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The sun is at the centre of our solar system it pulls all the planets into orbit around it.  Our sun in astrology is very similar it pulls all the different aspects of the personality or consciousness together to make a ‘solar system’ or whole personality.  Where the sun is best describes how we form our personality and how it develops throughout life.  The sun also represents our drive to shine, excel, to be valued, to contribute and to be fully appreciated for all aspects of our personality.  Scorpio the sign represents the main form in which the sun tries to achieve this along with the house it sits in.

“I know you think that I shouldn’t still love you or tell you that” – Dido ‘White Flag’

Sun in Scorpio allows us to develop a fluid, absorbing personality as Scorpio is a water sign.  If we consider the four elements to be rather the four (normal) states of matter then earth = solid, water = liquid, air = gas and fire= plasma.  Water has the qualities of the liquid state it has no defined shape but rather it conforms to the shape of its vessel (which would be your body).  This means water signs adapt and conform to the stage of the body through its development.  Liquids absorb and dissolve minerals or nutrients (knowledge) as they flow or move through life they can enter the smallest cracks in rocks without being noticed as they absorb what is inside.

Water slowly erodes its own path in life, like a river, this may be slow and unperceived by the naked eye but it is capable of forming rich flat mud plains like the Nile that fertilises the land around it enriching the soil with the nutrients it carries. Water signs are fertile with knowledge that can enrich life and develop new growth.  So water signs adapt to each stage of life and development carrying with them past nutrients or wisdom that they use to enrich life and develop new growth and this is especially true in later years.

Scorpio is also a fixed sign which means that although the personality fluidly adapts to each stage of life when they find their form they tend to stay in the fixed form of that vessel.  What we mean by fixed is related to the seasonal influence in which the sun sign falls. The cardinal signs begin at the spring equinox with Aries, summer solstice Cancer, autumn equinox Libra and the winter equinox is Capricorn. They represent the start of the seasons and the striving to become that season – cardinal signs strive to become or lead.  The fixed signs follow the cardinal signs Sun in Scorpio marks mid point of autumn it is not striving to become autumn it already is autumn.  The point where the earth is returning the nutrients back to the soil to be broken down and recycled.

The fixed signs are also fixed because they are fixed in history or as the ‘Doctor from ‘Dr Who’ would say they are fixed events in time and space.  They are fixed to the ‘Age of Taurus’ – the opposite sign on the zodiac to Scorpio. When the sun rose with the heavenly bull at the time of the spring equinox. They are fixed in the mythology of the ancient Egyptians, Sumerians and Babylonians.  It is fixed to a period when the mythology of the constellations at the equinox was central component of their religious beliefs.  When Inanna (Venus) battled the giant Scorpion in the sky at the autumnal equinox breaking its hold on the earth and making the night longer once again.  The scorpion held the world in balance between night and day at the equinox with its mighty pincers. The golden bull of heaven was slain by the sun at the spring equinox and The Lion rose with the Sun on the longest day – the constellation of Leo is still ruled by the sun.  These signs are fixed mythologically because they were important at a certain time and place in human history.

The Cardinal signs that eventually replaced them strove for the same mythological importance and Aries replaced Taurus as the first sign of the Zodiac but these constellations never reached the same mythological heights as their predecessors did.  But they still mark the equinox and they still strive for that importance.  The reason the still mark the equinox is because by the time the mutable signs marked the equinox nobody was really watching the importance of constellations had been replaced by the importance of the planets.  The mutable signs mark the ending of a form of astrology where the stars and the constellations were important to one where the central importance was the planets themselves.  So although the constellations no longer lie where their signs are those signs still contain the meaning of the constellations.  The signs original meaning of representing the constellations died and reincarnated to mark the seasons of the sun.

sunrise nasa

This means that the signs no longer correspond to the constellations any longer but the solar cycle and Scorpio is fixed in the sense that it is not striving to become autumn like the cardinal sign of Libra but is autumn, it is autumn and remains autumn unlike the mutable sign of Sagittarius which is changing into winter.  In this sense the fixed signs are not becoming or changing but already are so although the Sun in Scorpio personality is fluid there is no sense of change or adaptation they remain who they always were they have just reincarnated into another form but they are always what they reincarnate from and what they will reincarnate into.

We are recycled or reincarnated star dust and comets and we will always be reincarnated star dust and comets no matter what shape or form we take we always remain incarnated star dust and comets.  Thus we are fixed in our origin although our shape and form change and this is true of the Sun in Scorpio personality.  They reincarnate from baby to child, child to adult and then they die to be reincarnated as something else.  Those with the Sun in Scorpio know that death is just a step in the recycling process that recycles the old into new life.

