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There is one last piece of chocolate gateau left you want it but your friend is there (you can substitute your favourite dessert if you don’t like chocolate gateau). You want to eat the gateau but you know you can’t because your friend is there and you would have to share. You know how much you want the gateau but you have no idea how much your friend does, you can’t feel their hedonistic desires only your own.  That desire is pretty irresistible right now, how do you get rid of your friend so you don’t have to share.

Pluto in aspect to Venus in synastry is all about wanting the chocolate gateau to ourselves, the lies we are prepared to tell ourselves to justify it and what we are willing to do to get it.  Everybody wants the gateau to themselves, but usually our parents teach us to share however this never makes wanting the gateau to ourselves disappear. It is selfish not to share the gateau, so we must come up with a good lie that justifies us taking it, we don’t want others to know we are selfish. We need a good lie to tell ourselves and a way of taking the gateau that makes others think we are not selfish.

Sometimes it is not a gateau we want to have, sometimes it is the pleasure in another’s embrace, their touch.  Society says it is fine too want this dessert all to ourselves so long as it is mutual. So that leaves us with a problem I want this dessert how do I convince the dessert to mutually want me.  I can try to figure out what the dessert like and pretend to be it, that is difficult because like me the dessert pretends to like things it doesn’t and to hate things it likes.  I have no way of knowing what the dessert really likes, I only know I want it.  I can make the dessert feel guilty and perhaps blackmail it into agreeing to mutual exclusivity, but then I don’t know if the dessert really wants me. If I don’t know what the dessert wants then it is difficult for me to get what I want, there comes a point when I must be honest with the dessert in the hope that the dessert will be honest with me.

Yet in being honest with the dessert I run the risk of never having it again. I still want to eat that dessert so I have two choices I have to either be willing to sacrifice the enjoyment of eating the dessert for mutual exclusivity or I have to be willing to sacrifice mutual exclusivity for the enjoyment of eating the dessert.  at the beginning of relationships we are usually willing to sacrifice mutual exclusivity but in the majority of situations there comes a point where we will sacrifice the enjoyment of the dessert in order to obtain mutual exclusivity.

In the harmonious aspect we may work our way through this without realising what we are doing, in the dynamic aspect this choice is very apparent to us and cannot be avoided.  We will recognise these issues and learn from them.  What does mutual exclusivity mean about how we view each other, can we have a different kind of mutual exclusivity, can we be honest with each other about what it is we desire and how do you recognise these drives.


Posted September 23, 2015 by neptune's Aura Astrology in musings

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