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The sun is at the centre of our solar system it pulls or keeps all the planets in orbit around it.  Our sun in astrology is very similar it pulls together all the different aspects of the personality or consciousness together to make a ‘solar system’ or whole personality.  Which sign the sun is in, describes in general ways how our personality or consciousness forms and how it tends to develop  throughout life.

“Everything develops, differentiates, moving towards complexity and refinement and there are laws governing this process.  You are a part of a whole.  When you know as much as possible about the whole, and about the laws of its development, you will understand your place in the world, and your own self.” – Tolstoy ‘A Confession’

The whole you are part of encompasses humanity and all life, and symbolically that is represented by the Zodiac which your natal chart contains with the sun marking the spot of your unique contribution to that whole.

The Sun also represents our drive to feel valued, to contribute and to be fully appreciated for all aspects of the personality or consciousness.  Aquarius the sign represents the main form in which the sun tries to achieve this along with the house in which the sun sits.  This drive for appreciation is the drive to find our own unique greatness.  Some think it is gaining power, some fame, some money, some spiritual recognition, some making academic discoveries – nobody can define your greatness for you it is something that is linked to finding your own meaning in your life.  Your greatness and the meaning of your life are defined uniquely by you and it is your own inner recognition of your meaning that makes you great and this is something you will strive for throughout your life.

Descartes ‘I think therefore I am’ represents our unique consciousness through which we experience the outer world.  It is subjective, I experience it from my perspective and you from your perspective.  Just as we experience the sun rising from our own subjective view, objectively (materially or scientifically) the sun never rises or sets, it is the rotation of the earth that makes the sun look as if it is rising and setting to us on earth and we all see this from different places and at different times.  Objectively it is impossible for anybody to have a sun sign since the sun does not rise at all, it cannot rise in either a sign or constellation, subjectively however the sun sets and rises and we find beauty and meaning in these events.  That is what consciousness gives us the ability to find meaning in things and events, computers can translate different languages, but they cannot find meaning in the words.  No computer experiences the beauty of poetry or finds meaning in it.


The sun represents our own unique consciousness (our subjectivity) in which each of us can only experience our own sunrises, sunsets, pain, sadness and happiness.  The sun has thus been associated with egocentricity because I can only feel my pain although I can understand that you feel pain.  For me my pain always takes priority for it has an urgency I experience that your pain can never have for me.  Which is why it is almost impossible for us to inflict severe pain on ourselves although we can and do inflict it upon others.  This can sometimes be mistaken for selfcentredness but our consciousness is our soul, spirit, ghost, mind or the immaterial aspect of ourselves.  This is not separate from the material world if it were I would not be able to raise my arm, for my arm unlike my mind is a material object made of atoms, electrons, quarks and bosons.  I have a spiritual existence or non material existence some call the soul, mind, ghost or consciousness and in astrology this is represented by the sun which appears to us to both rise and set or subjectively to be born and die each day although materially it does neither.  In the moments between life and death we find our own meaning and greatness like the homeless women.

The sun also represents free will.  My arm does not rise due to a material chain reaction that started with the Big Bang but because my consciousness wills it to rise.  The sun represents our will to be as Nietzsche called it, or our consciousness.  For Nietzsche the will to be is the only important aspect of who we are, in the sense we will ourselves into becoming who we are and in this willing we find our own meaning, ethics and value within our subjective lives.  For Nietzsche ‘God is dead’ refers to how we understood our consciousness, God is conscious and he made us conscious in his image, we find meaning in rainbows because Good put meaning into rainbows as a promise not to flood the earth.  The God of meaning that represented our consciousness was killed by science we have his blood on our hands.  Our subjective view (consciousness) was merely illusion and the objective view reality.  This God had died and for Nietzsche the only way forward was for us to find our own meaning, ethics and values in our lives.  Our will to be our own unique form of greatness, living within our own convictions, meaning and ethics.

The sun symbolises the unique subjectivity of consciousness.  Just as you cannot experience my pain you cannot tell what I find offensive.  The swastika for example may be offensive to some because they associate it with Nazi ideology.  However for those of Indian origin it will not be offensive because the symbol is associated with a completely different ideology.  For others they may be aware of both ideologies and find it offensive in some circumstances and not others.  This is because only consciousness can create symbols and symbols are things in which different meaning can be attached.  This is what astrology is it is not a science it does not deal with the material that is astronomy and physics; astrology is the meaning of the stars and planets in the sky as symbols that relate to ourselves as conscious beings.  Neither Mercury or Saturn can physically cause your computer to break but they do symbolise how we can consciously perceive these events.  We perceive Mercury going retrograde because it is what it looks like from earth (subjective) but in the actual material (objective or scientific) world Mercury does not go retrograde none of the planets change direction of orbit or enter constellations.  C S Lewis puts this best in ‘Voyage Of The Dawn Treader’ when Eustace says in our world stars are giant balls of gas, Aslan replies, that is what they are made of not what they are.  What they are is subjective, desire comes from desiderate – (star descended below the horizon) desire for the star that has gone down, no longer visible, and all our desires are subjective.  The two brightest ‘stars’ in the night sky are Venus and Jupiter the symbols of love and hope.  What they are to us is symbolic and meaningful.  What the Sun, moon and planets are made of, and their orbital paths is objective and as such is part of astronomy and other sciences, not astrology.

“Who am I to split”

Sun in Aquarius allows us to develop an expansive, adaptable personality as Aquarius is an air sign.  If we consider the four elements to be rather the four (normal) states of matter then: Earth = solid, water = liquid, air = gas and fire = plasma. The air signs tend to have the qualities of the gas state, gas conforms to the shape of its container but it also expands to fill it.  This is because gas has no definite shape or volume. Because of this ability to adapt to their container, the sun in Aquarius child just adapts into the teenager sun in Aquarius body. The personality as a whole expands to fill and conform to its new shape.  The sun is a giant ball of fire and when you heat a gas it expands even further or pressure builds up.  As with all Sun in Air signs there is intense pressure on the personality or consciousness to expand – become more open minded.  If there are blocks to this, the personality can explode like a balloon going bang!  Which is when the personality is freed to reform itself in a new more expansive way. However because Aquarius is a fixed sign it is often a huge inner explosion.  We often think of Fire signs as being explosive but in truth it is only the Air signs that build up enough pressure to truly explode and like a balloon going bang it is sudden, unexpected and violent to experience.  It is also more likely to happen when they are being restricted either physically or mentally by rigid structures.

“What am I doing here in mid air”

Throughout life this ability to morph into different stages and expand to fill them is continuous and it is a source of stability within the whole personality.  The Gas state is also the second highest state of energisation, which is why it is expansive it has the energy necessary to expand in all directions simultaneously but unlike the plasma state it is not ionised – ionised states are driven by attraction and repulsion.  Air signs or gas signs are not driven by what they are attracted to or repulsed by but by the need for expansion to fill a vacuum of knowledge, experience or understanding.  All the air signs feel energised by new experiences, learning and obtaining new knowledge.  This is how they prefer to add meaning to their lives.

Sun in Aquarius is also a fixed sign which means although the personality can morph into different stages of life with some sense of continuity and fluidity.  When they have found their ‘form’ or shape in that stage they tend to stay fixed within it unless an explosion occurs. What we mean by fixed signs is about the position during the seasons the sun enters a sign.  The cardinal signs begin at the Spring equinox, summer solstice, Autumn equinox and winter solstice – these points represent beginning of season. The fixed signs follow the cardinal signs and represent the mid point of that season and the mutable signs represent the end of seasons.   Aquarius represents the midpoint of winter the point where we would expect it to be coldest in the Northern hemisphere.  This means that those with the Sun in Aquarius can often appear cold, aloof or distant to other people.  This does not mean that they are any of those things.

The fixed signs are also fixed because they are fixed in human history to the time of the Sumerians, Babylonians and ancient Egyptians. The mythology of the fixed signs is fixed to the period when the spring solstice was in Taurus and Horus was the solar calf.  Or when from earth it appeared as if the sun rose in the constellation of Taurus at the spring equinox.  Whether you were Egyptian or Babylonian the mythology of the constellations at equinox and solstice was important. Inanna (Venus) defeated the Scorpion at the autumn equinox and the balance ended, nights grew longer once more (Sumerian). Enki (Capricorn)was slain by the sun just as the Sumerian floods began and the waters of Enki (Aquarius) we shortly afterwards slain by the sunrise at the winter solstice.  These are fixed historically because they were important mythologically to the people of that time.  As ‘the Doctor’ would say some points in history are fixed in time and space and cannot be changed not even by timelords.

Eventually the constellations on the horizon at the time of the sun rising during equinox and solstice changed.  This was a revolution the heavens had literally revolved.  As with all revolutions we strive to maintain some structure, balance, security and power during them.  The Cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn strove for the same mythological significance as the signs of the previous ‘golden age’.  With the cardinal signs there is a ‘symbolic’ striving to become important.  However the start of the Zodiac did move from Babylonian Taurus to the Greek and Roman Aries but the importance of the constellations in mythology was diminished.