“But if I didn’t say it well I’d still have felt it, where’s the sense in that?” – Dido ‘White Flag’

Sun in Scorpio represents the natural cycle of life, stars, rocks and all matter.  The heat from volcanoes partially melts the rocks near it and the minerals that melt first form granite.  Eventually granite becomes exposed to the elements and water enters its cracks stripping it of minerals and creating clay and sand in the process.  Not even the rocks are permanent but are constantly in a state of being recycled either broken down and weathered or subducted beneath the earth’s crust to return once more into a molten form.  The sun in Scorpio represents this molten form that erupts into life as the internal pressures build to form a volcano or caldera and if this internal pressure is not released there can be super calderas boiling away beneath the surface that hold a lot of destructive power within them.

That is why it is vital for those with the Sun in Scorpio to find a release before these inner pressures become to intense because the damage that can be done if they build up to a critical point sometimes cannot be repaired.  So if it is a relationship that is worth saving that is causing this inner pressure they must find a release before it is destroyed completely at their own hands.  Often they can use sex as a release for inner emotional pressure but this is not the same as the sexual satisfaction they get from a relationship, just a release and it is only a temporary release for them.

When the inner pressure that builds up is their own need to change, reincarnate and transform then it is like a supernova.  Supernova happens in two ways, first a degenerate star (Stagnant) can accumulate material from another star via a merger (sex) with another star that raises its core temperature which ignites carbon fusion and triggers runaway fusion in which the star literally explodes.  The second is the gravitational collapse of the star core which releases the inner potential energy that creates a supernova explosion.  The shock waves from a supernova can trigger the birth of new stars and the crab nebula is the remnant of a supernova.

However bright a supernova is remember before you make a wish that you are 100,000000 light-years too late its dead and gone.  That is also something that the Sun in Scorpio has to learn as part of its emotional maturity, life is unfair to everybody we all wish on dead stars and we all have our wishes and dreams crushed.  Nobody gets the fairytale life if they did it wouldn’t be a fairytale but history.  We are all used and abused in life and by life.

“I promise I’m not trying to make your life harder or return to where we were” – Dido ‘White Flag’


Our personality is like a wormhole, it is who we are through time and space it is in a state of constant change and yet we feel the same and it is the sun that provides this consistency.  The sun provides self consistency as well as holding the planets in our solar system together.  The sun in Scorpio wormhole could be said to be one that goes through many incarnations yet at its core remains the same.  There may be areas where it has stretched into new forms by supernova explosions but over all it is a fluid wormhole that meanders through time and space yet remains fixed in its core values or origins.

As stated at the beginning the sun holds the planets of our solar system in orbit because Scorpio is a fixed sign this grasp can be rigid at times although it is usually a fluid relaxed grasp or gravitational pull.  The hold is rigid when those with the Sun in Scorpio fear losing control or fear they are out of control. It is the is rigid grasp that actually causes the inner tension and pressure that can cause eruptions and supernova explosions to occur.

Scorpio is also a ‘feminine’ sign this has nothing to do with gender or sexuality but describes an aspect of the personality or consciousness that controls emotional creativity.  Scorpio is the process of emotional break down that is vital to good emotional and physical well being.  We tend to store negative emotions physically by tensing our bodies, grinding our teeth and other behaviours which taken to the extreme are unhealthy.  It is important for us that these negative emotions are broken down.  Our fears, our insecurities and past traumas are capable of being broken down releasing us from their grip and forming the nutritional base for new emotional growth.

The Sun however is ‘Masculine’ again this has nothing to do with gender or sexuality but describes the drives or urges we experience as human beings.  The sun represents the drive to shine and excel, to be appreciated and valued and the sun in Scorpio seeks to do this in a Scorpio form.  However it is also important to remember that both the ‘masculine’ and the ‘feminine’ can change into their opposite attribute. For example when the drive to shine and excel which the sun represents is blocked it can be represented by the emotional need for nurturing of the moon and as we receive emotional nurturing we regain the confidence to go out there and shine again or we convert back to the sun.  For those with Sun in Scorpio when their moon’s expression of need to receive and give emotional nurturing is blocked it is expressed in the drive to manipulate and control others.

inverted stars

For the sun in Scorpio its complete opposite is the moon in Aquarius and by adopting the general nurturing practices of the moon in Aquarius, the Sun in Scorpio can unblock its attributes and shine once more.  Moon in Aquarius nurtures by allowing the freedom and space to expand, grow and develop.  It allows the individual to become what they were naturally meant to be without restraint.

