Uranus in Partner’s 5th house   9 comments

Uranus here is about dealing with issues of self esteem and self confidence within the relationship so that both partners are not over dependent on the other in this aspect of their relationship.  Within the relationship both may feel more comfortable showing all the aspects of their personality and growing to accept them as part of who they are.

Uranus in Leo in 5th house

here the relationship is one in which issues surrounding the need to be appreciated, admired and loved come to the fore and in the relationship this dependence on the other for self confidence and self esteem may bring about radical changes in both partner’s abilities to value themselves as worthwhile in themselves and not just in relation to each other.  The relationship focuses both partners attentions in creating their own sense of worth and value separate from the relationship and in doing this they both strengthen the bonds between them.

Uranus in Virgo in 5th house

here the relationship is one that highlights our need to be valued and understood through caring for each other.  All relationships are interdependent however those with issues around self worth often adopt caring roles that make them indispensable to the other.  Here the lesson is learnt that we need to develop our own worth and by lessening the role of carer and giving each other their own individual freedoms the relationship blossoms into one in which mutual interdependence flourishes.

Uranus in Libra in 5th house

here the relationship is one that highlights how our own self worth and value affects our ability to relate to each other on equal terms as human beings.  In order to relate effectively we need to be comfortable abut who we are and be relaxed with our contribution and worth within the relationship otherwise we will be unable to communicate and relate effectively sensing meanings that are not there.  This means that it becomes difficult to talk and relate if the other is sensitive and needs constant reassurance.  Within the relationship these issues are often resolved and both partners become more self assured and confident when relating to each other.

Uranus in Scorpio in 5th house

here the relationship is one in which our deepest fears about loss and deprivation meet our personal insecurities and through dealing with both these issues together in the relationship both partners have the opportunity to understand loss and deprivation as part of natural cycle and not in terms of our own self worth.  This may take much time to accomplish but gives the relationship a strong bond which can overcome any obstacle once these are worked through.  There is an intense need too be appreciated and adored at first within the relationship that must become more balanced.

Uranus in Sagittarius in 5th house

here the relationship is one in which issues of how we perceive ourselves through the eyes of our culture come to the fore in how we develop a sense of worth in ourselves.  Different cultures value different attributes and it is within these frame works that we often estimate our own self worth and value.  Through the relationship we may come to terms with social values not reflecting personal values and begin to value ourselves and the other as a unique individual with a myriad of qualities which should be appreciated in themselves and not for the value society places on them.

Uranus in Capricorn in 5th house

here the relationship is one in which both are quite practical in assessing who they are and their own self worth within the relationship.  They tend to have a down to earth approach to each other and realistic expectations of both themselves and the other as mere humans.  However there may be times when they need to be less practical within the relationship and understand the need to be appreciated and valued as a gesture of romance and affection between each other irrespective of whatever practical situations need dealt with.

Uranus in Aquarius in 5th house

here the relationship is one in which how we understand our unique role within the relationship helps us to grasp a better idea of our value and self worth and the worth of each other.  It is within the relationship where we have different strengths and attributes that we are capable of making something much more powerful than we have a lone and in grasping that our attributes when combined with others creates something greater helps us to see our own indispensable value to the communities we live in.  Within the relationship there is much develpment of individual talents and acceptance of individual strengths.

Uranus in Pisces in 5th house

here the relationship is one in which we face the unconscious images and depictions of who we are and our own self worth from our family, culture and media.  This is unconscious in the sense that we do not notice the subtle ways in which we value ourselves through others reactions to us.  Within the relationship we learn to understand this process and to challenge our own preconceived ideas about our own self worth in the process. The relationship is one in which our own self image is challenged until we find a medium between the best and worst ideals we have of who we are and what we can achieve.


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9 responses to “Uranus in Partner’s 5th house

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  1. Not sure how I feel about this… in 5th house (Libra). Natal Uranus is also opposite Natal Moon.

    • opposite moon feelings of abandonment / rejection by family or mother. Which would add to difficulties in relating to others emotionally for fear of rejection and issues around self worth.

      • Yep, cheers. That’s a fair bit of the story without going into details. I learned to look after myself emotionally very young, as well as cooking doing my own laundry. By the time I went to war and people were trying to kill me I was relieved to be getting a break 😉

      • The important thing to understand about adults is they come with their own issues and children don’t change those issues no matter who they are. Children can’t make those issues better and adults mess up because they don’t know how to make themselves better – none of that makes you less valid as a person, but stronger for surviving it!

      • Cheers that hits the mark. My brother didn’t survive it, and I guess neither did a few from our group growing up. In fact, my brother and then my best friend both checked out exactly 1 month before their 23rd birthdays

      • hugs sorry that their lives were so short and difficult!

      • We live by the sword and we die by the sword. Will keep tuning into your blog. Am following another one concerning the moon as well. Obviously we are about to enter a new moon phase and the Virgo new moon is a couple of days away. Not looking forward to Mercury retro next week

      • I was born with merc retro 😉

  2. Mefc retro coming up this week. The last couple (air) have been a bit challenging at times. This natal Uranus is air (Libra). My progressed moon is just moving off it and going into Scorpio. Best wishes for this new moon 😉

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