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The sun is at the centre of our solar system it pulls or keeps the planets in orbit around it.  Our sun in astrology is very similar it pulls together all the different aspects of the personality or consciousness together to make a ‘solar system’ or whole personality.  Which sign the sun is in best describes how we form our personality and how it develops throughout life.  The sun also represents the drive to be valued, contribute, excel, shine and be fully appreciated.  Libra the sign represents the main way the sun tries to do this along with the house it sits in.

‘Its wrong to wish on space hardware, I wish, I wish, I wish you’d care.’ – Kirsty McColl & Billy Bragg ‘A New England’

The sun in Libra allows us to develop an expansive adaptable personality as Libra is an air sign.  If we consider the four elements to be rather the four energy states of matter then: earth = solid, water = liquid, air = gas and fire = plasma.  The air signs tend to have the qualities of the gas state.  Gas conforms to the shape of its container the body but it also expands to fill it.  Air signs tend to be expansive mentally or open minded and to adapt to their own physical limitations and attributes.  Those with the sun in Libra tend to adapt naturally to the physical changes that each stage of life brings and to grow and expand mentally whilst doing this.  The gas state is also the second highest state of energisation.  Which is why it is expansive although it is not driven by repulsion and attraction like the plasma state but by the need to fill a vacuum in knowledge or experience.  All air signs feel energised to seek new experiences, knowledge and learning.  Too much routine and too little stimulus is bad for them it drags their energy levels down and their ability to shine.

Sun in Libra is also a cardinal sign all the cardinal signs are striving to obtain and maintain.  This means that throughout life those with sun in Libra are striving to gain experience and knowledge and to maintain it or keep it up to date.  They strive to expand their understanding at each stage of life and often this is done through their relationships with others by their desire to find balance in views, explanations and beliefs.  The cardinal signs begin at the spring equinox, summer solstice autumn equinox and winter solstice.  These points represent the start of the new season.  The cardinal signs represent the striving to become, Libra begins at the start of autumn it is symbolic of the striving to become the season of autumn. Libra also represents a mythological striving to return to balance.

The cardinal signs begin at the start of each season and then it is the fixed signs which occur mid-season.  These signs are fixed because they are not striving to become the season, they are the season. Lastly it is the mutable signs these represent the end of a season and the slow change into another season.  Mutable signs represent natural change and are comfortable with it.  However the zodiac was not always like this.  The changes that occurred are also symbolic of the Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable signs.

In the time of the ancient Egyptians, Sumerians and Babylonians it was the constellations of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius that rose with the sun at the equinox and solstice.  This was an important aspect of their mythology and thus the fixed signs are fixed in time and place to these cultures and their mythology. The great golden bull of heaven was slain by the sun at the spring equinox and that was incorporated into the rituals and mythology of those people.  As the ‘Doctor’ would say some events are fixed in time and space and cannot be changed. However there came a time when the sun no longer slew the golden bull of heaven at the spring equinox.

When the sun slew Aries the ram at sun rise on the spring equinox the sky had literally revolved.  There was a celestial revolution.  In times of revolution everything is in a process of change and there is very little stability, there is no balance and very little continuity.  The cardinal signs symbolic striving is the striving caused by revolution. When we are caught in the process of revolution we strive to: survive those changes and take advantage of new situation (Aries), to adapt to the new environment (Cancer), regain some balance or normality within our relationships with others and power (Libra) and to maintain some sense of structure, tradition and security (Capricorn) . Libra strives to restore a sense of balance within life, within relationships and within themselves.  The cardinal signs also strove for the same mythological importance of the fixed signs.  However by this period in history the constellations were becoming much less important than the planets. Thus the cardinal signs could be said to still be striving for the same mythological importance as the fixed signs.  However the start of the Zodiac did change from the Babylonian Taurus to the Greek Aries.  Thus the cardinal signs are striving to maintain there position at the equinox.

Eventually the constellations at sunrise at the equinox and solstice changed again this time to the mutable signs but not even the zodiac changed.  This symbolises the mutable signs ability to go through inner revolutions without being disturbed by the process it is a natural one for them.  There is no striving or inner struggle with the mutable signs they just adapt without anybody really noticing them change.

This means that the signs no longer correspond to the constellations but the solar cycle. Libra begins when the sun is on the celestial equator, the point of perfect balance between night and day.  Libra strives to maintain this balance although the nights will naturally get darker from this point on.  Libra is also the striving for autumn to begin, and autumn can only occur if the nights begin to get longer.  This means Libra is always struggling to find balance between two opposing aspects of itself.  So we can say that throughout the stages of life those with the sun in Libra are expansive adaptable and strive to expand their experiences and knowledge whilst striving to find balance within themselves, their lives their relationships with others.


