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The sun is the centre of our solar system it keeps the planets in orbit by the force of its huge gravitational pull. Similarly in astrology the Sun is the centre of our ‘solar system’ keeping the planets or different aspects of the personality in orbit with its gravitational pull.  The sun holds us together as a whole personality.  This means that the sun in Sagittarius holds the whole personality together in a Sagittarian form. The sun best describes how we form our personality and how it develops throughout life.  The Sun also represents our drive to Shine, excel, be valued and contribute to the world we live in. Sagittarius is the way it does this along with the house the sun sits in.

“If sailor tales to sailor tunes,

Storm and adventure, heat and cold,”

– R.L. Stephenson Treasure Island

Sagittarius is a fire sign this means it can be an electrifying and explosive personality at times because it is highly reactive. If we think of the four elements not as elements but as the four common states of matter then fire = plasma, air = gas, water = liquid and earth = solid.  Plasma occurs naturally in flames and during lightning so we can say that fire signs are both fiery and electrifying at times.  Plasma is the next energy state up from gas and in it the particles become ionised that is they are positively charged. The state beneath them is air or gas when this is heated by flame or lightning the gas splits into ions and and electrons.  The states of matter are dependent on the energy state of electrons, Solid is the lowest energy state then liquid and gas when electrons have too much energy they are excited and this breaks the bond that holds them as part of the atom when this happens we have free electrons and ions.

Not only are fire signs high energy but they are often driven by instant attractions and repulsions.  However once ions bond with their electrons they no longer have a charge unless they are split apart again.  so we could say that single fire signs have an electric spark that they lose in relationships but this spark is replaced by bond.  We can also say that they are highly reactive as are ions, and their reactions are driven by attraction and the need to find balance or neutrality.  In order for electrons in Plasma to bond again with the ions they have to lose excess energy and they do this by giving off light.  These people glow and give off light as a process of bonding and it can be like a beautiful rainbow or a shining star.

As babies they are driven by the need to bond with their family and as children the need to bond with friends.  If these needs to bond are not met they can be fiery and have an electrical magnetism that attracts others to them until they do bond.  Ions either have an excess of electrons or a deficit, causing either a positive or negative charge and they need an opposite to receive balance from their opposing charge and to give balance to so throughout life they tend to feel unbalanced if one their own they need friends, family or relationships to keep them balanced these are not solitary signs.

What we can say is that fire signs are always highly reactive at the beginning of all the stages of life they are charged and need others to react with and they also need earth energy to ground that current at times.  Usually they will have a parent or family member with an earth sign sun that can ground them, this is important to them because they need the grounding of earth to calm the energy of the plasma state so they can take form and shape.

“If Schooners, islands and maroons

And Buccaneers and buried Gold”

– R.L. Stephenson Treasure Island

We can say that fire signs are highly reactive to new stages in life but they are also energised by them.  The fire sign baby is energised by being a child and full of fiery and electrical charge as they discover the new things they can do they will feel a magnetic pull to explore and touch things that are placed out of reach. They feel the magnetic pull of adventure and new discoveries but have no knowledge of the consequences of actions so the world around them can shock them when they feel the sting of pain.  This is also why it is important for them to have the grounding of an earth energy in their lives as well.  They need the security and safety it offers. The teenage fire sign will be magnetically charged and drawn to exploring their sexuality and sensuality.

We can say that at each stage of life the fire signs are magnetically drawn to exploring or discovering new areas of their personality especially through interaction with their environment and others but that they also need an earth grounding influence to help them take structure and form.

Sagittarius is also a mutable sign this makes it easier for Sagittarius than the other fire signs to adapt and change but they may struggle to find their form, they may try may different forms and have many adventures try to find the illusive shape that feels right for them.  The cardinal signs begin at the spring equinox, summer solstice, autumn equinox and winter solstice.  This represent the beginning of the seasons, the fixed signs follow at the mid-season and then the mutable signs at the end of the season. Sagittarius represents the ending of autumn and the beginning of winter. When trees lose their leaves and stand naked in the sun waiting for the snow to arrive and cover them.  This is Sagittarius as a sign it is naked in the sunlight full of wonder at the natural world.


The fixed signs are also fixed because the are fixed in time and space to the age of Taurus.  during the Age of Taurus the sun rose with the constellation of Taurus during the spring equinox and the great bull of heaven was slain. The sun rose with the constellation Leo at the summer solstice (longest day) and the sun still rules this sign and it still represents where the sun shines brightest. Inanna (Venus) tore the giant Scorpion of the heavens in two at the autumn equinox breaking the balance of night and day and Scorpio still represents this return to darkness.  The sun rose with the waters of Enki (Aquarius) at the Winter equinox.  This was the time of the Sumerians, ancient Egyptians, Babylonians and their mythology is fixed on these events.

Eventually the sun rose with the constellation of Aries at the spring equinox.  The constellation of Aries is actually one of the dim constellations in the night sky and so it held no prominence to the ancient Sumerians, Egyptians or Babylonians.  When the sun rose here at the equinox it had to strive mythologically to try and gain the same prominence as the constellation of Taurus had.  However the importance of the constellations at the equinox had diminished and although it strived mythologically to gain importance and in fact did replace Taurus as the start of the Zodiac it never achieved the same mythological status as the great bull.  The cardinal signs then are striving for the mythological status of the fixed signs they are striving to become real myths just as they are striving to become seasons.  They also represent striving after periods of change.  When the constellations changed at the equinox the sky had revolved.  The sky had literally undergone a revolution.  In revolution the old structures that give us security are gone and their is a striving to maintain some sense of security, to form new groups and leadership.