Aries strove to come into being, Aries as one of the least visible constellations was very minor before this point and was called the Agarian worker, the peasant, farm labourer, Greek pagan, Roman plebeian, yokel or redneck.  The constellation representing the uncultured and uneducated peasant strove to be the centre of importance in a new era.  I am and I want my voice heard now, I want my share of power for we number far greater than you and I am powerful. The new voice of the peasant was created in the ‘Age of Taurus’ which saw agriculture practice and development on a large scale creating societies with class divisions and ownership of land that had not previously existed.  Thus the sign of Aries is ruled by Mars drive to live we experience with our first breath.  The sun at the summer solstice now rose in the constellation of the Crayfish (Cancer), the Crayfish that hides from the light of the moon was now under the light of the longest day of the year and it strove for a safe environment, security, protection and nurturing.  Cancer today represents the safe watery environment of the womb.  Libra where the sun now rose at the autumnal equinox strove to relate and balance the changes.  Capricorn sign of Enki strove to retain the rituals, authority and power that Enki held when the sun rose in his waters in Aquarius.

When we get to the mutable signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces the change almost goes without notice.  There is no Zodiac change and very little mythology except the Jesus / fish/ which is interpreted as Pisces but is actually Aquarius – living waters of Enki.  Pisces and Neptune are part of what the Sumerians called the goddess Tiamet the great sea dragon.  During The Age of Taurus Thuban (snake, serpent or dragon) a star in Draco constellation was the pole star and it appeared from earth as though a great snake or dragon was wrapped around the earth’s axis.  The Tiamet ruled the celestial sea in which the stars and planets float. The area from Sagittarius to Pisces is still called the sea.  Thuban was the Tiamet’s rib that held the heavens aloft and from where they revolved.  Pisces becoming the constellation on the spring equinox was not a great mythological rise for the Tiamet, for the Tiamet stood at the Apex of heaven the great goddess that revolves the sky had just become part of that revolution.  Isaiah 27:1 In that day the Lord with his great and strong sword will punish Leviathon the fleeing serpent, Leviathon the twisting serpent, and he will slay the dragon that is in the sea.  Revelation 20:2 And he seized the dragon, that ancient serpent who is the devil and Satan, and bound him for a thousand years.  Thuban the serpent fell from his / her place as the pole star because the earth’s axial tilt varies from 22 – 24 degrees over a period of 26,000 years as part of the precession of the equinoxes.

Thus Pisces remained at the end of the Zodiac and the signs no longer matched the constellations, Pisces as the great Tiamet was an ending not a new beginning.

sunrise nasa

This means that the signs do not correspond with the constellations any longer but to the solar cycle.  Although the constellations no longer hold the same mythological value the points of the equinox and solstice do. At the solstice the sun is at the furthest point north or south of the celestial equator 23.5 degrees and planets that are beyond these points are called out of bound (OOB).  Note this is the declination not the degree of sign my Mars is at 8 degrees Sagittarius but it is OOB beyond the point of the sun at winter solstice.  Planets and stars that are beyond the 23.5 north are said to be ruled by Enlil (Leo) and planets beyond the 23.5 south are said to be ruled by Enki (Capricorn and Aquarius).  Planets on the 0 declination at the celestial equator are ruled by Anu and Inanna (Uranus and Venus). Again this is not the degree of sign but the declination although planets can be both for example my Uranus is at 0 degree Libra and its declination is 0 however the nodes of the moon are at 26 degrees Virgo / Pisces but they also have 0 degree declination.

Aquarius is fixed in the sense that it is not striving to become winter as a cardinal sign would do or slowly subtlety changing towards spring like a mutable sign. Sun in Aquarius is winter.  In this sense the fixed signs are not becoming or changing but already are. Although their personality can expand and morph into the different stages of life it doesn’t ‘become’ or ‘change’ it carries a sense of always being. Therefore internally there is a sense that there was always a teenage Aquarius sun.   Not previously expressed because it didn’t have the teenage body to expand and morph into.  This sense of always being means it is unlikely that the teenage Aquarius sun personality will change form since it has been there from birth.  Like the adult Aquarius Sun will have once it has morphed and expanded into the adult body unless there is an explosion.  The sun in Aquarius consciousness is and always was.

Depending on how much pressure has built up the explosion may be one that causes a mental health condition – thus the connection with Aquarius and the mad genius. Aquarius the sign represents what can happen to all humans when they are under intense pressure without any form of release, their personality can explode or break.  In the breaking what was not expressed or released finally gets its voice.   The genius of ‘madness’ is the final expression of what was previously repressed, unsaid and left without expression. for this is the only way the internal pressure can dissipate.  This is the lesson of Aquarius we can say or express what is being repressed and appear mad to others, or we can wait until our personality actually does go bang and breaks into ‘madness’ and then say it.  Breaking into madness is also breaking into freedom.  Freedom from the confines of societal rules and the confines it places on our own consciousness.

The Mad like prostitutes were seen as a threat to Victorian society, they refused to live within its confines and boundaries.  Neither were willing to follow the rules and this made those in authority fear that their ‘anarchist’ ways could lead to rebellion and revolution. Pornography has a strong anarchist and revolutionary tradition and pornography comes from the word prostitute.  Pornography challenges the hierarchy, earliest pornographic material was banned because it was available to the poor and uneducated unlike the erotic art it was copied from.   Pornography was the name given to erotic art available to the poor and uneducated, pornography is base and illegal art is cultured and sophisticated.  Often pornography was accompanied by erotic philosophical writing to stir the masses into action.  Women especially were banned from viewing erotic art and pornography and even today ‘male feminists’ were first to picket ‘Fifty shades of Grey’ in fear of women watching a female sexual fantasy.  For women are still incapable of viewing such material without being corrupted.

Although the sun in Aquarius is traditionally associated with ‘madness’ it is not commonly associated with ‘prostitution’ or pornography it does tend to sympathise with the ethical freedom.  It is associated with the reason prostitutes were feared to be ‘anarchist revolutionaries’ that is the refusal to live by societal rules and that includes those of sexual behaviour and expression.

In a society which enforces monogamy those with sun in Aquarius will refuse to abide by its rules.  However the same is true of a society that imposes the idea that we should not be monogamous, the Sun in Aquarius will break that rule as well.  In modern society those with Sun in Aquarius are just as likely to go against societal norms and seek monogamous relationships and marriage especially if the have ‘fixed’ their minds about a relationship.  This is important to understand because Sun in Aquarius can be portrayed as a sexually promiscuous sign that places little importance on relationships – it is not it denotes setting own ethical standards of behaviour – these standards are unique to each sun in Aquarius individual and they tend to form relationships with their own ethical and social rules.  For those with sun in Aquarius those rules are generally applied equally and agreed upon.

Aquarius represents the waters of Enki or the drive to be fertile. Enki was the Sumerian god of humanity and wisdom, Capricorn represents Enki himself. Aquarius represents his waters or semen which fertilises the earth. It represents a split from the animal kingdom in terms of consciousness, animals commit ‘rape’ and murder without ethical repercussions. We cannot impose human ethics on animals.  However humans in order to live as a community have ‘ethics’ that prevent us from  enacting these behaviours.  The creation of these ethics is what allow us to live together, the waters of Enki or Aquarius denotes this creation process. Aquarius creates new ethics and religious structure that allow humanity to live as a community.  Aquarius creates but Capricorn (Enki) stabilises and incorporates these into permanent structures through tradition and ritual.

An example of this is early Christianity which was an Aquarius expression against the dominance / powers of both Rome and the hierarchy of the Jewish faith at that time.  This Aquarius expression became Capricorn expression through ‘Catholic church’ which became everything that early Christianity was an expression against.  It was dominant, structured and forced others to conform to its rules. We can say the same about the Protestant reformation.  All new things start out as an Aquarius expression but if they have lasting value they become a Capricorn expression.  We associate electricity and electronics with Aquarius but in reality they are now a Capricorn expression they are no longer new.

However those things which are ancient, archaic and no longer in use can be rediscovered by Aquarius and become ‘New’ again.  There is always a flow between Aquarius and Capricorn in this sense that they take and adapt from each other what is necessary for renewal and what needs to become structured and incorporated into the mainstream.  For example communo-anarchism is the main political way humans have lived for most of their existence.  Whilst we lived in communo-anarchist tribes or groups communo-anarchy was not an Aquarius expression.  Communo-anarchy became an Aquarius expression when the West especially developed into States with rulers and governments.  At the time the creation of City States was an Aquarius expression it was something new.  This is especially true of the Age of Taurus, although there had been previous civilisations those created by the Sumerians, Babylonians and Ancient Egyptians were a ‘New’ form based on agricultural and other advances.

In mythology Enki’s consort was Ninhursag, Lady of the sacred mountain, great queen and the Lady of Birth.  Ninhursag is fertilised by the waters of Enki gives birth to Enki’s creations.