To the ancient Sumerians and Babylonians Libra was the claws of the great scorpion that held the world in balance between day and night until defeated by Inanna (Venus).  Venus still rules the sign of Libra.  To the Greeks and Romans Libra was the scales of Justice belonging to mother Ceres or Demeter (Virgo). Libra has spent most of its mythological life bringing balance in partnership, first with the Scorpion then with Virgo.  This sign has been separated and this symbolism of being part of both Scorpio and Virgo is best expressed in the mythology of Persephone.

Persephone was the daughter of Demeter and she was abducted by Hades into the underworld.  Demeter searched the world looking for her and in her grief she stopped the crops and vegetation growing.  Eventually Persephone ending up spending six months with Demeter (Virgo) and six months with Hades in underworld (Scorpio).  Libra is naturally a part of both signs.  It represents the entire balance of the solar cycle, representing creation and destruction simultaneously as part of the one process.  It represents the final judgement are we ready to die have we lived a full life and are we ready to let go of it. However it also represents judgement and balance in our dealings with others.  It also represents balance of opposites Persephone is the great dark goddess who brings life and death – sacred feminine and it is represented in a ‘masculine’ sign.

Libra the sign seeks to work in partnership with Virgo and Scorpio.  Libra is the sign of the great goddess the dark one who brings the new spring growth and death and keeps the world in a balance between both.  Those with sun in Libra also seek to work in partnership with others.  Because of this their romantic relationships are very important to those with the sun in Libra.  They seek relationships which will be productive (Virgo) and also which will mature and develop emotionally throughout life to the point of death (Scorpio).  This is why Libra is associated with marriage it is the balanced partnership which is fruitful and which develops emotional maturity together throughout life until the point of death and separation.

‘My dreams were full of strange ideas, my mind was set despite the fears but other things got in the way I never asked that boy to stay.’ – Kirsty McColl & Billy Bragg ‘A New England’

Libra is ruled by Venus it is the only air sign that is ruled by a planet representing the expression of emotions.  This also is part of the Libra symbolism unlike the other air signs Libra seeks to balance our emotions drives and reasoning.  This is difficult because neither our emotions or our drives are rational aspects of consciousness.  Our emotions are what we feel irrespective of whether that is rational, reasonable or balanced.  Sun in Libra often needs a partner that will help them understand this.  That will reassure them that it is fine to have whatever feelings they have without feeling guilty.  However they do learn to understand this unlike the other air signs which are always more uncomfortable with the parts of our consciousness or personality that are not rational.

As stated at the beginning it is the sun that holds our solar system of planets together.  Because Libra is a cardinal sign it does strive to maintain a reasonable grip on their planets’ expression.  They are not very comfortable with sudden big outbursts of emotional expression, drives or urges but strive to maintain a balanced whole personality.  However they are also air signs and as such they are quite flexible in how they give expression to the different aspects of the personality.

Libra is also a masculine sign. Masculine in this sense has nothing to do with gender or sexuality but describes an aspect of human behaviour the drives.  The drives describe instinctual urges that is necessary for survival of individuals, humanity and of species in general.  We have a drive to seek food, shelter and reproduce this we have in common with all living things.  We also have a drive to gamble, take risks and live life to its fullest by seeking friendship, company and enjoyment.  With Libra the drive is to seek a partner, to develop a mature relationship and bond with others.  Libra is the drive to bond in adult relationships.  Adults have a natural biological drive to bond with each other because it provides a better environment in which to have children and because they are social animals.

Children practice ‘falling in love’ through play.  They also practice playing mummy and daddy.  We have a drive to bond with each other and we start practising this skill in early life.  As teenagers we are constantly falling in love and again this is just us practising the skills we need to have in adult relationships.  In order to bond and fulfil this drive we have some hurdles that must be overcome first.  We have to have had a secure bond with another person hopefully we developed this bond as babies with our parents.  However even if we didn’t, as children and adults we can still develop secure bonds with others.  We have to develop enough emotional maturity to be able to bond in an equal adult to adult relationship, this is the Scorpio side of Libra.  We develop emotional maturity by falling in and out of love as teenagers.  We have to develop the ability to form interdependent emotional responses this is the Virgo side of Libra.  We have to learn to balance equally what we need with what the other person needs and wants this is the Libra side of Libra.

