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Maya in Sanskrit means illusion or magic, in later Vedic texts it refers to appearing one way when they are another similar to Plato’s analogy of the cave.  In the analogy of the cave people spend their entire lives in it without realising it is a cave, outside there is a fire with puppets that create shadows on the walls that the inhabitants think are real. In Buddhism Maya is the name of Buddha’s mother.  In Mathew 10:35 it says:For I came to set a man against his father, and a daughter against her mother, and a daughter against her mother-in-law.

For our mothers and families define reality for us as children, we know whether it is right or wrong to eat at the table depending on what they teach us.  We could say the cave we are born into comes from our parents cultural heritage and the shadows reflected on the wall are their ideas.  The shadows reflected on the wall will be different if you are born in Europe compared to the Middle East or Africa.  The shadows come from everywhere around you, family, television, neighbours and friends.  Yet you are so used to them you seldom question how real the shadows are.

Pluto in aspect to the moon in synastry represents a relationship where both are forced to question the shadows on the wall and what they really think about them.  With the harmonious aspects it is a subtle realisation, with dynamic aspects it is a sharp awareness that may come through different cultural heritages or political belief systems.  Whatever the differences they bring this dynamic into focus in ways that cannot be avoided.

How we feel about our family and our culture, our insecurities what these beliefs have created and what we believe about ourselves in relation to the rest of the world are all called into question.  If we fail to deal with any of these issues: anger, prejudice, hatred or biases they will come back to haunt us within the relationship.

If we don’t deal with these issues we remain scared of certain shadows on the wall and we will mirror these fears within the relationship, if we don’t examine the ideology of the shadows on the wall this also will be mirrored within the relationship. Yet the relationship offers us the ability to see clearly our own shadows and the cave in which we have been dwelling.  It offers us the opportunity to find the crack of daylight that points the way out of the cave we have been stuck.  Thus it is an opportunity to free ourselves of preconceived notions that bind us to the cave.


Posted September 25, 2015 by neptune's Aura Astrology in musings

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