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The sun is at the centre of our solar system it pulls or keeps all the planets in orbit around it.  Our Sun in astrology is very similar it pulls together all the different aspects of consciousness or personality together to make a ‘solar system’ or whole personality.  The sun best describes how we form our personality and how it develops throughout life.  The sun also represents the drive to feel valued, to shine or excel, to contribute and leave a lasting mark as well as being appreciated for all aspects of our personality.  Capricorn represents how the Sun attempts to achieve this along with the house it sits in.

Descartes ‘I think therefore I am’ represents our unique consciousness through which we experience the outer world.  It is subjective I experience it from my perspective and you experience it from your perspective. Just as we experience the sun rising from our own subjective view. Objectively (materially or scientifically) the sun never rises or sets it is the rotation of the earth that makes the sun look as if it is rising from our subjective perspective on earth.  Objectively it is impossible for anybody to have a sun sign since the sun does not rise at all, it cannot rise in either sign or constellation.  Subjectively however the sun rises and we find beauty and meaning in it.  That is what consciousness gives us the ability to find meaning in things and events, computers can translate different languages but they cannot find meaning in the words.  No computer experiences the beauty of poetry or finds meaning in it.

The sun also represents free will.  My arm does not rise due to a material chain reaction that started with the bigbang but because I will it to rise.  The sun represents our will to be as Nietzsche called it, or our consciousness.  For Nietzsche the will to be is the only important aspect of who we are and in this willing to be we find our own meaning, ethics and values within our own subjective lives.  For Nietzsche ‘God is dead’ refers to how we understand our consciousness, God is conscious and he made us conscious in his own image, we find meaning in rainbows because God put meaning in them as a promise not to flood the earth.  The God of meaning that represented our consciousness is dead we killed him and have his blood on our hands.  Our consciousness (our subjective view) was merely illusion and the objective view (scientific) reality.  This God was dead and for Nietzsche the only way forward was for us to find our own meaning, ethics and values in our lives.

The sun represents our own unique consciousness (our subjectivity) in which each of us only ever experiences our own pain, happiness or sadness.  The sun is thus linked to ego-centricity because I only experience my pain and emotions they take priority.  This can seem like self centredness but our consciousness is our soul, spirit, ghost or immaterial aspect of ourselves.  It is not separate from the material world if it were I would not be able to raise my arm for my arm is material made of atoms, electrons, quarks and bosons.  I have a spiritual existence some call the soul, mind, ghost, or consciousness and in astrology this is represented by the sun which appears to us to rise and set each day to subjectively be born and die although materially it does neither.

The sun is symbol of our unique consciousness.  Just as you cannot experience my pain you cannot know what I find offensive.  The Swastika for example may be offensive to some and not to others depending on whether they associate it with Nazi ideology.  This is because only consciousness can create symbols and symbols are things to which we attach different meanings. This is what astrology is it is not a science it does not deal with the material and objective that is astronomy and physics, astrology is the meaning of the stars and planets in the sky as symbols that relate to ourselves as conscious beings.  Neither Mercury or Saturn can physically or materially cause your computer to break down but they can symbolise how we perceive these events or find meaning in them.  We perceive Mercury going retrograde because this is what it looks like from earth in reality none of the planets orbits change direction or enter constellations.  C S Lewis puts this best in ‘Voyage of The Dawn Treader’ when Eustace says in our world stars are giant balls of gases and Aslan replies no even in your world that is what stars are made of not what they are.  What they are is subjective, desire comes from desiderate – (star descended below the horizon) desire for the star that has gone down, no longer visible, and our desires are subjective.  The two brightest ‘stars’ in the night sky are Venus and Jupiter the symbols of love and hope.  What they are to us is symbolic and meaningful.  What the sun, moon and planets are made of and their orbital paths are objective and thus astronomy not astrology.

Sun in Capricorn strives to maintain a strong solid and emotionally dependable personality as Capricorn is an earth sign. If we consider the four elements to rather be the four normal states of matter earth = solid, water = liquid, air =gas and fire = plasma.  Solid is the lowest energy state and these sun sign individuals do not like to rush into things they take their time and make sure it is what they want first. Solid is also the only state with a concrete dependable form and these sun signs reflect that nature. They are emotionally dependable and predictable. They are the emotional form they are and they cannot and will not change, not without an earthquake at least.  That is something people should remember although they are solid and dependable lean on them too much and apply an excess of pressure and you will get an earthquake you are not likely to forget.

“Love me tender, love me sweet, never let me go” – Elvis Presley ‘Love Me Tender’

Earth signs tend to build layers like sedimentary rock as they go through the stages of life from the baby layer, child layer, teenage layer and the adult layer.  Each layer tends to act as a protective emotional layer to the previous stage. This gives them a sense of inner security as long as these layers are not disturbed.  Earth signs can be very protective of their childhood and whatever is buried in those layers they seldom discuss unless they absolutely trust you.