The sun is also masculine it is the drive to shine, excel and be appreciated and admired.The Sun in Libra seeks to excel and shine in forming close bonds in their adult relationships.  They seek to excel in developing the emotional maturity to be able to live an emotionally interdependent life with others in which they are able to balance both their needs and wants with that of others.  The Sun in Libra is the drive to bond but this can only happen once they have developed the feminine emotional skills to do so.  Thus the Sun in Libra must also excel at combining the drives with emotional expression and development to create balance between the masculine and feminine attributes necessary for us to form bonds in adult relationships.

However it is also important to understand that when the sun’s natural drives are blocked it can be expressed through negative expression of moon’s need for emotional nurturing which may make the person feel more insecure, clingy and emotionally needy.  However it is also true that if the sun’s natural drives feel blocked they can be restored by embracing its opposite attributes.  The opposite attributes to the Sun in Libra is the moon in Pisces.  By adopting these attributes we can find or restore some inner balance that allows the drives of the sun in Libra to flourish.

Moon in Pisces provides emotional nurturing to our ideals, dreams and visions in life.  It nurtures our positive beliefs about ourselves and seeks to dispel our negative beliefs.  Moon in Pisces is good at picking up when it is our aliefs and beliefs that are holding us back from reaching out to our dreams and goals in life.  For those who don’t know what aliefs are we will come to them again later and all will be explained.  Moon in Pisces nurtures by saying I believe in you.

Moon in Pisces nurtures us to fulfil our dreams and to take chances in life. It nurtures us to overcome our fears and disappointments and take another chance.  Moon in Pisces nurtures by putting the object of our love and that includes ourselves on a pedestal.  It does this because it finds meaning and purpose in life by simply loving others.  It doesn’t try to balance this love but to find meaning in the expression of it.  Moon in Pisces says that simply loving others is nourishing for us to do.  Simply loving ourselves is nourishing and all those dreams we have and all those ideals should be put on a pedestal because they are what we are aiming for in life.  Moon in Pisces nourishes by raising our expectations of ourselves and those we love by believing completely in them.

Traditionally in astrology the planets are designated feminine and masculine.  In traditional astrology only the moon and Venus were designated feminine.  This was due in part to misunderstanding what is meant by feminine and because the outer planets of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto were unknown to ancient astrologers.  feminine is not related to gender or sexuality but to emotional development and expression.  In this sense both Neptune and Pluto are feminine planets.  The Masculine Planets are Sun, Mars, Jupiter and Uranus these represent our drives or natural urges we have and express in order to remain physically and emotionally healthy. Saturn, Mercury and the nodes of the moon are neither masculine r feminine.

The planet that rules Libra traditionally is Venus.  Venus is feminine and represents our emotional expression.  The clothes you are wearing, the music you are listening to reflect your mood or emotions.  We also reflect these in art and poetry as well as in many other ways.  Our Venus expresses our emotions and this means that our Venus adapts and changes throughout life.  As children we have yet to develop any emotional maturity (Pluto) we tend to express emotions in immature ways such as temper tantrums.  Our Venus expression changes with the development of our emotional maturity (Pluto), with the development of our ability to emotionally nurture ourselves and others (moon) and it changes to reflect our development of dreams and ideals (Neptune).

Venus represents our emotional ability to reflect all these emotional aspects of our personality, through our actions, clothes, decorations, words and choices.  For those with Sun in Libra they are ruled by the planet of emotional expression and they are usually aware that there is a sense in which our Venus reflects the emotional stages we pass through in life.  The stage our Venus reflects can be that of the child who needs nurturing and has not developed the maturity to express intense emotions such as excitement yet. It can be that of the teenager who has developed enough maturity to cope with excitement but not death yet. Or that of the Adult that has developed enough maturity to cope with death but not enough maturity to cope with the sacrifices of making long-term commitment.

‘ Though I put you on a pedestal, you put me on the pill.’ – Kirsty McColl & Billy Bragg ‘ A New England’

Our Venus is our ability to express nurturing to a partner, child or ourselves and this also changes when we nurture children it changes to meet their stages and then we have to let them go. Venus is how we also express our empty nest syndrome.  Having Venus as a ruling planet with Sun in Libra is all about having the ability to relate to what other people are feeling at the different stages of their lives, understanding where their emotional development is at and the processes they are going through.  This is also true of understanding and communicating this about themselves with Sun in Libra.