Lastly the sun rose with the constellation of Pisces at the spring equinox.  However few were really paying attention by this time and there were no new myths to signify this development and no change of the Zodiac.  This was fine Pisces itself is not a sign that enjoys being under the spotlight, Gemini the constellation at the longest day doesn’t like to much light shone on their actions prefers to be heard and not seen – it is the sign of children and they always have more fun when they are not being observed so intently.  Virgo didn’t mind as long as it was still the goddess of the harvest it was always as important as before. Lastly Sagittarius, now the constellation rising with the sun on the shortest day.  Sagittarius doesn’t mind being in the lime light but as long as people are writing tales of adventure and pirates it doesn’t matter if it is in the Sagittarius name, its in its spirit. This also symbolises that the revolution had very little impact on the mutable signs.  The mutable signs continued without reaction to the revolution and change.  This is characteristic of the mutable signs in general.

“And all the old romance, retold

Exactly in the Ancient way,

Can please, as me they pleased of old,

The wiser youngsters of today:”

R.L. Stephenson ‘Treasure Island’

So the constellations and the signs are not longer aligned Aries remains as the first sign of the Zodiac still striving for the mythological importance of Taurus. To the mutable signs it doesn’t matter change happens all the time. To Sagittarius the sign as long as there are tales of pirates, adventures and words of wisdom to pass on nothing else matters.

The mutable signs are the ones that find adaptation and change the easiest to deal with most of the time it happens without them even noticing.  The Sun in Sagittarius finds change easy but is energised by it at all stages of life. When they bond with others they glow or give off light, they are driven by their attractions and can be electrifying.  However they may lose some of their spark in long-term relationships but gain stability from the bond.  Often it is not that they have lost their spark but that they fear losing it.  This is because at heart they are wild men or women of the Zodiac and domestication is scary to them.

Sagittarius represent Pabilsag the Sumerian ‘great ancestor’ cross between ‘Abraham’ of the Bible and a primitive hunter gatherer. Abraham means father of many and Pabilsag mean highest/ chief ancestor.  So Sagittarius represents ‘first man’ our primitive ancestor who is half human and half wild animal / god.  The arrow he fires in Ninki – lady life(Eve – mother of all) or like Abraham he is the father of all of us.  Sun in Sagittarius represents the drive to shine or excel in this form as a ‘symbolic’ ancestor or father who passes on his wisdom or teaches us what it means to be human but also half animal or god.  Animal instincts and drives are still a part of human nature as is the need to be a part of the natural world, to have adventures and discoveries in it and to compete in a natural environment.  We are also always half god making up ethical and moral codes to live our lives by.


Gilgamesh is originally thought to have been Pabilgames – favourite youth of Pabilsag, which was shortened to Bilgames.  In the epic of Gilgamesh he kills the Guardian of the forest with Enkidu his best friend.  Inanna (Venus) is furious and tells Enlil.  Enlil tells Gilgamesh that because of this Enkidu must die.  Enkidu was created 2/3 wild man to be Gilgamesh’s equal.  When we destroy the natural environment we destroy the wild man with us all and this is something that those with Sun in Sagittarius struggle with.  For the wild man within us all is also the god within us all.  In the original Merlin sylvestris mythology he was present at a battle between Welsh and Scottish Celts and saw his family members slain.  Those drove him mad and he lived in the woods like a wild man for many years with only the animals for company.  Merlin’s magic and spiritual meaning is from this connection back to nature.  His mythology is tied up with that of the green man guardian of the forest.  Those with the Sun in Sagittarius tend to feel the magic of forests and of wild places.

They also tend to feel the magic of wandering and discovering the earth for themselves as our first ancestors also did.  For those with Sun in Sagittarius life is an adventure full of discoveries about ourselves, others and the world we live in.  They tend to be in a rush to discover as much as possible in the short time we have to live.  This means they are often blunt to the point and don’t play games – they understand that life is too short to waste time on such things.  On their adventure they are seeking the treasures of life and those that are seeking the same things are heartily welcomed as companions in the journey.

Those with the sun in Sagittarius were born pirates, they have their own code of pirate rules and ethics.  They sail the high seas of life in search of adventure and treasure.  When I say high seas I mean high seas, the constellation sits in part of the sky known as the sea.  It stretches from Sagittarius to Pisces.  They sail the sea from the wild man of the forest to the creations of humanity in Capricorn and Aquarius and on again until they reach Pisces. Pisces represents the waters of death from which there is no return.  Those with the sun in Sagittarius understand this and they live life to its fullest.

Our personality is a wormhole it is who we are as a person through space and time.  It is in a state of constant change yet we usually feel like ourselves and it is the sun that provides this consistency.  The sun provides consistency of identity as well as holding the planets of our ‘solar system’ in orbit.  The Sun in Sagittarius wormhole could be said to be one that follows the natural contours of life rather than a straight line (mutable) but which is also vibrant, energised and magnetic.The path it takes will in all likelihood be a unique route full of new discoveries and adventures.

