled to promise to love all his friends forever to never forget them or this moment, all the boys join in.  In this act they create an eternal moment that is sacred to all of them, the moment they all became lovers of each other.

“Should auld acquaintance be forgot and never brought to mind, Should auld acquaintance be forgot for the sake of auld lang syne” – Robert Burns ‘Auld Lang Syne’

Memories of the dead are sacred and those who share those memories become sacred too for they are the only ones we can perform the ritual of remembering with.  In the ritual of sharing our memories we become each other’s lover.  For lovers share memories that bond them together.  Special memories bond us together as each other’s lover.

“Don Jose and Donna Inez led

For some time an unhappy sort of life,

Wishing each other, not divorced, but dead;

They lived respectably as man and wife.

Their conduct was exceedingly well bred,

And gave no outwards sign of inward strife,

Until at length the smother’d fire broke out,

And put the business past all kinds of doubt.”

– ‘Don Juan’ Lord Byron

Lord Byron has a dark and infamous history.  This poem was left unfinished due to his death but is in some respects a reply to his many critics.  It is a very funny poem due to his ability to penetrate the hypocrisy of the society he lived in.  This meant it was also unpopular at the time of writing although Byron was famous the first two cantos of the poem were published anonymously.  The poem caused outrage and his publishers refused to publish any of the cantos.

The reason Byron was so penetrative of society was because he had a secret so dark in that society, he preferred others to think he had sex with his own half sister than to know he preferred men.  Byron lived at a time where being homosexual still carried a death penalty, incest however was a matter for the church and not the law.  This darkness haunted Byron what he hid rather than die found ways of expressing itself, his relationship with the prostitute dressed as his brother was one example.  However it his wife’s accusation of committing sodomy that endangers his life.  It is this that his half sister reacts to and not the accusation of incest, for this puts his life in danger and in turn drives him into exile.

” But passion most dissembles, yet betrays

Even by its darkness; as the blackest sky

Foretells the heaviest tempest, it displays

Its workings through the vainly guarded eye,

And in whatever aspect it arrays

itself, ‘t is still the same hypocrisy;

Coldness or anger, even disdain or hate,

Are masks it often wears, and still too late.”

Lord Byron ‘Don Juan’

The repressed sexual desires of Lord Byron made him have a natural affinity to women of the time, women who wrote their darkest sexual fantasies to him anonymously and those letters he kept in the thousands.  Byron inspired Heathcliff, sex for procreation and prosperity had died a death in him, he was Dracula; the vampire whose seed was dead.

“And here’s to you, Mrs Robinson

Jesus loves you more than you will know

Wo Wo Wo” – Paul Simon ‘Mrs Robinson

 ‘The Graduate’ is the story of the menopausal Pluto/ Lilith,  Mrs Robinson.  Mrs Robinson is trapped in a loveless marriage because of procreational sex, Elaine her daughter being the reason for her marriage.  ‘The Graduate’ is a retelling of Byron’s ‘Don Juan’ where the character is reversed and it is not Don Juan who is the womaniser but the innocent seduced by young women forced into marriage with middle aged and old men.

“‘T is strange – but true, for truth is always strange;

Stranger than fiction.” Lord Byron ‘Don Juan’

‘The Age of Innocence’ precedes the Graduate written in 1920 but also has the same themes except that it is Newland Archer who has to forsake Ellen when his wife May becomes pregnant.  Eve the mother of all represents life and the innocence of new life, but it binds us and traps us in a future that is often not of our free choosing.  However in protecting the innocent we often have to slay our vampire.  Both ‘The Age of Innocence’ and ‘The Graduate’ represent the death of social ages, the first killed by the industrialised mass slaughter that is WWI and the second by contraception.  The 60’s represent the freedom to let loose our inner vampire without slaughtering the innocent.

“Yet each man kills the thing he loves

By Each let this be heard,

Some do it by a bitter look,

Some with a flattering word,

The coward does it with a kiss,

The brave man with a sword!”