Those with Sun in Libra tend to develop good emotional expression.  They tend to express it not just verbally but in music, art and interior design.  They can also be extremely particular about the clothes they wear and their hairstyle. However it is important for them that they are expressing themselves through clothes and so they are less likely to follow fashion trends and more likely to develop their own sense of style and flair which will have a hint of classical good taste within it.

Venus as Inanna the Sumerian goddess ruled with Anu the sky god, the city of Uruk. Anu is the original Uranus it is an emotionally distant god of the sky who causes its revolution without any personal involvement. Anu or Uranus was too distant and too cold.  Uranus is an outer planet Venus is the second planet from the sun.  Venus had the warmth and passion of emotional expression whilst Uranus had cool intellectual wisdom and this combination of both created a sense of mythological and ritual balance symbolised in the Sun in Libra.

The sun is the centre of our solar system it pulls together the planets that represent our consciousness or personality.  It unites these aspects and give us definition of what it is for us to be human in our own individual and unique way.  In understanding how the sun in Libra generally relates to the planets that make up its whole we understand it better.  However this is in general as individuals we will all have slightly different experiences.

The masculine planets are sun, Mars, Jupiter and Uranus. The sun represent the drive to excel and in Libra it is the drive to excel in relating emotionally to others and in creating harmony and balance.

Mars represents the survival drives ruled by the oldest parts of our brain.  These are very primitive animal instincts, all the drives are instincts that drive us to behave in certain ways.  Mars drives us to find food, shelter, safety and it is also our sex drive.  Mars is the masculine opposite of Venus the ruler of Libra.  In fact as part of the bonding of adult relationships is sexual Mars is just as important to those with Sun in Libra it is the instinctual response to their Venus emotions.  The desire to relate emotionally to another in adult romantic relationships creates the instinctual drive to have sex.  Sex is not only a means of reproduction but with humans it is also a means of physically bonding with another person.  Sex also creates the chemicals and hormones we have when we fall in love that causes us to feel intense emotions.

However Mars also rules the instinct to put ourselves first and meet our own needs.  This sounds selfish but if we did not have this drive we would have no survival instinct and would not be capable of helping ourselves let alone others.  However those with sun in Libra can struggle with this aspect of their personality as they seek to maintain balance between their own needs and those of others.  however it is important that we strive to meet our own needs and embrace this drive, which does not mean being selfish but in reality being self sufficient when necessary.  when our Mars instincts and drives are blocked we can express it through negative Venus emotions such as over indulgent hedonism and unjustified emotional outbursts.  However like the sun it can be rebalanced and unblocked by adopting its opposite attribute which depends on which sign Mars is in.

Jupiter represents the drive to take risks, gamble, seek adventure, discover, laugh, live life to the fullest and to seek out and find something larger and more important than ourselves from life.  Jupiter is also the instinctual drive to learn through play that we retain throughout life but which is strongest in childhood. Jupiter’s instinctual response to Venus ruler of the sun in Libra is to flirt, joke, laugh and tease.  Jupiter is the instinctual drive to play, experience joy and pleasure, it does it in romantic ways as much as it does it in childlike ways.  when children play they form their own rules to make the game fair, Jupiter also rules this instinctual drive to form ethical rules and to ensure fairness or justice.  Jupiter drive is also that drive to be part of the social fabric through rituals in sports or religion.  It is the drive to seek company to laugh with and form adventures with.  It is the drive to eat drink and be merry for tomorrow we may die.  Jupiter drives us to feast together as a social group.  Jupiter with Uranus rules the sacred masculine aspect of humanity the drive to come together through rituals, shared experience and the drive to expand our knowledge and understanding through those experiences of life.

In general those with Sun in Libra don’t have a problem with expressing their Jupiter drives.  Since Jupiter represents play and this is a vital aspect in us developing the skills necessary to form adult relationships and to maintain a sense of joy within them Jupiter is an important planet.  If Jupiter drives are blocked it may be expressed negatively through its feminine opposite Neptune where there may be excessive daydreaming or use of alcohol or other substances.

Uranus represents the instinctual drive to expand and develop our experiences, knowledge, abilities and understanding throughout life.  Uranus represents development of skills throughout life, learning to dress ourselves and feed ourselves as children is necessary for us to expand our abilities in order to become independent adults.  However that independence should be balanced by our emotional maturity (Pluto).