Sun in Capricorn is also a cardinal sign.  The Cardinal signs mark the spring equinox, summer solstice, autumn equinox and winter solstice.  In the Age of Taurus – Taurus marked the constellation in which the sun rose on the day of the equinox.  During this time the sun rose in Leo at summer solstice, Scorpio at autumn equinox and Aquarius at the winter Solstice.  Aquarius represented the waters of Enki but Enki himself was represented by Capricorn.  Those signs represent what is now the fixed signs they are fixed in time to the age of Taurus and the mythology of that period.  During this time the constellations were a very important aspect of astrology.

When the Sun rose in Aries at the spring equinox, it rose in Cancer at the summer solstice, Libra at the autumnal equinox and Capricorn at the winter solstice. The zodiac was changed from the Babylonian one which began with Taurus to the Greek one which begins with Aries.  However the constellations themselves were less important than the planets at this time and the mythology of the signs did not develop to reflect the importance of their placement as they had previously.  In this symbolic way we can say the cardinal signs reflect this drive to become the mythological giants of the Taurean age except Capricorn which as Enki already held importance – the striving of Capricorn is in maintaining that importance.

The changing of the constellations represented a new era, or revolution the sky had literally turned.  When we are in a process of revolution we seek emotional security from predictable structures and routines they give life normality.  This is represented in the sign of Capricorn it is striving to maintain a sense of normality when everything else is changing. It is striving to maintain a sense of emotional security and to give others a sense of both emotional and physical security.  Emotional security is important to all humans and Capricorn strives to maintain it.

When the sun rose in the Pisces constellation at the spring equinox there was no importance placed on this and the Zodiac did not change thus the signs of Pisces, Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius changed into the equinox position unnoticed and without any fuss. This is symbolic of the fact that mutable signs struggle the least with change or revolutions. Now the constellations and the signs are no longer together but we can say the fixed signs represent the fixed time of their importance and the fixed season for they occur mid season they are not becoming a season as the cardinal signs are or changing from that season as the mutable signs are.

We can also say that the solidity of earth signs is also due to the solidification of their mythology during the age of Taurus.  The three earth signs the gold bull of heaven (Taurus), the cereal goddess Ninlil and mother of the moon (Virgo) and Enki fertiliser of the earth, the father of the Gods, humanity and civilisation (Capricorn).  This gives them a sense of being completely formed or defined in mythology.  They have a shape as solid mythological concepts.  that definite shape and form was set in the golden age of Taurus and cannot be changed.  What Capricorn strives to maintain is that sense of the golden age of man.  The explosion of civilisation that occurred in Mesopotamia where the golden rule was probably written first – treat others as you would wish to be treated.  This is the golden rule of Enki or Capricorn.

Enki or Capricorn set the rules of how we should treat one another so we could live beside each other as a civilisation. Enki represents all that civilisation has to offer us, stability, security and access to shared resources and knowledge such as medicine.  Those born with the Sun in Capricorn are usually good at taking advantage of what civilisation has to offer and using it to maximum effect in their lives.

Enki also represents the stability humanity needs to thrive both physically and emotionally. Capricorn is about meeting both our physical and emotional needs.  It is also about ensuring the needs of humanity in general are met and in this form it is the horn of plenty or cornucopia.  It is the desire to meet both our physical and emotional needs in abundance.  Only when there is abundance can we create stable societies where everybody can have their needs met.  This is Capricorn the desire to meet the physical and emotional needs of others.  This is unselfish and altruistic and this is something most with sun in Capricorn do without expecting rewards or gratitude for.

Anybody that doubts the importance of Capricorn stability and structures need look no further than the Occupy movement.  This was not a movement for change this is a movement expressing grief at the loss of Capricorn structure, security and safety in both financial and emotional terms.  The banking systems are no longer Capricorn in structure but gambling organisations.  The corporations no longer provide security of employment.  We have no financial security and this includes obtaining and maintaining assets like homes.  We have no security that education will enhance our employment opportunities.  We have no real security within society any more and this means society itself has lost its function.  The occupy movement occupies the centres of society the capital cities and it is a funeral for a Capricorn society that is dead and gone and which cannot be revived.

Like the ancient Sumerian civilisation, ancient Egyptian civilisation, ancient Greek civilisation and the ancient Roman civilisation did, the Western world or civilisation is collapsing it is in its death throws.  We are mourning its loss as part of the emotional maturation process (Pluto) which is currently in Capricorn.  We are in the process of decline and collapse and this is a time when we need to develop emotional maturity to deal with an extremely unpredictable future.  The Capricorn security structures are collapsing and falling one by one and we have no way of emotionally reassuring the future generation.  They must grieve for this loss of security in their lives before they can move on.

Capricorn represents emotional security from structures and rules we have put in place and it strives to maintain the importance of security in our lives.  Predictability is necessary for emotional security, children who believe they will always get a hug from their mum when they fall are much more secure than those who don’t know whether they will be hugged or ignored.  Neglected children do not just suffer physically they suffer emotionally because there is no security or predictability in their lives.  Adults also need predictability and security in their lives to thrive emotionally, which is why those who are unemployed often become depressed. Without structure to their day or the predictability and security of being paid, they are far less emotionally secure.