In mythology Ninhursag has sex with Enki and gives birth to Ninsar Lady flora.  Enki missing Ninhursag has sex with Ninsar and produces Ninkurra Lady pastures.  Enki still missing Ninhursag has sex with Ninkurra and produces Uttu the weaver (spider), Uttu is warned by Ninhursag and hides Enki’s seed or water in the earth and eight plant spring up which Enki eats.  The plants make Enki sick and Ninhursag takes them from his body and eats them which produce eight healing deities to cure Enki.

Ninhursag gives birth to Abu father of all greenery, Nintulla Lord of Magan (source of copper ore), Ninsutu consort of underworld healing deity, Ninkasi goddess who sates the heart, Nazi or Nansche consort of Goddess of justice, fishing and fertility, Azimua consort of the underworld Lord of the good tree, Ninti (Lady rib, life) Lady of the month (menstruation cycle) and lastly Enshagag Lord of Dilmun (Dilmun was Sumerian idea of garden of Eden, thought to be Bahrain, Qatar and Kuwait it was also major port via trading route with Indus valley civilisation).

This represents a civilisation that was self sufficient – able to produce enough food for all its inhabitants, that has an understanding of herbal medicine, a form of justice and ethics, that has technologies such as weaving and copper mining and that was part of global trading network.  That trading network also included the exchange of ideas and mythology.  Uttu could be said to be the first Ananci story recorded, ‘How Ananci fooled the god Enki’.  Ananci is a spider but a very important spider he collects all the stories told both old and new because they connect us all in the web of life.  Ananci’s father was the great sky god Nyame and his mother the great Earth goddess Asase Ya of the Asanti.  Anansi travelled from Ghana to Jamaica and America via slavery and sometimes his stories are told as Brer Rabbit stories.

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus and Saturn, in mythology Saturn castrates Uranus. It usually does this by taking whatever Uranus discovers or invents and turning it into mainstream reality.  It cuts off the unique expression of Uranus by making it the latest fashion, trend or by using time to make it traditional, ritual and old.  It also castrates Uranus by setting up too many rules and regulations.  This is also symbolic of saying we are human now and different to the rest of the animals you can no longer rape it is wrong and in order for society and civilisation to continue you will be punished for this. Which is part of the golden rule treat others how you wish to be treated which was known in ancient civilisations of Egypt, Sumeria and Indus Valley and probably pre-dates them.

However we will also now punish the three year old as it is now wrong to touch your penis. For Saturn to keep our society like this, you must be punished for it. The latter causes  Uranus castration and explosions. Although we are humans we are still animals with all those drives and Uranus like Aquarius is a fertility symbol, we can curb those drives for the sake of humanity living together; however when we try to stop their expression for the sake of keeping everybody dominated by rules explosions happen.

Like Aquarius and Capricorn the signs there is a love-hate relationship between Aquarius’ co-rulers.  If we get rid of too many Saturn rules Uranus would re-invent them all.  Uranus drive is constantly reinventing rules about how we should behave and treat people.  Uranus is the planet of the philosophical drive and there is a Hegelian Dialectic dynamic to how Saturn and Uranus interact with each other.  Hegelian dialectic is about balancing opposites; for example in ethics Kantian ethicists and Utilitarian ethicists may often have two opposing opinions on whether something is ethical yet there can be a middle ground or synthesis of both opposing ethical stances. Kantian ethicists believe motivation not the consequence of an action makes it ethical or unethical and Utilitarian ethicists believe the opposite that it is only the consequence of an action but for most of humanity we see a synthesis between the two and this synthesis between the two is also virtue ethics Aristotle’s mean.

In the normal world outside of philosophy people believe both are important and tend to use Hegelian dialectic virtue ethics automatically. Or in other words we believe we shouldn’t use people (Kant) but we also believe in sharing pleasure (utilitarianism).  This because our mum, parents or primary care givers taught us to do both (Saturn).  This is fine on an individual level but society generally tends to swing more towards one or the other of these ethical stances.  Whichever stance society is swinging towards Uranus drive is towards its opposite.  This makes it appear that Saturn rules are the enemy, however it is the imbalance of Saturn ‘rules’ that the Uranus drive is trying to correct.

“I have a stupendous idea, to the realization of which I feel capable of dedicating my whole life.  The idea is the funding of a new religion corresponding to the present development of mankind: the religion of Christ purged of all the dogmas and mysticism – a practical religion not promising future bliss but giving bliss on earth.” – Tolstoy ‘Diaries’


It is not only our drives that can be curbed to the point where they are completely repressed by Saturn ‘rules’ but also our emotional expression. The Epic of Gilgamesh tells of Humbaba (super natural guardian) of the forest being slain by Gilgamesh and Enkidu.  The guardian is a giant representing our wild ‘animal’ self but it takes pleasure in the beauty of nature, the sound of bird song and the smell of flowers.  Humbaba takes emotional pleasure and comfort in the natural habitat he lives in.  However he is slain because the wood is wanted as a resource.  This may be one of the earliest ecological myths dealing with destruction of habitat due to greed for resources.   Humbaba is slain and the woods are destroyed this infuriates Inanna (Venus which represents our emotional responses), Gilgamesh and Enkidu appear before Enlil (lord of the wind / breath/ spirit / life or consciousness).

Enlil is represented by Leo the opposite sign of Aquarius.  Leo became ‘fixed’ at the ‘Babylonian’ summer solstice – the longest day or the point at which the sun was ‘strongest’ and most powerful in the northern hemisphere.  Breathing is the first thing and last thing we do, Enlil as represented in Leo means the drive to live, the will to live or consciousness. He is naturally angry and says that because of their actions Enkidu must die. Humbaba is a mythology that is reflected in the Medusa myth and in Celtic Balor myth.  All of these myths have an ecological narrative that reflects our emotional and physical connection to the Earth as a sacred being.

In the Celitic Balor myth, Balor (a one eyed giant) steals the cow of goodness and is slain by Lug or Lugus the shining one with the strong arm. Where his eye fell burnt a hole in the ground that formed Lough na Suil, Lough of the eye and every hundred years the burning evil eye dries up the Loch.  The loch has disappeared in 1833, 1933, 1965, 1985 and 2006. St. Michael’s mount in cornwall has a well on the island that was formed when Jack (of Jack and the bean stalk) slew the giant who was stealing the cattle.  Medusa means guardian and her evil eye is the star Algol (Demon) Perseus which means slayer holds her severed head in the constellation.


Just as Gilgamesh kills Humbaba for resources.  In the Celtic mythology the giant is slain to stop it stealing the cattle and burning the land. However with all the mythology there is a dynamic interaction between the natural world or wild world and the world man directly creates by his interaction with nature. Man’s impact through agricultural practices or stripping the land for resources impacts all life on earth.

When we destroy a habitat for its resources we also destroy part of human expression of emotional creativity, intuition, mysticism and wisdom.  Wild places are emotionally uplifting. We have a need to feel connected emotionally with our environment as well as physically because it is our home, when this is blocked humanity as a whole starts to explode. Enkidu must die because he is two thirds animal and like all animals he cannot survive when the natural habitat is destroyed. Those with sun in Aquarius understand instinctively when things in society are out of balance and they often swing to the opposite extreme.  They have a drive to counter-balance whatever society and humanity is doing.

Those with Sun in Aquarius tend to have an interest in this aspect of humanity how it swings out of balance. As well as how society and humanity can explode or implode under certain circumstances and how individuals do as well.  This draws them into areas such as social work, psychology, education, sociology, anthropology, philosophy, science (especially physics they are drawn to the creativity of the big bang!) and mysticism.

Our personality is like a wormhole it is who we are as a person, through time and space and it is in a state of constant change. Yet we usually feel like ourselves and it is the sun that provides this consistency.  The sun provides self consistency as well as holding the planets of our ‘solar system’ together. The Sun Aquarius wormhole could be said to be one that morphs into new shapes and dimensions but tends to remain fixed within the new forms unless explosion is necessary.  This also represents awareness that the personality wormhole is different to a balloon going bang in the sense that when our wormhole explodes our past as a self consistent individual explodes in order to create a better and healthier past wormhole.

As stated at the begin it is the sun that holds the planets of our ‘solar system’ personality together.  Although Aquarius is a fixed sign that hold is not rigid but flexible enough to allow the planets to expand into their orbits.  This is important for sun in Aquarius because it allows the planets to expand into what are natural orbits or extremes. They are able to formulate their own physical laws that govern their own ‘solar system’ especially if they have experienced their own ‘Big Bang’ creation.  Once these laws of physics are formulated they tend to remain fixed.

Aquarius is also ‘masculine’ this has nothing to do with gender, sexual orientation or sexuality but describes an aspect of human consciousness.  Masculine in this sense describes human attributes, the masculine attributes are the drives necessary for physical and psychological health, the drive to take risks, drive to expand and develop, drive for food, shelter and sex.  We also have the drive to compete with ourselves, others and nature.  When these drives are not expressed or blocked we become unhealthy both physically and psychologically. The Aquarius drive towards producing new structures, interconnections and productivity represents the drive to be part of a fertile productive humanity which means Sun in Aquarius is driven towards working in or for the benefit of groups, communities and humanity in general.  As is always the case with Sun in Aquarius the exact opposite is also true.  They can be driven towards working to destroy groups, communities and the structures of humanity in general if they believe it will restore a natural balance.

