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With Uranus in partner’s first house the emphasis is on understanding each other as separate individuals with own unique characteristics and identity within a relationship.  The issue of always remaining an individual even within the closest of relationships comes to the fore and more realistic expectations of each other begin to emerge.

Uranus in Leo in 1st house

here the relationship is one in which differences in ego expression are highlighted within the relationship.  The differences of ego expression are likely to cause a feeling of separation within the relationship that gives sense of being unable to understand where the partner is coming from and they may feel rejected at times for being who they naturally are.  It is important at these times to try and relate to one another as friends in order to ease these feelings between partners.

Uranus in Virgo in 1st house

here the relationship is one in which differences in natural tendencies towards nurturing and care of the immediate environment are highlighted.  One partner will be likely to have more organisational skills and nurturing skills than the other however this may make them more likely to be critical at times and this may come across as rejection of the other person. On the other hand the other person is unlikely to enjoy being overly nurtured and may find it stifling this too may come across as rejection to the other partner.

Uranus in Libra in 1st house

here the relationship is one which highlights the natural differences we all have in relating to others. We all have our own ways of relating to others and in this relationship those differences can at times feel like rejection of the other due to misunderstandings and unique ways of relating what is said which may be subject to miscommunication and lack of emotional clarity in individual responses, especially if one party tends to walk away from intense emotional stimuli.

Uranus in Scorpio in 1st house

here the relationship is one that highlights how our own personal experiences of tragedy and loss mark us uniquely as individuals throughout life.  there is a tendency here for one partner to want to cut off from facing these issues that affect us all and they may be unable to deal with some issues emotionally thus they will withdraw when these issues are brought up by the other partner this can feel like an intense rejection when they are at their most vulnerable, and it is important t realise it is not them being rejected but an inability to face the issues.

Uranus in Sagittarius in 1st house

here the relationship is one in which differences in belief systems, values and ethos create a feeling of separation that is hard to bridge.  It is likely that experiences of these things has wounded one partner in ways which have coloured their views permanently.  Within the relationship it will be necessary to accept both partners have had different experiences which need to be respected and that it is fine for there to be different value systems within the relationship.  This will help ease feelings of rejection of ones values.

Uranus in Capricorn in 1st house

here the relationship is one in which differences in how we all see reality come to the fore, whether that is sensible precautions or boundaries one partner may be reluctant to conform to such ideas as they find them restrictive or they are likely to over conform.  This is probably due to a childhood where boundaries were completely missing or where there was an authoritarian approach that removed freedom completely.  Within the relationship it may take time to find a balance between approaches but both partners must be careful not to reject each other or make the other feel different because f this.

Uranus in Aquarius in 1st house

here the relationship is one in which it is likely both individuals have completely different backgrounds that create different perspectives politically and socially this may be an area of contention between partners which can lead each to feel rejected because of their views on social exclusion and other issues affected by minority status, illness or poverty.  It is important that both remember they have different experiences of life and that both experiences are valid and cannot be rejected out of hand.

Uranus in Pisces in 1st House

here the relationship is one in which it is likely that one partner rejects the ideals and dreams of the other.  We all have our own individual dreams and ideals and they are closely related to who we are it is necessary within this relationship to accept differences and respect all our dreams are equally valid as a reflection of our deepest desires and wishes.  Our ideals to reflect our idea of perfection and to reject these out of hand can feel like rejection of the person.


Posted September 10, 2015 by neptune's Aura Astrology in Uranus in Partner's house

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