Cardinal signs remain cardinal in that they still reflect that striving to become, the season and the mythological giants of the fixed signs. Capricorn is a cardinal sign and as was mentioned it is one that is not striving to become important but to maintain its importance.  Capricorn begins on the shortest day the winter solstice and we could say that Capricorn strives to retain the importance of this once significant event.  Capricorn strives to maintain the rituals of Saturnalia and Christmas as traditions.  This is because through them some sense of maintaining the emotional importance of rituals is achieved.  Capricorn strives to maintain the importance of systems, structures and beliefs that are important to providing emotional security.  Capricorn represents preservation of tradition even personal ones they have their traditions and they do not like to break them.  We often find those with Sun in Capricorn working in traditional structures such as education, government, church, traditional family businesses and traditional banking establishments.  These places provide structure, rules and rituals that give emotional security to others.

However because Capricorn strives to maintain and preserve what was, sun in Capricorn takes longer changing through the life stages especially from child to adult – not because they are immature, they are often more emotionally mature than some adults. However it takes them longer to become ready to be ‘fully’ adult especially in regards to relationships.  However the desire to maintain and preserve emotional security gets full expression in their relationships. Once a commitment is made it is permanent for them.


Capricorn represents Enki the god of humanity and civilisation.  While the waters of Enki (Aquarius) reflect the drive to create new structures and civilisations Capricorn reflects the need to maintain those structures, beliefs and civilisations in order to create emotional stability. The way Capricorn does this is by having their set of rules for that structure or civilisation. Those with the Sun in Capricorn have their own set of rules that they expect family, friends and lovers to live by and if their rules are broken they often feel their emotional stability is threatened.  This is because their rules are a way of maintaining their structures and without them they feel threatened.  These rules can be about when they eat, go to bed or go shopping but they have rules, routines and rituals that maintain their structures and emotional security. These become sacred traditions to them that should not be broken.

“You have made my life complete and I love you so” – Elvis Presley ‘Love Me Tender’

This desire to preserve is also extended to the natural world which was also Enki’s creation with mother earth in the form of Ninhursag.  Those with Sun in Capricorn tend to also believe in habitat and wildlife preservation and in sustainable living.  These individuals believe in living within our means in a traditional sense, growing or raising our own food instead of reliance on factory farming they often enjoy gardening and keeping hens.  They tend to have green fingers and are also likely to enjoy sharing their produce with others whether that is grown or just cooked by them.  They love feeding others and they are never stingy about portions either because they take as much pleasure in others enjoying their food as they do and they tend to love good food.  These individuals love to nurture others emotionally and physically as well as the planet in general.  They may also be attracted to occupations that allow them to do this.

Enki represents fertility and beneath that respectable, traditional exterior they like to portray they tend to have a strong sex drive and lots of stamina.  Being earth signs sex is rarely a quick affair but slower more hedonistic experience in which their is plenty of time given to enjoying all of the sensual experiences.  Capricorn cannot be rushed into a sexual relationship or in sex they need to feel emotionally secure to express their sexual needs and desires.  When they do feel secure they are very expressive, considerate and passionate.  However they are unlikely to show this side of their nature unless they are in a secure and long term relationship.

Those with the Sun in Capricorn often have a strong bond with their mother.  Capricorn is the sign of providing emotional security through structure and the one structure or person that symbolises this most is the mother.  This means the family as a structure is also very important to those with the sun in Capricorn as the main provider of emotional security.  Those with the Sun in Capricorn often have a strong desire to form a family.  After family the next important thing to them is often the community they live in.  They like to live in safe areas where people tend to know their neighbours reasonably well. If they have to turn their neighbourhood into such an area they will. They are quite willing to contribute to the community they live in and will fight to maintain local structures and services.

oak tree

Our personality is like a wormhole it is who we are as a person through time and space and it is in a state of constant change yet we do not feel as if our personality is constantly changing and it is the sun that provides that sense of continuity.  The sun provides self consistency as well as holding the planets in our ‘solar system’ in place. The sun in Capricorn wormhole is one that appears solid and consistent in structure throughout.  Irrespective of what is happening that wormhole appears the same and does not change.

Sun in Capricorn is a cardinal sign and it strives to keep those planets in the same orbit as they have always held.  Whether they are grieving or have fallen in love they strive to keep their Venus in the same orbit or at least make sure that it appears as if it is in the same orbit to others.  Sun in Capricorn not only does not like others breaking the rules but they don’t like to give the appearance of breaking the rules themselves especially their own emotional ones. They give the impression of being stoic as a result of this.  Quite often it is the fact that they need time to express their Venus or their drives.

Sun in Capricorn is also a ‘feminine’ sign this has nothing to do with gender or sexuality but describes an aspect of human consciousness or attributes the ‘feminine’ rules emotional expression and its positive is creative, intuitive, mystic expression and wisdom.  When these emotions are blocked we become both physically and psychologically ill.  The sun in Capricorn needs to create and express a sense of emotional stability and security, they also need to have emotional consistency in their relationships to feel healthy and seek long term commitment to achieve this.  They will also seek stable employment or resources in order to feel emotionally secure and are capable of taking on very responsible roles in which others are dependent on them for emotional and financial security.