Uranus also represents sudden events in our lives that force us to develop the skills necessary to be more independent and to expand our abilities, knowledge and understanding however these events can happen before we have the emotional maturity to fully deal with them (Pluto) and when this happens it can block other drives and emotional expressions.  When this happens the drives and emotions blocked take on a Uranus expression.  Uranus symbolises power derived from castration or blockage.  These emotions or drives that are blocked, well up inside us until there is a Uranus explosion at some point in our lives.  Uranus represents the sky god or universe and it is also symbolic of the ‘Big Bang’ explosion from which our universe expanded from.  So when the drives and emotions finally do burst free there is a huge expansion of learning that comes with it.

This is important for those with Sun in Libra to understand that Uranus blocks are only freed by an inner explosion and that is something the person goes through at the right time for them.  Until they go through this process some people are not ready emotionally for a relationship or commitment to happen.  When Uranus gets blocked which it can occasionally, it is often expressed in negative Pluto emotions of jealousy, manipulation and power games.

‘Once upon a time at home I sat beside the telephone, waiting for someone to pull me through, when at last it didn’t ring I knew it wasn’t you.’ – Kirsty McColl & Billy Bragg ‘A New England’

The feminine planets are moon, Venus, Neptune and Pluto.  The moon represents our ability to emotionally nourish and nurture ourselves as well as others.  Nurturing ourselves and others is an emotional skill that we develop throughout life.  We practice it as children when we play happy families or house with each other.  We also practice our nurturing skills on younger children especially when we become teenagers and ‘babysit’ younger children.  However as teenagers we have not learnt to emotionally nourish within romantic relationships which is why we have lots of them at that stage in life.

In this sense the moon is also likely to be expressed and developed easily with those who have sun in Libra.  They will use their emotional nurturing skills throughout life in their relationships and they will strive to develop them to the best of their ability as one method of helping them improve ways in which they are able to relate to others and to create balance within their own lives.  If their moon expression of emotional nurturing does become blocked they will tend to express it through negative sun drives for attention and may become extremely flirty with others.  Again if the attributes of the moon are blocked they can be rebalance by adopting its opposite which depends on the sign of the moon.

Venus is the expression of our emotions, moods and feelings creatively this can be through art, music, poetry, fashion, design, cooking and lovemaking.  Venus is the ruler of the Sun in Libra.  If Venus is blocked it will also block some of the expression of the sun.  When Venus is blocked it is likely to be expressed through negative Mars drives such as excessive unjustified anger and overly aggressive sexualised behaviour.

Neptune is the emotional expression of the richness of our inner world or the subjective viewpoint. It symbolises emotional connection to our inner world, and development of expression through dreams, ideals, mysticism, illusion, disillusionment and fantasy.  Neptune is about how we experience our inner world of emotions and we express all these experiences in fantasy, dreams and ideals through Neptune.  With Pluto it makes up the sacred feminine aspect of emotions.  Neptune symbolises our aliefs and beliefs about ourselves and the world around us.  An alief is when we behave in ways that suggest we believe something for example if you are scared of heights and are on a bridge you may behave as if you belief that bridge will collapse.  In reality if you really believed that it was going to collapse you would not go on it.  Our beliefs and aliefs can stop us from fully expressing our drives and emotions because they can control our behaviour.

Neptune also rules magical thinking this is when we have lucky coins, lucky pants or a magical feather if we are ‘Dumbo’.  Humans wish on stars.

The Sun in Libra in relationship to Neptune is highlighted in the lyrics of the song.  Neptune is the ruler of its opposite attributes the moon in Pisces.  The song was recorded when Kirsty McColl was going through a period in which she had severe stage fright an alief that is a common block of artistic drives and emotional expression.  It is only through facing the fears that our aliefs stem from that we can gradually build new beliefs that stop us blocking positive expression of our drives and emotions.  If Neptune expression itself is blocked it can be expressed through negative Jupiter drives such as extreme self righteousness and intolerance to other beliefs.

Pluto represents the development of emotional maturity throughout life or the emotional stage we are at.  As we age our maturity changes and we face different emotional stages from becoming independent as children to accepting the inevitability of our own death.  One way we develop emotional maturity is through our experiences of loss, sickness and other traumas.  Each time we experience these events we become more emotionally mature however Pluto can also represent traumas we have experienced before we were at a stage where we could develop the emotional maturity to cope.  In this case it means that until we do reach a stage where we have the ability to reach the emotional maturity necessary to deal with these past traumas that it will cause us to develop blocks in our emotional expression and drives.  This can affect our capacity to have healthy adult relationships at times depending on the severity of block.

Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio one of your co-signs and when it causes trauma at an early age this is often expressed as insecurity because often the moon is blocked from developing a healthy process for emotionally nurturing the self.  However it can and does block in many different ways. Within our relationships we all have to deal with past traumas of each other and where we are both at in our ability to process them and develop emotional maturity necessary to move on.  When Pluto itself is blocked we are likely to express this in negative Uranus drives such as being disruptive, irresponsible and challenging of all authority.

Our personality is a wormhole through time and space.  It stretches from the point of birth to the point of death.  We have dealt with the feminine and masculine planets now we move on to the last group.  Saturn and the South node of the moon represent the past aspect of our wormhole where our memories are contained. Mercury represents the infinite of choices in the present moment and the North node of the moon represents our future wormhole up to the point of death.

Saturn represents our impressions of reality.  It is similar to Newtonian physics in the sense that if you throw a brick in the air it is likely to fall back down and hit you in the face.  No matter how many times you try it and despite what quantum physics says, that brick will land with a thump.  Saturn’s rules are like gravity they help us form a set of our own universal principles or laws.  We govern our own universe through Saturn’s experiences of the past and we predict future likelihoods from it. If apples never fell to earth then gravity would be an irrational idea because it would contradict our experiences.  Saturn is how we rationalise our past experiences.  Instead of having a random set of memories in no particular order it helps us form a linear path from birth to the present that is rational and that helps us predict the future.  It helps us set and maintain routine eating times as well as sleeping times.  It also is why we have confirmation biases.  Confirmation biases are when we select the facts and figures that conform to our preconceived ideas and ignore or discard those that don’t fit.  We all have confirmation biases about certain groups or political ideologies and we will ignore anything that contradicts them.

Saturn however can also block the expression of planets because it is the planet of rationality it does not deal well with the irrationality of our drives and emotions and when it aspects planets that represent these it can curtail there full expression.  However most Saturn blocks represent long term events or situations in life where expression my be impossible because of responsibilities or sense of duty to others.  It can also represent the long term effects of being raised in certain ways which have curtailed expression excessively.

Saturn finds rational meaning to our past.  The South node of the moon is its subjective meaning, its how we feel about past events.  It is not what actually happen at Christmas as a child but our feelings: sense of the magical, smell of cinnamon and oranges, twinkling fairy lights and bright stars.  It contains smells, sights and tastes that are part of special memories, family rituals and tragic moments.  It is how we feel about our grandparents, the death of a family member or being punished for something we didn’t do.  Those with Sun in Libra when they are trying to relate to another person this is what they are trying to understand that person’s Saturn and South node, its what we do when we begin a relationship.  We try to see what memories are lying there and how that person sees the world.

If Saturn is Newtonian physics then Mercury is quantum physics.  Mercury represents the infinite possibilities of the present moment. Right now before we make a choice or an action there are an infinite amount of future wormholes of the personality all dependent on different choices and actions.  All these possible futures exist simultaneously until we make a choice or act. We explore all the possibilities through the imagination of Mercury.  Mercury uses Saturn to figure out likely events along all these probability future personality wormholes and goes exploring them until it chooses the one it likes best.  At that moment the choice is made or we have acted and all the other possible future wormholes collapse to be replaced by anew infinite set of future wormholes of the new present moment.

Mercury represents the present looking into the future through the imagination and humans are designed to look into the future and explore its possibilities rather than to dwell in the past.  However when our drives and emotions are involved this process is short-cut we act on our emotions and drives which Saturn then rationalises as part of our past wormhole.  Saturn rationalises and justifies our actions so they make sense to us however when it is other people that rationalisation process is different.  This is something that those with sun in Libra are learning within their relationships and that is to be as tolerant of others as they are of themselves.

The North node of the moon represents our feelings and wishes for the future up to the point of our death.  It represents what we want emotionally from our future whether that is marriage, children or a fulfilling career.  It also represents the full maturation of emotions or our Pluto expression and that is coming to terms with our own mortality and feeling prepared or ready to die when the time comes without regrets of lost opportunities.  Thus the North node of the moon calls us to take certain risks in the knowledge that we only have this opportunity and if we never take that chance we may spend the rest of our lives wondering what could have been and regretting it.  For those with sun in Libra it is the urge to talk to the smiling stranger to take a chance and begin a conversation, knowing we may never see that person again.

For the day will come when all the possible future wormholes of the personality collapse.  There will only be the past wormhole of the personality in existence.  If those with sun in Libra have developed the fertility of choices represented by Virgo and the emotional maturity represented by Scorpio they will be ready for the next stage. The will walk down the wormhole of their personality with all their memories and relationships to the bright light they saw at birth.  They will continue beyond into the pre-existence or non-existence whatever they believe in, happy with what they accomplished.