As stated the sun holds the planets of our ‘solar system’ together with mutable signs this gravitational pull tends to be just enough to keep them in orbit but not rigid or controlling. The sun in Sagittarius usually lets the planets follow and create their own orbits.  The sun here is all for letting the planets express themselves in whatever way comes naturally to them.

Sagittarius is also a masculine sign this has nothing to do with gender or sexuality but describes an aspect of human nature or consciousness and that is the drives which are necessary for physical and psychological health.  We have reptilian drives (left over from our days as dinosaurs) drive to find food, shelter and have sex (Mars).  These are the most ancient drives and are governed by the oldest parts of our brain. We have the drive for pleasure / fun / play, to interact with our environment, try new experiences and to find a sense of awe and wonder by risk taking and stretching our capacities – mammal part of our drives (Jupiter is ruler of Sagittarius).  We have the drive to expand and grow our knowledge or learn (Uranus) human drive. The Sun is our drive to shine and excel by combining these differing human drives. In Sagittarius the sun strives to shine and excel in a Sagittarian form. Drive to shine and excel in teaching and learning wisdom (philosophy), in discovery, in risk taking, adventure and living life to its fullest.

The feminine attributes are creative emotional expressions needed for physical and psychological health. The moon is the creation of an emotionally nurturing environment for ourselves and others. Venus is the creative expression of emotions, and so on. When the drives are blocked they can be expressed in their opposite feminine as negative emotions.  This is also true of the drives the Sun in Sagittarius, they may become more emotionally needy and insecure.  To help unblock the Sun drives try embracing its opposite expression, this is the Moon in Capricorn.

Since the Sun and Sagittarius are both masculine signs they are more driven together and it is much more important for them to also have the emotional nurturing of their opposite for them to remain balanced and healthy.  The moon in Capricorn is about emotional nurturing by setting boundaries, routines and by creating stability and safety.  Here the moon provides emotional nurturing by creating a sense of predictability, security and safety by having set rules, rituals and routines.  The sun in Sagittarius might baulk at the idea of rules but that is all ethics are a set of rules about how we should treat each other and the Sun in Sagittarius is good at this.  They just need to apply it in their lives in a moon in Capricorn way. That is applying those rules to themselves and remembering their own need for emotional nourishment.


The moon in Capricorn nurturing can be the wind beneath the wings of many tired out and exhausted sun in Sagittarius individuals especially if they have been experiencing a few setbacks on the adventure of life.  It gives them the calm necessary to re-energise.  The moon in Capricorn gives them predictability necessary to relax for a while and it grounds them back to reality and releases their tensions.  The moon in Capricorn is also about steady nurturing, those with Sun in Sagittarius need to learn to nurture their ideas and projects to fulfilment they start off full of energy but lose interest mid way often leaving them unfinished, moon in Capricorn is about learning to pace yourself until the finishing line.  In order for your Sun to shine in Sagittarius it must be nurtured.

“So be it, and fall on! If not,

If studious youth no longer crave,

His ancient appetites forgot,

Kingston, or Ballantyne the brave,

Or Cooper of the wood and wave:

So be it, Also! And may I

And all my pirates share the grave

Where these and their creations lie!”

R. L. Stevenson – ‘Treasure Island’

Traditionally in astrology the planets are designated masculine or feminine.  In traditional astrology Only the Moon and Venus were designated feminine.  This is because the outer planets were not ‘discovered’ until recently, and the understanding of what was meant by masculine and feminine was lost. Feminine describes emotional creativity and in this sense both Neptune and Pluto are feminine.  Feminine is not related to gender or sexuality but relates to creative or to the creation of emotional expression. Moon creates nurturing emotional expression. Venus creates way of expressing current emotional moods through poetry, art, music and lovemaking.  Neptune creates emotional expression of awe, wonder and mystery, of romance, illusion and disillusionment. Whilst Pluto creates the emotional maturity through expression of fear, loss, strength and wisdom.

The feminine and the masculine planets have their opposites the moon is the sun’s opposite, Venus is Mars’ opposite, Neptune is Jupiter’s opposite and Pluto is Uranus’ opposite.  Mercury, Saturn and nodes of the moon are neither feminine or masculine but relate to another aspect of the personality that will be covered later.  However what is feminine or masculine can change into its opposite when blocked Venus expression of emotion can be turned into anger and sex. This is true of both the planets and the signs which also have their opposite: fire is opposite of earth and air is opposite of Water. This is not in the Zodiac placement but in terms of attributes.

image zeus

The planet that rules Sagittarius in traditional astrology is Jupiter. To the Greeks he was Zeus with the thunderbolt which struck oath breakers and liars.  As the personification of nature he could send the storms that brought water to the field splitting the sky with his lightning bolt.  As head God he represented regal power and paternal power, he made sure the other Gods and Goddesses performed their duties, punished their misbehaviour and settled disputes.  As the father of mankind he watched over humans rewarding truth, charity, fairness and bravery whilst punishing lying and cruelty.  Zeus was also famous for his many sexual conquests in which he fathered many heroes such as Hercules and Perseus.  Jupiter was the sky God but not the distant or remote sky God of Uranus which stands for the creation of the universe and eternal time.  Jupiter as a sky God was very involved in humanity and the earth with large and lusty appetites.