– Oscar Wilde ‘Ballad of Reading Gaol’

Those with Sun in Leo tend to have a dynamic relationship to Pluto,  its themes are inescapable and many are attractive to Leo especially the ideal of the ‘Hollywood’ femme fatale but ‘Harold and Maude’ is different.  Strip the vampire or the femme fatale from the Hollywood glamour and delve into darker themes and Leo often becomes uncomfortable lest their own mask should slip and people see the hidden passions lying there. If their Pluto is in Libra or sagittarius this is less dramatic and they may be more honest in expressing what lies behind that leonine mask.  However if their Pluto is in Leo or Sagittarius it can be a very uncomfortable subject to discuss with anybody.  Those with Pluto in Virgo may even disown this darker side to their nature completely.

When Pluto expression is blocked it can be expressed in negative Uranus behaviour patterns such as refusal to conform without purpose, disruptive behaviours and inability to be part of any group.

‘For whoever finds me finds life’

The third set of planets and the nodes of the moon are neither masculine or feminine but represent how we perceive reality and our lives.  Saturn represents our own unique perception of reality, Mercury represents our use of past reality to imagine all possibilities of the present moment.  South Node of the Moon represents our past ‘wormhole’ of the personality and the North Node of the moon represents its projected future until the point of death.

Saturn represents our experience of reality.  If you throw a brick up into the air it is likely to fall back down and hit you in the face no matter how many times you throw it or what Einstein Bose compensate (when atoms behave as waves in quantum physics) says ought to happen.  Saturn is like Newtonian physics it is our own set of laws that govern our reality.  If gravity did not exist and bricks floated in the air the idea of them falling and hitting you on the face would not make sense or be realistic it would be a Neptunian experience.  Saturn does not deal with ideals like Neptune it deals with what happens when we fall or fail to prepare for winter.  Irrespective of whether that should happen in an ideal world it is what happens in the real world.  Saturn is the difference between ought and is.


This means that in astrology Saturn is often viewed negatively because it deals with how the world is rather than how we think the world ought to be.  Saturn makes us prepare, work hard and most importantly to face the consequences of our actions or inaction.  Saturn says if you can’t do the time don’t do the crime.  Saturn says there is no such thing as a free meal.  Saturn says if you fly with the crows you get shot with the crows.

 In mythology Saturn is the son of Uranus the unknown unknowns.  Saturn his son is the opposite it is our known knowns. If we swing on a chair we know it will at some point tip backwards, we know we are likely to bang our head on the floor and it will hurt, it is a known known.

Saturn also represents parenting especially the setting of boundaries, laws or rules and consequences of actions.  For each of us how we were parented will be different, we will have grown up with our own unique set of family rules that we take for granted.  When we ourselves become parents we instinctively use those rules as our guide, this is when as parents we have two unique sets of rules which can become complicated unless we are able to understand this and communicate effectively.  Saturn can block the full expression of other planets especially if we have had extremely authoritarian or extremely permissive parent.  In such situations learning to risk assess real consequences of actions takes us longer to grasp.

The sun in Leo can ignore reality only to find it rebound on them with vengeance.  Reality is rarely glossy or glamorous in fact it is often grimy and slowly erosive, sun in Leo likes a sparkle of glitter on most things.  This means they often choose to see the sparkle and not the grime, sometimes this helps keep them buoyant.  Saturn cannot be blocked even when we wish to ignore it.

Saturn is how we interpret the past wormhole of the personality rationally.  The south node of the moon is our emotional interpretation of it, it also represents epigenetics and genetics in general.  How we felt about our parents, family and friends.  The special memories we have and our emotional responses to trauma and loss.  it is also our genetic predisposition and epigenetics the effects our ancestors lives had on their and our genes.

