The Vow of The Zygomorphic Ecstasy – Part two Zylia is Nindevas! – Astrological fiction   Leave a comment

As Sanparisto dismissed them Zylia ran out of the complex maze that made up the sacholdem, along the path that led to the hot ovens of the kasidivonin where her mother was busy baking bread with the rest of the nindivasri.  The smell filled the air and made her extremely hungry, Zylia put her hand out to take some of the fresh bread.  “Take these to your father, Zylia she is at the field where the great father Sanug rises amongst the furthest reeds.” Zylia took the bread and set out for her father, leaving the smell of the kasidovonin behind.

Her father was at the field where Sanug rises amongst the reeds selling her bread to the hungry workers there.  The endivasri were brown from the field’s soil, wiping their hands on their clothes they smiled at her coming. ” Aren’t you the lucky one, to be born a nindivas, no toiling the fields for you demisinsan!” Zylia turned to the endivasri singing, “I shall be mighty like our father Sanmuarag and slay a thousand foes!”

“you are a nindivas, the slaying of foes is endivasri work!”

“Then I must be endivas like father Sanmuarag!”

The endivasri laughed heartily at Zylia, Zylia’s father sighed and turned to her, “Zylia you are nindivas like your mother and father, when the time comes and you take the sacred vow of zygomorphic ecstasy – you must do your duty.  Just as both your mother and I fed you from our waters of Santu and think of the unfortunate children of San endivas and Sin endivas what would become of them without the waters of Santu!”

“why do endivasri not have waters of Santu, father?”

“Only nindivasri have waters of Santu, like the nindivas great mother Sinmonag, you know that!”

Zylia laughed, “tonight she will be full of the waters of Santu, to feed the children of our mother endivas Sinkiga! I will drink heartily from her like I did you father.” Zylia kissed her father on the cheek and left.

Zylia returned to help her mother finishing baking their bread and walked with her along the path to their home where Rizania was waiting for them. Zylia’s father fed him the waters of Santu after his birth since his mother and father were endivasri and as such felt bonded to the endiva demsinsan.  Zylia’s mother felt no such bond and was always complaining that he was a bad influence on Zylia.  However Zylia like her father loved him.  “Can Rizania share our bread tonight mother?” she asked.

After they had eaten Zylia and rivania went out just as the great father Sanug was leaving the beyond the sat and watched his brothers and sisters the fourth ones appear one by one in the gloom. There in their midst high in the beyond was the great mother Simonag full and round with the waters of Santu.  Rizania laughed and pointed to Zylia, ” today yours are like the great mother Simonag before she makes her journey to embrace the great father Sanug, but one day they will grow to be like the great mother Simonag on this night full and round full of the waters of Santu!”

“They will not!” Zylia shrieked, slapping Rizania, “Mine will stay like your’s for I am endivas!”

“You cannot be endivas, Zylia your mother and father are nindivasri”

“I shall refuse to grow big and round with the waters of Santu”

“Even if you could Zylia, you would still be nindivas”

“Why would I be nindivas if I did not fill with the waters of Santu?”

“Zylia do you not know the difference between nindivas and endivas?”

Rizania took zylia’s hand and led her behind the large Habequen tree. “Ewww it is like a worm, and mother Sinkiga has one of those!”

“shoosh Zylia!”

“I am glad I am nindevas”, she whispered giggling.

“Father Sanmuarag, didn’t seem to mind,”

“but he had one of those too!”

“my mother and father have them”

“I’m glad mine don’t”

“they are okay, just that they are on the outside”

“I wouldn’t want one”

“you have one too, just nindivasri are on the inside, turned inside out”

“what do you mean turned inside out?”

“they are on the inside turned inside out so endivas can fit inside your nindivas”

“what about mother and father they are nindivasri?”

“they can merge their nindivas together through the zygomorphic ecstasy”

“your father and mother are endivasri, do they merge their endivas?”

“Sometimes they can in the zygomorphic ecstasy and sometimes they merge in different ways.”

Zylia and Rizania stepped away from the tree and Rizania put his hands to his lips, no more questions tonight. Zylia was nindivas and Rizania was endivas. Sanparisto said most nindivas choose an endivas as their other maybe Rizania was her other but who was San and who was Sin, she would have asked him what he wants to be, mother or father but no more questions for tonight.  Zylia would like Rizania to be her other but she would like him to be mother and she would be father, she hoped he would like that.

Zylia and Rizania stood together watching the great mother imagining they were drinking her waters of Santu, “I am full now Zylia, good night” Rizania whispered kissing her on her cheek before he left. Zylia sighed she too was full now and she left to go back to mother and father.


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