Jupiter as a sky God is Masculine he represents a lusty drive for the pleasures in life, since he is a sky God like Uranus he is expansive but in a different form.  Whilst Uranus is the cooler expansive drive for knowledge, learning and discovery Jupiter is warm it is the expansive drive to form ethics, morals, bravery and to take risks, have adventures in order to live our lives fully.  Jupiter is the drive to live life to the fullest and to find adventure where ever the journey of life takes us.

Jupiter is a gas giant it swallows comets whole, this is a planet with large appetites and it likes to fulfil them.  Jupiter appetites are impulsive and sudden or spontaneous. So whilst it is a lusty drive for life it is also a spontaneous one an adventure that happens that is not planned.  Laughter is usually spontaneous we rarely plan to laugh at 6 o’clock in our diaries.  We can say Jupiter is the drive for laughter and joy, spontaneous hug and the urge to leap a stream – these drives are not planned but they are important to humanity.  Jupiter represents sudden impulses and drives that make us feel alive, it is our drive to be the hero of the adventure we call life.

Jupiter also represents the beliefs that drive us on towards our goals in life, Jupiter represents what we make our God here on earth and that can be spiritual/religious or that can be power or wealth.  For some Sun in Sagittarius it can also be the adventure of life that is their god and calls them on to explore and discover the world anew. Jupiter represents faith: that the sun will rise tomorrow, that things will turn out fine in the end and that tomorrow is always a brand new day.

Usually there is a place where you say what professions and occupations are suited to sun signs but the truth is those with Sun in Sagittarius were born to be pirates, smugglers, spies, action heroes, Arctic explorers, nomads and Indiana Jones.  Most of them are but by day they can do whatever is necessary to fund their adventure through life.  Although they do have a propensity for philosophy and can be great philosophers or teachers, archaeologists, geologists and anthropologists.

However what all of them will have is that Jupiter thirst for life and adventure.  The ability to laugh heartily, love heartily and to live heartily.  Sun in Sagittarius is the wild man or woman, they roam free, live free and love free. Whatever the conventions of society say, they make their own rules and laws and they live by them.  They also expect like Zeus that others do this as well if they want to tag along for the adventure.  Sagittarius rules are not stuffy they just demand that you treat others right, remember to laugh at yourself and face your actions and life head on.  If you are wrong they will tell you to your face, but they will also defend you against gossip by reminding others that none of us are perfect.  Sun in Sagittarius make great friends because of this if you can handle their honesty you will get their loyalty and that is well worth the price.

The Sun is the centre of our solar system it pulls the planets together that represent our consciousness or personality. It pulls together all the parts of us that define us as human beings having a human experience of life.  In understanding how the Sun in Sagittarius relates to the planets in general we can understand the way they generally tend to show their humanity and how this is related to the sun forming a united whole. However each of us as individuals have slightly different experiences of life and this is reflected in the planet aspects of the natal chart.  This means that while in general Sun in Sagittarius does not usually struggle with a certain drive it may not be the case in an individual’s chart but it may lessen the overall effect.

The masculine planets are Sun, Mars, Jupiter and Uranus – we have already spoken about the sun and Jupiter.  Mars is the drive to find food, shelter and sex – this is the reptilian part of the brain the ancient aspect of our nature left over from our dinosaur days.  We have an ancient dinosaur within us that has to function in human society with rules and laws that dinosaurs never had.  Mars is our ancient animal self and for this reason these drives do not bother you one bit, in fact you would quite like humans better if they behaved more like animals at times.  You see no reason why the wild animal in you should not be let lose as long as it does no harm. In general those with Sun in Sagittarius express their Mars drives well.

When Mars is blocked it can take on a Venus expression of hedonism. In general and this may be a problem for those with Sun in Sagittarius for they like to live life to the full and too much hedonism here may cause health problems. This is especially true if their Mars is blocked and they are not physically burning up energy.  Mars is also the physical drive to express our Venus, if we are feeling love we will have a physical drive to express it and that is our Mars expression of Venus for example if your Mars was in Sagittarius you would have the drive to express love physically through bear hugs etc.

Uranus is the drive to expand and develop through experience, education, discovery and learning.  These are all things those with Sun in Sagittarius tend to enjoy.  However they do have a habit of wanting to learn, explore and discover on their own terms and if these elements are too structured their Uranus can become blocked.  When Uranus is blocked it is expressed through Pluto desire for intense emotional experience and interaction.  This means they will deliberately create intense, volatile emotional situations in order to cause reactions.  A bored Sun in Sagittarius will get into power struggles with teachers, lecturers and professors.

Uranus is also the opposite drive to the developing Pluto emotional maturity in an intellectual form.  As a child we have to develop both in order to become independent adults that are both intellectually and emotionally capable of living life to its fullest.  However we never cease the need to develop both throughout our lives. This leads to us having Uranus events, moments that shock us and can block the expression of both drives and emotions.  These blocked drives and emotions build up like water behind a dam until something gives way.  In that moment of eruption or explosion we go through both Pluto emotional maturation and Uranus drive to expand our knowledge and understanding.  So although the Sun in Sagittarius is a freedom loving sign there will be times when this expression is blocked by Uranus for our growth, expansion and emotional development.