It is the healing of nurturing acceptance, belief in the capacity of mankind to become whatever it wants no matter what has happened.  The nurturing of dreams and goals as a right extended to us all.  Nurturing of the drive to expand and become all that you can be in life through experience, mistakes and learning.  Nurturing of the right to freedom and independence, right to form own opinions, beliefs and moral values without fear or judgement.  Most of all it is the freedom to release the intense emotional pressure and tension that the Sun in Scorpio puts itself under.  It is the freedom to let go emotionally and completely lose control without fear or rejection.

“Well I will go down with this ship, I won’t put my hands up and surrender” – Dido ‘White Flag’

Traditionally in astrology the planets are designated ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’. In traditional astrology only the moon and Venus were designated feminine.  This was due to a misunderstanding of what is meant by feminine, it is not related to gender but to the creation of emotional responses, well-being and happiness often expresses through artistic creativity, mysticism, intuition and wisdom.  In this true sense Neptune and Pluto are both feminine planets whilst Saturn, Mercury and the nodes of the moon are neither feminine or masculine.  However the masculine planets can be expressed through their feminine counterpart and vice versa. The sun’s opposite is the moon, Mars’ opposite is Venus, Jupiter’s opposite is Neptune and Uranus’ opposite is Pluto.  Signs also not only have their opposite zodiac sign but also their opposite ‘masculine’ or ‘feminine’ sign.

“There will be no white flag above my door, I’m in love and always will be” – Dido ‘White Flag’

Traditionally Scorpio is ruled by the planets Mars and Pluto.  Mars the warrior God is masculine and represents the most primitive of our drives for survival, sex, food, shelter and resources.  These drives are something we share with all life and are necessary for life to continue they are often called animal instincts but they are really living instincts.  Mars represents the drive to live and that includes the drive to breath, try holding your breath and you will see how powerful the Mars drives really are.

The survival drive is the fight or flight drive, that sends a surge of adrenalin through the body.  This adrenaline surge heightens our awareness of our environment and the possible dangers lurking within it.  This sense of heightened awareness can also feel euphoric which is why we have things like roller-coasters, bungee jumping and sky diving.  Adrenaline sends our heart pumping and we feel alive, it is also a similar sensation when we see somebody we are sexually attracted to and this is because that too makes us produce adrenaline.

Mix up that adrenaline with oxytocin, dopamine and vasopressin and you are in love.  Vasopressin might be a hormone you are unfamiliar with unless you are interested in prairie voles.  Prairie voles mate for life and once they have sex they become very possessive of the female and will fight with other males over her.  This is because of the amount of vasopressin the voles produce. We call some people adrenaline junkies but those with Sun in Scorpio can be vasopressin junkies and vasopressin like oxytocin is produced when we orgasm.

Those with Sun in Scorpio can be addicted to sex for the adrenaline and vasopressin it produces.  They crave the intense intimacy that can be created and they seek to feel that passion and desire for another person.  They seek an experience that will force them to lose self control at times when they have build ups of internal pressure and are rigid in their hold on the ‘planets’.  When their Mars is blocked it is expressed through Venus as emotional frustration and jealousy.

Pluto is feminine and represents emotional growth and expansion through experiencing the intense moments of life such as death, sickness and loss of security.  In Sumerian mythology Pluto was Ereshkigal the goddess of the underworld.  Pluto is where we experience trauma that makes us grow in emotional depth.  There is the famous story of the woman who came to Buddha carrying her dead child pleading for him to bring it back to life.  Buddha said he would do so if she brought a mustard seed from a house where nobody had died.  The woman searched in vain but along the way she learnt that death is universal and touches all our lives.

This is the emotional depth of Pluto and we learn it as we learn to grieve and to let go of our loved ones.  Everybody fears losing those they love and that is natural and healthy but there comes a time when we see those that are sick and fragile and know it is selfish to prolong their suffering in life and this is Pluto, the ability to let go of what we love most because it is what we love most.  We also go through the same process ourselves as we age we become ready to let go of life itself and those we love.  This is the emotional maturing of Pluto it prepares us to face our own death without fear.

Pluto because it rules emotional maturation and growth also rules the stages towards this such as insecurity, fear of loss, manipulation and emotional power games.  These are stages just like the stages of grief in which we all need to pass to develop emotional maturation.  As children we are very manipulative emotionally – the if I died you’d be sorry, thoughts that everybody experienced as a child when they didn’t get their own way.  As adults we grow out of these phases with emotional experiences.  The need to create intensity through sex is also a phase in which as we mature we must evolve past to the next stage of emotional bonding for the intense stage is just temporary chemistry and was not meant to last what it is replaced by is something which takes much longer to build and that is mutual trust and respect and in order to do that those with Sun in Scorpio must let go of their own need for control by themselves.