The Sun in Aquarius can also become Sun in Capricorn, if there is too much ‘Aquarius’ attributes in society.  If everybody is making up their own rules and tearing down old structures which is common in periods during and just after revolutions, Sun in Aquarius will become the Sun in Capricorn.  They will fight to maintain old structures, they will follow rules and set boundaries and they will seek emotional stability and continuity.  This is also true if there is too much chaos in their personal lives.

The Sun is also ‘masculine’ and represents the drive to shine and excel so it is very driven in this sign not only to shine and excel but to do so in a way that benefits humanity and society as a whole although as stated the opposite is also true. However it is important to remember that ‘feminine’ attributes of emotional expression through creativity, intuition, mysticism and wisdom also creates ‘masculine’ drives when blocked and vice versa. For example when the expression of emotions (Venus) is blocked it creates  ‘Mars’ drives such as anger, violence and ‘negative’ sex drives or hyper-sexualized perception of reality. A society which is particularly violent or sexualized is one in which the positive expression of emotions is being blocked.  The opposite is also true in societies where Mars drives are blocked they tend to find expression through emotional creativity you can find this expression in Kierkegaard’s and Emily Bronte’s writing in particular.  Although both of these are examples of positive emotional expression through creativity in general when Mars drives are blocked it helps create negative emotional expressions such as depression, feelings of loss, sadness, grief and lack of meaning in life.

We are part of a galaxy a community which is larger and more important than our sun, and our galaxy our community is just one of many that make up our universe.  Our sun is aware of this that it shines its like in competition with millions of other stars.  Yet in shining its light it allows the ‘feminine’ earth to be creative.  Irrespective of whether other stars shine brighter it is the sun alone that gives life on earth through shining.Its light is necessary just as the light of each of us is necessary for earth to create life.

For those with Sun in Aquarius when the moon’s emotional expression is being blocked they are driven to attention seeking behaviours especially those which they think may shock society in general.  For Sun in Aquarius its opposite ‘feminine’ attribute is moon in Scorpio.

10311210-the-moon-setting-over-clouds-and-water-with-reflections   Therefore any drives that are blocked will tend to eventually be expressed in moon in Scorpio creative patterns to be released. However they will first be expressed by their own moon sign if different in an over protective  or emotionally needy form. Moon in Scorpio is the symbolic death of the family, mother, community and nationality or sense of identity which can be part of breaking away an unhealthy nurturing environment.  It is the development of emotional maturity through acceptance of the family and the community we were raised in.  Acceptance of its faults, flaws and a willingness to let go of the resentment we may feel towards it.  It is also about the development of emotional maturity to let go of the emotional demands we have placed upon our mother, family and our communities.

The idea of being submerged in darkness as a form of nurturing is one you can see in Dostoyevsky’s life. As a child of a doctor he saw first hand the consequences of an eight year old girl raped by and adult man.  He saw the sickness of the poorest in society.  He saw his neighbour blame serfs for his father’s death so they would be exiled to Siberia and the land cleared for sale.  He himself was shackled and sent to Siberia.  He also contained a darkness and was anti-Semitic.  Yet in ‘The Brothers Karamazov’ we see the sacred in the darkest aspects of life.  At Ilyusha’s funeral his schoolboy friends all gather at a rock and Alyosha swears to remember and love them always and that moment is a sacred and eternal one in which they all participate.  It is a form of resurrection from which they are all born anew.  Their lives before and after that event now hold a new meaning.  Resurrection is also an Aquarius concept, it is symbolised in baptism being submerged in the waters of enki (apsu) and rising as a new person.

Most people ask the wrong question, ‘If there is a God why do children and babies die?  The question that needs to be answered is if there is no God or gods how do we make the death of children and babies sacred events with meaning? The myth that God is what we used before science to explain the creation of the universe is wrong.  If it were true the bible would have stopped after Adam & Eve’s eviction from garden of Eden.  God, gods and goddesses are what we use to explain and understand our consciousness – our consciousness seeks meaning, the sacred and the eternal.  God is not how we explained the creation of the universe but how we gave meaning to its creation, our creation or consciousness and life.

“God is dead, we killed him” – ‘Thus Spake Zarathustra’  Nietzsche

Our consciousness or soul stopped being a sacred thing given to us by God and we were told it wasn’t real just an illusion of neurons firing in the brain.  That removed the sacred and the meaning from life.  It was also wrong the brain may be what causes consciousness, however consciousness itself is real without it there would be no symbols and no writing or art for there would be nothing to give meaning to those things.  As Rupert Sheldrake the biologist explained he was studying hormones and neural networks but none of it seemed to describe what he felt being in love, it misses the meaning we give to love.

That meaning can be very dark in ‘Wuthering Heights’ Kathy declares that she is Heathcliff that whatever their souls are made of it is the same thing.  Heathcliff after her death begs her to haunt him, to torment him but not to leave him.  He has his son marry her daughter so she can be mistreated in the hope that Kathy will come back to haunt him.  Everything in Heathcliff’s life gains meaning from Kathy.

The intensity of watching your mother decompose down to the bare bones as part of the creative process of life recycling nutrients is very dark but it releases nutrients required for healthy emotional expression or it dissolves blocked expression.  It is our family in general especially our parents who block certain aspects of drives or emotional expression and in watching their power to do this decompose to reveal what they too were hiding and blocking allows us to accept what is hidden under our own skin and to allow it creative expression. Our mother is also our own inner emotional power structure the blocked and repressed aspects of the self in its death and decay, nourish a new emotional power structure as it is formed.

In allowing your mother to decompose she becomes something else, everything that decomposes becomes another thing.  All those hidden parts become something new: grass, flowers, trees, birds and all the hidden parts of ourselves can decompose and become something new too if they are not continually being buried within us.  With moon in Scorpio our family, community, nationality and sense of roots has the potential to decompose and turn into something new but it is an intense experience.

Since Scorpio is ruled by Pluto it also represents our compulsions which are intense.  Kierkegaard did not choose to fall in love with Regine Olsen it was a compelling force the moment he met her.  Compulsion often frightens us Kierkegaard ran away.  In his compulsion he began to understand something, it was the eternal in the temporal life he would always love Regine just as Dante would always love Isabella.  The moment he met Regine changed his perspective of his life, everything before lead up to that meeting and everything afterwards has meaning because he loves her.  In his compulsion he embraces the fact that she might not love him, that she may die at any moment and he decides that loving her is worth the despair it brings.  This compulsion can also be a calling but it always brings meaning to our lives when we accept it.

If you have moon in Scorpio it is likely that you balance these tendencies well for the rest of Sun in Aquarius this process can be a shocking experience and quite often it can literally be the death of a parent that triggers it.  However it is important to understand that in order for the sun to express its drive to shine there must be healthy emotional nurturing of the self that includes facing and embracing our compulsions as part of who we are and what gives meaning to our lives.

“me and doing that have coincided very queerly”

Traditionally in astrology the planets are designated feminine and masculine. In traditional astrology only the moon and Venus were designated ‘feminine’ this is due to a misunderstanding of what is meant by ‘feminine’.  Feminine is not related to gender, sexual orientation or sexuality but is about the emotional expression of our consciousness and includes intuition, mysticism, awe, wonder and emotional maturity or wisdom. Neptune and Pluto are also feminine in this sense and together form the sacred feminine.   Mercury, Saturn and the nodes of the moon are neither masculine or feminine. However what is ‘feminine’ or ‘masculine’ can change into its opposite when blocked.  Moon is the Sun’s opposite, Venus – Mars, Neptune – Jupiter, Pluto – Uranus.  Signs too not only have their opposite star sign but their opposite ‘feminine’ or ‘masculine’ sign. Fire sign opposite is earth sign and air sign opposite is water.

“I seem to have been given the freedom of this place what am I then?”

The planets that rule Aquarius in traditional astrology are Uranus and Saturn.   Uranus with Jupiter forms the sacred masculine.  Uranus the sky God is masculine and represents the universe and its drive to expand, grow and develop.  Uranus castration of mythology is the symbolic blocking that causes ‘the big bang’ and birth of the universe or Uranus himself.  Uranus and his drives are created in his castration. These drives are not ones that are felt as a biological impulse of a living organism but as a living organism that is also a conscious part of the universe or in another way they are uniquely human. University comes from the word universe and it embodies this drive to expand our minds and our knowledge.  We are driven to do this in order to expand what we know of the universe and how we fit into it. Uranus also symbolises the drive of the sacred warrior in the fight for freedom this includes Moses, El Cid, William Wallace, Martin Luther King, Boudicca and many others as representing the mythic freedom fighter. Coming of age rituals especially for males were often expressions of the sacred warrior quest.

“I am asking about the relation to the Deity of all the different beliefs of mankind.  I am asking about the general revelation of God to the whole universe with all those cloudy nebulae.  What am I doing?  To me personally, to my heart, has been indubitably revealed a knowledge unattainable by reason, and I obstinately  wish to express that knowledge by reason and in words.