Sun in Libra in the 1st house

here the individual is very aware of the fact that we can only truly know who we are in relation to every other person in our lives.  our relationships romantic, family and friends define our understanding of the world around us and add knowledge and experience that we cannot possibly obtain by ourselves. It is through our relationships that we develop the emotional maturity necessary to deal with the harsh realities of life.  It is through the inspiration of others that we flourish and become fully fertile individuals capable of achieving what we desire in life.  However it is also true that this can be a hard and long process in which we can have many setbacks and disillusionment.  At these times it is necessary to work on maintaining our own emotional security and nurturing which my also involve withdrawing slightly from the rush of life and refocusing on its purpose.  When we do this we understand that we must all be interdependent on each other irrespective of the risks and pain we may suffer as a consequence of this, the rewards of taking such risks are far more valuable to us throughout our lives.

Sun in Libra in the 2nd house

here the individual is aware that we all have insecurities to deal with in life and that it is necessary for us to deal with our own insecurities first before we can support others with theirs.  In their relationships they make their own sense of security a priority not out of selfishness but because they know it is the best place for them to be at emotionally when trying to understand others.  These individuals understand that it is our own insecurities more than anything else that stops us fully reaching out to each other in all our relationships.  They understand that we must learn to fully express ourselves even our deepest fears whether we do that creatively through art or some other means we must be able to say honestly what we really feel and what we really need emotionally from each other.  We also need to learn to do this is ways that are natural and reflect how we express ourselves personally so we learn to do this automatically without feeling stressed or uncomfortable by the process.

Sun in Libra in 3rd house

here the individual realises that all our relationships have infinite potential and it is our actions and responses to others that limits that potential.  Our relationships have an infinite potential for mutual growth and emotional development but it is by our actions and responses we limit these potentials.  We prevent ourselves from fully exploring our relationships with others by closing off aspects of our personality that we believe will put them off.  They have a very open mind when it comes to associating with different people.  There is so much we can learn from each other and our own unique experiences in life that they tend to have a wide circle of acquaintances from which they can draw different perspectives on situations in life.  They do however have to take time out from the social scene from time to time just to get back in touch with their own emotional experiences and needs in life.  They also tend to do their best thinking in solitude after listening to the different perspectives on offer.

Sun in Libra in 4th house

here the individual realises that it is necessary to know ourselves and our innermost nature well if we ever hope to understand others at any depth.  They are usually less outgoing than most sun in Libra but they do tend to form deeper relationships whether that is friends or romance wise than most people.  These people tend to do a lot of their conversations in their own heads with themselves and they have a great understanding of how their own mind works and its biases.  They tend to be most comfortable at home and are likely to have a very hospital nature where everybody is made to feel welcome.  they do need to get out and about sometimes just to take in new experiences and meet new people.  There is a need to broaden their horizons and experience how the rest of the world lives especially to understand that we all have different perspectives on what family and community means to us in particular.  This may help them solve their own family issues that crop up from time to time.

Sun in Libra in 5th house

here the individual is very good at socialising and meeting new people.  They are very good at creating just the right atmosphere and tend to be very light hearted individuals although behind this façade there is often more going on than people realise.  There is often a strong artistic expression that may be at times more dramatic than the average Sun in Libra is.  Their relationships can go through dramatic patches especially if they are feeling insecure within themselves at the time. These people are usually at their best in fun, light-hearted situations and they strive to keep life fun for everybody even in the most difficult of times.  However they do need to be recognised and given attention within their relationships for them to be able to do so effectively.  When they are feeling drab in particular and not their bright sunny selves they need to pamper themselves and nurture their own sense of security and worth.  Time spent outdoors on nature trails or in the garden is good for them and helps them to relax and be more balanced inwardly.

Sun in Libra in 6th house

here the individual is aware that we all have to work hard at our relationships with others and to learn to become mutually dependent on each other without feeling insecure.  This is easy to do when we become more self confident in our own worth and capacities.  By allowing ourselves to develop to our fullest potential we are more able to let ourselves be dependent on others without fear or loss of self esteem.  This is a lesson in life for these people and that is how to build equally mutually dependent relationships without power play structures.  These individuals need to understand that how they feel about themselves is a product of how their family interacted and not a product of who they actually are.  They tend to be more self critical than the average Sun in Libra and they need to develop an understanding that this is a false image of themselves that cannot be erased by having others reliant on them.  This may make them feel better but it will not erase those self doubts, only being loved and appreciated for who we are and not what we can do for others will erase this.