“Love me tender, Love me true, all my dreams fulfill” – Elvis Presley ‘Love me Tender’

The sun is ‘masculine’ this as stated before has nothing to do with gender or sexuality but describes an aspect of human consciousness or attributes the ‘masculine’ represents the drives necessary for maintaining physical and psychological health drives to excel and shine, drive to compete physically and sexually with each other and natural world, drive to take risks, drive to create or experience something more important than ourselves and the drive to continuously expand or develop.  The Sun represent the drive to shine and excel and in Capricorn it excels at creating and maintaining structure, stability and security. The sun here also represents the drive to maintain status and tradition.

However it is important to remember that the ‘feminine’ attributes create the ‘masculine’ attributes and vice versa.  For example when emotional expression Venus ‘feminine’ is blocked it is likely to create anger and ‘sexualised behaviours of Mars ‘masculine’.  When the moon is blocked those with Sun in Capricorn will tend to become rigid and authoritarian and demand the respect of others.

Sun in Capricorn’s opposite is the moon in Sagittarius and if the expression of the sun is being blocked they can often free it by adopting moon in Sagittarius ability to express emotional nurturing openly and joyfully – bear hugs and other physically expressive or tactile expressions and receiving this as well.  They may also need to express emotional spontaneity and have some fun.  That is the lesson for Sun in Capricorn fun can be emotional nourishment as well.

When the Sun energy is feeling blocked the Sun in Capricorn instinct is to persevere through but Moon in Sagittarius lesson is to take a break go and have some fun you will feel much better emotionally and it will remove those blockages and restore your drive to shine.  moon in Sagittarius fun includes adventure go off the beaten path and find new places, go dancing or some other form of activity that allows you complete physical expression and connect with the joy of being alive and having a body.  Go bungee jumping, try leaping a stream, climbing a tree or having a go on a rope swing.  Most importantly go out and get in touch with the wild man / woman of the woods that is part of you.  This may be camping even in the back yard for just one night get in touch with the stars and the sky and the amazing space of the universe.

Most important lesson for those with sun in Capricorn is that although some structures and boundaries are necessary to feel emotional secure, spontaneity is also necessary.  To feel emotionally secure we need to know we will be hugged when we need a hug and that is a spontaneous event.  Sun in Capricorn needs to practice this, they need to develop the capacity to ask for a hug when they need one.  They need to understand they are not inconveniencing others by doing so, but learning that providing emotional security is meant to be interdependent.  They are supposed to be interdependent on others to provide emotional security.

“For my darling I love you and I always will.” – Elvis Presley ‘Love Me Tender’

Traditionally in astrology the planets are designated either ‘feminine’ or ‘masculine’.  In traditional astrology only the moon and Venus are ‘feminine’ this is due to a misunderstanding of what ‘feminine’ is. Feminine is not related to gender or sexuality but emotional expression through creativity, intuition, mysticism and wisdom – the need for subjective expression of the immaterial or spiritual (emotions).  Neptune and Pluto are also feminine in this sense and Mercury, Saturn and the nodes of the moon are neither. However what is feminine or masculine in astrology can change into its opposite when blocked. Moon is the Sun’s opposite, Venus is Mars’ opposite, Neptune is Jupiter’s and Pluto is Uranus’ opposite.

“Love me tender, love me long, take me to your heart.  For its there that I belong, and we’ll never part” – Elvis Presley

The planet that rules Capricorn in traditional astrology is Saturn who rules Christmas and Winter in the sense that it shows its rules best.  At this time the earth is in the dormant phase in the northern hemisphere, plants die back and animals hibernate or fly south until the spring.  Food becomes scarce and we have to prepare for winter knowing this is what happens.  This makes Saturn appear harsh but in reality it protects us from the harshness of winter by preparing us for it.  Saturn is also the foundation of our rational thoughts and judgements it is our past experiences, winter is cold and plants stop growing we have to prepare for it. Saturn also represents the foundation of our society.  In order for us to live together in reasonable harmony we have Saturn rules about how we behave towards each other.

Saturn is also abut long term commitment in relationships, at work and to our goals.  Saturn commitments are stable long term and secure and humanity needs some security to flourish emotionally and to plan ahead.  You may have noticed the lyrics to ‘Love Me Tender’ sung by Elvis Presley -his Sun was in Capricorn.  When Sun in Capricorn and Saturn commits to love they do so for life and that includes their mother and other family members it can also include their occupation.  they may be workaholics if they have made the commitment to their career and they also have a tendency to a committed relationship with food another one of their usual loves.  However this may not be expressed through over eating but through commitment to eat organic or to go vegetarian / vegan.

Saturn represents our abilities to risk assess appropriately, as adults we rarely go through the ‘green cross code’ before crossing the road, for some roads are never empty of traffic.  We learn to risk assess the speed of vehicles and the time it takes to cross a road we learn to access if the vehicle is too near or distant enough to cross safely.  Saturn helps us to make better judgements and weigh up all the possibilities.  This is something that those with Sun in Capricorn do naturally from an early age, assess what the risks to themselves and others are and this makes them seem much more independent at a younger age and also more responsible.

