The Vow of The Zygomorphic Ecstasy – Astrological Fiction Part One   Leave a comment

In the beginning was nothing. We felt no pain, we cried not for we did not exist.  Yet in our non-existence we were consumed by the non-existence of each other and through this consumption of longing we gave birth to the one called God Santu. At his creation being came into being.

When being came into being longing exploded from nothing growing into all that is. The fire of longing exploded to create space, a place for it to dwell.  The fire of longing burned so brightly and intensely that nothing could yet dwell in the space it had created. Yet because longing burned so brightly the space grew beyond our longing and we felt the cold of space separate our longing from each other.  In the moment of our being we were separated by the longing that created us.

In our separation we began to take shape of being for the fire of longing was quelled enough for us to become the first.  When the first were created the fire of longing had been quelled and without the longing they could not come into more being. Thus it was that the first were unable to be fulfilled until the fire of longing grew once more and they became part of the space the longing had created. Yet the fire burned again too brightly and it separated the first until the cold of the space they dwelled in turned them cold and they sought to cling to each other.  When this happened the second came into being when the first clung to each other until they became one.

The first and the second came into existence at the moment of being, and there they dwelt in being in the space their longing had created.  The space was filled with the second who had become from the one. The space was filled with rejoicing at being one until the sing gathered the second together and they began to sing the same song.  When they began to sing the same song together they formed the third.  The third were filled with the violet hues of the song and it lit up the space and the second until all was filled with the song of the third.

From the first song of the third desire was born from the longing, the third desired to make worlds in the space in which they dwelt for their children the fourth to inherit.  The Third sang the loudest and most beautiful song, and when they had finished all things came into being for their children the fourth and the third were gone.

The fourth did not know the third nor the creation of all, God spoke to the fourth and said behold the third made this for you, in their longing for each other they desired to create all. The third were your parents and they created all for you their children.  The fourth began to rejoice in all the third had created.

The fourth saw the beauty in all creation and our fourth father Sanug desired to create his own children. Sanug the fourth had seven children: Phius, Sinanug, Sinkiga, Sanuarmag, Sanuzujeg, Sansulug & Sinkulug these are the fifth.  Sanug created our father Sanuarmag and our mother Sinkiga with our great mother Sinmonag.

Our great mother was not one of the fourth but was created by our great father in his longing for the existence of his other.  In his longing he formed our great mother Sinmonag.  Sinmonag beheld Sanug our great father and in that moment the zygomorphic ecstacy came into being. Out of the zygomorphic ecstacy came Sanuarmag our father and the others.

Sanuarmag our father and Sinkiga our mother were with each other from their creation and they delighted in each other and in their delight the longing for zygomorphic ecstasy grew between them in their ecstasy Sanuarmag our father erupted with passion, this passion reached Sinkiga and united with her own passion causing her to erupt in the zygomorphic ecstasy that brought the water of life to flow from within her and mingle with the water of life from Sanuarmag and in the zygomorphic ecstasy our mother contained the flow of the mingled living waters until the sixth were created from her.  The sixth are our brothers and sisters for they were created from the mingled waters of Sanuarmag and Sinkiga as we were.

When the great mother Sinmonag saw that our mother and father had felt the longing of the zygomorphic ecstasy, she was angry at her children and said it was forbidden for the zygomorphic ecstasy to occur between brother and sister.  The zygomorphic ecstasy that created the sixth was imperfect because of this, and the sixth shall long for the zygomorphic ecstacy in pain and sorrow.  Woe to those who find it for in their bliss they shall be separated by the non-existence.Thus the great mother  Sinmonag stayed with our mother Sinkiga to comfort her in her sorrow of forever being unable to quench her longing to form the zygomorphic ecstasy with Sanuarmag.

Sinkiga wept for her children until our great father Sanug took great pity on her.  Do not cry daughter, for although your children will know suffering and pain and be separated in the zygomorphic ecstasy as you are, I will choose from them one Sin and one San to be together in the eternity so long as they do not share the zygomorphic ecstasy as one.  Thus the great father set a part one Sin and one San and he gave of them his pure light. The Sin was called Sinkiganin and the San was called Sanuarmagon and they dwelt on our mother Sinkiga in the knowledge they must never perform the zygomorphic ecstasy for they like our mother and father were brother and sister.

Sinkiganin dwelt with Sanuarmagon and dearly they loved our mother Sinkiga, for the mingled waters had formed rivers and seas and where Sinkiga had erupted in the passion of the zygomorphic ecstasy there lay mountains and valleys.  Sinkiganin loved Sinkiga because of the living waters and valleys formed in the zygomorphic ecstasy and she looked into the beyond where our father Sanmuarag lay watching his beloved Sinkiga.  Sinkiga watched her brothers and sisters of the sixth suffer in pain, and she sorrowed for them yet when she saw them unite in the zygomorphic ecstasy her heart felt longing.

Sinkiganin found one of the children of the sixth who had lost both his mother and father to the non-existence and she spoke to him.  “Child of the sixth how sorrowful must it be to know the non-existence.”  The child looked at her surprised, “how unbearable it must be to live forever without knowing the zygomorphic ecstacy”.  Sinkiganin was surprised by his reply and went to speak with our mother Sinkiga.  “Sinkiga mother of the sixth, why do your children think the zygomorphic ecstasy, so important?” Sinkiga spoke with Sinkiganin and told the story of the third whose violet song created all but in singing it went into the non-existence.  Sinkiga told Sinkiganin of the passion of longing that creates the zygomorphic ecstasy. Sinkiga told Sinkiganin that the zygomorphic ecstasy comes from Santu who was created by our longing for each other in the non-existence.