Our personality is like a wormhole through space and time from the moment of birth to our death.  it is the constant self throughout our life which is in continuous change.  Mercury represents all the infinite wormholes that exist from this present moment in time.  Before we act or make a decision there are infinite possible responses that can shape the direction our lives will take and each moment and decision has infinite possibility.  We explore those infinite possibilities through the imagination all those possible wormholes can be explored and when we make a decision we chose a preferred path that collapses the others.  This is easy to do because all future wormholes are interconnected on future choices and results making them an infinite network rather than infinite separate routes, rather like the internet or the cerebral network in our brains which are both mercurial.

Mercury is like quantum physics in this sense and quantum physics like all the other sciences was created from re-imagining the world based on past experiences.  Our imagination takes our past experiences (Saturn our known knowns) and uses them to try and predict future events, this is called a hypothesis.  Sometimes experiments prove our hypothesis wrong and we learn something new (Uranus our unknown unknowns).  With each new thing we learn there are infinite possibilities for us.

Mercury represents the imagination and learning new information but it also represents communication.  The enlightenment could never have happened without the printing press and the availability of books.  Now we have the internet we are able to gain access to information as never before.  Good ideas are only useful if they are shared.  However it is possible to become bombarded by a world of memes to the point good ideas are drowned out in the information overload.   This too is mercurial to have too much information and so little time to sort through the useful and useless within it.

The sun in Leo understand the power of Mercury like few other signs, for the Sun in Leo knows all creativity stems from it.  Mercury like Saturn cannot be blocked although in a world of information overload there are times when we may want to.

The North Node of the Moon represents the point of death.  It also represents our emotional desires for the future such as having grand children or ending world hunger.  North Node of the Moon represents our full development of Neptune and Pluto emotional maturity or the sacred feminine to the point where we are ready to die without regrets.  Thus the North Node of the Moon calls on us to gamble and take risks for what we want to achieve lest our talents forever remain unknown unknowns.  It also calls on us to learn and appreciate life for all it has to offer us and this is the full potential of Jupiter and Uranus or the sacred masculine.

For the day will come when all the possible future wormholes of the personality cease to exist or collapse.  If those with the Sun in Leo have prepared themselves for the inevitable event they will be ready for the next stage.  Saturn will have turned that wormhole into the reality of their lives and they will walk down it visiting the faces of those they loved and all the precious memories into the bright light of birth.  As they step beyond into the pre-existence or known existence whichever they believe in, happy with what they have accomplished.

sunrise nasa

Sun in Leo in the 1st house

Here there is a strong drive to be the central focus and star of the show.  These individuals have very strong characters and tend to stand out from the crowd.  They are however very direct and honest about this and often seek relationships with others that understand this quality within their nature.  This does not mean they are shallow rather what is happening behind the limelight is intensely personal and an area where they selectively choose few to express their deepest desires to.  They are very practical at dealing with worldly things in general although they may appear as drama queens at times.

Sun in Leo in the 2nd House

Here the individual has a deep need to express their creativity in some form this may be through the arts, as a parent or providing a stable and secure environment for their friends and loved ones to thrive and develop in.  Their personal relationships are quite often intense and unusual which often provides the background inspiration for their creativity.  If they do have children they will be intensely protective of them and be focused on helping them develop the confidence to face anything in life with courage.  They are very much the stability in a lot of their friends life and they are also likely to be the home everybody gathers in for its comfort, warmth and cosiness not to mention the cooking.

Sun in Leo in the 3rd house

Here the individuals are driven into forming a large social network around them, it oftens seems like they know everybody and are always in the centre of events with all the latest news and gossip at their fingertips.  They are very restless and dynamic personalities but also very friendly and open to all they meet.  They especially like meeting people from different cultures that opens their eyes to different creative expressions within humanity itself and they may be attracted to expressing the creativity of other cultures in new and exciting ways.  They are very intense about their work or passion in life and if this is a creative field success could be highly likely.

Sun in Leo  in 4th house

Here the individual is more likely to be star of the home, this does not necessarily mean a domestic goddess but they will prefer familiar homely environment to shine, if they are artists etc they may choose to work from home.  Although the rest of the world may experience them as unusual in some form because they have a need and desire to avoid being trapped in the rat race.  However they are by no means impractical in their nature just very focused on creating their own idyll environment from which to work.  Their relationships tend to be intense affairs that they like to keep out of the public gaze.