Saturn is how we perceive reality and we all perceive reality slightly differently. We all have confirmation biases which means we tend to select the facts that fit into our beliefs about reality and ignore those that don’t.  Because Saturn is ruler of those with the Sun in Capricorn they have a tendency to do that more than most.  When they have formed an opinion it is very hard for them to change it because of this.  Even when the evidence is overwhelming they can dig their heels in and refuse to change their minds or their course of action.

saturn sexy

Saturn is also a planet that can cause blocks to the expression of other planets.  Usually this is a long term block of circumstance. For example a parent may die or may become sick or disabled and through circumstance they may have extra responsibilities as children and may not have the same nurturing experience or may have to put their emotional needs second to other family members.  This can also be true of those with Sun in Capricorn.

“Love me tender, love me dear, tell me you are mine” – Elvis Presley ‘Love Me Tender’

The sun is the centre of our solar system it pulls the planets together that represent our consciousness.  Our personality or consciousness is what makes us human it separates us from the other living organisms on this planet.  What it means to be human to Sun in Capricorn is the need to create emotional and physical security but there is so much more to every Capricorn and that is how their Sun relates to all the planets in their solar system.  I can describe this in general however each of us is individuals so with each description there will be hints to whether this expression is blocked.

Lets start with the masculine planets: Sun, Mars, Jupiter and Uranus. The Sun represent the drive to shine and excel in Capricorn it excels at providing emotional stability, commitment, productivity and structure. If the Sun in Capricorn’s drive is blocked they become emotionally volatile and behave more like the opposite sign of the zodiac Cancer, however to unblock this energy as already stated they need to embrace the moon in Sagittarius energy and find emotional nourishment through putting more fun back into their lives.  As they get older Sun in Capricorn becomes much better at doing this automatically.

Mars represents the drive to compete with others and nature, competitive drive for food, resources and sexual partner is ruled by Mars.  The Sun in Capricorn often has to learn to balance this drive, their natural instincts are to find long term commitments but Mars is the rash impulsive drives of the animal inside us all.  Sun in Capricorn does learn to channel this energy eventually but it can block its expression as well. If Mars expression is blocked the person will be more Venus like, emotionally expressive through hedonism, over eating especially can be a problem. They will also tend to become emotionally dramatic as a means of demanding affection and attention.  They may also struggle emotionally much more with changes in their routines and structures.

Jupiter represents the drive to take risks, gamble have adventures and find something bigger and more important in our lives than ourselves.  Those with Sun in Capricorn are usually adverse to taking risks without calculating the odds first.  However as they get older they become less conservative about risks and taking gambles in life. This energy again becomes easier to express as they get older but when it is blocked they will become more Neptunian seeking release of these drives through alcohol especially is connected with this sign.

Pan the wild raunchy goat god is associated with Capricorn and this expression of wild ‘Jupiter’ comes through rituals of music and alcohol which release those Capricorn inhibitions, this behaviour is also associated with Saturnalia and Christmas is also the time of year we get merry with the aid of alcohol and music.  Doing this occasionally is good for those with Sun in Capricorn it helps them let off steam and rebalance but if it becomes a habit then they have to learn to find other means of expressing this side of their nature.

Uranus represents the drive to expand or to grow and develop as a person by experience and learning.  However Uranus experiences are often sudden and traumatic ones which upset the Sun in Capricorn need for consistency, long term planning and commitment.  Although those with Sun in Capricorn are fine devoting or committing themselves to long term development and improvement they prefer it to be planned and structured with a goal at the end.  This means they may have Uranus moments from which they will seek to expand but they will want to do that in a structured way.  When Uranus expression is blocked they will become more Plutonian picking away at others defences and faults, using emotional manipulation and other games to express the emotional need to expand their relationships, friendships and experiences to find emotional fulfilment.

“I’ll be yours through all the years until the end of time” – Elvis presley ‘Love Me Tender’

The feminine planets: moon, Venus, Neptune and Pluto express emotional needs creativity, nurturing, mysticism and wisdom especially.  The moon represents the emotional need for nurturing affection and for most Sun in Capricorn individuals this is very easy for them as they are naturally inclined to provide what is needed for emotional nurturing – stability, continuity, commitment or bonding and structure.  Sun in Capricorn individuals are particularly good with young children and those with special needs especially because of this although they may often take on the role of head teacher as well.  When the expression of the moon is blocked they tend to become more authoritarian, harsher and demand respect through power structures.

Venus represents the need for emotional expression through creatively relating to others and the world around them this is often through art, music, love making and creative interaction with their environment such as interior design, gardening and fashion.  The Sun in Capricorn usually has no problem expressing this part of their emotional needs and are often quite fussy about their homes, gardens and appearance being stylish, elegant and having a classical feel but it is often a love of cooking especially is where they find most expression.  Usually they are not into preparing fancy complex meals but prefer ‘good’ nutritious food, simple but cooked to perfection.  This does not mean they do not enjoy exotic meals but for them the quality of the ingredients is most important. When Venus expression is blocked they tend to express increased desire for sex as a way of receiving and expressing affection and get angrier easily (Mars).