The feminine planets are moon, Venus, Neptune and Pluto.  The moon represent emotional nurturing and how we do this creatively.  The moon in each of the signs nurtures in a slightly different way but all forms of nurturing are valid and important.  The sun in Sagittarius can tend to ignore this side of their personality especially when it comes to nurturing themselves.  This does not mean they are neglectful parents quite the opposite. However they often have an image of themselves as indestructible and do not nurture their own emotional needs and physical needs as they should.  When the moon is blocked that energy is expressed through the sun need to shine and excel, in Sagittarius they may become obsessed with religious or moral values of society and can go off on some moral crusade.

Venus represents emotional expression, creatively this can be done through poetry, music, art, dance, food and making love.  Venus in each of the signs will express this differently but it will all be about communicating feelings or moods through the senses.  This means choosing what clothes you wear depending on how you are feeling something most of us do without thinking.  It is also how we decorate ourselves and our homes as an emotional expression of who we are.  What foods we like to eat are part of our Venus expression as well as what particular food we want at any given time.  No matter what sign your Venus is in part of your sun in Sagittarius love of other cultures will be expressed in it, whether that is exotic food or tribal clothing accessories.  You may even have a craving to buy a futon.

The sun in Sagittarius in general has no problem expressing emotions and indulging their senses but it does tend to be on their terms.  This can mean when they have relationships in which this is not understood well their Venus may become blocked. When Venus is blocked it is expressed through Mars anger and the emotional expression becomes the need for physical contact through sex.  This is because Venus emotions are expressed physically through Mars drives.  So when we have sex we express our Venus emotions through our Mars irrespective of what gender we are. However we also have a Venus response to the others Mars, our Venus interpretation of the partner’s Mars if our Venus sees tenderness as a sign of love it seeks it in the partner’s Mars response even if their own Mars makes them express affection differently.

Neptune represents emotional expression of the unseen world: feelings, ideas, ideals, beliefs, dreams and fantasy. Where Venus expression of emotion can use the physical world to show pleasure through food and sex Neptune deals with the inner world of the mind and what things feel like on an inner emotional level rather than what they are.  This covers mysticism which is about understanding the world in terms of what sunrise feels like, mountains, forests or trees.  The emotions we feel at natural beauty, music or works of art.  Sun in Sagittarius in general has no problem in experiencing awe and wonder at the natural world and they are also capable of feeling these emotions on a religious level as well.   Where they do struggle with Neptune is in relation to feelings of past events if they were painful or if they have been disillusioned sun in Sagittarius generally wants to move on quickly and can run away from these things.  When Neptune is blocked it gets expressed as Jupiter self righteousness and excessive risk taking.

This is because Neptune emotional expression of beliefs, dreams and ideals are expressed in the Jupiter drives.  Jupiter drives us to physically express our Neptune this may be through drive to be out in the wild, forest or through taking risks because we believe we are going to be lucky.  Since Neptune is the opposite planet to Jupiter Sagittarius’ ruler it is also very important planet for those with the Sun in Sagittarius.

Neptune represents our aliefs and beliefs.  An alief is when we act as if we believe something although we don’t really believe it. For example if you are scared of heights or bridges you may act as if they are going to collapse but you don’t really believe the bridge will collapse or you would not have gone on it.  We all have aliefs and beliefs and they make us act in certain ways and this can block our full expression of the drives and emotions.  We also have magical thinking: lucky coins, lucky pants or lucky feathers if you are Dumbo. Magical thinking makes us believe we will be lucky and this aspect of Neptune helps us to express our drives and emotions to their full extent.

Pluto represents development of emotional maturity through intense experiences of life such as death, sickness and loss of those we love.  It can also represent emotional expression of the intense fear we have of those things and can represent the fear of losing a loved one or partner by any means or our insecurities.  Pluto is powerful because it also represents the emotional expression of insecurity. It also represents the ability to deal with loss and the emotional process of grieving.

 Those with the Sun in Sagittarius can struggle with Pluto expression because they have a natural instinct to keep things light and fun.  When Pluto is blocked it can be expressed through Uranus drives. When this happens the person is likely to cut themselves off emotionally from connecting with others.  This is because the Pluto expression of intense emotional experience is expressed by physically in the Uranus drives.  The Pluto emotional realisation that our time is limited and precious is reflected in the drive to expand and grow in knowledge and wisdom whilst we can. In this way the Uranus drives help us reach a point where we are able to die happy – Pluto goal, with a sense of accomplishment at what we have done – Uranus drives.


“If it is strange for me to look back from a distance both in time and in space on these bygone adventures of youth, it must be stranger for you who tread the same streets” – R L Stevenson ‘Kidnapped’

We have dealt with the feminine and masculine aspects of the personality or consciousness that leaves us with how we deal with the past and future aspects of the personality. We have a past and we have a perceived future and these are part of the whole personality, where we have been and where we are going.  As has been stated the personality is a wormhole through time and space.  From the present it stretches back at least to the point of birth, this is expressed in Saturn and the south node of the moon – this part of the wormhole is solidified by Saturn. From the present it stretches to the moment of death and this part is expressed by Mercury and the North node of the moon and the entire process happens with the help of Neptune.