Do I not know that it is not the stars that are moving?  But I, watching the movement of stars, cannot picture to myself the rotation of the Earth and I am right in saying the stars move.” – ‘Anna Karenina’ Tolstoy

For those with Sun in Aquarius society is changing in dramatic ways and so will they, to counterbalance this.  The ways in which this will happen like Uranus is unpredictable, unknown and unknowable.  As Pascal wrote the God of Abraham and Isaac is not the God of the philosophers, not Plato’s perfect form but an unknown and unknowable God.

Uranus represent sudden events as castrating or blocking expression of certain aspects of our personality due to shock or trauma we block and put an emotional wall around certain tender spots until pressure builds up and there is a sudden explosion of what has been blocked – but it is the pressure build up of the blockage that causes the sudden explosive drive similar to that of an earthquake.  Earthquakes symbolise the sudden destruction of blockage of movement which sends seismic shock waves around the earth for days afterwards. What the blockage does is concentrate power on its removal and if this power is concentrated enough it can topple rulers and world powers.  Like the aftershock from an earthquake this can ripple and be felt throughout the earth.  The Uranus drive is created by its own castration.  It can also castrate or block the expression of planets until they go through a ‘Uranus’ eruption of their own.

Uranus also represents a sporadic drive with sudden bursts of rapid energy, it represents the universe, in the first minute of the big bang we have the hyperinflation of the universe, rapid cooling, rapid heating formation of the Higgs Boson and other particles nothing for 377,000 years then the creation of hydrogen – then nothing for about 200 million years suddenly giant violet stars that had very intense and short lives but created elements such as carbon and Iron.  Uranus is always expanding but at times its expansion is violent.

Saturn however is not masculine but represents a different aspect of consciousness. As said our personality or consciousness represents a wormhole of who we are through time and space from birth to death.  At this moment in time the only visible part of our personality wormhole is that between birth and the present.  This is represented by the south Node of the moon and by Saturn. Since Saturn is a co-ruler of Aquarius looking back into the past is an important aspect of their personality.  Saturn is similar to Newtonian physics in the sense that whatever quantum physics says; if you throw a brick in the air it is likely to fall back down and smack you on the head, no matter how many times you do it.  Saturn’s rules are like gravity a set of universal laws that we all experience. However we experience them in our own universe of the consciousness, that creates our own sense of reality.

Saturn also rules Capricorn and Christmas which is held when saturnalia would have been held.  This is because Saturn rules winter in the sense that winter shows its rules best.  At this time the fruitful season has passed in the northern hemisphere. Before modern fridges, freezers and preserving methods the last of the fruits and other perishables needed to be eaten before going off.  Any livestock which did not have enough food to last the winter were slaughtered.  This meant people feasting as a means of using up resources and storing them for the scarcity of winter as fat.  However because we had past experiences of winter we knew what to expect and were able to do this. That is main message of Saturn: it gets cold in winter, grass gets covered in snow, animals can’t graze and crops don’t grow  so you have to prepare for it.

This is not to say that Saturn is harsh, quite the opposite it protects us from the excesses of the harshness of reality. By giving us expectations of what we need to sustain us, Saturn helps us become prepared for future events.  Saturn is also what we base our rational thoughts on ‘past experiences’ if apples never fell to earth then gravity would be an irrational idea because it would contradict our experience of reality.  We do not like events that contradict our Saturn definition of reality and we have a confirmation bias that allows us to select what fits our perceived reality and which often ignores facts and events that don’t.

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus and Saturn so it has a natural ability to combine both these aspects of consciousness the drive to expand grow and develop our understanding of knowledge of ourselves, humanity and the universe and the use of past experience to develop rational thought and predict outcomes. The one problem is that both Saturn and Uranus are outer planets and this can leave those with Sun in Aquarius at times struggling with the fact that it often feels easier for them to understand humanity than it does to be human. This is partly due to their ruling planets ability to block and cut off aspects of our drives and emotional responses.  This means people can feel an emotional disconnection at times when they are trying to relate. However it is also because their sun sign is about humanity as a whole. They often find it easier to relate to humanity rather than the individual experience of being human.  which means at times the sun can be in the dark about what it too is experiencing as a person and as a consciousness whilst completely recognising what is happening in society around them.

sunrise nasa

“Do these weeds know me and name me to each other”

The shadowland of sun in Aquarius is its opposite sign of Leo.  Opposites are always artificial such as good and evil.  In our opposite sign we find what we consider evil but what often attracts us although this is artificial in reality.  For those with Sun in Aquarius they struggle with their own display of certain qualities of Leo they interpret negatively.  For some this may mean they actively shy away from becoming the centre of attention however this in itself draws attention to them and they can take pride in it.  Just as they can take pride in their efforts to be humble and treat everybody equal, in fact patting themselves on the back for treating those they deem inferior as equal.  This creates a false understanding which means that their own reactions are very negative form of natural urges and instincts.  For the sun in Leo is in essence about finding and understanding our own unique greatness  and contribution to the whole and appreciating its importance.

“Do I fit in their world”

The Sun is the centre of our ‘solar system’ it pulls the planets together that represent our consciousness or personality – what it means to ‘be’ human. In understanding how the Sun in Aquarius generally relates to the planets, we can understand the way they general tend to be human and how they relate to the sun as representing their united whole consciousness.  However each of us as individuals have different experiences.

The ‘masculine’ planets: Sun, Mars, Jupiter and Uranus represent differing drives.  The sun represents the drive to shine and excel and in Aquarius this excelling takes an Aquarius form if this is not happening and is blocked there can be an explosion. As stated Aquarius needs expansion and expression. If the expression is blocked it can also be transformed by the dark creativity of Scorpio moon. When Sun is blocked it can be expresses through their own moon in negative forms, they may become clingy or very insecure emotionally.

Mars represents our drive to compete with ourselves, others and nature as well as the sex drive which is also a competitive drive, in general the sun in Aquarius has no problem in accepting this aspect of their personality or relating to it if they have an excess of anger or sex drive it may be their Venus or emotional expression that is blocked which can be more common.  However Mars also represents the drive to put our own needs first.  Every living organism has this drive, it is the survival drive necessary for life.  Although this drive seems selfish if we were incapable of providing what we need for ourselves we would also be incapable of helping others or reproducing which is the biological imperative of all living organisms.  Not only is it essential we have this drive it is also essential others have it too Mars is what we have in common with all living things.  Mars also represents our autonomic processes: digestion, breathing and our heart beat.  These processes happen without us being conscious of them or controlling them.  Mars represents our sex drive of which we are only partially conscious of irrespective of gender.  That is because it is the biological imperative, to have no sex drive is not only to be inhuman but to be dead.

Jupiter represents drive to take risks and gamble. It drives us to explore unknown and to create our own ethical belief system, to find God or the sacred through our interaction with the world around us. It is the drive to be part of something larger than the self, the whole and find meaning from that experience.  We may do this in many ways whether that is a religion, a cause, sports team, political movement or alternative lifestyle.  It is the drive to live life to its fullest as part of a group, community, society or whole.  Jupiter drives us to form sacred meaning in our social existence.  Whether what we are worshipping is a football team or a God, it is the social aspect of sharing the sacred together whether that is a goal or communion, it gives our life meaning and joy.  This aspect has a dangerous side the shared euphoria can lead people to behave differently Nazis and KKK both used this social sacred euphoria however it is not an aspect of our consciousness that can or should be avoided this euphoria was also felt by those who were there when Martin Luther King made his ‘I have a dream’ speech.  It is there when people gather to demonstrate, it was there during Scottish Independence referendum and still is a major contributory factor of why Yes won’t give up.

“Faith is a knowledge of the meaning of human life, the consequences of which is that man does not kill himself but lives.  Faith is the force of life.  If a man lives then he must believe in something…Without faith it is impossible to live.” – Tolstoy ‘A Confession’

Again in general the Sun in Aquarius usually has no problem accepting this part of their personality however excessive gambling or risk taking and dogmatism is a sign that the emotional expression of the mystical, intuitive or idealist side of their personality is being blocked (Neptune) when Jupiter is blocked there is a tendency to live in fantasy and daydreams. However this is much rarer with Sun in Aquarius.

The ‘feminine’ planets: Moon, Venus, Neptune and Pluto represent emotional expression which can be through creativity, intuition, mysticism and wisdom.

The moon represents emotional nurturing which can be expressed through: the creativity of motherhood, creation of a sense of family, community, nationality and roots.  This nurturing can be done without ever becoming a parent.  The moon represents our own family, community, roots and nationality as well as our childhood and the values we learn from these.

With the sun in Aquarius generally there is a feeling of being unable to fully connect to the emotional nurturing aspect of themselves.  However they are ruled by the two most important planets in parenting. Saturn creates the boundaries necessary for children and adults to feel physically and emotionally safe.  Uranus drives children to expand their knowledge and develop the skills necessary to become fully independent.  Although they may struggle at times with emotional expression they are very capable of emotional nurturing.  If the moon’s expression is blocked they can be shocking just for the sake of it.

