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With Uranus in partner’s 2nd house the issue of our unique needs in order to feel secure come to the fore within the relationship for some security is more financial than emotional and vice versa but we all have our own unique ways in which we feel secure.

Uranus in Leo in 2nd house

here the relationship is one in which differences in self worth affect our sense of security within the relationship insecurity is likely to stem from low self worth which must be addressed for both partners to feel more secure.  There may be fears of emotional abandonment that stem from past experiences for both or either partner and it is only in addressing these fears and working through them can the relationship provide the security and stability they seek. For everybody needs some level of security within their relationships in order to trust each other.

Uranus in Virgo in 2nd house

here the relationship is one in which care and nurturing aspect of security is highlighted within the relationship this may be very important to one or both partners.  One may need to feel cared for more than the other does in order for them to feel secure and loved especially if they felt they lacked this during childhood this need for nurturing may be expressed as overly affectionate and seeking reassurance constantly – it is only by doing this within the relationship that the person will become secure enough to move beyond this stage and this needs to be understood by both partners.

Uranus in Libra in 2nd house

here the relationship is one in which both partners may have different needs when it comes to relating to each other.  One partner may need a more intimate communication bond within the relationship than the other and be more frustrated if their need for intimate conversations is not met.  The need to feel a strong connection to the other through the relationship is a reflection of the need to understand the self better within the relationship in order to feel the relationship itself is secure.  It is through building our knowledge of each other we form secure bonds.

Uranus in Scorpio in 2nd house

here the relationship is one in which both partners have different security needs due to different experiences of loss and deprivation.  One or both partners may have experienced an early loss or may have had a family experience of struggle and or illness that makes them seek more emotional or material security than the other although loss may have opposite effect and they may pay little regard to material security knowing it can be powerless to prevent illness and death. One partner may also need more security such as locks around home in order to feel safe.

Uranus in Sagittarius in 2nd house

here the relationship is one in which focus on security comes from a difference in sense of values, beliefs and or religious views.  One or both of the partners may rely on religious teaching and beliefs to provide a sense of stability and security within their lives or they may feel insecure because of religious belief system they have been brought up with, it is likely that their may be differences within the relationship in these experiences which makes it more difficult to understand the need for security.

Uranus in Capricorn in 2nd house

here the relationship is one in which the focus on practicalities of security are stronger in one partner or different between the partners.  There is a need for at least one partner to have secure and stable home with stable and steady income as well as a preference for money in the bank, they are also likely to prefer that the relationship itself is stable and not overly dramatic or passionate.  With this need for financial and emotional stability to feel secure comes talents and skills in this area making them more likely to appear very stable and secure to their partner.

Uranus in Aquarius in 2nd house

here the relationship is one in which there are individual differences in the need for friendship and companionship within the relationship in order to feel secure is brought into focus.  It is likely that one partner needs more friendship within the relationship than the other, that one needs their partner to be their best friend in order to feel completely comfortable and secure with them.  This difference in the need for friendship within the relationship may mean that one partner may prefer more shared activities than the other.

Uranus in Pisces in 2nd house

here the relationship is one in which learning to balance security issues within the relationship comes to the fore one partner may be completely unaware of the need to take proper security measures and be overly trusting of others this is likely to lead to a misplacement of trust which makes them move to the opposite extreme of being intensely insecure before finding their balance again within the relationship there are issues to resolve that will help them do this more effectively.


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