Neptune represents the need for an emotional connection with life and an emotional need to find purpose in our lives or divine plan.  Neptune represents magical thinking and even atheists indulge in magical thinking, lucky penny, lucky socks, avoiding walking under ladders, wearing crosses or crucifix. Magical thinking is comprised of beliefs and aliefs.  beliefs are expressed in lucky socks we believe they are lucky, aliefs are things we don’t believe act as if we do – I have a fear of bridges so when I am on one I don’t really believe it will collapse or I wouldn’t be on it but I act as if I do because I have a fear of bridges.  Beliefs and aliefs are often formed by past experience, we believe the socks are lucky because something good happened when we wore them and we have the alief that we are unlovable because our mum or dad left when we were little and although we believe that other people in our family loved us and we believe we are loved we act as if we are unlovable.

Neptune beliefs and aliefs are an emotional response to events that happen in life where we emotionally need to fit the events in with some divine plan or explanation.  Neptune is also emotional need to have experiences beyond the material world through dreams and altered states of consciousness.  In Sumerian mythology Neptune is the Tiamet the sea and this reflects our need to go on an emotional journey through life and to find meaning within it. Sun in Capricorn is usually fine with expresssing this especially in traditional forms. When Neptune expression is blocked we tend to take more risks and search for more extreme experiences (Jupiter), travelling is one experience that can be most beneficial when Neptune is blocked especially to foreign cultures with differing Neptune expressions.

Pluto represents our need for emotional expansion, development and maturity often this happens through trauma, loss, parenthood, sickness and acceptance of our own death (Wisdom).  In Sumerian mythology Pluto is Ereshkigal.  Ereshkigal strikes Inanna (Venus) dead when she enters the underworld.  This is the emotional numbness we often experience at death and the loss of hedonistic enjoyment in life.  Ereshkigal experiences birthing pains after this and that is because what Pluto gives birth to is a new Venus expression expanded by grief.  In the myth it is Enki or Capricorn that knows this and knows how to ease those pains and resurrect Inanna (Venus).  Sun in Capricorn are usually capable of expressing the Pluto need for emotional expansion and maturity relatively easily.  When Pluto is blocked we tend to express it in Uranus drives, sudden unexpected cravings for new experiences and new people, we try to shock others more merely to see their response and we become more rebellious of the expectations others place on us.

We have dealt with the feminine and masculine attributes of our consciousness or personality that leaves us with the third aspect how we put past experience into context and project our future forward. Our personality is a wormhole through time and space Saturn and the South node of the moon represent the past aspect of this wormhole Mercury the present and the north node of the moon its future.

Saturn is like Newtonian physics, throw a brick in the air and it comes down to hit you in the face, it is the part of our consciousness that rationalises – the brick falls because of gravity and gravity is a ‘law’ of nature.  Saturn makes the laws of what we should expect in life and it rationalises our actions (drives) and reactions (emotions).  We believe ourselves to be rational beings but this is in fact false we often act on impulse drives and emotions and then afterwards we rationalise that behaviour.  That is not to say we never behave rationally we do, only when it is situations in which our emotions and drives are not engaged.  Saturn rationalises our past section of our personality wormhole, explains our behaviours and others and gives us an expectation of what is most likely in similar situations in the future.  In doing this our past seems or appears ordered progression to the present instead of a series of random events.

The South node of the moon is the emotional or subjective view we have of our past, instead of our past being a series of random emotions that we have felt the south node puts these emotions into an ordered structure so they make sense to us, such as love, grief, loss, and jealousy.  One other reason why we may be bad at remembering physical pain is that it is neither a rational experience or an emotional experience – although we rationally and emotionally know what is likely to cause pain – those things we tend to avoid in future. (The main reason is if we [women] actually did remember pain accurately we may have a different emotional response to picking up babies.)

One other planet that affects the nodes is Neptune while we are sleeping and especially when we are dreaming all the new events of the day are processed by the brain and we experience them as dreams.  When we go into deep sleep the parts of the brain doing this switch off and reboot like a computer and we also experience the reprogramming as a dream but we rarely remember our deep sleep dreams.  We wake up in the morning believing we are the same personality that went to bed the night before when we have in fact had our personality reprogrammed during the night without noticing it.

Mercury represents the present, and if Saturn is Newtonian physics then mercury is quantum physics. Mercury represent the infinite amount of possible future wormholes of the present and these wormholes depend on our actions and reactions as soon as we act or react the other wormholes collapse and Saturn incorporates our actions into the past wormhole.  Mercury represents a lifetime of present in which infinite possibilities of our future selves exist and each of these infinite possibilities differs with each present moment of life.  Mercury always exists in a state of infinite future possibilities.  This is why humans tend to spend more times looking forward into the future than the past for although we do not feel as if their is an infinite amount of future us but only one, we do sense an infinite amount of possibility in the future.