Venus represents the emotional expression of the present mood. The enjoyment of the natural world and its expression through art, music and sexual pleasure.  Venus represents the creativity within hedonism which also includes creation of greed, jealousy and envy as part of the need for emotional expression.  There is a long mythological history between Venus and Aquarius.  In Sumerian mythology Aquarius is the waters of the great one Enki, the founder of civilisation. Venus is Inanna, in mythology Inanna visits Enki to seduce him because she wants Enki’s Me (the rules for society – civil and religious).  Enki in turn knows Inanna is coming and wants to seduce her but he has no intention of giving her his Me.  In attempting to get Inanna drunk it is Enki who gets drunk and hands Inanna the Me.

Aquarius gets drunk easily on Venus, she represents hedonism and especially the pleasure of sex and orgasm in particular. This is an area where they may feel strongly a sense of awe and wonder within relationships they are committed to.  Aquarius represents the Waters of Enki and one form of his water is semen so the pleasure of sex in particular is something they may be likely to get drunk on and enjoy without committing to a relationship.  Water also represents other things such as wisdom, learning and fruitfulness. These are things that they will also naturally like and get ‘drunk’ on the pleasure from doing or obtaining.

The act of getting drunk here is important, alcohol like all drugs can be used to create mystic states, which by definition are not rational but emotional. Those with Sun in Aquarius may feel the need to take drugs to enter a mystical state in which they can find expression of their emotions. It is naturally harder for Sun in Aquarius to understand and express the need to be hugged when they are feeling insecure, instead they may express this Venus need through sexual hedonism.

Throughout the description of Sun in Aquarius there are extracts from “Wodwo” by Ted Hughes, written after the death of Sylvia Plath.  There is the sense of loss of complete personality, a split or an Aquarius explosion, with this comes a sense of standing outside of oneself looking at some bizarre creature which in many ways is similar to Humbaba.  This is the explosion in the Merlin Sylvestris myth – Merlin is part of a battle in which his family is killed, he goes mad and lives in the woods like a wild animal.  It is in the woods and as a wild man that he experiences a sense of mysticism, this also relates to the green man mythology.  This is the use of Jupiter drive – to live in the wild as a way of creating the sacred which is given Neptune emotional idealised expression of mysticism which aids Pluto emotional maturity which is developed through trauma and loss.

When those with Sun in Aquarius are gripped by jealousy they can be in complete denial about the experience.  Denying what motivates our actions is also denying part of our ethical processing (Jupiter drive) and it stops us seeing the poisonous behaviours within our actions that can damage relationships.  This is complicated by the other co-ruler of Aquarius Uranus.  Zizek philosopher with OOB Uranus says it is not only acts of jealousy that are unethical but to even feel those emotions are wrong.  There is nothing wrong with experiencing jealousy and in accepting what this emotion is a deeply intense compulsion to keep what we desire due to fear of loss, we are also capable of choosing diverse ways of expressing it through poetry, music and art.   In so doing we can add meaning to our lives.   This can be either through creation of such work or enjoyment and finding expression in it.

Neptune or ‘Tiamet’ as she was known in Sumerian mythology represents the emotional creativity expressed in our dreams, intuition, ideals, illusions and disillusionment.  In mythology Aquarius the Absu (fresh water) – this was the husband of the Tiamet  Aquarius is then natural partner of the Tiamet.  The drive to expand our knowledge and understanding is one way of experiencing awe and wonder, whether that is through the sciences or through arts and philosophy. This sense of amazement is one of the ways in which we become creative.  The same is true with the sense of disillusionment, it is one way in which we are inspired emotionally to create something opposing whatever the cause of our disillusionment is.

The famous ‘Call me Ishmael’ from the start of ‘Moby Dick’ where the character identifies with Ishmael who was abandoned in the desert by his father Abraham – the adopted father of all Christians, is deeply disillusioned.  Ahab like the old testament king of the same name who was married to Jezebel battles with God in the shape of a white whale with undecipherable markings that took his leg.  All of this takes place at sea where there are no landmarks for the rational and the scientific to map out its mysteries.  The last place on earth where the mystic and mysterious still rules.  Here Ahab defines his life in the mystical battle against a God that maimed him.

“I shall not seek the explanation of everything.  I know the explanation of all things, like the origin of all things, must remain a secret of eternity.” – Tolstoy ‘A Confession’

Neptune represents our emotional beliefs and aliefs. Alief is when our actions oppose our beliefs.  For example we may act as if we believe a bridge is going to collapse especially if we are scared of heights but we do not believe it is or we would not be on it.  We all have many aliefs and beliefs and we act according to them, if we have a belief or alief that we are not good at maths we will act that way whether we really are good or not.  If we have an alief that nobody loves us we will act that way.  Neptune represents all those aliefs and beliefs that can block us from achieving the most in life but it also represents the opposite, magical thinking.

Magical thinking is the belief in lucky pants, coins or a feather if you are an elephant named ‘Dumbo’.  Everybody indulges in magical thinking whether they like to admit it or not.  Magical thinking works in many ways the placebo effect is also magical thinking.  So is our attraction to expensive goods, the more expensive they are the more magical they must be.  An aspirin you think costs £10 has far more effect than the same aspirin you think costs 5 pence.

Because Neptune represents our emotional beliefs about ourselves and our life it can block some potentials of both emotional expression and drives.  Neptune can also give them expression for example of the Mars drive is not being expressed fully we may have more sexual fantasies or as teenage boys do wet dreams.  Through dreams we can express drives and emotions that we cannot express in real live, moments during the day when you wanted to hit somebody get expressed in your dreams and this releases pressure and keeps us sane.

In ‘Les Miserable’ the first book is dedicated to Hugo’s ideal of the perfect or true Christian.  The Bishop swaps his house for that of the hospital because his house is bigger and he doesn’t need it, he gives his money to the poor and wears out his cassocks before buying new ones.  He has one flaw which haunts him – he has silver but won’t sell it to feed the poor because it would upset his sister.  In the second book Hugo’s ideal of motherhood is created in Fantine.  Of the three couples Fantine is the innocent and is in love for the others it is just a game, when Fantine is abandoned she is sure her love will return when he finds out she is pregnant – Fantine is innocent and trusting.  Fantine has no memory of her parents or family when she realises she will have to care for her child on her own she finds what she thinks will be a safe place for her while she works to provide for her.  Fantine takes her ribbons and other things and puts them on her child before she leaves her.  When she losses her job Fantine sells her gold and pearls – hair and teeth. Fantine sells her body as a prostitute to provide for her daughter she is the ideal of self sacrifice.

It is Jean Valjean in meeting these ideals that changes and creates a life of meaning for himself. Throughout there is tension between who he is and the ideal he wants to emulate but it is in failing to live up to this ideal that he is driven to change.  This is part of Christianity where you are called to be Christ like but in which you constantly fail, it is in failure that the drive to constantly change is created and it is in failure that all Christians are connected to humanity as the ones that cannot cast the first stone.  This helps keep a healthy sense of who we are in relation to others.

If you can’t see a rainbow it is not that you are seeing reality and everybody else is falling for an illusion, it means there is something wrong with your vision for the splitting of light is a real phenomena.

There are other ways in which the emotional creativity of Neptune is vital to our health that will be covered later. If those with Sun in Aquarius experience Jupiter drive block especially from a lack of hope they are also likely to find drugs and alcohol a means of expressing these blocked drives as emotions the negative expression of Neptune.  However this is not an uncommon event when there is little or no other real means of mystical expression for them.

Pluto or ‘Ereshkigal’ as she was known in Sumerian mythology represents the creativity of emotional maturation in coping with darkness, pain, fear, suffering and loss as well as the darker expressions of sex.  In Sumerian mythology Inanna (Venus) visits her twin sister Ereshkigal (Pluto) and is struck dead by her and it is Enki who supplies the bread and water and method of resurrection. However Inanna cannot return from the underworld until somebody replaces her in the end it is Dumuzid the son of Enki who takes her place but his sister out of grief takes his place for half the year (early version of the Gemini mythology). Dumuzid the son of Enki spends half the year with Inanna and half with Ereshkigal.

There are several levels to this mythology first there is the splitting of our time between emotional expression of present feelings (Venus) and the development of emotional maturity (Pluto).  Inanna is struck dead in the underworld because she has not developed emotional maturity to deal with it.  When Dumuzid returns to the underworld each year there was a ritual of weeping – this is recorded in the old testament as a ritual many Jewish people had adopted.  This mass weeping is in itself  was creative. There is a comfort in releasing intense emotions, it reduces stress as well as anger. It is creative because it is an act of acceptance that allows us to move on from loss or trauma and to develop a process of acceptance necessary for emotional maturity.  It is also sacred moment, the sharing of grief.  Banshees in Celtic mythology fulfil this aspect of shared grief.

