Why we must protect Art – Jupiter opposite Neptune Transit   5 comments

Art like astrology deals in symbols that express what it means to be human, to live, to love and to die.  To quote from C S Lewis’ ‘The Voyage of The Dawn Treader’ – “even in your world, my son, that is not what a star is, but only what it is made of.”  A star is made of gas but what it is – symbol.  For the aborigines the milky way is the emu and when it is facing right direction it is time for hunting season. For the Sumerians the Constellation of Taurus was the Heavenly Bull – the auroch marking the spring equinox.

Symbols represent ideas of what is important to us, where we live, how we live, our family and our lives.  What I am made of is neutrons, electrons and protons organised into atoms, which are organised into compounds, which are organised into cells, which are organised into organs, which are organised into a body. Who I am is a mix of my family, friends, where I live, my life experiences and my beliefs about them. Art like astrology, philosophy & religion is all about the latter, and in a world which is focused more on what I am rather than who I am it becomes important to understand the difference and protect that difference.

Who we are is of vital importance and we must protect those whose passion in life is who we are, the artists, philosophers and mystics.  For our ethics and morals are not founded on what we are but on who we are and how we treat each other as family, community and as a fellow human depends on this.


Posted September 15, 2015 by neptune's Aura Astrology in Transits

5 responses to “Why we must protect Art – Jupiter opposite Neptune Transit

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  1. Jupiter through Virgo is sure going to be interesting. The Neptune transit of his ruling sign has a way to go. I think it is still another 3 or 4 years until Neptune will contact my MC and go into my 10th house. In the meantime this 9th house transit is also interesting. Jupiter over the next year is sure going to be interesting though.
    Thanks for your articles and thoughts on certain matters. Blessed be and stay well 😉

    • I have MC at 9 degrees Pisces and Moon at 6 just now Neptune is going between the two and square my Mars in Sagittarius, Mercury in Gemini right now Jupiter is making a grand cross in my Natal chart lol

      • That is a fair hit of activity at those doorways in your chart. Like a mutable T-square. There must be some lesson or scene playing out for you there; certainly to do with your earth walk (10th house).
        Look where your natal Neptune is and what circuits he forms on your natal chart/blue print.

        I seem to have been encountering a lot of Gemini risings over the last few years. Or I have found that already existing friends are Gemini rising. Makes sense as it requires a mercurial mind to see two opposite things in the same idea, or to get a sense of irony in the everyday. Taurus mercury just gets left behind 😉

      • My natal Neptune is sextile my South Node, Pluto, jupiter and Uranus conjunct in Virgo in 4th everything in my chart goes back to that 😉

      • Jupiter return nearby or happening. Jupiter through Virgo is sure looking interesting. I understand the IC as being very much about the subconscious or inner feelings; that soul centre or world centre. Our world tree tree takes roots there. I tend to like doing some meditation in lower world, and Virgo is a connecting archetype for me. I have my natal Venus here in the 3rd house just before the IC.
        Virgo is a sign that was polluted by Christianity over the years. The pop understanding the Virgoans are either anally neat or messy is just a bit too neat, and brushes over the surface of what is a very intricate and old archetype that far predates Christianity. Perhaps, why it received such a transformation when native cultures were ‘colonized’.

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