Saturn represents our impression of reality.  Saturn is similar to Newtonian physics in the sense that no matter what quantum physics says if you throw a brick up in the air it is likely to come back down and smack you in the face no matter how many times you do it.  Saturn’s rules are like gravity they form a set of universal laws from which we understand how our universe works and which give us a sense of reality.

Saturn rules Capricorn and Aquarius the winter signs, this is because they show off Saturn rules.  In winter the earth goes into hibernation at least in the northern hemisphere.  It is cold and food resources dwindle.  This means that survival depends on being prepared.  This is Saturn – previous knowledge of what happens at winter is used to prepare for the likelihood of same happening next winter.  Saturn allows us to predict events from past experience it is what we base our rational thoughts on.  If apples never fell to earth then gravity would be an irrational idea because it would contradict our experience.  Saturn is how we process our past to make it a rational continuous path to the present instead of a random set of memories in no particular order or sequence.  So we have a rational linear vision of our past in chronological order and from which we can predict future events.  Saturn also represents our cognitive biases, human tendency to note what fits in with our beliefs about reality and to discard events that don’t.

Saturn however can also block a planet or signs full expression because it is the planet of rationality, it cannot deal with the irrational well, and all emotions and drives are to some extent irrational expressions.  Saturn blocks are usually events that happen through a prolonged period, may be parenting methods or circumstance that cause them whereas Uranus blocks are usually sudden traumatic experiences that Pluto has been unable to process fully and as a result gets Expressed by Uranus drive to block certain expressions until the Pluto emotions have developed enough to process the trauma.

The south node of the moon is our emotional past wormhole, it represents our emotional interpretation of the past or what certain events felt like to us, insecurity, sadness, grief and loss. So the south node of the moon represents our subjective past, happy memories, sad memories and scary memories are all part of the south node of the moon.  We can say that Saturn rationalises the memories of the south node and tries to make sense of events.  However what is kept their cannot be rationalised for it is memories of how Grannie felt soft and snuggly, smelt of Parma Violets and it felt safe when she tucked you in bed.

What is kept in the south node of the moon is important, it contains all the happy memories of Grannie or uncle the things that still make the Sun in Sagittarius laugh.  Our loved ones never leave us they get imprinted onto our south node from the moment of birth.  They are forever with us.

Saturn also allows Mercury to imagine the infinite future possibilities of the present, using its past experiences to predict future likelihoods – this is why it takes a couple of years for imagination to develop in children they need past experiences first.  Mercury represents the infinite of choices that represent an infinite amount of infinite wormholes.  Mercury represents the present moment in time and through the imagination Mercury explores all the future possible wormholes before choosing the one it likes best and collapsing the others.  Where Saturn is like Newtonian physics Mercury is quantum physics all possible future wormholes exist until Mercury has explored them and collapses their function.  At that moment Saturn rationalises the choice because it is now part of the south node or the past.

Saturn rationalises our decisions because when drives and emotions are involved (Masculine & feminine) planets we act on them first and rationalise later. Something else happens all this new past has to fit in with the ‘old’ past and this happens when we are sleeping.  When we are sleeping we have dreams – this is the brain processing the past events of the day and reordering our ‘past’ so that everything fits together.  This is where Neptune comes in it rules our dreams or our processing of the past through sleep.  When we are ‘stuck’ on a trauma it says in the present and it doesn’t get processed through the sleep cycle unless we work through it consciously.  We do this by processing the events rationally which is hard because trauma is emotional and we need to separate what we feel about what happened from the rational facts of an event.  However once we do begin to process the event rationally Neptune can begin to process it in sleep – Neptune in the chart can mark areas where that processing needs to be done consciously.

The North node of the moon represents the solitary path of the future personality it is how we see the future as a path leading to death. Everybody dies alone just like nobody can eat our lunch for us or have their hair cut for us some things we have to experience for ourselves alone and one is death another is child birth in both cases we are unsure what to expect until it is happening no matter how familiar we are with the medical terms we don’t know what it feels like or what the experience is like until it is happening and that can make both experiences scary.  North node of the moon represents our emotional development towards this eventuality.  It also represents our emotional vision of the future – what we want emotionally from the future is represented here as well as future emotional events.  For example in the future it is likely that your parents will die, you will have children, grandchildren or devote your life to building something important to you.

The north node of the moon represents this emotional future, and as we evolve through out our life or as the personality evolves the emotions connected to such events may change.  The 50 year old may react differently to death of parent than a child or teenager.  They will probably be more prepared and emotionally ready to let that parent go.  This also is part of that Neptune re-programming of the brain we become able to accept death more readily as we get older.

That was the last process of the planets so how does this fit into the Sun in Sagittarius personality, well Neptune is its ruling planet opposite.  Jupiter as a drive here can play a major part in its role where Neptune marks areas that need to be consciously dealt with in order to be fully processed.  Jupiter drives can cause the person to reassess the event rationally.  Death of a loved one is often a time where people either find faith or lose faith – this is Jupiter.  When they lose faith they begin a process of reassessing the beliefs they have always held, they begin a rationalising process of the past in a new way, the same is also true of those that discover faith.  Through the rationalisation process of either situation Saturn can begin to process the event and Neptune can begin to reprogramme the brain in sleep.