Another level of this mythology is the partial block of drives and emotions that happens until we have developed the emotional maturity to express them fully.  As children we are not physically or emotionally mature enough to have sexual relationships.  This means that part of our Mars drives can’t be expressed until we are both physically and emotionally mature enough to do so.  Or our Venus expression is directly linked to our level of emotional maturity.  Toddlers have temper tantrums because they do not have emotional maturity to cope with their emotions especially intense emotions such as excitement.  Teenagers in love have a different level of emotional maturity to toddlers but it is still less than mature adults.

It takes emotional maturity to deal with the darker aspects of ourselves such as jealousy and to admit them.  When we keep these aspects hidden and do not face them we isolate ourselves from others, when we find ways of expressing them honestly but not accusingly we open ourselves up to others and we find the sacred in reconnecting with them.

In ‘The brothers Karamazov’ Grushenka meets her old married lover who seduced her as an innocent seventeen year old and made her life miserable.  His wife is dead and he asks her too marry him, her first instinct is for revenge.  She believes that to forgive him she will be a door mat and get walked over.  Alyosha tells her that she has already forgiven him.  What she is still feeling is hurt pride, but her lover risked his pride by asking her to marry him.  In ‘Far from the Madding Crowd’ Gabriel asks Bathsheba to marry him and she refuses.  Gabriel loses all his possessions and ends up working for Bathsheba who has become wealthy.  Bathsheba is in love with another man, who she marries only to find out he is a gambler and in love with her servant. Bathsheba thinks her husband has died and agrees to marry somebody else. Her husband comes back and ends up being killed by her suitor.  After everything Gabriel asks Bathsheba to marry him once more and she agrees.

Both these stories require a lot of forgiveness and overcoming pride the characters go through a process of emotional maturation as they learn from their own mistakes.

Pluto deals with our darker emotional instincts and our drive to take risks is often driven by emotional desire to risk life and limb.  There is an emotional instinct to look at what disgusts us and what we are scared of, it is why we like horror films and books.  It drives us to do things that are not rational.  At the beginning of the millennium it was feared humans would be wearing head to foot condoms and indulging in cyber sex with our computers completely risk and disappointment free sex.  The opposite is happening people are using the internet to find those willing to have sex without condoms, those whose HIV status is unknown.  There is even an attraction to those whose status is positive, the risk and excitement of facing their worst fears.

“What shall I be called am I the first”

We have dealt with the ‘feminine’ and ‘masculine’ aspects of the personality or consciousness but there is another area to deal with how we incorporate both past and imagined future personality into the present.  We need to preserve our personality in a way that retains its wholeness and continuity. As has been stated the personality is a wormhole through time and space.  From the present it extends back to the moment of birth. The South Node and Saturn reflect this aspect of our personality wormhole as stated Saturn rationalises past actions and events, the south node of the moon represent our emotional interpretation of the past. Mercury represents infinite amount of future possibilities in the present. North node of the moon represents our emotional feelings towards the future.  All of them work with Neptune to recreate us each night in our sleep.

Whatever happens during the day gets incorporated by the brain and recombined with old memories. This enables us to treat and adapt old patterns and expectations (Saturn) to fit in with new events and meanings.  While the brain is doing this we dream so in some ways our dreams express the recombinations taking place. We dream what our personality will be when we wake up – how creative is that! We dream what our personality or consciousness will be.

This takes place while we are sleeping so we are not conscious of the fact that our personality and memories actually changes microscopically each night. We wake up believing we have always been that person with those memories and the same personality.  However it changes slightly if we have eaten new food that day our favourite food may have changed, what clothes we like or music and all this gets added to the memory in a way that merges it with past memories of other things we like and finds similarities, themes and meaning in them.

Humanity can do this as a whole as well as communities.  The ‘Declaration of Arbroath’ written in 1320 didn’t become the ‘Declaration of Arbroath’ until after the ‘Declaration of Independence’.  After this parts of the ‘Declaration of Arbroath’ take on new meaning.

‘for, as long as but a hundred of us remain alive, never will we on any condition be brought under English rule. It is in truth not for glory, nor riches, nor honours that we are fighting, but for freedom – for that alone, which no honest man gives up but with life itself.’

History itself is not a linear event time line but gets reinvented to fit the present.  That includes mythology and religious writing, there is no literal interpretation to the Bible its meaning is dependent on time, place and person.  The same is true of Sumerian, Babylonian, Egyptian and Greek mythology its meaning is always reinterpreted to fit the present – we cannot completely know the true meaning and significance of myths or stories from the view point of another time and place but only from the viewpoint of the present.

This is where our natal sun is important, it drives the belief that we are a whole personality. The same yesterday as we are today.  However while this works relatively easily for minor changes that occur day to day major events such as loss are not reprogrammed into the brain overnight, which is why even with emotional maturity grief is a process.  It is a process of emotional expression that those with the Sun in Aquarius must go through and not avoid in order for them to fully expand and develop.

“Have I an owner what shape am I” – Wodwo by Ted Hughes

The future part of the wormhole has infinite possibilities for each tiny choice we make during a day.  Those infinite possibilities are represented by Mercury.  Mercury represents the infinity of choices that represent our future wormhole yet we never or very rarely experience the sensation that there are an infinity amount of future ‘us’. Saturn represents rational expression of our past and it is Newtonian in form, Mercury is quantum physics.  Either there are infinite universes where each of these infinite future ‘us’ exist or at the moment of choice all other future wormhole routes collapse.  In either case it is irrelevant what is important is that through the imagination Mercury explores all possible future wormholes.  The imagination of Mercury cannot form until Saturn creates a rational past for us.  Saturn the co ruler of sun in Aquarius is responsible for the development of our imaginations.  Uranus the other co-ruler of Aquarius drives us to use our imagination to expand our knowledge and experiences, which also increases our imagination.  This we do quickly and easily because all infinite future possibilities are interconnected on choices and consequence forming a network similar to the internet or cerebral network within our brains and like mould slime network we find the quickest route through the maze to where we want to go almost instantaneously.

The north node of the moon makes it appear as if there is only one path between now and death and that we are on it, we often have no sense of infinite paths before us.  This is because the North node of the moon represents our emotional projections of the future. It represents our emotional response to the thought of dying, which is why we have a need to develop emotional maturity throughout life.

The North node of the moon the moon represent the lone path we walk to death because nobody can have our death for us just as nobody can have our lunch for us or our hair cut for us we have to experience these things for ourselves.  If you go to the hairdressers they will cut your hair they can’t cut mine via you as a proxy.  This means death like child birth is something we must experience for ourselves.  The north node is the emotional journey into the future so that we are prepared for death this includes fulfilling our emotional needs, drives and developing the emotional maturity necessary to leave it all behind when the time comes and we do this by finding meaning in our lives.

Mercury then is representative of choosing from an infinite number of possibilities.  However when our drives and emotions are involved we react first.  It is Saturn co-ruler of Aquarius which rationalises these reactions afterwards when they become the past section of our personality wormhole.  So we can say that Aquarius is very good at keeping a perception of being a fixed rational personality.

Yet in reality it is anything but rational or ‘fixed’. How this is very easy for Aquarius to overlook because Mercury is the ruler of Gemini, and as already stated Dumzid & sister part of the proto Gemini myth were his children as is Enkidu (creation of Enki) in the other proto Gemini myth of Gilgamesh where Enkidu is mortal and dies and Gilgamesh is immortal. ‘Adam and Eve’ are in reality Enki and Ninti, Enki is the father of humanity and Gemini the sign of the twin children represents humanity as his children. This is expressed in Sagittarius being next to Capricorn or Enki, Sagittarius was Pabilsag our first great ancestor.

The Star in the arrow of Sagittarius in Nunii is borrowed from a representation in Babylonian mythology of stars that represent Eridug the ‘first’ Sumerian civilisation / city state, in Sumerian ti means life or rib but ti also means arrow. Sagittarius represents half human, half ‘animal’ ancestor that gave life to us all – a Sumerian ‘Abraham’.  Opposite Sagittarius are the twins his descendants at this moment in time. Gilgamesh name is thought to have originally been Pabilgames – child of great ancestor, in the Sumerian, Hebrew and Celtic giant slaying myths the person who slays the giant becomes king. David slays Goliath, Gilgamesh slays Humbaba and Lug slays Balor.  David’s claim to throne is not one of royal descent but descent through the first ancestor and thus descent from God.  From a sun in Aquarius point this means that David was always heir to the throne although to others it may be a point of revolt or revolution.

This means that Aquarius the sign associated with revolution doesn’t see such events as revolutionary but as always existing for example electronics and electricity is associated with Aquarius but electrons have ‘always’ existed and they have always been able to flow through metal it is not a new revolutionary thing.

However those with Sun in Aquarius will face the end when all the possible wormhole networks of Mercury collapse and Saturn solidifies our past wormhole, then they will walk the path back to the light they saw at birth, and in that path lie the faces of those who have walked this path before them. Those who had never left them, because they were part of their past wormhole.  They will see the faces of so many people they love and in that moment they will fully grasp what it is to be human. Just as they will pass through the light to the pre-existence or non-existence whichever they believe in.