This infinity of possibilities is explored by Mercury through the imagination, it travels to those infinite future worlds to explore what they have to offer and if present choices are not ones in which we react from emotions and drives or not ones in which we can make rational choice then it is Mercury exploring the infinity possibilities through imagination that chooses.  When Mercury has used the imagination to explore the infinite amount of future paths it chooses the one it likes best and the rest collapse.  Thus as human beings we spend a lot of our time in imagining the future as well.

The North node of the moon represents our emotional projections onto the future even beyond the point of death. Emotionally we may want children in the future, grandchildren and to see our children happy and successful.  The North node represents our emotional dreams and wishes for the future and these also may include loving relationship or an end to world hunger.  This depends on what we are already emotionally involved in and what we want to be emotionally involved in at a future time. Because the North node of the moon represent our emotional expectations or reactions to the future we often see the node as representing our ‘special’ chosen path in life.

Capricorn rules Saturn and at the moment of our death it collapses the probability of our wormhole to form a concrete structure, that has a definite shape and purpose – this is what separates humanity from the animal kingdom.  This is the gift we have been given from Enki (Capricorn) that the desire we have to find meaning to our life is given to us in the moment of our death and this is the wisdom of Enki. That tunnel has been formed with structure and strength so we can travel back through it to the moment we first saw the light, at birth and beyond to the time / space of pre-existence or non-existence.

sunrise nasa

Sun in Capricorn in the 1st house

here the individual is aware of their own inner strength and power as a means of achieving a strong sense of self which others find easy to relate to without being domineering or overbearing.  People tend to be attracted to this aspect of their personality and tend to follow them as natural leaders.  The air of security and self sufficiency they give off means they are very easy to trust and there is just an instinctual sense of knowing this person is dependable and reliable which means they are often promoted quickly or entrusted quicker than other employees are.  When work is not going well they need to bring back or introduce some sense of fun to it.  They also need to look to their diet to ensure it is nutritious as well as full of exotic flavours that will help spice up their lives a bit.  Diet can be important here because the person may be so busy that they may forget to eat regularly or well.  They may also need to bring out their nurturing side in more fun ways especially if they have children they need to make the effort to play with them more.

Sun in Capricorn in 2nd house

here the individual is very conscious of the need to have structures in place that provide security.  They are naturally good at giving off an aura of being emotionally secure within themselves, and people often look to them to provide structure and security for others in some form this can be with people who struggle with self control in some form such as children, adults with special needs or behavioural problems.  It can also be a sense of financial structure and security they provide helping others to invest or save their money or running companies in financially sound ways.  They may also have an occupation in which their main task is to look at the structures in place and find a means of restructuring that provides more stable outcomes.  These individuals also need to have some fun in their lives through fun outlets at which they excel and amateur dramatics would actually be a good outlet for this need to shine and be the centre of attention.  They also need to invest in the fun of romance, remember to keep on dating, even in established relationships their needs to be some adventure and romance to keep them alive.

Sun in Capricorn in 3rd house

here the individual is very conscious of the need to keep as many options open as possible throughout life.  They are aware that the amount of options they keep open means their potential has room to expand in many more directions if a door closes on them.  They also understand the importance of having a solid structural knowledge of language as a means of communicating efficiently and well which is something they also tend to have a good grasp of especially when it comes to communicating a sense of trustworthiness to others. These individuals are also good at spotting the potential of new ideas and are able to define new ideas and form some structural goals for development.  However they must also learn to pay attention to their environment.  They are more likely to thrive in an environment of emotional positivity and nurturing and they must pay attention to nurturing their own inner self by taking time out for fun now and again.  They have a very charismatic side that they need to let out once in a while.

Sun in Capricorn in 4th house

 here the individual is very aware of the importance of our environment as a means of shaping who we are and who we become.  They may be involved in education or management of the environment in some form.  What they do have is a very strong drive to nurture life in all its various forms from children, plant, animals to mother earth itself.  These individuals ooze a sense of safety and security that attracts others to them especially those who have been emotionally damaged in some form.  They have a natural ability to mother others whether they themselves are male or female.  They are also very protective of their loved ones and aware of the dangers that lie out in the world beyond.  Most important to them is their home as a place of emotional security and warmth, a place where others can retreat to when they feel threatened knowing that there is always a sense of safety and security there.  These individuals are great nurturers but they also need to go out more and have fun to keep their options open when it comes to experiences so they allow themselves to live dangerously from time to time as this replenishes them emotionally.

Sun in Capricorn in 5th house

here the individual is aware of the fact that they naturally excel in positions of authority and they have the charisma necessary to sustain attention from others.  These individuals are particularly good in social situations they have a knack of knowing exactly what do whatever situation they are in and can lighten the darkest mood, they manage the impossible – to be the life and soul of the party whilst still maintaining a sense of practicality, structure and inner security.  These individuals are lots of fun to be around but you also know that they never let things go to far or out of control either.  This means people really feel safe enough around them to completely let their hair down.  However they need to ensure that they are also free and safe to let their own emotional hair down and express their own wild side without feeling responsible for others.  This means there is a need for time away by themselves or with strangers where they can take risks such as bungee jumping or other adrenalin rush activities without thinking of everybody else.  These individuals are emotionally nourished by doing such activities.