Sun in Leo in 5th house

Here the individual is very creative and very attracted to working with children or animals in some form.  They have a habit of collecting waifs and strays throughout their lives.  They are very charismatic characters and are generally considered larger than life.  Everything about their personality seems magnified when they feel secure they really feel secure and will stubbornly cling to whatever provides that security whether or not it is best in the long run.  However when they feel threatened by events they really do feel threatened and will also defend themselves from whatever perceived dangers they believe others to be.

Sun in Leo in 6th house

Here the individual may be creative and larger than life but they are also very dedicated to their profession or a personal cause.  They care what happens in society and the world around them however their sense of self esteem may be linked too much to how they are viewed by themselves as caring or hard working.  These individuals have to allow others to take their own responsibility a bit more and look at what is behind the desire to help at times.  Backing off and being their to listen more than to act is a lesson these individuals learn throughout their lives.

Sun in 7th house

Here these individuals shine best in company and amongst their friends they are instinctively good at flirting with others and relate easily with most people from any walk of like.  They like to embrace the unusual and different in life and shy away from following the herd although that is where you will find them sticking out like a sore thumb and enjoying it.  These individuals tend to have been raised in a very stable environment and are very comfortable with who they are as people however they are not keen to hog the limelight at all and unlike some with Sun in Leo will not welcome celebrity or the issues it brings.

Sun in Leo in the 8th house

Here these individuals shine on the darker themes in life, psychology, sex, money, crime and secrets these are themes these individuals love to explore.  These individuals do not need much material possessions a roof over their heads and food to eat although if they choose to do so they have the ability to be powerful and rich in their chosen field.  They give off an aura of security and safety that attracts others to them even though they love exploring the more dangerous elements in life.  They often have an interest in the dark undercurrents that permeate all social groups including their own and see things others chose to remain blind to.

Sun in Leo in 9th house

Here the individual is driven by their own ideals and beliefs, whatever culture they have been raised in they will adapt that culture to form their own unique perspective and they shine when talking about whatever ideals they possess.  These people are also innovative communicators and lie getting their ideas out there into the general public’s gaze.  They offer new perspectives but they do put in a lot of hard work trying to make these views more of a reality and it through working to achieve their ideals in life that they reach emotional maturity.  They need time on their own though to work through the meaning of life and these people do focus on meaning.

Sun in Leo in 10th house

Here the individual is driven to excel in the world about them, they are aware that they are just one person in 7 billion and that effort is needed for them to shine and be recognised.  These individuals often shoulder a lot of responsibilities and have a strength others seek.  They tend to naturally take charge of everything in the outer world which is why at home things are often the opposite and everybody has their own egalitarian say this often includes children.  These individuals are very practical when it comes to family affairs and tend to adapt to needs as they arise and change.  They like a partner who is stable enough to cope on their own and who is not dependent on them and these individuals are very good judges of character.

Sun in Leo in 11th house

Here the individual is likely to have more than a passing interest in scientific endeavours.  They are likely to always be or have an interest in what is cutting edge and latest discovery.  These individuals are interested in discovering the unknown and in advancement of knowledge whatever field they are in.  These individuals are very much their own person and when they flirt with the world they do so on their own terms but they are open and friendly.  They are always a contradiction in terms to those that know them well and they thrive in uncertainty due to an underlying nature that is very practical.

Sun in Leo in 12th house

Here the individual is very much a daydreamer, they understand that magic is part of being conscious and that we all have a magical element to what makes us tick.   These individuals encourage others to dream and imagine all possibilities and they shine in areas where they can express this best.  They are often hardworking people behind the daydreamer personna and they are willing to give their all for their own specific cause but they do need time to dream and reimagine the world around them.  They are intense communicators and their ideals are what gives them stability and continuity in their lives.


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