Sun in Aquarius in the 1st house

here the individual is very aware of the need for self definition.  One way in particular these individuals may find self definition is on the mythic quest. The search for the Holy Grail, Ark of the Covenant, lost city of Atlantis or the quest for Excalibur are all quests for the mythic part of ourselves.  Mythic quests are all about discovering what we are capable of, and finding unknown inner treasures within us.  These individuals like to set themselves their own mythic quests or adventures to find unknown treasures.  Whether these quests are intellectual or physical and they may often be both it is what they often discover about themselves in particular a long the way that fuels them.  These quests quite often take on a mystical or inner form but they may also be about how the individual relates to others and the world around them.  Whatever the quest is they like to set themselves the role of the hero who rescues damsels in distress, fights dragons and conquers new worlds.

Sun in Aquarius in the 2nd house

here the individual is very aware of the creativity of insecurity in regards to self definition and self imposed boundaries.  It also inspires the creativity necessary to expand those boundaries.  Most people define themselves by what they are naturally good at or show a talent in.  However throughout history there have been people that have done the opposite and conquered their weaknesses although it is uncommon because our weaknesses are things we do poorly and feel drained by largely because the make us feel insecure.  So we tend to avoid our weaknesses which means we tend to remain very bad at doing them whatever they may be bad at doing.  However this too can also be creative as we focus more on what we are good at and enjoy and pleasure is a very creative experience.  With individuals with their sun here there is a strong awareness of doing either one or the other.

Sun in Aquarius in 3rd house

here the individual is very aware of the potential of humanity and the vast, in fact infinite choices in all directions that lay out humanity’s potential future.  This is something which can feel at times overwhelming and the individual needs to develop a secure sense of inner self which can handle the emotional intensity of being human in a world of infinite possibilities which are often chosen irrationally by those who wish to cling insecurely to old power structures.  However because these individuals often see all the possibilities before humanity it is hard for them to pick one route to believe in and whilst it is unhealthy to only ever see one route we often need a route we can believe in for humanity and a route we can believe in for ourselves otherwise we end up trying to travel all the routes at the one time and getting lost.  When this happen time alone is often the best solution, cutting ourselves off from the confusion of infinite paths and focusing on who we are inwardly and what we can actually achieve as individuals.  when we d this we sometimes just find the right path for ourselves in front of us naturally.

Sun in Aquarius in 4th house

here the individual is very aware of how our environment shapes humanity.  From what resources we have to what is permissible our environment by nature shrinks our possibilities but it also gives them shape, form and direction.  This is also true of our inner environment what has been nurtured or neglected within us all shapes our inner resources and what we accept as permissible and even possible.  A child in Eton will find the idea of going to Oxford or Cambridge university an easier possibility to imagine than a child from an inner city comprehensive school.  A child living in poverty will find it easier to imagine the possibility that there is no next meal than a child living in abundance.  This means that our environment shapes what we consider possible or even probable and what probabilities we prepare for in life.  The negative side of this aspect can be overcome by remembering that even the poorest in society have an infinite amount of possible futures none of which are yet set in stone and everything decays even power structures and dominance and from that decay everything grows anew.

Sun in Aquarius in 5th house

here the individual is very aware of how our access to resources shapes how creative we can be and how we can express the drive to shine in healthy ways.  From how much nurturing we receive to how much investment in education, food and experiences all determine our ability to creatively input into society and how we are able to fulfil our need to shine and feel worthwhile as individual humans.  However it is also true that we have natural resources such as the sunrise, sunset, bird song, trees and waves which are also a part of our creative resources that are never fully denied even in the harshest of circumstance and that because of this we all have resources available to us that inspire our creativity and help us fulfil our need to shine.  This means even the act of growing a tomato plant from seed can be a very creative experience for those who have never grown anything.  That even in concrete jungles we can be creative in ways that we use our environment to grow things and to experience them and the natural world around us.

Sun in Aquarius in 6th house

here the individual is aware of the importance of nurturing whether that is food, clothing, shelter, warmth or emotional nurturing even adults require it to flourish and survive.  We all need to be nurtured and nurturing includes feeling loved and feeling cared for when we feel neglected and unloved we fail to thrive irrespective of whether we are adults or children.  This is true of having the basics of life they are necessary for all of us to thrive and the better our diet and nourishment is the more we tend to thrive.  This is true but it must also be remembered that whilst we should all nurture each other in a healthy society  we must also allow others to fulfil the drive to do these things for themselves as well.  Only in allowing others to go after what they want in life and recognising that it is okay for us to be ‘selfish’ and put our wants first at times are we fully nurturing others and their capabilities.  Nurturing means giving people the capability to fulfil their drives without guilt when they are not detrimental to others.

Sun in Aquarius in 7th house

here the individual is aware of of the importance of human relationships, especially as a means of obtaining and expressing emotional needs.  Humans are social animal we are supposed to live together, eating a pizza with a group of friends in the sense can be far more nutritional than an organic micro-biotic meal for one at home is.  We enjoy eating together whether that is barbecues or romantic meals for two.  We enjoy having adventures together, laughing, talking, learning, experiencing and living with others.  When we don’t have enough of these things in our lives they are impoverished and we are more likely to feel anger and frustration.  When we have unfulfilled relationships with others in which our emotional needs are not met we are also more likely to express them in highly sexualised ways, we can see this in modern society where it has become very sexualised but where emotional fulfilment and expression are almost absent.  However this need can also be filled by relating to nature or to others through art and literature.

Sun in Aquarius in 8th house

here the individual is aware of the need to deal with intense emotions and drives that are often innocent but repressed or expressed in unnatural forms due to social conditioning, demonisation or medicalisation. a lot of the issues humanity has with each other is from repressed drives, fears and other emotions that are not expressed in any form but build up as anger, hurt and frustration.  Thus when somebody bumps us by accident we are ready to see it as intentional, which ends up in situations like rad rage becoming common place.  They are also aware of how many people have become isolated from natural processed such as birth, sexuality, sickness and death which are ‘medicalised’.  For example first homosexuality and masturbation was a sin then a crime and then a psychiatric condition.  Pregnancy and death are medical conditions and so is grief. Grief is no long something we experience as a family or community but a psychological condition we have to work through.

Sun in Aquarius in 9th house

here the individual is very aware of how our beliefs about our family, community, history shape how we see the world around us from who we believe are the ‘good guys’ to what actions we think are justifiable.  Everybody likes to be on the winning team and everybody likes to think they are the good guys and it is the ‘others’ who are wrong and who should be defeated.  However by seeing things from the ‘others’ perspective we learn to see things we have taken for granted in a new way and this can broaden our minds.  At times these individuals become consumed by a belief or a cause and find it impossible to see the other side of the argument.  They can have large ideas full of hope for a better future but this can lead them to be over optimistic at times.  If these individuals notice themselves being carried away with an idea or ideology time a lone in deep reflection of their emotions often helps especially calming activities like meditation.

Sun in Aquarius in 10th house

here the individual is very aware of how institutions have the power to define societies.  The structures we create also create us, the laws, morals and social values we have are created by institutions and power structures but it was our laws, morals and social values that created them first.  This means that you often feel intensely about the history we create for ourselves and what we believe to be true. In your own personal life you question what you believe to be your own history and your beliefs about yourself and others.  This means you appear to be very realistic about yourself in regards to being neither the good guy or the bad guy but something in between that lives and functions in a world where our behaviours and ideas are often controlled in ways that we do not even notice.  This means that you are able to function well in the world and the system without being blinded to its faults and limitations.  It also can mean that you have a habit of raising awareness of ‘the system’ to others whether that is showing others how it works to their advantage when they know how or campaigning to change the system so it works to better advantage for all.

Sun in Aquarius in 11th house

here the individual is very aware of the power of real friendship, friendship is not only something we have with our friends but also our family in fact it is an extension of that family relationship to others they symbolically become part of our family not through birth but by choice our friends are our adopted family.  When we really adopt people as family we apply the same rules which means we are prepared to accept a lot of behaviours from friends that we would not from others like family we accept them as ‘just being the way they are’. Individuals with the sun here find it easier than some to do this and are usually good in groups because they do have a tendency to accept others easier.  However there is also an inner intensity in these individuals that few will rarely see even the closest friends.  This intensity often is expressed by the drive for deeper psychological knowledge of themselves.

Sun in Aquarius in 12th house

here the individual is aware of the need humanity has for a connection to something greater than itself, whether that is love, art or religion.  These individuals often need time and space alone to contemplate their thoughts and ideas.  They are at their best when they have time to develop their thoughts and ideas because they have a deep thinking process that tends to uncover new possibilities at each stage and thinking is a process in which they tend to go deeper into each new discovery they make.  These ideas maybe expressed through, art, religion or mysticism but they have a strong philosophical leaning into what it is to be human and how this process develops and changes like their ideas.  They also have a strong desire to feel connected to the universe as a whole and may be interested in alternative religions.  This is especially true of religions that they may consider primitive or very ancient which allows them to rebuild their ideas of society, ethics and morals from the ground up.


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