Those with the Sun in Scorpio seek to create intense emotional relationships as part of their Pluto emotional development from which they can work through the stages of insecurity, jealousy and loss to reach a level of emotional security where they are capable of letting go of those they love most dearly and life itself.  When Pluto is blocked it is expressed through Uranus drive for expansion through knowledge and learning that is never fulfilled but continuously seeking meaning and purpose within the individual’s life.

“I know I left too much destruction to come back again, and I caused nothing but trouble I understand if you can’t talk to me again” – Dido ‘White Flag’


The Sun is the centre of our solar system, it pulls the planets into orbit around it, together they represent our consciousness or personality.  In understanding how the sun in Scorpio generally relates to the planets we can understand the way they generally tend to be human and how the sun presents a united whole.  However we are all unique and this is just a general description and will not match everybody’s complete experience.

The feminine planets are moon, Venus, Neptune and Pluto.  The moon represents our need for emotional nurturing and our ability nurture ourselves and others or our nurturing expression.  As we mature we must develop the necessary skills to emotionally nurture ourselves or we become dependent on others for our emotional security.  Those with the Sun in Scorpio often fear this happening to them and tend to seek intensity in relationships instead of mutual nurturing.  This often changes as they mature and they become less afraid of being emotionally dependent. Mutual nurturing occurs when we realise we are capable of meeting our own emotional needs as well as others and when both partners in relationship understand this they are both mutually able to nurture the other without fear.  When the moon is blocked this is expressed by the drive to be in dangerous or intense situations, attempted suicide as a form of manipulation and other such actions in which we receive attention.

Venus represents our emotional expression of the present moment, what we are feeling at present and this can be expressed in song, poetry and other arts.  Venus is the creative expression of feelings and as such it influences what mood we are in and what clothes we will wear.  We express our Venus creatively in the choices we make from decorating our home to cooking.  Venus also rules making love another way in which we express our present mood.  As small children we often express our emotions through temper tantrums and those with Sun in Scorpio can have difficulty with this because it was a complete loss of control for them and there fears of losing control often stem from this period in life.  This often means that those with sun in Scorpio find difficulty with some forms of spontaneous Venus expression.

This however does not mean their Venus is blocked but that they often channel its expression through more controlled means such as poetry or cooking rather than spontaneous outbursts of affection.  However if there Venus is blocked they are likely to seek sex merely as a way of filling an inner emotional void, they may also become more angry and express their Venus through their Mars sign.

Neptune represents our emotional desire to connect with something larger and more important than ourselves.  It can be the need to connect emotionally with nature, or to feel a religious or spiritual emotional connection to the divine this is also often expressed through art.  Those with Sun in Pluto seek intense emotional connections and they are likely to seek connection with a source they think of as omnipotent whether that is nature, science, religion or spirituality. In general they have a need to express this aspect of their personality and if it does become blocked they gravitate towards taking more risks and gambling perhaps even with their lives –  negative Jupiter expression of the drive to feel a sense of awe and wonder and fullness in life.


“and if you live by its all over, I suppose that makes sense” – Dido ‘White Flag’

The masculine planets are the sun, Mars, Jupiter and Uranus.  Jupiter represent the drive to take risks and gamble to maximise our experiences of life.  Jupiter drives us to find Joy and pleasure in life by participating fully in it.  Jupiter drives us to make the most of our time on earth, to laugh, eat and drink for tomorrow we may die.  Its the drive to grasp life and live it in its fullest expression.  It is the drive to experience the pleasures of living from sex to leaping chasms Jupiter drives us to experience the wonder and awe of simply being alive.  It is the drive to climb mountains just to see the view, to go white water rafting or whatever exciting way we would like to interact with the world around us.  Jupiter drives us to fill our lives with excitement, joy and pleasure to live before we die.

 Those with the Sun in Scorpio tend to understand their Jupiter drives well and to go the whole hog when it comes to experiencing life at its fullest in some areas at least.  They enjoy risk taking and gambling it just takes on more intense forms with these individuals.  They appreciate the thrill of risking everything for one moment of madness.  However for them it must be something they really want or think they really want that drives their Jupiter expression.  If their Jupiter expression becomes blocked they may seek to express it through negative Neptune emotional expression such as alcohol, drugs or extensive daydreaming instead of actual experiences.