Sun in Capricorn in 6th house

here the individual is aware of the responsibilities we have to care for each other as human beings.There is a strong sense in these individuals that they should put others first.  This is true sometimes in life for example we have to put children first at times because they are more vulnerable than adults and they need some sense of emotional security and nurturing.  However we cannot put others first in the choices we make throughout life and expect them to reward us for it – they haven’t asked us to do that for them and we shouldn’t.  Nor should we claim to do it, we need to make our choices on what is best for us and that does not mean ignoring the effects of choices on others but taking responsibility for what we want in life instead of trying to take responsibility for everybody else.  This is an area in which some balance is needed and one way of achieving that is through expressing your own need to have fun, putting your own emotional needs first is a lesson you have to learn and you do this by letting your wilder side out.

Sun in Capricorn in 7th house

here the individual is aware of the importance of finding balance in life: between drives and emotions, work and play, night and day but especially in relationships.  There is an understanding that all relationships require compromise especially if they are to blossom into long term commitments something which you are especially interested in.  It is not only commitment you look for in romantic relationships but in your personal relationships you look for friends you can rely on and who you can see yourself remaining friends with in the long term. However you are emotionally nourished by letting go of that need to label people as sensible or practical and by allowing yourself to trust your intuition about others and just having fun with them is a good way to let this intuition develop.  Not everybody’s practical sense is out on public show take a chance trust your intuition if the person is fun give them the chance to prove themselves and you will find yourself much more fulfilled emotionally.

Sun in Capricorn in 8th house

here the individual is aware of the need to grow and develop emotionally throughout life.  These individuals are aware that all of us get sick and that all of us will die at some point and they develop their own way of finding security and structure in the knowledge that nothing is permanent and nothing can be permanent. Even the earth goes through big changes, such as volcanic eruptions and earthquakes.  The continents move and nothing ever remains the same not for the universe, the galaxy, the solar system and not for humans either.  Everything is in a constant state of change people dying and people being born but we all have to find some sense of permanence no matter how fleeting to allow us to develop. You may develop that by facing such issues head on in life or death work or in finance / stock exchange where things can be wiped out in seconds.  One way you can manage such an extreme lifestyle is by not getting emotionally attached to your job and by allowing yourself to experience as much fun as possible with friends and with work friends it is even better.

Sun in Capricorn in 9th house

here the individual is aware that we are all striving to find some greater purpose within our lives and that hope is a necessary requirement for allowing us to find it.  Those in society that have lost all hope also lose the will power to be fully alive and to really experience life.  Instead they often slip into a meaningless existence which may be numbed through drugs or alcohol.  These individuals tend to be fully aware of that and may be in a profession such as teaching where they try to give all hope and a belief in the opportunity to further their aspirations.  They may also be in a religious role where they see the effects of living without hope on a day to day basis.  One ther possibility is they have a role relating to politics or the state again where they seek to provide hope for those without it.  They often get emotional release by going public with their feelings about the need to have a society in which hope is there for all and in which all can aspire to greater things.  This may include whistle blowing if they have to.

Sun in Capricorn in 10th house

here the individual is one who knows the importance of maintaining a steady outer image especially in work.  Whatever is happening within their lives these individuals rarely express it, they tend to keep their private lives private.  They also may have an attraction to big institutions such as the government where they see others as being like-minded in their desire to maintain the structure and order of society in general.  These individuals tend to be very traditional in their values and believe in stoicism.  They rarely express their emotions in public but this is very unhealthy for them.  For their own emotional health they need to find an activity or interest which gives them awe and wonder but which also allows them free expression, so they can shut with joy – as such team sports should be something they should think about.  Rock climbing or mountaineering is also a good activity for them if it fills the need for a sense of wonder and awe that we all have even the smallest babies experience awe and wonder.

Sun in Capricorn in 11th house

here the individual is aware that the structures of society are supposed to be for the benefit of humanity and not the other way round.  These individuals are often strongly motivated to create interest groups that serve the public need.  They will form friendships easily with others when they are part of a group working for a common cause but it is easy for them to get caught up in the group dynamics so much that the reasons behind the group can at times get lost in all of the politics.  It is easy for them to take new groups and organisations and to create something that has long lasting impact on society in general, if they are involved in a movement it is unlikely to fold but it is almost certain to become a permanent feature of society.  However it is important for them to remember it is impossible for us to create a utopian society. Everybody dies and gets sick just as events will always happen out with our control which means we must find balance in an unjust world that we cannot completely change but must accept in part.

Sun in Capricorn in 12th house

here the individual is aware of the need for time alone to process the over abundance of information we have in the modern world.  We are bombarded by information from all forms of media and it is essential at times to walk away from it all and switch it off even if it is only for an hour or two.  These individuals are likely to have times or periods where they refuse to be contacted by the outer world but where they process their lives and return to s sense of balance and calmness.  The need for sleep may also be important for these individuals to retain a healthy sense of balance in their lives.  When they feel they are not getting either enough space or sleep they need to be open and honest with others about why both are so important for them rather than just expecting others to understand. However they also have a need for fun and company as well and this is an area they should not neglect for their own emotional well being.


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