This means that Sun in Sagittarius ruler can play a vital role in us waking each day with a ‘new’ personality without us even noticing it.  It also plays a role in how we emotionally deal with the future whether we are prepared for our own death emotionally or not and whether we are content with the life we have lived.  Sun in Sagittarius has its own set of ethics and values in life and for them what will be of utmost importance is how much they have lived up to their own standards.  If the Sun in Sagittarius person is happy with the standard of behaviour they have in general displayed throughout life they will tend to feel ready when their time comes.

At that moment all the Mercury probability tunnels will collapse and they will readily walk back through the solid tunnel their Saturn has created past each adventure and discovery back to the moment of birth and the light that brought them into the world. Beyond the light and into the pre-existence or non-existence whatever their Jupiter tells them it is, and the adventure of life and its treasures will shine brightly before they leave it all behind to go where ever their new journey takes them.

Sun in Sagittarius in the 1st house

here the individual is aware of the need to define themselves through their interaction or adventure in the world throughout their life.  They are the adventurous warriors off to rescue damsels in distress and slay the dragons of oppression.  They have a strong impression of who they are and they let that sunlight shine, they are able to accept their need to do this and to excel as part of the human need to be nurtured, valued and loved.  They understand that in order for others to really know them and too relate honestly it is important to let your light be seen, whether others agree or disagree with it.  So these individuals tend to let their light shine irrespective of what the world thinks of them secure in the knowledge that if it attracts one individual to join them in the adventure then it is worth it.  They nurture this by working hard to create systematically what they desire from life.  In creating steady goals that require hard work they often find their full purpose and shine even brighter than before.

Sun in Sagittarius in the 2nd house

here the individual is fully aware of how our emotional security and insecurities shapes the adventure we have on the road through life.  They are aware that everybody’s adventure has trauma and loss in it, that is what gives adventure its excitement it can be ended at any point like life itself this just makes the light of life and adventure even more precious and something that should be fully experienced with like-minded comrades to share the good times with.  Letting our insecurities stop us from doing this stops us from enjoying the adventure from fully developing an emotionally healthy response to death – if we don’t live the adventure in full we never become ready to leave it.  They nurture this drive to enjoy the adventure in full by using practical precautions to alleviate their fears and let their sun shine its light on its adventure through life.  They honestly assess what could go wrong and how likely it is to happen and then take precautions that enable them to deal with any eventuality without spoiling the adventure.

Sun in Sagittarius in the 3rd house

here the individual is aware that the future holds an infinite amount of possible adventures.  They have great imagination and now that the possibilities in life are endless and that we can only ever explore a few of them.  They also understand because of this that the way we live our lives is just one of an infinite possible ways it can be lived and that there are people all over the world living lives in all the ways we could possibly imagine and for many this is harder than most of us will experience.  They have a need to use the imagination to explore their world and may seek time alone to allow them to do this as day dreaming is a vital part of their adventure through life, it helps them understand themselves better and know what is missing from their lives at that particular moment.  They nurture their imagination by creating an environment that is calm and comfortable enough to allow them to relax and feel secure enough to let the wings of their imagination take flight without distraction.  They also need that calm environment to be well organised and structured.

Sun in Sagittarius in the 4th house

here the individual is aware of how the environment we are nurtured in affects our sense of adventure, having a secure, calm but fun environment to return home to makes enjoying the adventure of life much easier.  These individuals tend to make a safe base both in an inner and outer dimension from which they can prepare for the adventure of life secure in the knowledge that there is a place of safety available to them.  With a sense of security they are able to face the world, themselves and their relationship to others as part of an adventure which they feel safe enough to participate in.  They nurture this sensation of being emotionally secure by opening their mind to the infinite possibilities of the future and allowing their imagination to lead them in planning their future course of action as one that fulfils the imagination in practical and realistic ways.  They nurture by using their imagination to discover the possibilities that attract them and then finding ways of setting realistic goals towards their achievement.

Sun in Sagittarius in the 5th house

here the individual is aware of how we feel about shining our light in life predicating whether we feel we should have the right to the full adventure or whether we should choose the road more often travelled that may have been chosen for us.  Whether we have the right to fail spectacularly or whether we should never take the risk on the adventure through life.  We have to chose the option of failing spectacularly to take the adventure, because no adventure has ever been risk free and it is the possibility of failure that makes it exciting.  It is also in allowing ourselves to fail that we allow ourselves to succeed. That allowing past failures to traumatise us instead of using them as a learning curve for future development stops us from recovering emotionally from our disappointment in life.  That whatever we do and whether we succeed or fail is irrelevant to our true friends and our true worth. They nurture the confidence to do this by creating a sense of inner security based on realistic expectations of what they are capable of and allowing themselves to be imperfect.