Uranus represents the drive to expand our understanding and knowledge of the universe through learning and experience.  Uranus also represents the sudden unexpected events of life either good or bad, it is the lightning that strikes suddenly out of nowhere.  Uranus can represent sudden events that cause blockages to the expression of the other planets and this is because of the sudden and uncontrollable aspect of such events, from earthquakes to parents divorcing we feel powerless and unable to act.  However Uranus is just expanding our knowledge of the universe and many things in life are sudden and out with our control.  This means that part of our Uranus drive for expanding our understanding is in learning to come to terms with this aspect of life.

Those with Sun in Scorpio are ruled by Uranus’ opposite planet Pluto.  This means they have a greater understanding of this drive in their lives than most people and Uranus is linked so directly to their own path to emotional maturity that they cannot avoid its expression.  Together Uranus and Pluto teach us to live an authentic life, this doesn’t mean ‘successful’ or ‘self-actualised’ in the sense we use these words today.  Authentic life is one where we expand and grow in our understanding of ourselves, others and the universe where we reach a level of emotional maturity in which we are ready to die without fear or regrets. Many more farmers probably lead an authentic life than statesmen.

“I dream one day I find the one who lives inside my mind, they feel the same way too, we’ve all been used, dazed, beautiful and bruised”

We have dealt with the feminine and masculine aspects of the personality or consciousness.  That leaves us with how we deal with past and future aspects of our personality wormhole.  We have a past and we have a perceived future and these form part of the whole personality along with the present. Our personality as has already been stated is a wormhole through time and space. It stretches from birth to the present moment and from the present we extend it to the point of death and beyond.  The past is expressed by Saturn and the south node of the moon, Mercury expresses the present and the north node of the moon expresses the future of our wormhole. Saturn solidifies our past as a solid aspect of the personality that seems to be unchangeable, Mercury represents the infinite possibilities of the present moment how these fit together is helped by Neptune and our dreams, which rebirth our sun each morning!

Saturn represents our impression of reality.  Saturn is similar to Newtonian physics in the sense that no matter what quantum physics says if you throw a brick in the air it will probably fall back to earth and smack you on the head no matter how often you try it.  Saturn’s rules are like gravity they help us to formulate a set of universal laws that help us to understand our own universe.

Saturn rules the signs of Capricorn and Aquarius because winter shows off its rules best.  In the winter the earth goes into hibernation at least in the northern hemisphere, it is cold and food resources dwindle.  This means that survival is based on being prepared, this is what Saturn does it gives us a set of expectations to prepare us for possible future events.  In winter we expect it to get cold, we expect crops not to grow and we prepare for this.  Saturn allows us to predict events from our past experiences, if apples never fell to the ground then gravity would be an irrational idea – because it would fail to conform to our previous experiences.  Saturn is how we process the past to make it a rational continuous path to the present instead of a random selection of memories.  Saturn creates a rational linear past in chronological order from which we can predict likely future events.

Saturn also represents our confirmation biases, this is our ability to select events that confirm our vision of reality and ignore the ones that don’t.  This often feeds a superiority complex if not checked – the belief that paedophiles are only paedophiles because they are not Christian like me, atheist like me, New Age like me, Pagan like me, Anarchist like me, communist like me, liberal like me or conservative like me.  Perhaps the reason the Catholic Church had a problem with paedophilia was that they believed paedophiles were people who weren’t catholic like them, priests like them or bishops like them.  Confirmation biases can be harmful when they cause us to ignore dangerous facts and tend to feed our superiority complexes.

This is because Saturn represents our past part of our personality and how we view reality all major part of the sun our drive to shine and excel – Saturn can easily convince us we are superior because it rationalises our past actions.  When our drives and emotions are involved we act on them first and then rationalise the behaviour later, we tend to do so in a way that is positive for ourselves – we also rationalise others actions when they behave on their drives and emotions but we have no motivation to rationalise these positively unless we are emotionally connected.

Saturn however can also block the expression of a planet.  Because it is a planet of rationality it cannot deal with the irrational well it always seeks to rationalise and all drives and emotions are to some extent irrational we act on them from our  instincts not our rational mind.  However Saturn blocks are most commonly expressed as long term events such as the way we are raised, being a child carer or the death of the financially or emotionally providing parent that force us to block certain emotions or drives through necessity.  Where as Uranus blocks are sudden events that Pluto has yet to fully process emotionally and as such Uranus cuts off the drives or emotions expressed until some healing has occurred.