Sun in Libra in 7th house

here the individuals are driven to form long term bonds with others far more than most sun in Libra individuals are.  They tend to see themselves as a partnership that relates to the world rather than as individuals relating within a partnership and within the world.  This can mean problems within relationships when there are two widely separate views on topics, whilst it is nice to be able to present a united front against the world at times there must also be room to be individuals within your relationships as well.  The way around this is to spend time apart from each other in which you allow each other to find exactly what it is that they want to express and say without having to justify it or present it in rational balanced way all the time.  This means letting each other have time alone with their own emotional problems as well instead of trying to solve everything as a couple.  If you do this you will find that you naturally have a more united front as a couple anyway.

Sun in Libra in 8th house

here the individual understands that life is short and we will all die they bring this to their relationships not in a morbid way but in an emotionally mature form when they are older.  However when younger this knowledge can make relationships more intense and can at times lead to manipulation and power games in an effort to find some reassurance.  These issues gradually resolve themselves with maturity and it becomes much easier for them to form the stable long term relationships that often give them a sense of purpose within life and secure base to deal with the harsher realities outside in the world.  The more experience these people have in life the more they learn to understand and appreciate that what matters most is not the time we have on earth but the relationships that we have created and that have defined our lives so far.  That no amount of ‘extra time’ can replace the value of true friendship and life long companions in what makes a life fulfilling and meaningful.  this is also true of our families it is not quantity but quality that matters and they will invest in this.

Sun in Libra in 9th house

here the individual is much more aware of how different cultures form and maintain relationships in different ways.  They are likely to explore the different rituals and methods within differing cultures that are used to form and maintain different relationships.  There is also a need to have some shared ideology within their relationships whether this is having same belief system, or supporting same team.  Some form of belief whether religious or political is usually important to their perspective on both relationships and life in general and they need a partner that understands this aspect of themselves completely.  They usually have a strong code of ethics about how they should treat everybody and in their relationships expect the highest standards from others.  They do however at times struggle to maintain the more down to earth emotional needs of their relationships in balance and this is an area in which they will have to learn to become more mature about.  However when they do conquer this aspect they will be able to build morally and ethically strong relationships based n mutual trust and support.

Sun in Libra in 10th house

here the individual understands that all relationships have to function in the real world where there are pressures, stresses and constraints placed on them by circumstance.  These individuals tend to be more practical than most sun in Libra individuals and be very focused on ensuring that the practical needs of all their relationships are met and this is especially true f fulfilling obligations to others dependent on them in some form such as children.  They take stability in their relationships seriously and like to have some structure and routine around romantic interests and friendships.  They expect both their partner and their friends to be dependable and supportive and they like to make some activities with them rituals which they share.  When it comes to relationships they tend to be a bit more old fashioned than most and do like traditional family values and structures even if these need to be adapted to their lifestyle in some form.  They d have to be reminded at times to let their hair down and have more fun but this naturally happens as they mature anyway.

Sun in Libra in 11th house

here the individual is very friendly and outgoing in relation to others but at the same time there is always a sense of distance or space within all their relationships that gives individuals freedom and room to manoeuvre.  However it can also prevent some more personal relationships from developing the closeness necessary for secure partnership unless they work on their detached attitudes at times.  This means that they have to learn to adjust more to what others need at times and although they prefer to be more emotionally detached at times it is necessary for our development to become completely emotionally involved with another.  We cannot lose our identity in such circumstances or our independence but only develop them further in doing this.  This is especially true when we are going through some form of emotional upheaval ourselves we have to learn to be open and honest about what we are experiencing with others in order to grow emotionally.  When we do this then we really are independent and our identity becomes stronger.

Sun in Libra in 12th house

here the individual is very god at balancing feelings and emotions with the more rational aspects of the self and they understand that both are very important aspects of any relationship with another person. These individuals take time in life to develop the skills necessary to form strong relationships and to overcome their need for time out from the world in general.  These people are good at instinctively relating to others in ways that create a sense of mutual understanding that words alone cannot provide.  There is often a strong instinct to idealise partners that must be overcome because placing anybody on a pedestal will always result in their fall from grace and it is unfair to do this to others.  This means developing realistic expectations which happens with maturity but at heart these individuals will always be daydreamers and idealists.  They are drawn to the romance of life itself and because of that their feet will never be fully on the ground.




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