Sun in Sagittarius in the 6th house

here the individual is fully aware of the need to sustain each other on the journey throughout life as we work towards our own destinations.  These individuals often have a deep love of learning for its own sake and find it fun, they are also often able to make it fun for others.  They are often the ones that are able to naturally raise people’s spirits when they are down and have a gift to inspire others and make them feel good about themselves.  These individuals make life feel fun and they are fun to be around but there is another side to them that they keep private that is deeply reflective and cares a great deal about what is happening in the world around them they just tend to keep that aspect of themselves private.  To Nurture their abilities to raise spirits and sustain others they need to take time our for themselves and put their own needs first at times and this means learning to pamper themselves occasionally which is not something that comes naturally to them but that they need to do to remain full of energy and healthy.

Sun in Sagittarius in the 7th house

here the individual is fully aware of the fact that life is not a solitary adventure but something that happens with others, and the greatest adventures are those of the heart.  These individuals know that it is our relationships that bring the fun in our lives and they tend to love just being with others and sharing the adventure that is life.  They are naturally good at relating to others in a fun way that makes people feel alive and valued.  They have a knack of listening to what people are really saying when it comes to body language.  They realise that there has to be balance and that in order for them to be in a shared adventure they cannot always come first.  However they are also good at letting others know what they need in a relationship in a direct and fun way that puts people at ease.  To nurture themselves they need to get in touch with themselves in solitude which is not something they have a lot of usually because they are good listeners and friends.  However they need to take themselves off somewhere peaceful and quiet every now and then to get in touch with what they feel is going right and what they need to focus more on in their lives.

Sun in Sagittarius in 8th house

here the individual is usually very aware that today we should eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we may die.  They are aware of the shortness of life and the importance of enjoying every minute of it.  Life is an adventure that can end at any moment and we must take risks and gambles for it to be completely fulfilling because life holds no guarantees for any of us.  They are aware that if we are controlled by our insecurity we will waste the precious time we are given and although these individuals may have many fears and insecurities they do not let them stop being alive, having fun and enjoying the adventure.  They enjoy letting their light shine in life while they still have a light to shine and this is important to them for one day that light will go out and it would be a waste if nobody ever saw how brilliantly it shone in the first place.  They nurture this ability to find wisdom and fun in the most dire situations of life by seeing how we are all interconnected in the web of life so that we are never completely gone but live on in the smile or laughter of others.

Sun in Sagittarius in the 9th house

here the individual is aware that we are all on different adventures in life and that we all have our own treasures to find.  They love people who have found their passion that leads them on their own adventure of discovery and prefer being with those who believe in something whatever that may be to those who have no great passion or dream to follow.  For them it is a tragedy not to have that thing in your life that pulls you forward into discovering more about the world around you.  These people tend to be forever curious about life and peoples’ passions they love listening to those who are enthusiastic about their passions and dreams in life because they tend to have their own passion that consumes them.  They are also aware that we learn so much from those who are passionate from life because they share their experiences in ways that feed our imagination and sense of wonder.  To nurture this aspect they need to spend time preparing their own plans and projects properly so that they work in the real world as well as their imagination.

Sun in Sagittarius in the 10th house

here the individual is good at bringing fun to the most stuffiest of occasions, they know how to break the rules without going to far and tend to get what they want bin life because of it.  They are fun to be around and they tend to be mavericks as well which means those in authority tend to just accept their behaviour as just an expression of their ingenuity and fun personality.  This means they can breath life into the stuffiest of occasions making them fun events instead.  If these individuals taught maths everybody would enjoy it and find it fun no matter how hard or complicated it was.  That is what makes these people so successful in life they can take something that feels complicated, rigid and very structured and make it seems lively and fun.  They have a natural optimism and enjoyment for whatever specialist subject they are experts in and these people usually are specialists in some subject but they make it seem easy to others that they are natural teachers.  They nurture this tendency by investing in their aspirations as much as they invest in sharing them.

Sun in Sagittarius in 11th house

here the individual knows that friends are important and their adventure through life is joined with the adventure of their friends.  They are aware that fun and laughter is much more difficult on your own that you need friends to enjoy the good times with, to share the bad times with and to pick each other up when down.  these individuals are great best friends in fact they are so great at it they are often their partner’s best friend as well.  Life with them is always full of fun, surprises and plenty of laughs but you can always tell them almost anything without them instantly judging you.  These people tend to be very accepting of the fact that we are all human and none of us is perfect in any way, shape or form.  They tend to be the outrageous one amongst their friends and their laugh is often infamous because it is often connected with breaking all the rules.  To nurture their fun loving side they must also remember to deal with the more intense aspects of life and cultivate an acceptance of loss as well as an enjoyment of the present or emotions can sweep them off their feet unexpectedly.

Sun in Sagittarius in 12th house

here the individual is very balanced in expressing their emotional sense of wonder at the world around them, they tend to feel a spiritual connection to the natural world and enjoy the sense of being alone with nature.  They enjoy walks in the wilds where there is no sight or sound of the modern world to distract their thought processes and this is very therapeutic for them.  They are aware of the need to find something in our lives that nurtures us emotionally and for them it is often being in the natural world amongst the trees or on top of a mountain that does this.  They are very expressive when it comes to talking about their spiritual experiences of the world around them and they are often more lively in smaller groups than they are in larger social situations but they are very spontaneous in their affections and will hug anybody that needs it.  To nurture this caring side they need to be more open and honest in the expression of their own need for a hug as well.  These individuals tend to think that everybody else should intuitively know their inner feelings and can struggle at learning to vocalise them.


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