 For the Sun in Scorpio they can often struggle with accepting Saturn is not a fixed reality but differs for everybody, they tend to see confirmation biases as deliberate cover-ups which they are but on an inner scale rather than some conspiracy.  This is because they are often very good at seeing others confirmation biases but not their own.

The south node of the moon is the emotional past section of our wormhole or what certain past events felt like, sadness, grief, loss, joy and happiness.  Thus the south node of the moon represent our subjective past – this is not the rational but the irrational and immaterial aspect of the past, the feeling we had for our grandparents these are the most personal representations of who we are as a personality.  Saturn tells you winter is cold but the south node of the moon tells you Grannie was soft and snuggly and smelt of Parma Violets and you felt safe when she tucked you into bed.

Those with Sun in Scorpio recognise the importance of what is kept in their south node of the moon, all the good memories and the bad one that make us who we are at this present time, loved ones that are never gone as long as we have a south node in which they are imprinted. They are forever with us.

Saturn the planet of rationality allows Mercury the planet of the present moment to travel through the imagination up the infinite future wormholes that exist.  Mercury represents an infinite amount of possibilities that the present moment always contains.  These infinite possibilities also represent infinitive future ‘us’ there are infinite forms our personality can take in the future depending on the choices of each second of our lives.  If Saturn is Newtonian physics then Mercury is quantum physics all those future wormholes exist in a ‘quantum’ state until Mercury explores them through the imagination.  Mercury is the time traveller through space and time it explores all the future infinite wormholes until it finds the one it likes best and then in a ‘quantum’ puff of smoke the rest vanish a choice is made and the present is now the past.

The past gets rationalised by Saturn and incorporated into our south node of the moon at night. While we are sleeping the brain incorporates all the past events of the day into its memory banks to form a rational sequence between past and present this means changing our past slightly each night.  It does this while we are dreaming this is the Neptune influence, whilst we sleep Neptune recreates our emotional past.  It gets updated with the new knowledge and understanding we have reached.  We then go into a deep sleep and the brain reboots itself like a computer. We have dreams again in our deep sleep that we rarely remember – like the brain trying out the programme first to see if it is working properly before morning. Because of this we are reincarnated as a personality each morning with the rising of the sun.

“And when we meet as I’m sure we will, all that was then will be there still, I’ll let it pass and hold my tongue and you will think I have moved on” – Dido ‘White Flag’

The north node of the moon represents the solitary path of the future, it is how we view the path towards death.  Everybody dies alone just as nobody can eat our lunch for us or have our haircut for us.  Some things we have to experience for ourselves alone and death is one of them just like child birth is, in both cases we are unsure what to expect.  No matter how familiar we are with the medical terms and processes we don’t know what it feels like too give birth or to die until we experience it.  That means when either is happening to us it can be a frightening experience for although our body follows a natural process we have had no experience of it before to prepare us.  North node of the moon helps us to prepare for this ‘scary’ eventuality of life and it marks our emotional development to this point.

North node of the moon also represents our emotional vision of the future what we want emotionally from our lives.  We may dream of starting our own company, travelling the world, getting married, having children, having grandchildren or any number of things we want from life. It also represents how our future emotions change as we evolve throughout our lives we may want different things and our emotions change the 50 year old is more liked to have a different emotional experience of losing a parent than the 15 year old.  The 50 year old is likely to be more emotionally prepared and ready to let go than the 15 year old and part of this is because of the re-programming of the brain we experience through Neptune.  The older we are the more accepting of death we usually are.  Neptune’s reprogramming of the personality and Pluto development of emotional maturity make us ready for death.

This is where the Sun in Scorpio shines brightest is in becoming ready and accepting of their own deaths.  At that time the possible infinite tunnels of Mercury will all collapse upon themselves and Saturn will no longer have to rationalise but it will solidify the South node of the moon as the concrete thing everybody takes with them from life.  At that moment the North node ceases to exist and you will turn and walk down the tunnel of your life to the point of birth and the light that met you.  If your sun in Scorpio prepared you well you will be ready for that walk to the light and beyond it to the point of pre-existence or non-existence whichever you believe in.

Sun in Scorpio in the 1st house

here the individual is aware that they only have one life and that they have to live it to the full.  There awareness of their own mortality drives them from an early age to experience all they can from life.   They are aware that life is all about the people in it and those are the things we take from life, our relationships and personal accomplishments in the end they are all that matter and not the opinions of others.  They know that in the end we can’t take anything with us except memories and love and for them this means that they put all their energy into ensuring they have plenty of those to take.  However although this is true these people find emotional nourishment in finding projects bigger than themselves that benefit the whole of humanity.  For in losing ourselves in a cause we can find ourselves renewed, expanded and wiser than we could ever have dreamed possible.  These individuals have the drive and momentum to contribute much to whatever inspires their dedication to the higher principle.

