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Most people have watched the Matrix, Pluto in aspect to Mars in synastry is represented by the moment Neo realises he desires Trinity above the life over every other person.  At this moment he sees who he really is, a person filled with selfishness, greed and lust.  When Pluto and Mars are in harmonious aspect we can wrap these emotions up in pretty words like love which hides the darkness of our urges and desires.  Love hides the fact that our lust is so powerful it drives us to have sex with pretty despicable people, to betray our friends and family and even to sacrifice them to our sex drives.  I couldn’t help having sex with my best friend’s husband because we are in ‘love’.

Neo and Trinity in the film represent the harmonious aspect of Pluto and Mars in synastry, it takes the ultimate choice of Trinity or the rest of humanity for Neo to see the darkness hidden within the word love.  When we see our real selves we have to learn to accept this darkness that is our reality, when we have done so we then are able to make two choices. The first choice is just to embrace the darkness of who we are and the second is to recognise this darkness and counteract it.  The wisest thing to do is to embrace both, we can embrace our lust and desires when they are not harming others.  We can accept that these lusts and desires come from our own true nature and be honest about them and the need for that aspect of ourselves to find some fulfilment. Whilst doing this we can also recognise our lusts and desires that are harmful are not from a place of love or morality but simply an expression of our wants.

In the hard synastry of Pluto and Mars we are smacked in the face by the reality, there is no illusion that what is felt is lust and irrational desire.  The hard aspect however is not an indicator of sexual violence and rape.  The hard aspect is about accepting our nature.  We may know these thing like we may know that inside our bodies their is blood and organs but it is when somebody is shot or stabbed that we really know this. With the hard aspect we really know this is who we are, and here there is the opportunity to be honest about our lust and desire. For it is practically impossible with this aspect to hide from our reality.

This for all aspects between Pluto and Mars is an opportunity, to have a sexual relationship in which it is accepted that the attraction is not based on fantasised noble characteristics that has made the person ‘fall in love’ with the other.  To recognise our sexual attraction is not founded on noble principles but in the depth of our darkest desires leaves us free to love the other for who they really are, both their darkness and light can be accepted.

It is accepting who he is that Neo dies or the old ideas about who he is die and he is reborn as a person.  In his rebirth he understands that it is his own darkness he has been fighting his own lust and desires that have created the matrix.  In understanding his own darkness he is able to fight its effects, in Islam this is called the great Jihad in Hinduism it is also a major theme as with Judaism and Christianity.

By making peace with our darkest desires in accepting them without necessarily acting upon them, we see ourselves and our actions clearly enough to prevent our dark side from completely hiding from our view.


Posted September 23, 2015 by neptune's Aura Astrology in musings

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  1. Nicely explained. Thank you.

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