Uranus in Partner’s 3rd house   Leave a comment

here the relationship brings into focus how we absorb information and understanding in different styles as individuals, using experience, reading and relating to others as different means of broadening our knowledge and learning.  It is likely that both partners have different learning styles within the relationship and have different knowledge in certain areas.

Uranus in Leo in 3rd house

here the relationship focuses on how we all as individuals have different styles of communicating and learning which are part of how we value our own self worth.  It is important to recognise this within the relationship and to appreciate that all methods of understanding the world around us are equally valid whether that is hands on or through academic learning.  We usually contain a mixture of different styles in different areas of life and it is in combining these styles that we are able to use a broader range of knowledge to complete our own and thus both are valuable and necessary.

Uranus in Virgo in the 3rd house

here the relationship focuses on how we all as individuals use different experiences to learn about the world from hands on two academic research we usually have a mix of experience unique to ourselves. Within the relationship how we analyse thing depending on what levels of experience we have and how we care for one another is different depending on experience and academic knowledge come into focus.  Those with experience and academic training in child care for example are likely to relate to children in different style to those with just experience.  These different mixes within the individuals means increased overall expertise as a couple in different areas and communication is necessary to appreciate this.

Uranus in Libra in 3rd house

here the relationship focuses on how our varying ways of experiencing the world affect our ability to relate to each other effectively, although we usually have a mix of academic and hands on experience it would be more difficult to relate to another if we each had one opposite type. Hands on experience and academic experience give unique insights that the other would be unable to appreciate fully.  Thus in our ability to relate we must appreciate that another’s experiences incorporate knowledge we do not have ourselves, and vice versa.

Uranus in Scorpio in 3rd house

here the relationship highlights different experiences of the individuals are likely to involve intense issues such as loss, sickness and sexual experiences.  With these different perspectives the relationship has to slowly adapt to allow each other to understand where these perspectives come from and the intensity with which they colour our personal experience of life.  When we understand more each others perspectives based on emotional experiences we can learn to view events better from their perspective within the relationship and become more understanding.

Uranus in Sagittarius in 3rd house

here the relationship highlights different experiences in the values and religious attitudes each partner comes to the relationship with.  These different experiences of religion and values especially experiences of how others have acted who professed certain values colours the individuals conception of ethics and worth of values.  In cases where people have strong beliefs in certain values there can be clashes within the relationship if the other fails to live up to these values or has a completely different set, these clashes must be understood and overcome within the relationship.

Uranus in Capricorn in 3rd house

here the relationship is one in which contrasting ideas of reality and being realistic are due to different learning experiences and different situations each partner has faced in life.  It is necessary for the individuals involved to realise that reality is not set but is something we each create from experience – the reality of a child in the third world is different to the reality of a child in the western world.  These differences in reality are often unconscious and it takes time to understand how different life experiences creates our unique perspectives of reality but in understanding different backgrounds we come to terms with our differences in reality.

Uranus in Aquarius in 3rd house

here the relationship is one in which contrasting views of society are likely due to different experiences through out life, there may be differences in political and social opinion based on different experiences and ideologies that the other has greater experience of.  Within the relationship the different perspectives can begin to change and colour the other’s perspective creating a more balance view of both politics and society in general and creating a relationship in which both relate better to wide range of views.

Uranus in Pisces in 3rd house

here the relationship is one in which the unconscious factors of life experience may come into focus, such as experience versus ideals and disillusionment.  The relationship may be one in which finding a balance somewhere between the ideals our unique experiences have formed and the necessity of living in a flawed world interact within the relationship to help both partners form more tolerance towards the less than ideal within life.  This gives great opportunity to learning acceptance within the relationship and greater ability to understand different ideals and dreams.


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