Sun in Scorpio in the 2nd house

here the individual is fully aware of how their insecurities can control them and rob them of their own inner power or strength.  When we allow our insecurities to take control of our lives we are at their mercy and they become even harder to conquer.  This means we have to battle them and face them head on many times until we have developed the understanding that they were just aspects of an emotional illusion.  The emotional illusion I like to call the not good enough illusion or I don’t deserve illusion.   This often begins in childhood and it can be triggered by comparing ourselves to others, but there will always be somebody faster, smarter, prettier or more accomplished than we are.  The best never stay the best for long world records are replaced by new world records even if we reach the apex of a sport we will eventually lose the top spot.  This means that we have to nourish ourselves so that it is enough for us merely to excel by our own definition of success without comparison to others, our light needs to be appreciated by ourselves as being worthy to shine no matter what other stars surround it.

Sun in Scorpio in the 3rd house

here the individual is fully aware of the infinite possibilities that life offers us at each moment we are alive.  They like to keep as many of these possibilities open if they can.  They are aware we always have a choice in life even if many of those choices may be unpleasant for us at the time.  They are aware that often we make the easiest choice rather than the right choice and they are prepared to choose the harder path in life it it gets them to where they are going.  These individuals understand their life is meant to be an adventure that is lived in the fullest rather than an easy existence.  They understand that the harder paths that involve working towards our dreams and ambitions may involve a lot more sacrifice but they also contain more rewards eventually.  That is there motto in life no risks no rewards, which means at times they can dive into things without considering all the consequences but only when they know it is something they really want.  They nurture this drive by withdrawing to quiet places that allow them to reflect on what they have achieved.

Sun in Scorpio in 4th house

here the individual is fully aware of the need to nurture ourselves and others throughout life, they are naturally more considerate of others than most and sometimes this may not be fully appreciated as when hurt they keep their feelings to themselves most of the time.  This is something that they must learn to do is speak for themselves more instead of automatically expecting others to intuitively know. They also need to remember how we nurture ourselves determines to some extent the pattern of our lives.  If we fall into destructive nurturing patterns we create problems for ourselves that are unnecessary.  They need to learn to express their own needs and create the right environment for them first before trying to take care of others or they will find themselves struggling to perform in the world around them.  They also need to be aware of the many possibilities life holds for them if they take the risks more often in life instead of remaining where we are secure and safe.  Tasking chances can also be a nourishing experience for them especially taking more emotional gambles.

Sun in Scorpio in 5th house

here the individual is fully aware of the need to experience life as a creative opportunity for expression.  Here the individual is aware that life is a precious gift to be enjoyed and valued.  These individuals know that we need to value ourselves first in order to properly value others.  If we can’t see the wonder of life within ourselves how will we recognise it within another.  If we can’t learn to love ourselves how will we learn to love others.  Loving ourselves properly means accepting who we are as valuable and worthwhile without the need for approval or showing off.  This is important because if we can’t recognise ourselves as being valuable irrespective of other opinions we will not see the value of others irrespective of opinions.  Life is too short to have others opinions form what relationships we have or don’t have.  Our relationships must be because we value another not because we are insecure, we must nurture ourselves in ways that remove our insecurities and let us love both ourselves and others.

Sun in Scorpio in 6th house

here the individual is aware of the need for mutual support, caring and working in natural harmony with each other to promote the optimum benefits for all.  However they may tend to enjoy the power we have when others become dependent on us and this is a pitfall to be avoided.  For nobody should be dependent on anybody the ideal has always been interdependence because humans are social animals we are supposed to live interdependent lives with each other.  This means nobody being ‘dependent’ but everybody being irreplaceable including ourselves.  However this need that everybody has to be irreplaceable  can lead to unhealthy relationships when not understood properly.  If this becomes a problem there is a need to let go and focus on the inner self in solitude to find own sense of what is irreplaceable inside us.  When this happen it can be nurtured by putting what is irreplaceable about ourselves first because we cannot replace ourselves, we must value ourselves first and nurture ourselves first then we are in a position to help humanity.