Sinkiganin Thought hard about the non-existence and how the longing for the existence of the other created Santu.  Sinkiganin thought of the violet song that created all and of the third in the non-existence. Sinkiganin looked into the beyond to all the fourth that were their creation and how the fourth also longed for the other that had created Santu in the non-existence.  Sinkiganin went to find Sanuarmagon and when she did she beheld him for what felt like eternity. Sinkiganin touched Sanuarmagon and beheld her passion. Sanuarmagon asked her, “what is this?”

When Sanuarmagon felt the passion he too yearned for the zygomorphic ecstasy.  Through the zygomorphic ecstasy we were created children of the sixth and seventh. On the 21st coming of our witness of Sinkiga passing Sanug where the fourth brother of his Sanmiguvan dwells in the purple dusk of Sintar day, the children of the sixth and seventh make their choice.

On this day we must choose whether we are Sin or San and having made this choice we must choose whether we serve in the temple of Sintar or Santar.  We must choose either the path of the sixth and non-existence and find the other half that will perform the sacred vow of the zygomorphic ecstasy or we must choose the path of the seventh and forgo the zygomorphic ecstacy to become the servants of Sanug at the great temple.  Those of the seventh are neither Sin nor San for they have chosen to forsake both.

All those that have chosen to be Sin and San and who have found the other on this day take the vow of zygomorphic ecstasy.

I have chosen to be Sin, – Sin

I have chosen to be San, – San

In the non-existence I longed for San, – Sin

In the non-existence I longed for Sin, – San

My longing caused Santu into being, – Sin & San

My longing created space, – Sin & San

My longing created the first into being, – Sin & San

My longing created the second into being, – Sin & San

My longing mirrors the song of the third, – Sin & San

My longing mirrors the zygomorphic ecstasy of the fourth, – Sin & San

My longing is the longing for the great father to unite with the great mother, – Sin & San

My longing is like Father Sanuarmag longing for Sinkiga, – Sin & San

My longing shall fill the non-existence, – Sin & San

My longing shall give birth to Santu, – Sin & San

My longing shall cause the world to explode into being. – Sin & San

My passion is the explosion that brought us into being, – Sin & San

My passion is the explosion of Sanmuarag, – San

My passion is the explosion of Sinkiga, – Sin

My passion is the flow of living water, – San

My passion is the eruption of the inner waters, – Sin

My passion is in the mingling of water, – Sin & San

My passion is fulfilled in your water, – Sin

My passion is fulfilled in you, – San

You are Sin and I am San, – San

You are San and I am Sin, – Sin

Let our passion reach the other, – Sin & San

Let the passion flow between us, – Sin & San

Let the zygomorphic ecstasy begin, – Sin & San.

Some may feel they are Sin or San before this day and often many people feel for a time they are San and then realise they are Sin or the other way around, which is why it is important to wait until the appointed day to decide whether we are Sin, San or neither.

Remember the story of demsinsan Anka and demsinsan Lika, being just demsinsan they were unable to know whether they were Sin, San or neither.  Yet when they gazed upon each other Anka believed because he was endivas he was San and Lika believed she was nindivas she was Sin.  Believing they were Sin and San they gazed upon each other in the way of Sanuarmagon and Sinkiganin until the passion reached each other and the zygomorphic ecstasy overwhelmed them, for Lika because she believed she was Sin was not prepared for the eruption that caused her waters to flow, for Anka because he believed he was San was not prepared for the eruption of inner waters that mingled with Lika’s.

For Lika was San and her waters gave life when mingled with Anka and he was Sin carrying with him her living waters until he birthed the demsinsan Lianka.  Lika when she saw what she had done and who she was fled, for she was not yet ready to be San.  Anka was left alone bearing her life giving waters without the sacred bond of the vow of the zygomorphic ecstasy.  Anka pined for Lika for he was Sin and she was San but alone he brought forth Lianka.  Not having Lika by his side he wished to go into the non-existence to long for her.  When Lika returned she realised she was San and Anka was Sin but he had already returned to the non-existence.  Lika realising it was too late pined for the non-existence where she would long for Anka.

The forth Gods were upset and saddened by their story especially Sintampurvar and Sanistarvesta and together with Sinvegaben and Sandubatis formed their likeness in the great beyond, where Lianka as a demsinsan would look sadly upon them before he made the great choice to become neither.

Lianka making the great choice said, “I am Endivas ordosinsan.”  Those few among you who choose the path of Endivas ordosinsan or Nindivas ordosinsan will make the great journey to the temple of Sanug at Derigul. Following in the first steps of Lianka.  So great was his path that he escaped the non-existence and merged with Phius guardian of ordosinsan.  Phius beloved demsinsan of the great father is ennindivas having both body parts of the nindivas and the endivas.  Thus all born in this manner must choose to remain ennindivas and serve at the temple of Sanug at the timing of the Vow or before their 19th view of the day of the purple haze dusk choose whether they are endivas or nindivas.

At this Sanparisto moved to dismiss the demsinsan for the day.


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