Sun in Scorpio in 7th house

here the individual is focused on how we all relate to each other as social animals and what that means in terms of how we create bonds of love and friendship.  We all understand the importance of body language, looks, gestures, slight touches and tone of voice are far more important than the words we use.  We bond before we can speak and it is a primal instinct, this includes mutual gazing something we do as babies and mothers but also as lovers. We gaze into each others eyes without thinking because it is natural for us to do so.  We become fascinated by each other just as we were fascinated by our mothers but into the natural process we have added social customs that change with each generation, that make us feel awkward, and unnatural.  When this feeling of awkwardness occurs the sun can be nurtured by spending time alone where we can be natural and where we can rediscover our own natural method of communicating with the rest of humanity – that is comfortable and that is – us.

Sun in Scorpio in 8th house

here the individual  understands the intensity of life that some experience is more traumatic than some and they have a keen interest in exploring the more intense themes some experience such as abuse, abandonment and neglect.  These individuals are aware that life is not fair and never has been fair to any of us.  We are not promised a fair life at birth because none of us get it we all are used and abused by life itself sometimes in childhood sometimes as adults and often as both.  We all have the scars from those experiences they are called insecurities and everybody has them to some extent.  However it is the extent to which we are insecure that controls our ability to develop emotional maturity.  However we are never alone in this the rest of humanity is in the exact same process of learning to deal with their insecurities and learning how to keep on shining their light in the process of it all.  If these individuals are struggling to come to terms with their own insecurities they will find nurturing by opening up to others and discovering they are not alone in how they think and feel but perfectly normal human being.

Sun in Scorpio in 9th house

here the individual understands that life is an intense adventure full of surprise dragons that need to be slain but which often burn and maim us in the process.  Life is a great adventure but it is also a dangerous one for all of us and we do not go through its many stages unscathed in the process of finding treasure.  It is only when we have been truly maimed burnt and wounded that we begin to see the treasure always lined the path of the adventure itself and it takes emotional maturity to see it until then the treasures of life remain partially invisible to us all.  Here there is an opportunity to find real ethical treasures by getting burned and maimed along the way we learn wisdom and we face the realities of life head on, we face what is rather than what ought to be.  In this we find nurturing for this is the prayer of serenity the treasure of knowing what is that cannot be changed but must be accepted no matter how nasty as part of life.  When we understand we cannot change what is only prepare as best we can to deal with what is, we give ourselves time to create some what (ought to be)s.

Sun in Scorpio in 10th house

 here the individual understands that they are living in ‘the real world’ where life is unfair, unpredictable and people can and do die all the time through accidents, illness and old age – death is democratic it comes for us all regardless of power or prestige.  They know this is the reality we all have to live in and there is no point in wishing it was otherwise we all have to come to terms with the fact life is hard, it is a struggle and then we die.  When we come to terms with these facts we have prepared ourselves to enjoy the other parts of life well, the adventure of falling in love not only with people but ideas, ideals and our life passions.  Life is hard and it is a struggle but it is worth the fight and the work for life contains our many loves and through the fight and the struggle we find an inner strength that is precious, that defines our character. Life is character building because that is the purpose of life.  To build ourselves an amazing character that has braved the many battles life throws at it.  This strength of character is nourished by the adventure of life itself learning from each trial it faces.

Sun in Scorpio in 11th house

here the individual identifies with the whole of humanity as being in a perpetual struggle to come to terms with being human.  They feel a bond of friendship with all of us because we all have to travel that same path from birth to death.  All of us struggle with our own humanity and weaknesses, with loss and death, with disappointment and frustration but we all also experience the many joys life brings us and in the darkest hours of humanity together we find that light.  The light that shines within us all our sunlight, that says being human was always worth it, being human is never a lost cause and that whatever is happening our sun will rise again tomorrow, reborn a fresh.  Here they understand that many lights glowing in the darkness is always better than one solitary one and that when we shine it is easier for others to find us.  These people are in the process of finding both emotional maturity and wisdom in humanity itself despite all its imperfections.  They nurture this by standing true to their passions and loves in life and by sharing them with others.

Sun in Scorpio in 12th house

here the individual understands the importance of dreams and of seeking an emotional connection beyond the material to life and the universe itself.  It is the emotional need to find meaning in life and it is part of all human existence.  We can find meaning through our vocation in life whatever it may be whether that is being a parent, teacher or even an astrologer if it is something we are driven to do not for money but for the emotional satisfaction of merely doing it then we have found our 12th house calling and it does call us on our own unique path.  If you’d rather eat and be a waiter than starve and be a writer then writing is not your 12th house calling.  That is what is extraordinary about 12th house callings they become more important emotionally to us than life itself and that is an amazing experience.  We nurture our callings by remembering to take time out from them now and again.  Important though they may be we need other humans to relate to and be with.  We need to fall in love with other humans as well, this just enriches those callings to us.


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